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Very disappointed with this company and their lack of customer service when our flight was delayed. They only held our reservation for 3 hours and then wanted to charge us an additional $100 because we were delayed. As if we weren’t already upset enough. Read attachment for details about their poor service.


Our rental # SFO-770757 had computer fault causing air conditioner to stick in full heat position that could not be turned off (in heat of June.) We were directed to try to disconnect battery to reset computer which required 1/1/2 hour round trip into Santa Rosa, CA, another 3 hour wait there, and once battery was reconnected, problem continued with full blast heat. An entire vacation day was wasted as we had to return to Sebastapol and wait for another vehicle to be delivered. The van which was delivered had loose steering and wanted to veer all over the road. This was discovered once we were on our way to deliver our daughter's wedding supplies via interstate. We would like a refund for poorly maintained vehicles and time lost.


Arrived at Orlando international airport shuttle pick up location at 11:10 PM on 6/7/2016 , the shuttle bus finally arrived at 12:00 AM on 6/8/2016 there were 3 families all waiting to be picked up for almost 1 hour. 3 Payless rent a car shuttles stopped at the pick up location before the first Fox rent a car shuttle arrived (I believe their lots are next to each other). My biggest complaint is there is no way to call this company at night the ladies in the rental office stated they don't have a phone there, the corporate office is closed at this hour. Your left standing at the airport for almost 1 hour without knowing if a shuttle will ever come and pick you up!


I rented a car on August 21 2015 with Booking Buddy for $318 to be picked up in Tampa off airport. I printed out the rental agreement available which has the price of $318 only. When I arrived at Fox they said I had to pay $693. I showed them my print out but they still insisted I must pay more. IT WAS A "BAIT AND SWITCH". I did not upgrade or do any ad ons whatsoever . I called Chase because it was charged to Chase Mileage plus Explorer card while still at Fox and talked with a supervisor named Bea Kelley who said "she could see that I only owed $318, not to worry I did not have to pay more, just rent the car, call Chase back in a few days giving it a chance to post , NOT TO WORRY."

I TRUSTED her! It has been over 3 months of phone calls to Chase, emails which are NEVER acknowledged as well as faxes that are asked of me. Now I am told that I have to pay the $693 because I cannot prove it was only $318. Is there no accountability at Chase for what was promised me? For sure it was recorded. Please help me.


With half the price when compared to any other car rentals, Fox has done a really good job. We rented them on several occasions and found the best possible rates. They have cars of various choice and I personally feel they are quality service. The driver was pleasing and we had no trouble at all. It arrived on time and there was no issue with billing as well. I have rented many different car services earlier, but then this one was really the best service. Cheap on the pocket and well who wouldn't want to save some extra bucks. Go in for Fox and experience the difference.

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