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A few months back I called to make reservations in Viriginia at Royal Clipper Inn. A call was made back to the hotel to cancel about three weeks ago, and the person stated they were going to take care of it. The person didn't tell us to back to to cancel. We could have called if we knew to call back to I talked to the manager Bryan at the hotel and he stated there were nothing he could do. My account was debited a total of $804.70. ($201.18 X 4) I don't have this kind of money to throw away.
Please help me out with this.
919-834-2081 home
919-604-3473 cell


1) The booking site said the reservation could be cancelled with no charge. After the booking was made, it said the reservation could only be cancelled after paying one night's stay. It also stressed that if I gave my credit card details I would not be charged, and implied that a credit card was merely a formality.
2)They promised the cheapest price. Theirs was $9.99 more expensive than the hotel web site.
3) I followed the instructions to contact them on line, and found that there is no way to reach them. I submitted the link to the cheaper room, but their response said that they would get back to me in a few days.


Dear sir my hotel name is hotel Royal palace that is existing in Havelock island but same name hotel Royal palace in Port Blair. He misused my I'd in your site google map pin in my hotel in Havelock but that person property in Port Blair. Some tourist is coming my hotel and asked the room. The tourist has told them my booking in your hotel. I have already paid to but I m not registered with your site. Please delete the account of hotel Royal palace, Port Blair Havelock island. Because this person is a fraud to me.


I wish to discuss the issue I had after booking Glebe Space in Sydney for one night on 8 December, 2016 through I received the text below a couple of hours before I intended to book into Glebe Space. The reason given was room maintenance at Glebe Space. On calling, I was assured the alternative accommodation was the same at City Space.

On arriving at City Space, the receptionist told me I had been moved from Glebe Space as they had overbooked (a little different from the lie in the text to me). It was impossible to park in the street and I had to temporarily park the car in the entry space while I found out where to check in. For parking, the receptionist pointed me to a public car park some distance away in a different street which costs $15 per day and is locked from 9pm to 7am each day.

The room had no air conditioning, but only a ceiling fan. The room was hot, and offered a double bed pushed up against the wall that was only made up with sheets with no other bed linen; there were no glasses, cups, tea or coffee making facilities; and there was an odour of dirty socks/sneakers in the room.

The receptionist took me to the common room to show me where to find tea/coffee making facilities, cups and glasses. There were a number of mugs on a bench, but nothing else in any cupboard in the common room. She offered to find these and bring them to the room during the day. Her explanation for all these shortcomings was that this was a pop-up hotel and it was their first day!

I decided I could not stay there and told the receptionist that. To her credit, she spoke to her supervisor and I was offered a full refund of $100 I had paid to I understand this is in the process of being done.

I am writing to you because, obviously you need to know the situation. I never got to see Glebe Space so I cannot comment on that accommodation. However, please know that I, as your client who paid for accommodation in advance, only to be told lies about availability on the day of arrival, and then hived off to less than ideal accommodation, am not impressed.

I cannot recommend City Space, and I am concerned that is dealing with a less than professional pop up hotel. I would like you to respond as soon as possible on my whole experience. I have been a loyal client with for many years.


On 10 Nov, 2016 I used to reserve an apartment in Athens. I stayed there for 5 nights and all went well. In the end invited me to write a review, and I gladly wrote an honest piece on my experience. But then I could not find my review in the relevant site. When asked about it, the answer I got was 'your review has been detected as potentially fraudulent and therefore does not keep in line with our review policies.....found to be highly suspicious will not be displayed. We are unable to share detailed information about our internal procedures and detection methods.' No verification has whatsoever been sought with the host nor me, and they refused to communicate any further. Not only is such thing outrageous, but it also let one doubt about the credibility of the selective reviews in each hotel on offer in this site.


I booked at Nob Hill hotel for two nights. There was so much noise above me that I only received two hours of sleep. The room was dirty: paint falling off the wall, big chunks of plaster carved in where bedposts hit, stains on carpet, fingerprints and dirt stains on walls that I could not stay the two nights. I checked out after one night and the concierge told me the only way I could get refund for second night was through I have been unable to reach customer service at this I'm filing a formal complaint. This hotel should not have the rating it has. It is very much misleading. I have used in the past...not sure if I'd recommend it to my fellow adventurers.


Asking for CVC number of the debit/credit card at the time of booking accommodation is fundamentally against all security principles. Second, this mandatory process is in a violation of personal freedom.

Third, I am shocked at the fact that your great think-tanks have failed to figure out this glaring shortcomings in your system and mechanism. Fourth, the site's software needs face-liftings and maneuverability. Fifth, for heaven sake desist from promoting hotels with irritatingly poor amenities. I had problems with a hotel at Mysore during my three day stay. Naturally, I can't find to share details due to absence of live coordination from your customer care. It was a daylight robbery. I mean the price and the hotel facilities never had any remotest relevance.

For example, I had only one power pin point to service all my Laptop, mobiles, kettle and dryer. A three-star pain. Of course, the pin point remained at an odd spot in the room to add confusion and misery to your stay. The hotel stay was a punishment and the hotel price is a penalty for my comfort feeling. Accept my withdrawal from for my future itineraries.


I contacted to cancel our booking at the Ripley Court Hotel in Dublin for the 27th and 28th of September. They duly replied that you had contacted Ripley Court (cancellation reference 308552872) and were awaiting a reply. It is obvious that the booking fee is not being refunded. I have contacted customer care to get an email to confirm the non refund. I last spoke to Emanuel who said he would look into this and have someone organize this for us. We have heard no more and my insurance company is waiting for this proof that we paid the booking fee and it is not going to be refunded.


My complaint is regarding the actions of one of the hotels on the site. Zen Rooms Clarke Quay in Singapore. My reservation with clearly stated no payment required in advance, free cancellation and payment at hotel,
Then, thank you for choosing ZenRooms for your hotel partner. We would like to discuss for your booking at ZEN Rooms Clarke Quay - Jayleen 1918. The hotel has just applied a new policy that they only accept prepaid bookings. So, we would like to ask your confirmation to charge the total of SGD 520.23 from your credit card for these following booking. But I did not approve and the hotel charged it anyway. I then cancelled the reservation and they refunded my credit card however due to foreign exchange the refund is less than the amount charged. should not allow their hotels to change the rules once a booking is confirmed. We buy a product as advertised.



I contacted regarding my awful experience in Glasgow at Bellway Commonwealth Apartments, I explained how bad the apartment was the attitude of the Manager that I had spoken to and I sent some pictures showing some of the issues. They sent me an automatic reply in that they would look at it and come back to me within 7 days. They did not contact me so sent them another message they replied almost immediately ( plenty of time to understand my complaint ) and offered me £20 which I told them that this was not acceptable and could I speak to a Manager they replied saying they would not do this. sent me an email asking about my experience at the Bellway Apartments which I sent in ( including some photos ) and guess what they did not appear on their website ( still pending when I checked ) which leaves me wondering how good the comments from people really are in that they only submit acceptable ones so customers do not get the full picture. Will never use this company again and If there is any way of letting other customers know about both the Apartments and how operate then please let me know.


Booking ref 1695876779 booking Hotel Meryan House Hotel 1st and 2nd October 2016. Your website on this hotel is outdated by 10yrs. The owners have been in the Hotel 29 yrs and said the information on your website is 10 yrs out of date. They update at least 2 times a year. My requests were not passed on to the Hotel for walk in shower and two beds not twin beds. The rooms are compact because it is a 500yr old building a Grade 2 listed.'s website says Restaurant but theirs says it is only open Mon to Thurs. They say they do not have children under 5 but they do accept bookings for family's with children. They say there is no cancellation but a penalty payment is in place, if you book from them direct they have a full cancellation policy ( which we needed to do as the reason we were going to Taunton had changed but we went to get something for our money) plus there bill was £30. less.

Bar is limited due to change of circumstances re restaurant. They do not do the BBQ anymore. The Hoteliers were absolutely charming doing all they could for me due to my mobility problems, very helpful in giving easy directions to local places to go.Breakfast, the best we have ever had. I await comments and a refund of the difference of the booking.


On the 21st Sep, I booked 3 night at Łucka Residence for a cost of (Polish Zloty) ZTL 645 and I got the confirmation of the booking. On the 22nd Sep, I got from an email, saying: "Łucka Residence has been in touch with us today regarding your reservation 1733000734. Unfortunately Łucka Residence won’t be able to honor this reservation and accommodate you on the dates of your planned stay. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We’re happy to inform you that we have found a solution for you. We would like to suggest the following accommodations as an alternative, which we believe will suit your needs: Przytulny Apartament w Centrum Warszawy - Klimatyzacja. Nowogrodzka 8, Sródmiescie, 00-525 Warszawa, Poland". On the 23rd Sep, following your instruction, I booked the same 3 night in the structure that you suggested and I paid ZTL 670, getting the confirmation. New booking number: 1255149793

On the 25 Sep, I got an email from saying: "We received your new reservation Reservation 1255.149.793 at Przytulny Apartment w Centrum Warszawy - Klimatyzacja. Your original reservation will be canceled at no cost to you. You'll receive an email confirming the cancellation shortly. Once again, please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. If there are any additional costs due to this situation, please send us copies of your receipts. We'll assist you in any way we can and do our best to arrange reimbursement as quickly as possible.

Please note that by providing your receipts, you agree that B.V. may share the information you've submitted with Łucka Residence. We’re committed to protecting your privacy; your receipts will only be used to validate your claim. We do not retain this information any longer than necessary. We hope you have a great stay at Przytulny Apartment w Centrum Warszawy - Klimatyzacja. We're available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have."

On the 25 Sep, I got an a second email from saying: Your booking has been canceled free of charge. Your reservation at Łucka Residence is now canceled. Today, 27 Sep, Checking today my bank account, there is both the payment done for "Łucka Residence at a price of ZTL 645 and the payment done for Przytulny Apartment at a price of ZTL 670, for a total of ZTL 1315. Instead, as per instructions and agreement, there should be only the payment of ZTL 670 and I should get the difference 670-645 = 25 ZTL. I'd like to get on the my account the situation agreed.


I had been using for years and during this time I felt comfortable about giving my credit card details to them. However, I realized that this was a big mistake because I understand that they just pass your credit card details to the hotel and feel no responsibility about it, they don't care if the hotel overcharges you or even charges you for nothing as in my case.

In August 2016 I've booked a room with for one night in Barcelona. I gave the hotel my credit card no without my CVM. Arrived there, this is not a hotel, is a room in an apartment in a block of flats. The room is small, two persons hardly fit inside, the bathroom is glued to the bed, the walls are thin and the noise from the other 5 (I think there were 5 or 7) rooms of the apartment can be heard easily. The room is far far away from what they showed on their Booking page. I said to the housekeeper I cannot sleep in such condition and that I cancel my booking due to the non adequate accommodation conditions. I cancel the booking online. sends me a message on my Android app saying the cancellation was done free of charge.

I check my account and notice the hotel took 155 Euros from my account for this improper room where I did not sleep. I contact Booking and they blame the hotel. But the hotel did not have my card details. Only booking had them and my data are not registered and not available automatically. So, aside the fact Booking gave my card details to this ''apartment company'' without my agreement, they promote this hotel which is totally lying about what they offer and Booking is telling me they take no responsibility for the hotels advertising on their site. Booking sustains the fraudulent policy of this ''hotel''. is aware of all this and does nothing. They told me they are only an interface of the hotel and they do not respond for what the hotel is advertising on their site. is an accomplice to this fraud.


I have serious Booking complaints about my last stay at "Pisa Airport accommodation".

- Only cash payment at check in
- The place was extremely dirty
- I got a room on the 4th floor and the place didn't have a lift (they should warn people about this)
- No proper ventilation. Had to leave windows open all night and a whole bunch of mosquitoes got inside the room and my girlfriend and I got bitten very badly.
- A group of girls stood in the corridor around 3:30am talking and laughing very loudly. They didn't stop even after I asked them to and when I went to reception to complain there was no one in there!

This is not the service I am used to receive from Places like this seriously damage a businesses reputation. I expect to get a full refund of the €45 I paid.


I booked through Judging by Internet reviews, I got lucky because the booking worked and I wasn't overcharged. However, they keep spamming me mercilessly. I have made several attempts to get unsubscribed, without success. Their customer service email claims that there is an unsubscribe link in the email which I can click. I cannot see it in my email reader. I therefore asked them to do it for me. They have continued to spam me. My next step is to start posting warning reviews on every travel site I can find and to institute a complaint against their ISP. Stay away from!


I booked this hotel with Booking com and was totally disappointed with everything about it. The beds were propped up on what looked like a rough wood pallet. Water did not work and were vey loose including very slow flow of water and a waste which did not do the job. On the electric cooker all the element were loose and falling apart totally unsafe and it would be condemned under UK standards. Breakfast was a joke, just bagel and juice. Worst hotel we ever had any where. Complained to reception and he (the owner I think) said its a different country! Last time I looked USA isn't a third world country. Shocking why do you recommend this rubbish?


This is a customer service complaint. Firstly I wish to commend the customer service given to me by Javier. He was so friendly and helpful, calling me back to fill me in on all the details of the booking I had made. He is excellent at his job. However before I got to deal with Javier I was answered from the Ireland number at 13.19 on 14/07/2016 by a girl named Vikki. She has to be the rudest girl I've ever dealt with over the phone and I am 53 yrs old so I've dealt with lot of customer service agents in many capacities over the years.

I wanted to explain to her that my daughter Grace who's name the booking was made in was not going to be able to travel for medical reasons. I had previously been on about paying for the holiday in full before my daughter but the hotel wanted me to send my cvv no by email which I didnt want to do. I sorted this directly with the hotel and they said it was ok for the girls to pay by cash on arrival. I tried to say this to Vikki however, she shouted me down saying about hotel policy.

She would not let me speak, I even pointed this out to her. I asked her to be put on to a supervisor. She said no and if I wanted to deal with someone else I was to hang up and ring the number again. This is appalling customer service and I will be putting in an official complaint to COMREG too.


Reserved Oceanfront Vacation Rentals, 5445 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach (Florida), FL 33140. My reservation was for 3 nights, 1 apartment, July 9-12. Booking number: 530302133. I have already sent two emails to’s customer service dept. regarding this reservation. This was not an apartment by any stretch of the imagination – at best an efficiency, but in reality a two bed hotel room with kitchenette. It is obviously a privately owned room as the closet was locked so the only available hanging space was a half dozen hangers above a mirror.

The beds were terrible; although two full beds in actuality only suitable for one person as two people end up rolling into the middle of the bed – my husband has traveled around the world and ended up sleeping on the floor as the beds were so bad. There were ants in the room – on the floor and in the cabinets. And finally the pool was out of service. All in all, it was so bad, that we left on 7/10 and checked in to a hotel in Fort Lauderdale for the remaining two nights of our vacation – I can provide a copy of the bill to prove it. I am looking for a refund for the nights we were not able to stay in the “apartment.”

The definition of apartment is: a set of rooms used as a dwelling by one person or one family. need to change the description in their listing details so that others are not conned as we were. ends their email confirmation with "Have a great trip" - this was not a great trip at all.


I used to reserve a hotel in Las Vegas using they Free Cancellation offer. Plans changed, I logged on and canceled the reservation a week before the arrival date, which still fell under the free cancelation clause. I received a confirmation email with a $0 cancellation fee clearly listed. The day after I was supposed to check in, a $120 charge hit card for the previously canceled hotel. I immediately contacted with the email receipt of cancelation, and proof of charge. It has been two weeks. The hotel will not refund the money, has not done a thing to make this right other than state they did verify I was not registered as staying at the hotel and that I canceled in time to not be charged. Disputing this now with my bank. This company is a fraud, they will scam you.


I recently stayed at the Hampton Inn in Boca Raton from March 9th-March 15. I booked my room through My total cost of the room was $1314+ $144.54 for all tax. The total cost was $1458.54. When I checked my Visa account I see that I was charged $$1471.68 an overcharge of $13.14. I would appreciate if you would credit my Visa Account the that overcharge.


I made one reservation and shared the credit card numbers once over the phone. I cancelled 2 and half hours ago as I was advised by They promised 100% refund. A week later, the hotel charges were shown up on the credit card statement and found out that they booked another two without any authorization (3 minutes a part according to customer service). Obviously, they processed twice by mistake or did not wish to refund so that they made another reservation. I requested refund back to the account immediately, yet with very insufficient investigation, they still insists that it was not their fault.


I believe I was overcharged for my 9 night stay at the Hampton Inn in Greenbrier Chesapeake, VA. The advertised room rate at time of reservation through was $94.00 per day. Included for a total of 1,055.45 plus 13% state tax. However upon checkout the manager gives me the statement charging 117.00 per night plus 17.38 for daily tax. This information was intentionally withheld from me at check in time where i was NOT informed of this sudden hike in room rate. Hampton Inn was supposed to honor the price I booked for. For this dishonest and illegal practice I vow to never stay at any Hampton Inn resorts. I was also slapped with a 14% daily tax which differs from the 13 % originally advertised. I am only left with the option of reporting these hidden charges to the Federal Trade Commission.


Booked a room for three days. Had a change of plans and the hotel you represent online,wouldn't refunded 2 or the 3 days I paid for. Spoke to the desk person at check out 10am..was asked to call back at 12...asked to call back at 3...told manager would be in to handle issue at 4:30. Showed up at 4:30 and no manager,was told they would only remind 1 of 2 day. This is unacceptable and your company should intervene on my behave to solve this issue. Your help and time is appreciated.


I will never be using ever again. I cancelled a reservation due to a family emergency with for The Artist House B&B in Key West with two weeks advance notice and was informed that I would receive a full credit of the $309.37 deposit without issue by Allyson Zuidema, Customer Service Team, on April 11, at 5:31 pm EST. The on the next day, in writing, that promise was broken and I was informed by the charge, which was completed in late February 2015, would not be refunded by the Artist House. I spoke to the Artist House rep, Cindy (vey nice, professional, etc), who said if they can sell the room, I'd get the credit of $309.37 back. My issue is with in stating they would in fact credit me, and then retract their offer in now three emails, inspire of the fact this is an emergency.'s petty cruelty is beyond reproach and they should credit me the deposit of $309.37, as assured, without delay or penalty.


This hotel we got on was awful. I took Pictures. I would like some sort of compensation for what I paid for the condition of the room. The Admiral Hotel - 813 Baltomore Ave Ocean City MD 21842. We stayed August 30-Sept 1 2014.


Love using Did you know that the majority of all bookings online come from this engine or FlipKey? I used their mobile app to book a trip to Australia and it worked perfectly. Would highly recommend for anyone who is tired of the typical Vacation Rental experience. They do a fantastic job of making sure customers and vendors are happy.

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