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Edward Jones (www.edwardjones.com) is a financial services company for individual investors and small business owners. There are 11,500 Edward Jones branches serving over 7 million clients worldwide. With over 40,000 associates, sales for Edward Jones in 2014 were reported as US 6.2 billion.

If you need assistance with your investment account you should contact your local and personal Edward Jones investor first. You may also call 1-800-441-2357 for customer service or 1-800-441-5203 for technical support. If you want to send postal correspondence to the CEO, James D. Weddle, you may address it to him at 70 Edward Jones Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63043. The corporate office phone number is 314-515-2000.

Edward D. Jones founded his company in 1922 and the current slogan is ‘making sense of investing’. You may find social media presence to be helpful on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube.

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After being a customer for many years, I transferred my accounts (save one) to Merrill Lynch, custodian (Fisher Investments). I had an IRA account that had been (against my will) split into two accounts due to some fiduciary rule. I was told all my accounts went to Merrill Lynch back in 2018, around July. Then, I got a statement this last week for June 30 showing I still had $14,000 more or less in Invesco that I had been told was no longer at Edward Jones. This "retained" account was not showing on my computer, like it did before the "transfer".... Earlier this week, My agent, Rory White, told me it had been transferred to Merrill Lynch in July, 2018 but somehow, "pushed back" in December. This, he now says, was mistaken. Mistaken??? My money was without accounting for this period of one year. I am told I got statements on the account in paper form, but I do not believe this to be correct. The investment was a bad investment which, during this year, has lost about one eighth of its value. I did not know it because I never saw it on my screen. it was removed by Edward jones, not me. Also, my phone calls were dodged for a few days, and then I was asked to come in and talk, face to face. I was intimidated by Mr. White, so I left. Very poor, grossly negligent handling. This is my complaint.


We have been customers of Edward Jones for approximately 15 years.In that time we have gotten my mother & our son to become customers. we have always spoken very highly of Edward Jones to our friends On 4/30/19 we were Dumped by our agent Kevin Donohue !!! This left our family with a very bad taste aparently loyalty with ED jones is one sided It takes time to build trust & loyalty with someone & due to fact that we are reaching an important part of our life ( turning 70 ) we don' t know if we feel comfortable trying to develop a relationship with a new agent!!! THANK YOU Don & Pat Adams (314-837-5606 )


I lost control of my account under suspicious circumstances and Edward Jones has moved my account around, closed it, etc. without telling me anything.
Letter of Complaint:
RE: Andrew Baily 424807

Edward Jones Account:
Robin Gordon

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been trying for a month to reverse an agreement I signed putting my son, David Schorr, onto my account as joint tenancy. Andy Baily, in cooperation with my son, has intervened every step of the way to stop me.

To begin with, while my husband was out of town, he asked David to come and look after me as I was not able to be alone. David came and decided to bring me down to his home in Florida. Between the time he came and the time he flew me home in his plane, he brought me to the Edward Jones office. I was in a very frightened and confused state, completely unable to make an informed consent. I have a letter from my psychiatrist attesting to that fact (See next page). Instead of recognizing my condition, or wondering why my husband of 31 years was not involved, Andy joined forces with David to browbeat me into signing a document. They led me to believe that I had to sign as it would show that David was not taking me to Florida against my will. In fact it was a document making David a joint tenant on my account.

Now that I am on a new medication and no longer confused, I realize that I never wanted David on my account, but, now, I am unable to do anything about it. From where I stand, it looks like my son flew up to Chattanooga to take advantage of the fact that my husband was out of town and I was confused to conspire with Andy to take control of my money, and now Andy is covering it up with some sort of lock on my account.


Robin Gordon


Yes my name is James Tapp and I need to access some of my funds held at your company to pay back taxes and a property sale is pending on me paying the tax. Someone name Chris has told me I had to send supporting documents in order to sell some assists to get the money. I sent the pdf files that I received and he reviewed and didn't like them and Chris told me he thought it was a scam and wont work with me to get the funds I require to pay this bill. I hired a lawyer in the Philippines where this tax bill originated to look into it and she told me it was correct and accurate no problem with the situation. I called and left a message at my broker and nobody answers I called cutomer support to find out my account is lock so I cant get my money either. I do not appreciate the way Im being treated or the way it seems your company has more control over my funds than I do. Also I do not agree on the scam that is charged against my reasons and do not want be put in a poor and pitiful financial situation because of anybody thinking they have the right to withhold my money at their own wishes. I have a buyer for my property that has back taxes owed and could lose a great deal of money if the taxes do not get paid. I also not looking for anyone to take control of my life and tell me whats best for me. I would like someone to straighten this out so I can go on with my own business including going somewhere else with my funds. Please help me get on with my own life you can run someone else's that appreciates that attitude. I do not have a document account number on me to give you but if you can get thru Kenny Mohr in Anderson SC he can give it to you. Also if I decide I want someone to run my life I will let you know.
Thanks for your time and I truly hope someone can see what a pitiful situation this has turned into,


Your company failed to pay premium on my life insurance and it was cancelled. Policy # FT0057480. Insurance canceled in 2017. I have not been able to get another $100,000.00 policy. Protective Life would not reinstate my insurance due to my health problems. I don't know why your office failed to pay premium, but I am seeking compensation for my loss. I want the face value of the insurance which was $100,000.00 or the 15 years of premiums I paid for the last 15 years at $456 per quarter. Please email me within the next 30 days to discuss a resolution to this problem.
John Scott - 2260 Charleston Pl. Lithia Springs, GA 30122


I am involved with a lady who was left a trust fund among other financial investments that were already with Edward Jones. I am referring to the Helotes Tx Edward Jones Office and Emilio Lira. Her monthly check is supposed to be in her single account on the 27th of every month. It wasn't there so she called Emilio and he hung up on her. She tried calling right back and no answer. She left him a voice mail. He never returned her call so she she sent him a text message. The following afternoon he called her. The lady answered the call and Emilio started giving her some bs run around story. The lady is very hard of hearing and asks him to explain to me what is going on and as he tries telling me some more bs he says to me , CAN'T YOU LOAN HER SOME MONEY ? What kind of financial advisor asks a client's bf why can't you give her some money? There are so many unprofessional situations with this office and person. Too many to mention. I found this one really shows the loyalty and integrity of an EDWARD JONES FINANCIAL ADVISOR. HA ! WHAT A JOKE HE IS. I DON'T RECOMMEND THEM. AND YES HER TRUST HAS BEEN HANDLED VERY POORLY. THANK YOU!


Poor advice.


Edward Jones in Graham, NC is being rude and uncooperative because I am transferring my accounts to another bank. He's not answering or returning phone calls from Lisa Tidd at 5/3-my financial advisor. I talked to him on the phone, telling him I want the money transferred and he was rude and sarcastic with me. I also sent 3 secure messages and 1voice mail trying to get him to transfer my accounts. I am at my wit's end.


I do not have a specific complaint about Edward Jones customer service, that always appears to be on the level. If I had to review this company, I would say they are stuck in the past. That's based on their commercials, their stores, and their brand. If you want to stay relevant, change your image. Appeal to today's customer.


As an HR of my organization, I was looking forward for better long-term investment plans for my employees and I got the right solution from Edward Jones. If you have a long-term investment plan which gives you more benefits, then please approach Edward Jones. You are also eligible for a complimentary portfolio review at no charge. You can also download the mobile application and register online at any time. I appreciate the time taken by Edward Jones team to explain the brochures of available plans and made everything clear.

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