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My complaint is regarding Google Chromecast, I purchased google chromecast in Dec 2015. It was a faulty product and is not working at all. I went to service center and asked them to replace it, it has been 17 days and there is no response from them they are saying we can take up to 4 months to work on your service request. Google support it is really worst service you provide in India.


I keep getting asked to fill in a Stupid time wasting Survey's with a chance of winning a phone. I do not welcome Google continuing to push this crap into my face. If I wanted to have a phone, I would buy one and if I wanted to forward information on to Google or anybody else, informing them of my opinions, I would contact them directly. If Chrome continues to send these request's I will go to the advertising standards office for them to take the right action.


Not so much upset from google chrome, it is very good and I use this daily. Only I want to say that when I use google chrome and open my gmail or any other website and after sometime when I close that website and turn off my mobile data it has problems. After sometime when I am on my mobile data and open google chrome it open that website automatically.


The website Google Chrome has recorded me as deceased. Clearly I am not and I contacted them to remove my details from their site which they have done. However, I am still showing as deceased on the Google search page. This might upset people searching for me, particularly as I have an unusual name that I don't believe is shared by anyone else on the planet! Please can you remove the link?


During the time of using / Installation of Adobe product we have found that Google Crome Crashed issue. Same has been tested on fresh system without installation of Adobe Google Chrome working fine. Issue reported only and when we installed adobe product. Request you please look in this and help on urgent basis.


When the windows 10 update occurred, it blocked me from opening or using Google Chrome as a browser. This is at least the second time this has happened and it wastes a HUGE amount of time for me to figure out how to get it back. I have loved using windows up until Windows 10. While I appreciate the idea that Explore and Bing are designed to work best for Windows 10, I feel angry and frustrated that the company blocks my use and doesn't allow me a choice anymore in regards to which internet browser I use. I am upset enough over this that I feel I may as well switch to Apple for my next computer purchase.


I cannot find an email address anywhere to complain about Google not paying its taxes at an appropriate level in the UK. I just want to tell them that i have got rid of Chrome and now use Firefox with Bing.


I have had problems with my password into Google and also my email address My login also is not were I live. Seems to be somewhere in Placerville, Ca. or Auburn, Ca. My facebook account was hacked 6 months ago and I feel there may be a problem now with Google/Chrome my browser. Please let me know is there is a suspicious activity going on, if possible. What can I do about this? I have tried calling Google in Mountain View with my complaint but they do not respond.


I recently updated Chrome at home and the office. When Chrome restarted it boots to my home page as expected. What I really don't like is that it really isn't the home page anymore. You inserted the Google search page before it. So if I hit the back arrow I go to the true home page of Google and I can't change it. I know you think you are being clever and you hope that most people won't notice it and you are right. I understand that I am in the minority and you will not change this "Feature" just for the few of us. I am mainly just venting about it because I am a bit OCD and this bugs the hell out of me! Please don't respond with one of your generic form letters that doesn't even address the issue. It is insulting and reinforces that you guys are douche bags and are going to do whatever you want to unless the majority cry out. I guess I can always go back to Firefox again.


I have been using goole chrome with gmail. I'm trying to contact you via customer "service" and I'm directed to a screen only to find out the only help I'm going to get cost $47.00. What gives here? I didn"t create this problem, so how is it I have to pay you for a solution. If I do not receive a satisfactory response from you, I'm dumping Google. Thank you.


I'd say about 50% of the time I cannot type while using google chrome. It's very frustrating. Keyboard works on everything else. Works fine in IE & fire fox but I'd prefer to use chrome. Having some doubts.


Regarding Google Chrome. You keep asking me over&over&over to download Google Chrome. So I downloaded Google Chrome. But someone on your staff didn't get the 'memo.'...cause every day now I'm being asked to download something I've already downloaded. The one who keeps posting the request - apparently hasn't been in communication with the 'one' (human?) who downloaded Google Chrome already to my computer. As soon as it was downloaded I was immediately disappointed in the appearance of the page, all text had the LCD - Liquid Crystal appearance in the print...very irritating to the eyes. Please don't send me a generic response.

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