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CheapOAir is a private online travel company that is operated by technological Fareportal. This site combines, web, mobile devices and call center solutions for air travel. Total gross revenues from bookings of flights, hotels, cars and cruises in 2013 reached US 67.7 and over 3,000 employees provide assistance.

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I booked a flight with Cheapoair, after booked it I found out that dates were incorrect, called them right away, they charged me for changing the flight so I explained to them that the booking happened few minutes earlier, it didnt matter and they didnt care ( by the way the customer service team is so rude, not even funny ). I was upset and I requested a cancellation. They charged me for canceling $75 dollars and promised to refund the money within 2 weeks. Today is 20 days later and they havent refund the money. I spent hours waiting to speak with someone alive but after one hour at the time nobody gets to the phone. They only answer fast when they are collecting your money but for the refund service you can die waiting for them to pick up the phone. I dont know if its legal to charge and keep your money when the changes happen within 24 hours.


We booked round trip airfare from Denver to Orlando by phone with CheapoAir leaving Denver 4/11 and returning 4/15. We received an automated call saying there was a problem with out flight and instructed us to call customer service. We have been on hold for over 3 hours and have been transferred 6 times and keep being told by the person that answers that they are booking agents, not customer service agents and they have to transfer me to a different department. VERY frustrating!!!!


I have tried to speak to your customer service department and have waited on line for over 30 no answer you have a big problem can you call me ? My tel No is 01324710005.


I purchased an airline tickets on 10/14/2018 with Travel Insurance booking #53914617. I cancelled the 10/14/2018 flight and went to an earlier flight since my mother’s health deteriorated and subsequently passed away. I emailed the requested docs health certificate and death certificate. This was an emergency. To your CEO or CFO or anyone at Cheapoair. If you had a call that your mother was dying, are you not going to change the flight?
I was told that the airline will be refunding me. This is a ripped off. We are already in March 2019. I am still waiting for my full refund. I paid Cheapoair and I should not be waiting for my refund from Philippine Airline. Looking forward to be hearing from you soon.


I booked a flight from Miami to Rome with CheapOair. I found a great deal so I jumped on it quickly. Two months later, I received 2 notifications that my flight times changed. I had to accept the changes as soon as possible to ensure I had a seat on the flight. Since my flight times kept changing, I decided to contact the company a few months later to verify if there were additional changes. The day I called was the day I was informed that the flight time was changed--although, it was only a 5 min difference. I am not sure that if I did not call them that they would have let me know this. It is quite frustrating to do business with a company who does not respect communication and has no sense of what it means to provide EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE. This will be my last time booking with them as there is too much uncertainty. Because of this, I am hesitant to book my other flight that will get me to the place of departure. This is unacceptable and you all need to do better. I will NOT recommend to my family and friends.


i mahmood reza ghods am in tehran trying to straighten up my return ticket as well as my wifes return ticket from tehran iran to clevalnd ohio for the last four weeks with no result ,our flight date is feb 26th ,i am truly angry


I have confirmation number 50910180,and my wifes confirmation number is 50909853,I have been trying to get a confirmation for my return ticket from tehran iran for the last three four weeks ,yet no success i shall be grateful if someone take care of my return tickets and my wifes also,from tehran iran to cleveland ohio on feb 26th ,thanks ,my e mail address is ,thanks mahmood reza ghods


I was promised a refund by a supervisor named Avery. He stated on a recorded call: Great news! You will be getting a full refund on this without any fee's applied" He then changed his mind. I thought Cheapoair had honesty and integrity. I was wrong to trust.


Hi, my name is Jeannine Saint-Paul. l bought a ticket from Haiti to St Maarten, Maarten to Autiqua and Autiqua to Dominica. I was not able to retrieve a boadingpass. The agent told me they do not do that route. When I was went to the next agent my ticket information was not valid. He was not able to find any information on my ticket. or your airline. I have been trying to get in contact with someone since Saturday. It has been a hassle to get through to anyone. I would like for someone to let me know what is going on. It seems as though they knew there was no flight goint to Autiqua. It is a struggle to get through to anyone. And their excuse is that they get to the air lines. I’m so fed up as it was 3k+ that was taken from me. They repeatedly tell me that they have “attempted” to call me yet I’ve been on the phone with them all day!


Once again cheapoair attempted to pull a bait & switch and this needs to be elevated to the attorney generals office. I ordered online and got the following message on three occasions : "Please wait...Your reservation is in progress". This went on for 30 minutes. I called customer service and they wanted to charge me more. They tried this before in the past and not buying it. Big scam probably out of India.


My husband found your representative very difficult to understand and he agreed to change our flight without realizing it.
When I called customer service, there was nothing they could do about the additional charge.
Everything at CheapOair is set in allowances for being human.

First time: shame on you!
Second time: shame on me!
We will not be using your site for anything again.
It's costing us over $100 for the error! Just crumbs to some people but not to us!


I booked a flight ,put the dates I needed ,choose a flight ,booked it. When I went to review it I saw the dates had been changed not what I booked. called them immediately an told them . They charges me a $50.00 cancellation fee. They would not waive the fee and it was there mistake I put the dates I needed in not the ones they gave me. Its very sneaky an poor business ,If they do not refund the fee to me I will never use them again an will let everyone I know what kind of scamming is going on. I could see it if I waited three days ,but minutes after no not good customer service.

John Kohring


I have booked a return ticket to India on June 9th 2016 on Cheapoair. My traveling date is Nov 11th 2016 when I checked the site , it said no service charges if I cancel before 4 hrs of the journey. Due to personal reasons, I wanted to cancel the ticket. I used the live chat to cancel it. The executive asked for my name and billing phone number, which I provided. Then he said there will be a mail from cheapoair which has OTP. I quickly searched OTP in the mail which is send by him and shared the OTP with him.

He summarized at the last after canceling the ticket that 200USD for cancellation and 300 USD company charges and the remaining amount will be credited to me in 30-60 business days. When I asked him why didn't you mention of the cancellation charges in the beginning of the chat. He answered that ,he have mentioned it in the top of the chat. But there were only stuff like ' Company policies applies'. This is cheating.


Cheapoair has the worst customer service. I spent a week trying to get them to even verify I had a credit of over $1400. When I tried to use it there was a change fee of $400. I re-booked the ticket and paid the fee for the two flights, which one the aniline website were $1322. They called and left me a voice mail three hours later that they could not confirm and they needed $600 more. This company is a total rip off. Use Expedia, they have great customer service and do not jerk people around. There needs to be a class action lawsuit filed against Cheapoair.


I agree with Brian from Allen Park. I read a lot of reviews and have taken many chances when the review's haven't been so good. But let me tell you, never had a problem with CheapOair, or their affiliate Onetravel. The price was better than any other site, and everything was in order. Seems like people don't travel much or read the terms and conditions are the ones who seem to complain a lot. But if you know what your doing, and make no changes or be prepared to pay for your change, it would go smooth for you as well.


Was reading some reviews online and seems like this is people's fault for not having your stuff in order. They created this mess but trying to blame everyone else. That's why people like you make it so hard to believe negative reviews that people post about any company. Cheapoair is a good place!


I would like to inform you that I and my mom booked a ticket through Cheap-o-air (Booking no#34550357) of Emirates Airlines on June 1st, 2016. We were to travel from New Orleans to New Delhi via New York and Dubai. When I got to New Orleans Airport, the JetBlue (I had connecting flight) found out that my passport was expired.

However, after consulting with supervisor George (GIL) Jones, the authority told me that I can travel to India since I had Indian passport and can renew it in India. Unfortunately, when we arrived at New York airport, the Emirates stopped me, saying that it’s an international law not to travel with an expired passport. Then we had to spend whole day and night at the airport and had to buy new tickets to get back.

NOTE: - I have been contacting Cheap-o-air for refund and cancelling, since June 1st. Cheap-o-air is saying that the mistake was made by JetBlue and the refund would be provided by Emirates. They are saying that they have emailed to Emirates but haven’t got any response. Cheap-o-air is saying that the journey was started. Therefore, we are getting hard times in getting refund. They are saying that the mistake was made by JetBlue.

When I contacted JetBlue, they are saying that Emirates have to refund because the tickets were bought from Emirates. JetBlue has accepted their mistakes in written email sent to me. NOTE :- Since Emirates have ties with Cheap-o-air and JetBlue, they can easily solve the matter by contacting them. I am also attaching all the evidences.


I booked a round-trip on Cheapoair for me and my girlfriend (MSP to PHL) weeks ago for a September visit to a relative who unexpectedly passed away last week. I understand I cannot cancel the tickets but I was told that it would cost $200/each to change the flight. I do want to book a different flight for myself only but I have been unable to get through to customer service after several long waits and Twitter just directed me back there. Can you help me?


I booked a round trip ticket from Toronto to Guangzhou on April 21, 2015 for my friend who is in China. However, i make a mistake by reversing my friend's first name and middle name. The following day, my friend found my error and informed me to correct name of traveller at once. I phoned the Cheapoair and the customer services promise to correct the name by contacting with airline company and told me that i will receive a email to confirm this. Three days passed, i receive nothing, so i phoned again, and the guy said that we are working it and just wait the email. On May 4th, i receive nothing and phoned again. This time the customer service said that the Hai Nan airline had denied the request and the only option is to invalid the ticket and buy another ticket. I was frustrated by this irresponsible manner to deal with my purchase. What is more, according to the rules of the cheapoair, if the name of credit card did not match the name of traveller, the ticket can not be confirmed. I would like to take a further legal action to this company.


Last weekend I had a wonderful weekend trip to Los Vegas in less budget. Cheapoair is amazing for the best deals in flight tickets, Hotels and Cabs. I was able to cover all my planned tasks with the best customer support. Special promo offers saved my money. This is the website to make your trips fabulous.

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