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I bought a Hotspot device at Bestbuy it would not work with the ATT Gocard. I received a refund for the Hotspot device. However I could not get a refund for the ATT Gocard $53.90 The order number was 0350 070 1751 July 1 2015 I returned it the same day about 4 hours later. The hotspot kept cutting off every minute. Both the Customer service dept and Store Manager at 9930 Southside Blvd Jacksonville, FL 32256 would not refund my money. Of course I'm very disappointed, you would be too if a device would not work and you could not get a refund. I believe this is an unsatisfactory business practice. Of course my experience is a 0 not even a 1.


I purchase a refrigerator and when it was delivered it was damage so I rejected the delivery. I had to reschedule. This is where my nightmare begins with this company. They have the worst costumer service I have ever seen. No one from the warehouse call me the day before to give me a window for my delivery so the delivery came when I was at work and they advised me that I would have to wait another week because I was not home to receive the refrigerator. I was told that I could cancel and go get another refrigerator from someone else because it was nothing they could to help me for their mistake.

I stayed on the phone for hours trying to explain that I was never called. So I guess they wanted me to have ESP on when they were going to deliver my refrigerator. I was given the run around to find out that I would not be able to receive a refund and cancel my purchase until the truck return back to the warehouse. They really lost me as a customer and I will never shop at best buy in life! please take your business elsewhere.


I have shopped at Best Buy for years and consider it to be a good store to find anything electronic. I was just in the Pineville NC store and was appalled at the apathy the workers showed and to be honest just basic rudeness.

I had trouble getting anyone to help me when I first came in. Normally I know where to go but I live in Greensboro, NC. I finally just walked up to someone and they told me where to find my item but I was an obvious interruption to their day.

Finally, I get my item, I'm ready to checkout and there is NO ONE at the checkouts. I stand there confused but no one tells me what to do. Finally, I find a sign at the very end of the checkouts saying go to customer service which is no where close to the checkouts.

Well, here is the final insult. The woman who checked me out was Monica (African American probably 25) who is rude (mainly in an unresponsive way) but also chewing gum very loudly in my face. When she asked for my best buy shoppers card, I responded I didn't have it with me and she rolled her eyes at me and asked for my phone number.

I just felt like the whole experience should have been better. The one shining moment was the lady at the door when I left. She was older and very friendly and thanked me for shopping at BB and to have a great day. She is the only reason I'm even giving this one star. When you spend hard earned money you expect better.


I went to Best Buy to purchase a new phone. I wanted to upgrade to either a Samsung Galaxy S6 or a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as I already had the Samsung Galaxy S5 for quite some time.

After speaking with someone in the Samsung department, I was convinced the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge would be my phone of choice if it held up to vigorous use. After speaking with someone in the mobile department, I decided to either rent or purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as I was assured the phone was durable, had no issues and a full replacement warranty policy was available if I wanted to pay for it.

Since I have purchased several new phones from Best Buy and always done the same basic procedure to get one, I purchased the phone, a case, a screen protector and a replacement policy should anything happen to the phone. Although I was confused why I HAD to purchase the phone rather than take advantage of the lease/rental option, I made the purchase and had the mobile department set my phone up.

My current number was to be put on the new phone, but I was told I needed to go to a Sprint store to have them put my number on my new phone, so I left the store with a new unactivated phone with a screen saver installed by the Geek Squad and several accessory items.

I used the phone for two days and was disappointed to see the screen saver starting to peel. Since I was told I had a few days to have the screen saver reinstalled at no cost, I went to the store to have it replaced. As I got out of my vehicle, I accidently dropped the phone and when I picked it up, I noticed it was flashing an array of colors.

I noticed that although I had a screen saver on the screen and the phone protected in a flip case, the screen was destroyed on the upper tight hand corner. Further disappointment followed as I went into the store to show them what happened to my phone. I was told that if I wanted to make a claim, I would need to pay a $200 dollar deductible. I was then informed that although they had NO contract to show me where I agreed to pay $200 deductible, I had to pay it if I wanted a phone.

I had never experienced this before and I was taken back by shock! Does this mean that every time my phone is slightly dropped, it will crack and I will need to pay another $200 deductible?

Since I was told I had several days to return the phone if I didn't like it, I then decided to pay the $200 dollar deductible, replace the phone and replace it with a hopefully more durable standard Samsung Galaxy S6. I was then informed that although they had NO contract to show me because "it is all electronic" and no warranty stating "the return time frame was void if I had a replacement phone for the one that broke"

Later they stated that I was given a hard copy of the Geek Squad policy, but I had NOT been. I was then told I would be E-mailed a copy of the document I had signed and a copy of the warranty stating I cannot return an exact replacement item issued by Best Buy.

I am extremely disappointed with the attitude and service I have received and surprised Best Buy would do this since I spend thousands with them every year! I know the majority of the people by face and several by name now! Is this now the new normal for Best Buy??


My granddaughter needed an adapter for her laptop when to the Best Buy in Hialeah Fl. and was looking for the one she originally had since I saw it on their website. When she went to the store they said they didn't carry that one and sold her a more expensive one she even showed them the ad and they just shrugged it off. I guess Best Buy is into False advertising now. I suggest you check out store #555 and see what's going on. Thank you for any consideration in this matter.


I purchased two laptops online with store pic up the next day. Total price for both was $504.78. Whenever there is action on my card I get a text from my bank, within a minute. Right on time I got an text telling me there was a $504 hold put on the account. The available balance now should show the hold with the pending transaction later.

So about a minute later there is another text for the same amount. Now there are two holds totaling $1008. This has happened before and it messes up the whole account. I'm there at the store picking up the laptops, and for some reason they refunded me $6.48 off the $504. Tis plays a part later in the story.

I asked about the other hold. They were rude and talked to me like I was stupid. I'm 64 freakin years old. They say that they did not charge my card, which is right, But a hold is like spending it. WE go around for a while and they give me a phone number in Atlanta. I'm in the California desert here. So after the robot gets done I explain this whole thing again. They tell me they will send a letter of release.

I need this money. I'm on a fixed income. This account is only for SSI, and a couple pensions to be direct deposited in. I can't add money to it. I have automatic payments coming out and like that. I wait all day and then I call the bank. They got the release form, but the dollar amount was wrong and the authorization number was wrong. Back to the two hour sessions. Best Buy tells me it will drop off in a couple weeks. REALLY??? I tell them I can't wait that long and besides it was there fault it was on there, not mine.

They send another FAX Same thing and the bank cannot accept the number from me, it has to come from Best Buy. In between these FAXes. I'm dealing with really rude and stupid people. So my bank tells me they will FAX them a letter and all they have to do is sign it and return.

So back to pending transaction. So back to Best Buy I go. This time they will not give their FAX number saying the can only send but not receive. I lost it. This is the sixth day SO I go down to the store and demand a refund on the laptops. Just like the movie Ground Hog Day, I explain the whole thing. Then they tell me it will be 3 to 5 business days for the money to be available. I took the laptops back and told them I'm getting some legal advice. And that is where I am now.


I bought an iPad and had it 3 weeks and it would not charge. I took it back for a return and they said no because I did not purchase the warranty they had to offer. After I complained again they exchange it with another which I did not want. This is the 2nd iPAD in 3 months that I have bought along with 2 cameras, computer, monitor, vacuum, games and much more. I feel that other stores have 30 days and Best Buy just wants to sell you the warranty. I have the Best Buy card and I want them to know this is the last time I will ever deal with them. Just 1 week over they want to get hateful and not help a loyal customer, that's poor business.


I found an ad on Xbox home about a trade in for 360's. ANY 360! "ANY WORKING 360" was the ad.

I take my console up there and it's 15 minutes until they figure out its a 20g. They say trade in value is 0. It's a working 360 but it has 0 value. The service people had no knowledge of this rebate, even tho I had called to ask about it several hrs before, and it was validated fully at that time. I returned home with console and looked up ad again. It said "ANY WORKING 360". I called best buy and spent 20 minutes, 15 of which on hold. Then I'm told it's a minimum of $125 for 'any' followed quickly by $175 for a 250g. Then back to a 20 g having no value.

This was all in one breath with me asking no questions. I fully understand the younger generation is better w computers but when it comes to getting your knowledge correct and customer service, this young generation sucks! I will still buy an xbox1 but I'm in no hurry and will prefer to buy from anyone other than Best buy.


I wanted to buy a new phone and have everything from my old phone transfered over. ( I did this 4 or 5 month ago at the same Best Buy..different salesman). A lady waited on me and said that I would have to wait till another salesperson was through because he was the only one that could do the transfer. I waited till he was through, the customers were looking at a phone and other items much more $$$ that mine. He looked at the phone and told me he couldn't transfer it over to another phone and suggested I go to Walmart or somewhere else. I told his that one of the salesmen did it for me before. He jerked the monitor around and said that it can't be done. Then he got up and left. We just bought a 56in TV and several Christmas present from Best Buy this year and you can believe that we will be looking else where next year, maybe Walmart!


My complaint is against Glenn, a member of the geek squad store #30 in St Louis. I bought a tablet there and it got a crack across the bottom. I went to the store to let the geek squad look at it. Glenn took the tablet out the box said someone applied pressure to the back, and that's why it cracked. He was very rude and arrogant. He spoke down to me has if I was stupid, and I inform him that he will not speak to me in that manner. He continue to do so. I didn't receive any customer service from him. I didn't go into the store for a refund, I wanted my tablet repaired.

I asked for the manager and he stated the manager will tell me the same thing, but the manager was helpful. He tried to solve the situation. He gave me a number for the manufacture customer service. This is not the first incident with the geek squad they are arrogant and disrespectful, and they DO NOT! know how to speak to customers. SOMETHING NEED TO CHANGE ! As a consumer spending money with your company, the customer service is HORRIBLE !


My Problem is shopping off of the website and buying such a large item sight unseen. I cant say that this is a complaint directly about Best Buy but I need Best Buy to relax their policy for me this one time. I purchased a refrigerator for the first time my refrigerator went out and so I was under pressure to make this decision that would be costly and fast. When I arrived to the store I had no idea how much these units cost ( I live on a tight budget) but I knew I needed this item. One of my dreams is to get my kitchen remolded with new counter tops, refurnish my , new sink and new appliances. I wanted to do this all at once, having the time to decide just what would fit my needs a capture my heart without breaking the bank. But there I was in the store about to make what I considered as a major purchase. While the item I saw on line was in the store put was not on the floor it was a Fridgedare 22.6 cu ft refrigerator with an ice maker on the outside something my child always wanted.

I purchased it sight unseen and once I got home it dawned on me that the unit may not fit into the slot that I had. Looking at the specs I noticed it said that the height was slightly over 68” which would not work for that space. So the next day I returned to Best Buy and exchanged the item for a Whirlpool note that the Whirlpool was not in stock either it had to be shipped from a warehouse and there was no floor model to see , so I purchased this too sight unseen . When the whirlpool arrived I was relieved to have a refrigerator. About a week later I went to my family member’s home to retrieve my frozen goods that they stored for me during this unexpected ordeal. Too my dismay the food I once housed into my old unit would not fit into my new unit. I had to give over half of the frozen items away because I had no room for them. So that the end I still lost. So here is the kicker today at work in the break room is the Frigidaire unit I wanted. I opened it and wow! What room …what space…I fell in love….but then I remembered why I pass it up it wouldn’t fit in the space I had…or would it. I notice that the even though the measurement stated the height of the unit slight above 68” that that was only for the doors.

The height of the body part of the unit was well under the 68” enough to fit into the space I needed. So now what can I do. So I called the Best Buy store I purchased it from I told them that I purchased the refrigerator and that it was slightly over the 15 day return exchange policy but I wanted the other unit badly. The two refrigerator cost the same amount in fact the lower the cost of the Whirlpool to match the cost of the Frigidaire because it needed to wait for it to arrive. I know that I should have moved quicker in making my decision that is my fault but have a heart Best Buy I’m not asking for money back all I want is the Frigidaire that I wanted from day one. If I show them both on the floor I would have made my choice then I would have seen that the measurement of the door was what the company was disclosing and that I would have been happy from day one. But now I have a unit that is too small for storage and makes me not so happy to see. Please have a heart and bend your policy just this once. You are a huge company and people would like to know that you think of us consumers has people and not just as numbers.


My husband and I bought a dishwasher on 4/6/2015 and was told that it had to be ordered and would be installed on 4/11/2015. Well, on that Saturday ( 4/11) the man (Craig) called and then came to our house and walked in and said quote "I cannot put your dishwasher in today because I don't have a pipe long enough. I'll call you on Monday." He left the dishwasher in the middle of my living room floor. He called on Monday evening a little after 6 p.m to say he would be out Tuesday to install our dishwasher. Well, my son had my truck and was gone to work and about 12:50 I took my dogs outside, and I went to go check my mail to see Craig's van sitting in my drive way. This man did NOT knock on my door, ring the door bell or nothing; if he had knocked or rang the door bell my dogs would have started barking.

I went to the back and let in my dogs to put them in my bedroom and when I went back out front, he was gone. I called XP Last Mile and I called the store, Best Buy, here in Wilmington, NC. I got NO WHERE with either place. The store manager here in Wilmington wanted to take my name and phone number to call me back because they said that he was busy with a customer....REALLY?! Somehow he was aware of the problem, and I had not even talked to him. When I called XP Last Mile, the girl put me on hold; now I know why. She called and talked to the manager of Best Buy Store (Sean). That is the ONLY way he (Sean) could have been aware of my complaint. Sean would not talk to me but he talked to these people, says a lot about his being professional. So I called best Buy Corp. offices and spoke to a guy there. He was very nice and told me that he was sending me a $50.00 gift card and would follow thru on the complaint. He put me on hold and when he came back he said quote "I called XP Last Mile and told them to send someone else to your home and to call you before he was to come out."

Well, on Wednesday, Craig, who was not suppose to come out by what Sean at your Corp. Office had told me, came back to my home. He NEVER called before coming to my home and when he came in and replaced my dishwasher, he left wet paper towels under my sink and water all over my floors. It went from my kitchen through my living room right on out my front door, and Craig NEVER bothered to clean up after himself. I called Best Buy Corp. Office again to speak to Sean and he was not there yet, so I talked to Drew and told him what I just told you. He assured me that he would give the message to Sean so he could call me back. I left my name and phone number with him to give to Sean and to this date 4/20/2015 Sean has NOT called me back.

I'm am so mad with Best Buy and this XP Last Mile group. I have told everyone that I have talked to NOT to buy a dishwasher from you guys. I told Sean that I wanted my $139.99 back due to fact of all the hell I've been through just to get a dishwasher installed. I guess I should have contacted the Better Business Bureau along with everyone else. I would like to hear back from someone about my complaint. I do have a justifiable complaint at that. We went back to Best Buy because we had bought a washing machine from you guys and had great service but NOT this time and I can tell you trying to buy me off with $50.00 gift card isn't going to be enough with me!!


I bought a dishwasher from Best Buy in November 2014 from the Pottstown, PA location. After it was installed, it worked for about 3 weeks, then totally broke down. I called Best Buy numerous times to cancel the order & have it returned. It took several weeks before they came out to pick it up, but they finally picked it up on 1/8/15. The customer service department assured me that after it was returned, my account would be credited for the full amount. I had made only one payment on the credit card, due to fact it was being returned.

After about 3 weeks, I called & the account was not credited. In addition, the Best Buy Credit Card department called me several times to ask for a payment. I explained the full situation that this item was being returned, therefore, I would not be making any more payments & to note this information on my file. Two days later, I received a bill with a late charge. I called customer service several more times after this, & each different person I spoke to said they knew nothing about this, & there were no notes on my file. However, Best Buy sent my husband an email stating that they did receive the dishwasher back & a credit would be coming soon.

In the meantime, I received several calls in the next few weeks (honestly every other day) asking me for a payment. Not one representative I spoke to said there was anything on my file indicating the item was returned. A few weeks later I received another bill with a second late charge. I called the actual store I purchased the item from & they said they did not know what I should do.

Finally in April, a credit came through, but they did not credit the entire amount. Even worse than all of the time I have wasted on phone calls, is that my credit rating was adversely affected. I tried to apply for a car loan & was not approved as it stated this charge changed my credit rating from Good to Fair, so I could not get the loan on my own. I am furious beyond belief. I don't know if anyone in authority will ever see this, but I would never enter a Best Buy store again for any reason.


I bought a 60 inches Samsung TV last September and the service plan for $200, all together $2000 dollars. Last March 21st the TV was dropped by accident by my 7 year old, and the screen was minimally damage, but enough to affect the screen. And now, I can watch, all distorted or no image. I called Geek Squad they came and said we don't handle accidents, and we can do nothing, and the technician left with good bye. I have check with MicroCenter, competition and they have said their guarantee cost the same and includes accidents and is for 3 years. The Protection Plan sold by Best Buy Geek Squad is a rip off. I believe that the right thing would had been to repair or replace my TV. I hope you can reach back to me.


I purchased a Vizio 48 in flat screen tv and was told by the lead salesmen in the department that if I purchased the insurance for it and it get knock off of if someone punch my tv the insurance will replace it. The tv got knock off and now the salesman has lied about telling me this and they a have a new manger and it happen before his time. I have called the the custmer service number been put on hold, spoke to someone name Evet Taylor who says she will call me back its been over 24 hours and have not called back. On Friday 17th have been just tranfered from one person to another and then the last one agent Tiffany had the nerves to tell me to call the manufacturer . I told her I'm paying Best Buy for the insurance! I want my tv replaced or fixed.


My wife went to the Midwest City Ok. store to make a payment on our account. The clerk asked for her drivers license and since my wife is not named on the account the clerk refused to take the payment. My wife returned home and I had to drive the 16 miles to the store. My wife was not on the card when she used it to buy a $600. camera but now she can't make a payment. This makes no sense.


Ordered a 7 inch tablet online with the 1yr warranty # 4419883966 on 3/3/15 we took it back 4/16/15 we never got it to working. This store in Amarillo stole money from me for the original tablet total cost was 135.48 trace #13622.Refund total is only 84.39. This is nothing but out and out Theft. We are telling every one we know on Facebook, church postal etc do not buy anything from Best buy as they do not honor geek squad or stores policies


Ok we have bought 2 items from the store here in Lake Charles and something went wrong with both items. The first was a bundle pack with a tablet charger and case. When the tablet messed up I brought it back to be looked at and was told it was never purchased in the bundle so they could not do anything. The next item we bought and tried to return was a tone Bluetooth headset. The incompetent clerk who checked us out at the register messed up on the receipt and saying that it had been voided and we hadn't purchased the Bluetooth nor the 2 year warranty we purchased with it. Is this common store practice so you dont have to replace or repair items when they are broke or defective? Is this how it is done? One very dissatisfied and angry customer .... Duane Spearance


My name is Tasha 3 years ago I walk into best buy and bought my first laptop computer then I ask about a dragon naturally speaking system. Which I also purchased when I got it home I tried to install the dragon only to find it had no cd drive and the customer service rep told me it did not only did best buy not take the computer back but didn't give me my money back neither. So I kept it only now to find out now without the cd sleeve I cant program it to my computer. I was told to go back to best buy I did the girl at the customer service desk said I didn't need it only the numbers on the back of the box I call 18773145225 nothing I called 16129657670 nothing. I spent 100.00 dollars and I can't even use it .I love my computer I found so much with the chrome google book. But I have no idea what to do with the dragon.can I return it for a new one.


on 04/09/15 I went to Best Buy to buy a Nikon lens for Nikon d3200 camera. Got there about 1:30 pm was directed to camera lens section. I waited in section for over 25 mins and was not ask if I was being waited on etc. Finally, after waiting for over half an hour, I walked the front of the store and ask for a manager. A manager finally arrived and made some excuse about shift change i didnt by that the lens I was going to buy cost $1700 to 5000 dollars. Apparently they didn't want to sell me this lens (wide angle lens )for my d3200 niko camera. I buy a lot of things from best buy afer this experience. I think if their staff kick ass even just to see if people are being served


A lap top repair (replace screen) began on Feb 19, 2015 and it has been sent back and forth to the service center multiple times due to the incompetence of the service center and at one point the lap top was also not able to be found and was actually in the store where the repair began (additional incompetence)! I've already spoken with the store's General Manager (Ken) and he was anything but helpful. So, now in an attempt to rectify the situation the store involved (Frisco, TX) has offered to replace the lap top and transfer the data from the old system for the original price of the screen repair. Nice offer (made by John, the Geek Squad MGR) except for the issue with re-installing MicroSofet Office 2013. The Microsoft Office package was something that was added by BestBuy, charged for by BestBuy, paid to BestBuy and not the manufacturer (Asus) and now the package can not be re-installed without a MicroSoft code that I do not have or have ever had. So, why am I going to have to pay for the office package again? I have the original receipt that shows a MicroSoft serial number but this number is of no use in this situation. All I want is to be able to use my lap top in a normal manor and I can't really believe the amount of time, grief and hurdles that I've had to go through!


This afternoon, I brought over a new computer to the Geek Squad to transfer data from my old computer which was no longer functional to a new computer, and the man gave me excellent service. And then I WAITED 20-25 minutes for YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM to function properly and print out the new data. The problem was in your computer software which the man said needed to be updated. Here you have some of the best computer tech guys in the world and YOUR OWN COMPUTER NETWORK WAS WHAT HELD US UP!


I went to the store today 4/7/2015 to buy a fax machine and a printer. The associate Edgar #1058477 waited on me. He told me that there were no fax machines anymore that all that was available were the all in one with fax, printer and scan abilities. So I listened to him and took his advice I bought the HP Envy 7640 all in one printer series because he recommended it. He also stated that it was easy to install and I should have no problems making it work for me. After opening the package plugging everything in and looking at the instructions for the CD provided the instructions said that if I had internet it would be better than using the CD provided. So I went to the site and with some work I got the fax to work and the printer. The Scanner however is not working I have gone through every bit of the instructions again and there are no specific instructions to fix the scanner or make it work.

The Printer just says that there is no computer connected. So I called the store after approximately 5:30 I started the installation approximately 2:00. 3 1/2 hours seems like a very long time to do simple steps that I followed with an associate to a tee. The agent transferred me to the Geek Squad they wanted me to bring it back also they had no info to help me. I just paid 225.89 for something that no one can help me with over the phone. What a shame. So I have 15 days to bring it back I am going to try a few more times than I will bring it back get a refund and go else where maybe another company that sells these products will be able to help me.


I was returning my "Apple IPhone 6" to the same agent that sold it to me. The reason for the return was that it was too High Tech for me, I needed to down grade, I tried to get 2 other phones, Out of Stock. I called before I took the ride from MA-- NH and the Lady I spoke to told me there were 3 in stock? I tried one more model & it only came in Black, no Thank You, (I had to return the case 2 x's because they were defective, water went through & did not close tight. Those were returned @ the service desk. No Problem) I spent a lot of time trying get a New Apple I-Phone. So I went ahead to return my Apple I Phone. While Best Buy 0534 was waiting on me I asked him to be sure there was not any mistakes in the credit on my Credit Card because I did not have my Reading Glasses with me. I did not want to return again, only to buy a new I Phone. I had my Granddaughter, she was checking everything, but I could not see the screen. The man who had come over & sat beside him said "Why would any store give a customer 1/2 Credit back I have never heard of such a thing" in the MOST Nasty tone of VOICE. "That isn't what I said" & answered him back & told him to mind his own business. He did not stop with Nasty remarks. I was getting very upset & he knew it. He just did not stop! We argued more. I went to the Store Manager & told him everything.


I have ben in to the Temecula Best Buy ( on Temecula pkw ) # time this month to bye a tv ( 50") and an xbox 1 for my kids. All there times I have ben there I have not got anyone to help me. I have asked and ben told they would be right with me but then never show up. This is the last time. I will never BE BACK! NEVER!!!!


Bought a washer and dryer it was delivered yesterday. Did one load of laundry grease came out of bottom made noises and would not get water or spin water out of clothes called store I was on hold over forty minutes was told I would have to wait 24 hours for someone to call me and they were using an outside repair person I need new washer delivered!


I purchased a HP laptop for my daughter. while setting up the laptop it got a virus. Your geek squad informed me there was nothing they could do for me,accept charge me $200.00 to repair it.I have spent quite a bit of money over the years at Best Buy, but you will never see me in your store again.


They told me they no longer due exchanges in store and would ship me my product in six days. Never have I had this happen before with Geek Squad.


Went in to replace some beat solo 2s and was told I could still purchase a protection plan and after he did the exchange, he then says he forgot that best buy no longer offered protection plan for beats, so I talked to manager and store manager, they could not help me out, very upset with them.


Yesterday I went to the best buy in Willow Grove and went to the mobile department to get my iPhone 5 battery replaced. I have had insurance through best buy for about 2 years now and the person who sold it to me said that if I have issues with the battery, or circuit shorts, or cracked screens, etc. that I could get my phone fixed free of charge. Yesterday the two gentlemen at the counter tell me that they don't replace batteries here and that best buy never hired someone certified to do that. They told me to go to Geek Squad and they will replace the phone for free since I have insurance through them. When I go over to Geek Squad and I told the employee what the 2 other men said to me he proceeds to say "Man, I seriously need to go over there and tell these guys how to do their job!" He proceeds in an annoyed tone to tell me that I have 2 options 1. send my phone and get a new phone in 2 weeks (I can't just be phone less for two weeks!!) and 2. pay $250 to get a new phone expressed and then be reimbursed.

These two options do me no good! Why am I Paying over $180 a year to get my phone fixed with any issues I may experience that go wrong with my phone? This is not even the first time I've come across this problem I had another issue I had with my iPhone 5 when I bought it from there April of 2013. I was told to take my phone to Apple. Luckily Apple at that time replaced my phone for free b/c of a short circuit with the power button. One thing is for sure i will be canceling my insurance and I will no longer use Best Buy Mobile service! This is absolutely ridiculous that the workers are telling customers lies when purchasing insurance, when you try to use it it's worthless! I will no longer even purchase my phones from best buy either.


I have spent 24 total hours on the phone with my bank and best buy after trying to buy a computer and i pad. I get a fraud alert from Bank because Best Buy tried and swiped my card number for a 1449.00 dollars, a total 3 times, trying to charge $5500.00 for a 1449.00 charge and my bank stopped it. I have tried for 1 months to buy a computer on line through Best Buy .com. This is the worst ever from an online service !!!!!!!!!!! it appears that the people working at the service desk that answer the calls have no idea hats going on. Never again will i buy from Worst BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Best Buy claims to match internet prices. I priced a Nikon D5500 at The price is $796.95. I went to Best Buy today, went to the photo department and was assisted by a very courteous young man. I asked if his store would match the price of B and H Photo. I told him that their out-the-door price is $796.95. That includes tax and shipping. I told him to match that price he would have to reduce Best Buy's price to $736.22 so that when the sales tax of 8.25% were added, then they would have matched B and H Photo's price. He called his manager and the manager refused to do this. So much for matching internet prices. I won't be doing much business with best Buy.


I have shopped at Best Buy for years. Sometimes there items come out defective and since the associates says if we are not happy with the item we can return it. Okay, I got a Bluetooth for Christmas, returned it and got another Bluetooth that I preferred. After a week it stopped working, so I returned it. This happened in January. 14 days ago my husband and I went in to buy a 32 inch TV, an antenna and a tv mount for the TV. My husband was not happy with the mount and I was not happy that the antenna didn't work well with the TV, so I returned the Antenna yesterday, forgot the mount so I went back today to return it. Then the sales clerk gives me a RETURN WARNING, that future returns will be declined for 90 days. What happen to the satisfaction guaranteed at Best Buy and why do their sales persons inform people that if we are not happy we can return it. I have never had problems with returning items. Sometimes customers are not satisfied, other times the product is defective. If the product is defective it should not go against us and if you return the item before the 15 days with your receipt why are we being punished. Does that sound fair? Well I can only say I will start spreading the word that the CUSTOMER SERVICE GUARANTEE IS NO LONGER HONORED AT BEST BUY LIKE THEY SAY!


Best Buy Springfield VA. Went in to get iPhone upgraded to the 6's. 4th in line, there were only 2 CSRs - 1 was the mobile phone manager - and pretty soon there were like half a dozen people in line. After 20 minutes in line, the manager decided to check on what we needed to do - and pretty soon, he was gone and serving the 3 others ahead of us. I understand these things take time, but getting our phones after 2-1/2 hours is not the best way to spend sunday afternoons. From what I gathered, there were 2 other CSRs who were supposed to arrive at 2 pm (they arrived shortly after 2 pm). Now, BestBuy has been selling phones like forever and can they not see that weekends results in such high demand that they should have at least 4 CSRs on board right from the store opening? Also, can there be some other system, like taking a number and having a call-out or return time in order for customers to be able to browse the rest of the store (and buy things) or grab a bite to eat instead of miserably waiting in line?


I bought a car stereo at Best Buy ($600 alpine) only to find out the auto dim function was defective. The store won't exchange (20 days later). It's a shame when things in store get damaged and cost them thousands.


Just received my new laptop or I thought was new!! My computer guy was getting everything set up for me and called to inform me that a George Kapotsy had already signed in on my "new" computer with a e-mail address and all. So, my new laptop is not new after all......Can you please tell me what the H--- is going on, this laptop was not cheap!


I went to the Best Buy in Niles Il. last night to return an unopened wirreless router with my receipt in hand. After speaking to a sales clerk and then the manager of the location I was informed that because I hadn't returned it within 30 days of original purchase(it was 34 days)there was nothing they could do! I would've even been happy with store credit! I will NEVER shop at Best Buy again seeing that they have such a policy. They have no problem taking your money but they will not stand behind it for more than 30 days! If I ran my business like this in these economicaly tough times, I would be out of business!!!!!

I bought a 40 inch lcd 1080 tv only two years ago from best buy, and it already has problems. When I turn it on the center of the screen is very dark, and it has horizontal lines moving throughout the entire screen. after about ten to twenty minutes it clears up, but that is unacceptable. I have a projection screen that is eight years old, and has about three times as many hours on it has no problem. The reason I spent the extra money to buy a samsung was because it was supposed to be the best buy, top of the line technology out there and I am very dissapointed that I have a two year old tv that does not work correctly.

Approximately 60 days ago I purchased a Netgear DGN 2200 DSL Modem/Router at the recommendation of the Best buy sales person. I didn't buy the most expensive nor the least expensive. I have a 7Meg DSL line from CenturyLink and I get 5.86 MBPS download and 0.03 upload... I contacted CenturyLink and they say it's good to the modem and that I should contact Netgear... I spoke to Netgear three times and can't get the speed increased and they (Netgear support) told me to take it back and get another Router/Modem...I contacted Best buy in Broomfield, Colorado and the customer service rep offered to "recycle" the Netgear DGN 2200 for me (no refund or credit) and sell me a new "ActionTec DSL Router/Modem...Thant scustomer service at it's best and will certainly make me want to go back again...

Best buy talked me into getting geek squad ins besided the one i had with virginmobile cause it benefit cause it covers any damage. Also talk me into getting screen shield cause with my insurance if i ever had to use warranty or upgrade the phone they will replace the shield at no cost. So when that day cane they told me i had to buy a new shield and they did run me good game to buy it the first time.then when i contact corp they say there sorry noffer a 20dollar gift card to replace the shield but leaving me still pay for installation.great way of still getting a great customer.look into my rewards zone account and see how i shop there.

I hope someone from best buy can find the time to return my email, because I would like to know how to fix this tv without spending a ton of money, because I already spent a lot to buy this one.


On 9-20-12 I got a tv from you and now is broke I called the 1888bestbuy number a lady trans me to the geek squad and told them about my tv and they said i was to far away to service the tv and told me to take the back to best buy and they will junk it out I took the tv back on 5-5-13 and the store said there was nothing they could do so I drove up there for no reason bec someone at best buy lied to me and I call today and talk to a rude lady and she said they didn't lie to me I am so upset with you all this is so dumb to deal with you all about anything don't tell someone something and it not be true and I don't want to hear from another best buy person they didn't lie to me bec they did I am not the only person you guys have screwed over just look at the Internet.


Dear Best Buy, We are writing this letter to express our concern and dismay re: a purchase we made at Best Buy on 5/28/07. You sold us a 55 inch Sony T.V KDS-55A2020 manufacture date April 2007. We paid $2,700. We were told at the time by your staff that this was a reliable dependable T.V. They also recommended that we purchase a 4 year warranty because we were told that to replace the lamp on this would cost $250 a lamp and the lamps were to be replaced with Sony lamps.

We trusted your sales rep. so we did purchase the T V and the 4 year warranty at the total cost of $2700. In the past four years we have had the T V lamps replaced twice (the Geek squad replaced them with Philips lamps instead of Sony lamps as recommended by Sony.) Since the replacement of the last lamp our T V screen got increasingly more green. We went on line to see if we could find out some information re: this issue. It was only then that we found out that our T.V. was part of a recall and class action suit. There were major issues with the Optical block.

I have tried sevrial times to resolve this issue with sony on the phone but no luck. I have a sony KDS-50A200 TV with a bad optial block and just want tv fixed or replaced and all they offer is a replacement at a dicounted price. which is not dicounted much at all. So I'm just going to buy a different Brand and file a lawsuite against Sony. They had a recall and class act on theese tv but did not notify any owners who had one of the recall or class act. I can get no response or call back from sony on issue.So if Sony get this message who can I or my lawyer contact about a complaint or lawsuite since your website has no where to do this .

Our issue is that neither best buy or the Geek squad ever told us about the problem with the Optical Block. Your store sold us a defective T V and at no time, even when we had the geek squad here to fix the lamps did you inform us that there was a known issue with the T V. Now, we feel, because of your disrespect for the customer, we had to purchase their replacement T.V at $675. You failed to protect your consumers to gain profit…Shame on You.


On October26, 2012, I purchased on my Master Card, a Samsung 51” Plasma TV at Best Buy store #1538, 1202 New Brunswick Ave, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 as a gift for my son. When he opened the box on November 24, 2012 after obtaining a new TV stand, the screen was cracked. We returned that day to Best Buy with the TV and spoke to the Manager, Brian Andrews.

He stated that he wouldn’t exchange the TV as it was past the 3 day return policy and told me to contact Samsung as it must have been damaged in their warehouse and they should issue me a “R.A” (Return Authorization) and they he would make the exchange.

That same day, 11-24, I phoned the main office of Best Buy and Representative Chelsea, stated she would advise corporate of same and call me back. I also phoned Master Card that day to cancel payment but it was already paid, but was told Master Card would dispute the payment. I have not had a return call from Samsung at this time.

On November 26, 2012, a Best Buy representative returned my call (extension # 54856) and explained that the store manager, Brian, said I did not have the TV with me on the 24th of November. That is a false statement as I had the TV in my vehicle so my son and I could make an exchange and I told that to the Manager and the salesgirl at the register. The TV was and is still in the protective wrap, with a crack in the screen.

On November 21, 2012 my wife saw the TV advertised on sale and took the receipt back to Best Buy for a refund of the sale price of $128.00 including sales tax. The TV was not opened at that time as our son had not yet purchased a TV stand. The sales clerk said that there would be no problem as it is a 30 day price match and for the holiday season would be extended as well.

On November 28, 2012, Samsung had finally got back to me and after talking to three different people, they still insist that Best Buy is responsible to exchange the TV. I was told by a person at Samsung that “Best Buy is famous for damaging merchandise in their warehouse.”


I'm very disappointed with your BestBuy store# 282 located at 1701 Belmont Ave in Baltimore, MD 21244.

I purchased a few items on 4/19/13 for $325.19 receipt# 0282-060-0797. Today I wanted to return three of those items value at $97.97 plus tax. When I approached customer service the rep told me I couldn't return them due to the return policy, I spoke to the manager Allen Ditch, and he offered NO help at all. I explained that I was a Best Buy customer for many years and he didn't care. I'm losing about $100 and this is unacceptable. I will pay off my credit card and CANCEL ASAP. I want NOTHING to do with your store/company ever!!! Your employees are rude and unprofessional.


I know this will not do any good, but we purchased a new SamSung Smart TV 46 inch from Best Buy January 2012, and it has stopped working.

I have gone through the proper channels and the Business that is to fix it is out of OKC and I live in Enid Oklahoma. They only have one person who can work on a Samsung TV and he is in the hospital and doesn't know when he is getting out.

It has been 3 weeks that I have not had a new TV, and I find it hard to believe that Samsung would use a repair business with only one person in the whole State of Oklahoma who they will allow to work on Samsung TVs.

I will advise you at this time we have purchased 4 new Samsung TV's and one Samsung home entertainment center, but this is the last Samsung product I will purchase and that is a promise.

Mark H Boler


I recently order an x box holiday bundle from y'all. You have already charged my account and been paid for. I was supposed to receive this product on December 4. I placed the order November 22. Now you can't find my package and that was supposed the be a Christmas gift for my kids. We don't have that kind of money to throw away. I will not order anything else from best buy again and I will encourage my family and friends not to as well. I would like to see my money refunded or my product. I will go as high as I need to just to see something done about this so someone else doesn't have to go through this. I'm very upset and distraught because this was one of the only things I could afford to get my kids this Christmas. I have recently started making my purchases with best buy for our electronic needs but I will be going somewhere else in the future. I hope and pray this is resolved soon! We were told we would receive updates by email about this and have yet to receive any word from best buy as to where this product is.


after 6 trips to best buy in bastrop tx. at 60 miles one way. not only was i miss lead by the geek squad but after talkied into what i thought would be a good deal for two years contract to fix problems with computers & such, I tried going threw office to explain situation then 3 way conversation with manager at best buy in bastrop tx. and havee gotten nowhere. I took mu desktop comp in which they told me wasnt fixable, my lap top didnt work when i got it home, all my pictures were suppose to be downloaded from iphone to laptop & from miscommunication amoung workers all of my pictures got earased (some where of my mother that can never be replaced, shes not here anymore) before even starting this the geek squad assured me this would not happen. the also tried to talk me into leaving desk screen there for parts cause it was no good, which turned out to be a lie. i have gotten phone appoligies from nick at geek squad as he knows all that went on. at one point i had to stay there after the store hours were closed an employees waiting to go home cause i new geek employee was still working on it. i have never had service like this, im already in your computer trying to get results on this matter


I live in Central New Jersey and work in Menlo Park Mall. On my break around 2pm I stopped into one of Best Buy's Mobile stores that we have to check out the tablets. I am in the process of purchasing a tablet for my younger siblings as a Christmas gift and I wanted information on which tablet would be best for each individual. I'm forgetting the ladies name that helped me, or at least thought she was, but let me tell you something, I have worked in customer service for a long time now and I have NEVER been treated so poorly in my entire life. This lady was not only giving me an attitude about products but when another customer called on the phone she was being rude to them as well! Saying things like " I have a ton of customers in the store, I can't help you with any more questions! (yelling)" I was the only person in the store might I add and even told her, "it's no big deal, help them out first" while she was on the call. She gave me some information that I was looking for but when asked about service for the tablets as well she kept telling me that she "couldn't release certain information or that she would lose her job". I was trying to figure out with cellular carrier would fit me best and which one had better service for my needs. While all the the catawampus behavior was going on she was messing around with something on the computer. Best Buy; please get your representatives under control because I'll guarantee I wasn't the only person she was giving an attitude to.

Thank you


I was in the Best Buy store in Tyson's Corner, Va.
I needed help in the car stereo section and no one was there. I waited a few mins for someone to show up but no one came.
I finally went to the computer section to see if someone could help me. The guy called someone and told me someone would be over, I waited 10 mins and still no one showed up so I just decided to leave


I ordered 2 Canon PG 210 cartriges at on 02/04/13(order BBY01-554979054232). One cartrige is ready to pick up in the store. Nobody knows about the second cartrige. It is more than 2 weeks after the order has been placed, and I'm still waiting.


2 1/2 years ago i bought a asus laptop from bust buy and was offered the exted warrenty that would start after the one year warrenty ended And I didnt git it cause i figured i would buy it when the one year warrenty was close to being up. Well the laptop was stollen from me about 2 weeks after I got it, and I called to git another one but I was never told the one year warrenty that came with it at the time didnt cover it if it was stollen witch is bull. I am a single mom of two and cant afor another $ 500.00 or more laptop. I never relized their can be a complaint maid untel just recently it happend to a friend of mine and she in formed me a complaint could be maid. I have already informed all my friend and online friends what happend and now none of them shope their. And I havent go their sence ether and will never go back because that is not ok what happend. and I will continue to tell poeple I come to know and anounce it all over the inter net they have no right to be in bussness and what happend. and no one should have to have this happen to them ether so thats why I let every one know.


On the day before all the black friday shopping was to take place I got on line and saw what I thought was a great deal on
BESTBUY.COM. They had advertised a 55 in samsung 1080 240hz led tv for 799.00. I thought great deal and purchased it. I was so happy that i didn't have to go stand in Fridays lines and try to get one somewhere else. I recvd an email the day of purchase 11/22/12 stating exactly what I had ordered and that It would be delivered 12/1/12. So 11/30/12 the day before delivery I recvd an email stating they had made a mistake and the tv I had purchased 8 days prior was not the one that was supposed to be on sale on their website. Wow really? Well I called customer service and was told by a floor supv " Im sorry but the tv you ordered will not be arriving at your house tommorrow, we made a mistake." I can't believe this. How is this legal? So what they did was get me to spend my black friday television money with them on what they made sound like a great deal, and then a week later once all the other black friday deals are all gone told me I was getting a regular tv that wasn't even priced at a great black friday price. What can I do? I already filed a complaint with the BBB and sent it to customer service, but feel really screwed over and need some help. Thanks for any info anyone can give me. AMY


On Saturday I returned a not working PS3 that I had bought about 9 months earlier. I also bought a 2yr. geek squad warranty. My PS3 was taken, and I was told I would recieve a replacement by mail on Monday. The recipt they gave me says the estimated delivery would Tuesday. On Sunday I recieved an email with a tracking number. To this day Tuesday Nov. 20th. when I log into ups website, It says a label was printed, but ups does not have the package. I called ups and spoke with a supervisor who confirmed that ups has not picked up the package yet and that they were still waiting for the shipper. So I now lost two days of work since I have to sign for it. I have called geek squad who can not tell me anything I don't already know. They say it will be shipped. Yeah that doesn't really help me much. Best buy is just as useless. They cannot tell anything more either, saying to check back on the tracking number at a later time. What a waste, I am extremely dissapointed in how this matter is being handled. I will never again buy anything from best buy or geek squad. They both lied, and now possibly lost my replacement. No one can tell me the number of the company that is supposedly shipping the replacement either how convienent. This is nothing but a big scam and I'm not falling for it. I will call a supervisor daily if I have to just to ensure that this doesn't fall under the radar. I will post complaints where ever I can as well to see to it that no one else falls victim to this scam. You certainly lost a good paying customer, and walmart or sears has found a new one.


I bought a Kenwood car stereo for my wife's birthday hoping to get it installed to surprise her. The sales associate told me they had to order the mounts for it and they would be in Friday, that day came and I received an email from one of your associates stating that the order had been cancelled. I called and they had stated the wrong part was sent and that they would be getting the right part in on Monday. I was also told to make up for this that they would fit me in, to get the stereo installed, meanwhile my wife's birthday came and went. So I called Best Buy thinking proactively to see if the part had come in, I was in luck it had. I picked up the mount and went to the install department and was told they couldn't fit me in. The best they could do was to schedule me on Tuesday, so I told the guy what had happened and that the other associate had said they could fit me in, and he said that he was to busy for me today. I left feeling very angry and unhappy!


We purchased an HP computer plus additions to the tune of just under $1000. My husband returned later in the day (1 trip, 1 computer) with our old computer for data transfer purposes explaining to the "geek" that he had music notation files that had to be transferred - years of composition work it was vital not to lose. On Sunday he picked the computers up (1 trip, 2 computers) only to discover that his files weren't there.

Back to the store he went (1 trip, 2 computers) explaining the problem to the "geek" - computers to be ready Monday. No word on Monday. On Tuesday he went back again (1 trip, 2 computers) only to find that, once again, no files. At that time I called - I was very angry - my husband hadn't slept in 3 nights thinking his work was lost. Getting no results from the sales person I asked to speak to a manager.

I was livid by this point and asked that someone come to our home and take care of the matter rather than have my soon to be 75 yr. old husband to haul the cpu's once again. I was told, in no uncertain terms that since we hadn't paid for at home service they refused to do that. His manner was rude (again, I was very angry) and he offered no consideration.

So - once again, my husband took the cpu's back (1 trip, 2 computers). On Wednesday we were told the computer was ready. (1 trip - 2 computers). Got it home only to find out we couldn't get icons - just the Window's blue screen with bubbles. Called again and was told to bring it back again (1 trip there and 1 trip back with 1 computer - a simple fix that after time on the phone should have triggered an oh, yeah, only 1 plug needs to connect the monitor.

Will I ever purchase another item from Best Buy? What do you think? Will I tell others and post this on my facebook page? What do you think?

Purchases made at Best Buy - Kensington Ave.


We bought a television from Best Buy this week. We asked if they had free delivery. We were told yes, and I actually brought this up several times: "yes there is free shipping" I was told. Does this include hooking up the DVD player and Roku, I asked. "It includes one other electronic item," I was told." After the first item, it will be an additional 65 dollars.

We ordered the TV and was given a time to be home to have it delivered. Free? "Yes, absolutely free." When I was asked to sign the order form, the price was 200 dollars more than the television. I don't understand. The employee allowed me to look at her computer which itemized the cost. What's this 169 dollars? "Oh, that's the installation charge."

You mean to plug in the TV? Forget it. I'll plug it in myself. The employee called over another employee. "You have to have the installation," I am told. Excuse me? "You have to have the installation if you are getting delivery." We'll put in in our car then. The two employees look at each other dumbfounded. I say, "I'm sure it comes with instructions on how to plug it in?" They both shrug their shoulders like they don't understand the question.

Finally, employee #2 says, "there is a manual." OK, lets get it in the car! The two employees quickly rush us off avoiding all eye contact. Well, needless to say, we have a story to tell our friends.


My laptop is currently in your repair shop. I had it sent in the week before last with main issues being Internet connection loss and monitor going black. Hey called and told me the monitor was ok and they replaced the motherboard. Last week it was returned to your repair shop because the monitor went out after I picked it up from the first repair. I took it back to be sent out again for monitor repair last week. I called today and they are waiting for parts including another motherboard again! I have a warranty from Best Buy...fix or replace. I use this computer for my photography and being the holidays I NEED MY computer! I make a lot of purchases from your store..just spent about $2,000.00 over Thanksgiving which I may return depending on the results of this computer repair. I feel the computer needs replaced. This is not the first time this same computer had to be returned for repairs again right after it was fixed by your shop.


I was picking up an online order (phone) in Bestbuy at 2460 E Charleston Blvd, Mountain View CA on Dec 19, 2012. I waited for 1.5h to be served. And a girl called Amber treated me with horrible altitude. She was not working in mobile department that night. She was just called in by the manager to help since there's a long line that night.

She first ignored me by calling the gentleman after me and when he stated that I was before him, she did not even make eye contact with me (not even mention a smile). When I stepped up, I said that I had been waiting for more than a hour. She told me that if I can't wait, then go to somewhere else.

She raised her voice with me. I was shocked and frustrated by her altitude and finally told her that I am a customer. After that, she shut up and returned to the back. I have never been treated by any store salesman with that altitude in my life. This Amber girl and her terrible altitude certainly push me away from Bestbuy in future.

I am sorry but I will for sure spread the word and talk to my friends/colleagues/family against Bestbuy shopping.


Bought a laptop today, got home and found it was an out of box defect. Returned to Best Buy with the product to exchange and was told there was another one back in the Comm dept., but it had a note on it that stated it needed repairs, so I asked for my money back and was told I would have to come back tomorrow to get my money back???? I do not understand, I had to give them the money before I could take it!! Now I have to go back for the third time and still do not have a laptop!!! I have purchased over 10k worth of product over the years and will never purchase from Best Buy again!


On Fr1day March 15, 2013 I went to the Best Buy located on Route #1 Woodbridge, NJ. This was my second trip as they informed me the first time I need to bring my New JerseyCertificate of Authority which I did bring with me on the 15th. The customer service rep was very pleasant and helpful but said there is not a complete number on the certificate just X's followed by 028/000. I explained to him that is because the number is my Social Security number and I have to keep this certificate posted in plain view so everyone can see it and the state of New Jersey does not want them to see it either. I have used this same certificate and several different stores as items purchased for the store are tax free. He called his manager I did not get her name but a shorter blond girl came to the counter looked at my certificate and told me she would not accept it because not all of the numbers were there. I re-explained how the ID number works and tried to show her 3 credits cards with the tax exempt ID number on the back of them. She said they do not count. I left Best Buy very frustrated and went immediately to PC Richards presented them with the same certificate got my Tax Exempt card from them then purchased a new laptop, printer/fax/copier, stereo sound system and flat screen TV I needed for the store. Every year I have given my seven employees a $100.00 Best Buy gift card, will I this year? I think not nor will I ever set foot in a Best Buy again.


Attention: Best Buy Customer Complaint Department. To Whom It May Concern, My husband purchased a computer for me as a Christmas gift this past December 2011. He bought the computer at Best Buy in Trumbull, Ct. (USA). He was told, by a representative, that he could easily install all programs needed rather than pay $100 to have the computer protected software and other programs installed by the company. This representative did not work for Best Buy, he was supplying the shelves with computer software/accessories.

My husband purchased the computer (roughly in the amount of $500) and the Titanium antivirus software. I was given these gifts at Christmas and didn’t unpack and begin installation of the Titanium until a week later. After I installed the antivirus program, I noticed that the computer did not have Microsoft software installed on it. My husband and I know very little about computers and in the past when we have purchased a computer we opted to have Best Buy set the computer up with all the needed software. This purchase, however, my husband chose not to do that and thought the program installation for the Titanium antivirus would be easy enough to install. At the time of purchase, he believed that Microsoft software was already installed. He thought all computers came with it. I installed the Titanium antivirus software immediately.

I returned to Best Buy to buy the $150 Microsoft Office Home and Student program for my new computer and opted to deal with Microsoft directly to install the program. I returned home and installed the Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 onto my computer. Installation was completed and I turned off my computer. I returned to my computer the following day and none of the Microsoft installations appeared on my computer. I called Microsoft and explained the issue to the representative. I was told he would be able to help me but first he needed to complete a scan on my computer. I gave him my permission and he proceeded with the scan.

During the scan, the representative, Kamal, said that my (two week old) computer had been infected by 248 Trojan viruses. In fact, he said out loud, “Christ, you have 248 Trojan viruses, this is a bad thing.” I then asked how this could have happened. He then asked if I had been to any unprotected sites such as Facebook or on-line shopping. I informed that I had, but the computer was brand new and only up and running for about a week. He then informed me that Titanium antivirus software does not protect me against Trojans viruses and that was the reason so many infected my computer. I asked if this was something he could fix. He told me that when these Trojan viruses reach a total of 500 my (two week old) computer would crash.

He said he would do everything he could to remove these 248 viruses and get the computer cleaned up but he couldn’t guarantee anything. I told him to proceed. He then told me after a few moments that he needed to transfer my call to a higher level technician to see if he could resolve the problem. The transfer of technicians was completed and, after a few minutes, the new representative informed me that he could fix the problem. However, there would be a $299 charge for this which would include cleaning up these 248 viruses, the installation of MacAfee Virus protection, he would reinstall the Microsoft Office Home and Student (the original purpose for this call to Microsoft Technical Department) , and I would have three years of free technical support from Microsoft. This news was alarming to me. The technician had me believing that my computer was going to crash and become useless. I allowed the technician to charge my visa $299 and install the programs.

Soon after I returned to Best Buy with my computer and had a long talk with the supervisor on duty. I have learned the following: Titanium antivirus is a good protection against viruses, including Trojan viruses. MacAfee is a Microsoft product. It only takes one Trojan virus to crash a computer. It is almost impossible for a new computer, a week old, to become infected with 248 Trojan viruses. I needed to call to Microsoft, and make a customer complaint about the manner of technical support that was given to me. The technician’s intention was not to help me with technical support but was to make a sale when he somehow made 248 Trojan viruses appear and to then scare me into believing my computer would crash if I didn’t purchase services and products from Microsoft.

I want to speak to a technician that is aware that I want everything uninstalled that the technician installed on my computer on 1/6/2011.Technical support, not sales!!

I will then return to Best Buy, have Microsoft Office Home and Student installed ($20) and for an additional $100 my computer will be protected and running properly. In addition, if any further problems occur, I can bring my computer to the GEEK SQUAD at Best Buy and it will be addressed at no additional cost. I calculate $120 for the same services, protection and Microsoft Office Home and Student. This reflects a huge price difference from the pressure sale from your technician of $299. That’s huge!

I am very surprised and dissatisfied at the misleading of your technical staff. I never would have thought that Microsoft was capable of this behavior toward customers, especially in the technical department. I will try very hard never to have to call Microsoft technical again in fear of being misled and possibly lured into a substantial unnecessary purchase.

I expect a full refund of charges by Microsoft in the amount of $299. I regret to say that I am no longer an advocate of Microsoft support and will look elsewhere at every opportunity to fix whatever the problem is with my computer.

Thank you in advance for addressing this problem.

Debra Greenwood


Since last 2 to 3 months i have paid Rs.399/- in 100 BEST BUY CONTEST through my ICICI credit bank. These people have taken my money & are not sending my product. On friday I tried contact the manager Ms.Lovely & her mobile # is 9379515742 and as an eye wash she jst took the complaint & gave the number 14179018.

I tried contacting them they talk so harshly to the customers. There are other numbers also whom i tried contact 9480600087 in this number the lady tells that this her personel number & disconnects the call another lady & her number is 9379515736 when i call this number she tells she is not the concern person & gave me 9480600087 this # and the land line # 08067536400 will always be busy & nobody cares to pick it up & the recorded message will come.

One gentleman had called up from the number080-65470656 & dint even tell me when they send me my product. Its really a FAKE COMPANY WHICH IS CHEATING THE PUBLIC. Please dont try to purchase from this 100 BEST BUY M/s. SUKSH TECHNOLOGY. Will some body help me in getting me my product please.


I was told I was elgible for a free upgrade. I ordered the HTC My Touch Slide. I couldn't take pictures, went into the store and was told that the SD was damaged and I needed another phone. The store took the phone and reordered another one on January 19th. Today is February 14th and still no phone. I was told the store didn't input the order in correctly, so on Feb. 3rd another order was done over the phone and they would expedite - at no charge the phone to me which I should receive by feb. 7th at the latest.

I called every day since the 7th and I'm being told that it in the warehouse waiting to be shipped. I spoke with a supervisor on Feb. 13th, who would call me back with a status, she didn't. I called today and she said back office has to research for another 24 hours. I then asked for someone higher. I was transferred to Corporate. They said that they were backed up for 3 hours and could not take my complaint! I then asked for someone higher.

He said he would transfer me to Consumer Relations. I wasn't transferred correctly and the call dropped. I called back and have been on hold for Consumer relations for 45 minutes. This is the WORST customer service I've ever received. I have received a bill from my carrier for services that I don't have. I can't get the internet on my current phone because the upgrade is attached to the MY Touch. My phone bill is $40 higher and it's been almost a month and I don't have my phone.

No one can seem to get this resolved. I have always purchased all electronics, computers, software and music from Best Buy. I won't purchase anything else from you just lost a long time loyal customer.


I bought an I Pad for my wife in March of 2012 and was told I has to have this Sprint device to get Wi Fi. Come to find out I did not, I could use my own cell provider ( T-Mobile). I paid money for the device and several hundred dollars before realizing I did not need it. Now I have to pay an early teremination fee for cancel the contract early. I am not happy about this and will never do business with Best or with Yahoo for that matter. You should be able to push a product that is not yours beacuse Im sure there is something in it for Best Buy.


Roughly one and a half months after I purchased webroot anti-virus I get time to install the program and then come to find out that the coverage started when I bought the software not when I installed it. Would have been nice if the sales person for Best Buy would have brought that bit of info to my attention, because like a lot of fine print it goes unread.

Best Buy might update their customer support policy to include informing people about this type of thing so that they are aware of the coverage time ticking away as soon as you buy a product. Not everyone is all that high tech savvy as the GEEK SQUAD! Strong possibility I'll be shopping your competitors more often if this type of service remains the same.


I purchased a H-P computer from Best Buy offering in-store 18 months no interest payments. I set up my on-line banking payments for 18 months and received a bill every month. Now after 18 months of payments I get a new bill for $249 deferred interest charge. I call HSBC and after figuring out how to reach their customer service, a prompt which they don't tell you about, spoke to a supervisor who informed me that the last 3 bill had an alert that I had to pay the last bill 10 days earlier or incur the deferred interest charge.

RIP-OFF. BEWARE. I have alredy contacted the A-G of Florida and made a complaint of deceptive practices and today I am going into the Best Buy store in Daytona Beach, FL to see the store manager. I have purchased interest free from Sam's Club and for dental work and never had that impossible to notice alert and a change of payment date. This is criminal and should be stopped.


I am holding subject card .. in Sept i received statement of late fee charges of Rs 400.00 my a/c was all cleared & new purchase statement should have been raised of new bill cycle .. after several mails the assured me pay the outstanding with the late fees which they would refund me back for the next purchase statement i did the payment .. Now on Dec 3rd i did shopping around for Rs 7000.00 i received statement on the 4 of out standing of Rs 2.957.00 after several reminder to HSBC they are doing this mistake again & again .. but to my vain till date they have not rechecked by a/s statement ...

They should raise my outstanding bill around Jan by refunding my 400.00 Rs paid to them need your help so that this news can be flash on media. I bought a Belkin router from Best Buy and brought it home, entered the disc and could not get it to work between the windows 7 and Windows XP so I called customer service. First of all I got someone that had not only poor, were talking horrendus English, after forty five minutes of guessing how to get my router working on a lap top, he referred me to Microsoft. WHAT?

So we got off the phone and I called Belkin and got another customer service person that walked me right through the set up in five minutes. This is bad, put english speaking people on the phone with those that only know english, hire people that know how to troubleshoot, role play with them. I will think twice before buying another Belkin product at Best Buy again.


I recently went to best buy to purchase a computer. I paid 700.00 dollars for one. Imagine my surprise when I found out I also had to pay another 80.00 to have the data transferred to a hard drive. I also bought a external hard drive for 80.00 for this transfer. Well two days later I got my "transfered" hard drive back. I cannot believe that I was made to pay for this transaction, even after paying 700.00 dollars for a computer.

There was nothing on there that I wanted. I specifically told them to transfer my pictures, which is basically all I wanted. They were not even on there. Yes, I could have returned with the computer, and the hard drive to have them put on there, but after paying 80.00 I would have hoped I didn't have to do that. I ended up figuring out how to do it myself. Also the computer was defective and I had to return it. So guess what? I WILL NOT be doing anymore shopping at best buy for anything.


I purchased a fairly expensive camera from Best Buy a little over a year ago. I brought it into the Geek Squad for repair, where they charged me a diagnostc fee of $36 and sent it off. I didn't hear back from them for a couple of months. I ended up calling the store to get the status of the repair. I was told by the "agent" that the camera was in Texas and could not be repaired because they didn't have the part, but I could bring it to a private camera shop in the area for repair. When I went to pick my camera up, after it got back to the store, they refusef to give me my diagnostic fee back.

When I told them that they could have gotten the part but didn't, that became their problem and they should do yhe right thing and refund my money, they refused. They were extremely rude and unhelpful. They also tolde numerous tes that I should have gotten the extendef warranty. So, I feel that if you don't pay the extra money on insurance, they don't stand by their products, even if they are only a year old. All they needed to do was get the part!


I do not have children and I am not very religious, but to me Santa is a symbol of innocence and good will. Best Buy creative team found the most adorable Santa impersonator they could find to abuse. What message is the company trying to give to children who still believe in the Chrismas magic? Quite disturbing! I am all for Christmas like everyone else, and yes I can take a joke, it's just that some children watch television and don't need to see this kind of thing. There are hundreds of more people upset just like me, and I haven't really seen the numbers, but I can only assume Best Buy will be losing money this Christmas on their mean and mocking Santa TV commercials.

No delivery despite "confirmed" delivery date for refrigerator. After 1+ hour on the phone to inquire and reschedule, and with a second "confirmed" delivery date, again no delivery. Another 1+ hour on the phone to inquire and reschedule. (No one able to contact warehouse either time.) Although ordered and paid for well in advance for delivery of Christmas suprise gift for elderly mother, the refrigerator was finally delivered three days after Christmas. I am extremely dissatisfied with the irresponsible handling of delivery and unlikely to buy from Best Buy again. Even though a local retailer might be more expensive, I am certain that an order from a customer would be treated with more respect.


I went to talk to someone about the Jitterbug phone. There was 3 workers in the area. Two was setting at a table with people setting in front of them filling out papers. The third person was leaning on a little wall by one desk with her chin in her hand and watching the other two. My wife and I walked around in the area for about 10 min, no one offered help. I told my wife to come on we were going to WalMart. The girl looked up , I guess she heard me , but she just stood there. On the way out I went to the service desk to complain and told them what happened and they seemed not to care. So I told them I have been a coustomer for 10 yrs but I may not return again. As I turned to go I heard a mans voice say "sorry about that." Other stores wants my business even if Best Buy don"t!


I purchased a Gateway computer in January 2009 through Best Buy with a 3 year Black Tie protection plan. Six months into having the computer I noticed black out periods and attributed it to a slow internet connection. I contacted my internet provider and upgraded my internet. 10 months into owning my Gateway computer, the DVD drawer started to open and close at 3AM. I took the computer to Geek Squad and I was told the computer was dusty and that is what caused the malfunction. I told the service rep that I wanted to contact Gateway because this computer was still under the 1 year warrantee.

I was informed that when you buy a Geek Squad warrantee you forfit your 1 year warrantee. Fast forward to almost three years this January 2012 and the computer has been services three times. This past month a service tech who did not know I was still under warrantee tells me on the phone that my 8Gig harddrive is operating on 4Gigs and that this is the best it will ever do. And, I quote "He stated, I wouldn't put any more money into this computer". When I told him I still had a warrantee he told me, you should come down to the store.

I finally got the store to ship my computer to get serviced. Hopefully, someone will be able to tell me that my computer is working as it should or that my computer is/was a lemon and it should have been replaced months ago.


I refuse to shop at a store where Santa is abused and taunted in their Best Buy commercials. Children watch it along with adults and when my nephew asks me "why is that lady being mean to Santa", my response is well son it's a horrible company and we won't shop there! I thought commercials we designed to get you to shop not to run you to another retailer with better morals! The Santa Best Buy commercials are really in bad taste. I have grandchildren that watch those and they believe in santa.

What is wrong with your company that you have to have commercials that are negetive about santa. Do you really need sales that bad? I think that you need to rethink those commercials. They make it seem like you don't need Santa anymore, and that selfish motives are better for us to look after. Don't you realize that small children watch television, and that they don't know your just trying to sell products. Make Christmas about what it is supposed to be again, and change your 2011 Best Buy TV commercials that bash Santa!

Also, I tried to go online to Best Buy for my daughter. It's Christmas and I wanted to try to help me pay for a lenovo laptop but it was not there when she arrived and there was no way for me to help since you could not to on line puchases. It's Christmas and best buy was closed but open in california so i could not pay for it and the next day i ran up to best buy to pay and they said it was not available then or at any other store. You ruined my christmas with your bad purchasing and not letting people know how many were truly there.

I will never shop with you guys again youy are not truthful to the customer. My daughter was very diapointed at me not the store, thanks a lot for your bull. A pissed off customer...


I bought a 55" Signia TV and I was told that I could come in the Saturday after Black Friday to get a discount if the item went on sale. On Thursday, 11/15/12, Best Buy listed the same TV as being on sale effective from 11/11-11/17. Based on the add, I went into the store thinking that I could get a reduction in price and was informed that the add only referred to Black Friday specials. If that was the case then the add should not have stated effective 11-17 of November. I printed the add and I am sure that you can refer back to that add. Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


My wife decided to buy me several things for my birthday and christmas combined, when she ordered everything was in stock and ready and available for shipping. A week passes by and we receive this email: "The items listed below are not yet available to be shipped. We expect to ship them within the next 1-2 weeks. We will ship the items sooner if they become available." A month passes by and I receive another email from Best Buy: "We're sorry, the backordered items below remains out of stock and your order has been canceled." I called to find out why it took a month to tell someone they will not be receiving a birthday or christmas present this year but to make it all better they offered me a $20 gift card.

I purchased a 40 inch Dynex TV,i also bought a contract for this item ,on 12/12/2011,it stopped working working, i called the best buy store where i bought it and was told to bring it to the store,after waiting 45 mins i was told they do not service TV,s over 37 inches at the store and that ishould bring it home and call a phone # that they gave me they said some-one would come and repair in my home .The person who came to my home could not repair it and removed it to his shop.It is now one month since this happened and i still do not have a TV.I am 72 years old and disabled and depressed after being alone in my apartment without my TV.

If you check my acct. with Best Buy you will see that i have purchased many item,s from you,including TV,s Computer,s and printers and camera,s,but will proberly not buy from you again.P.S. I hope some-one reads this and gets back to me !! Because $20 suppose to make up for a giftless christmas and birthday. One question they could not answer me was if Best Buy still deals with the company that makes the product, why is it that you can not get the item? Never will I do business with Best Buy ever again.


I had heard that Best Buy recycles old TV's and computers for free. I was in the midst of moving so I wanted to get rid of one of each. I called the store ahead of time, told the clerk exactly what I was donating and confirmed that the service was Free. After driving 20 miles to the closest store I'm told by a very rude customer service desk clerk that there is a $10 charge for each but I get the $10 back if I spend it in the store. Obviously furious that I had just wasted all that time and gas I asked to speak the manager who was just as rude.

Even after I threatened to completely pay off my balance on my Best Buy card that day and never return again, the manager still told me I could go ahead and leave the store if I wasn't going to pay the $10 charge. After waitin ten minutes while the customer service desk clerk tried to close out my account, and asking me four times for my social security number, he finally tells me I can only pay by cash, which I didn't have.

When I asked to speak to the manager again, he laughed and said he'd figured I would ask that! Needless to say, I closed out my account and will never be shopping at any Best Buy again. Oh, and I found out that the lady who told me she was a store manager, was in fact not.


I took my laptop to the Legacy Store 2003 N Loop 1604 East for my laptop three weeks ago. It is still there. The number is 01082-974035867. I was having trouble getting it started. I had to order recovery discs for my Asus and did it immediately. Nothing yet. I feel like I am getting the run-around here because when I call to check nobody seems to know what is going on. I average about 15-20 minutes a hold. One guy call me Tuesday night and was very nice and said it could be ready this week Wednesday or Thursday.

Never heard back. Called today and after being on hold nearly 2o minutes someone said they would call me back. Getting someone to call back has been a problem, too, because I usually end up having to call back. I check the status on the website regularly and it is outdated. It still has they need to talk about something and I have already done that. I would appreciate some help on this because I do a lot of business with Best Buy, have bought all my computers, etc. This is getting ridiculous.


I took my computer in to Bust Buy Geek Squad at 5th Ave and 44th Street in NYC in late July because the touch pad on my laptop stopped working. The counter worked told me that the problem was serious but fixable and I needed to leave it for a week and purchase plan. Reluctantly I did. A week later I picked up the computer and extended the contract to three years to save money. When I checked the computer the touch pad still didn't work. Another worker came over and tapped the invisible button on the touch pad to turn it on. I didn't know it was there. I told the first worker and he shrugged and walked away. I was told to call the manager the next day to complain. I called all day but the manager didn't come in so I called the main number to cancel the entire transaction.

I was told that there would be no problem because it had just happened and I would get a refund. I called 3 weeks later and they can't find the information and nothing has been done. I consider this transaction a fraud from the start and I want the entire thing cancelled and my money back. If they think I will forget it and go away they have another think coming. I contacted the Credit Card company and reported a fraud but they can't do anything for 30 days. My next move will be to contact the State Attorney Generals office. Now I am finding that some important files are missing and others are duplicated filling up my drives. I don't know what happened to Best Buy because they used to be good. I would never use them again. I give the 0.


IN December we purchased an amana stove and refrigerator at Best Buy. The refrigerator was delivered. Stove was backordered for a month. First week refrigerator was not making ice and not getting cold.We called best buy they told us they would send another refrigerator when they delivered our stove which they did delivered at 8pm .Two days later ice maker was only making one small glass of ice not freezing ice cream or meat and freezer was sweating. I called again they gave me amanas service number called them they set up appointment for a service called. I waited for the Best Buy service people to come on date they gave me no show so I called the next morning was told they only do service in my area on Wednesdays. So was set up for service the next Wednesday.

Repair man said it was a seal problem and that the compressor and evaporator was not working properly. I called Best Buy to speak with Manager and was told he was off that day. The next day my husband and I went to the Best Buy store which is in Lafayette, Louisiana which is thirty miles from my home and was told to get the report from service tech .I delivered it personally to manager and asked that another refrigerator be delivered to us not same kind that we would pay the difference and was told it was past time for a return and was really rude with my husband and myself. This year alone we have bought two dishwashers a stove and refrigerator a desk top and a laptop from Best Buy.


I expect to get a cash refund (credited to my card) for an IPad I bought for my granddaughter who is in Mexico. It got held up in their customs system and I had to wire her money to get one because she needed it. I finally got FedEx to ship it back. It was bought on December 11th and today is February 6th. The store did agree to give me a store credit, but I need the money credited to me. I did not return it for the store credit, because I definitely will not shop at Best Buy any longer if I can't get a refund. Best Buy has been the store I go to first for many things and I have spent a great deal of money there. However, I can find items I need as easily somewhere else and that is what I will do if I can't get a refund.


I bought a dryer in the Boca Raton, Fl store on 1/06/15 I have had nothing but problems with this deliver Since I bought in Florida and was delivered in Watertown, Ma, I got a email that the dryer was cancelled then a email that it was reordered then cancelled then reordered. The date was to be 1/11/15 then 1/19/15 then 1/23/15 which is done. I called to have gas line and vent for the dryer cancelled . I had a call to go to the store in boca raton to sign for the return items once 1/24/15 told they did not have the info returned 1/27/ told that the vent was taken off but not the gas line. I have four calls to customer service and two to appliance three trips to the Boca Raton store Best Buy has adds that you are the best please tell me if you think I have been treated very well by your company. Please send me a email about these problems.


I called your store in fort myers on Cleveland ave and was recommended a amplifier to go with my stock stereo. I purchased a alpine amp as directed . I was quoted $110 for installation. I decided to book the install at the best buy at gulf coast town center in fort myers, my appointment was today at 2:15, when I got there the tech says the install will cost $256. I was shocked. He says the quote was wrong, but he couldn't help me. I returned the amplifier and I am trying to understand how my price went up by more than double and best buy tech recommended I bo to the other store and tell them what happened. I don't have time to chase down your mistakes. I would have to honor the pricing in my business. This is the way to lose customers. This is either incompetence or bait and switch.


We have a perfect credit score and a couple of years ago got a BB credit card. We used it a couple of times and always paid off the balance. We went to purchase a tv last week and was told that our BB credit account was CLOSED! The reason was because we hadn't used it in 6 months! This is why I hate BB. It makes no sense. They did not even contact us. What company closes a store credit card for NOT using it within 6 months. RIDICULOUS!

I want to tell everyone about this. On top of this, it is a ding on our perfect credit score. BEWARE!


Is it true that Best Buy does not offer discounts to veterans and senior citizens? I was informed that it's up to the store manager. I recently purchased a computer at store number 896 in Atlanta, Georgia. The manager stated that he has worked for the company for sixteen years and there were no such discounts to consumers. Thanks!


I bought a computer desktop Bluetooth speaker from Best buy, the speaker is not function very well I returned it yesterday with my receipt including the 2 years protection plan agreement that I have signed, after the casher processed everything she gave me a gift card as my money refund, I told her to put my money back on my debit card as I used the debit card to buy the item, she said no. Now I'm not buy nothing at best buy now I told her and she replied to me that the gift card doesn't expire, ok in case I lost it? But I need my money back on my debit card that is why I am contacting you for help to put the money back to my debit card for me because this is not really nice to do someone like that. You can give someone a gift card when the person agreed with it or refund the customer the way he or she pay for the item. If it is one year I have to buy something from Best buy then I will keep that gift card for one year it is not sound good. Thank you and I'm waiting your answer.


Received a email from best buy stating that they canceled my order because it was no longer available. Note| It still appears on the best buy web site. This is poor inventory management for a company this large. To let people order items on the web and then get a notice from you that the item is no longer available and then still have it listed on your web site. You have lost a customer. I will not order from you folks in the future because I will never know if you really have the item for sale or not.


To whom it should concern, I’ve been very pleased with the services, products, and knowledgeable assistance provided by Best Buy and particularly the Cedar Park location. I commonly brag about, and recommend these to my friends, family, and even people I’ve just met. Currently I’m extraordinarily frustrated. in the Cedar Park location, my wife and I stumbled across a tv on sale. it was going at a reasonable discount, and the associate told us he thought it was the last one. We debated the pros and cons with him.

That was very helpful in determining that we really wanted the tv. He had to take his lunch break, but found someone else to help us. he asked her to check the availability of the tv, and if it was the last, to sell it to us as an open box with an additional discount. We were very excited at that point. Unfortunately, a manager informed us that they couldn’t sell us the tv even though it was the last one anywhere. There were some rules and protocol that would allow it to be available until early April. We asked if there was any way we could pre-buy it or put our name on it.

It was decided that they would write our name on a piece of paper, tape it to the back of the tv, and call us. After hours invested in this decision, we left disappointed but comfortable knowing that we had the tv in our future. We would have bought it then and there had there been a way. So we come to today, and my frustration. I have been traveling all day for work, and so my phone has not been on and or accessible for non- business affairs. I finally get to my messages, and find that the tv was going to be sold open box.

I do appreciate the call, however, the notification came through this afternoon, and I called this evening and it was sold. My family and I were set on that tv. As soon as I heard the message I called ready to buy. I feel that there must be a better process. perhaps a deposit or somebody who legitimately cared about get us the tv that they put or name on. if it was so easy to discard us and sell the tv out from under us, then they should have never put our name on it. I can’t express enough how much we were looking forward to having our first smart tv at a price we could afford.

We invested much into that decision, and now we must start over. Curious, interested, excited, committed, confused, hopeful, eager, excited, shocked, confused, pissed off, and now disappointed.


On March 19, I had bought and returned a wireless keyboard at the best Buy Store at 1717 York Road in Timonium, Maryland. After having papers intentionally flicked in my face, a young punk associate began to glare at me. After coyfully not answering any questions I asked him I began asking him why he and his friend were laughing openly. After ridiculing me with another Best Buy associate I began to get angry at which time another Best Buy employee called for security. I then said I’ll return my keyboard at another Best Buy store, after which the two ridiculing associates openly laughed at loud as I was laughing. I guess some people never grow out of being a 3rd grade bully, but to do so at a middle-aged professional person is bizarre and abusive and leaves me wondering why the store hires people like this. And to then cowardly pick at a middle-aged adult customer for no reason and then call security on him is simply outrageous. I have also filed a Police Report for disorderly conduct with the local Police Department.


On Sunday March 30 I went to Best Buy located on 12495 sw 88 street , Miami ,Fl, to buy a desktop computer after spending 20 minutes with the sales associate talking about a particular HP desktop which it was signed at 899.00 and walking the store thinking about the decision I was about to make, I decided to go ahead and buy it. Well that is were everything begins to go wrong, I took the computer to the register by the computer dept and a sales associated begun to ring my order when all of the sudden he tells me is 1145.00 for the entire order, I asked him how much was the computer which he answered it was 1040.00, I then took him to the display were the sign was for 899.

He looked at the sale sign and the computer and after a few minutes he began to tell me that that was not the right computer I told him how can that be the sign is right over the computers that are under the display and that was the computer I spend more than 20 minutes talking with the other sales associate. I told him that I felt it was their problem and I wanted to talk to a manager in charge to see if we could fix the problem, that is when Sergio one of the acting managers came over and begun to tell me that it was not the same computer and I told him that I felt that it was not my problem if the signed were not correct, and I felt that I should be able to get that price.

Then I asked him to please tell me what was the difference between one computer and the other, he begun to check and after 5 minutes he tells me is the same computer but one was the best buy model and the other one was the one every one sells, I told him well why don’t you just give me that one for the price and it all be good he tells me he cant do that. I asked him that if he would rather have me leave upset with best buy over 150.00 dollars and not been taken care of the right way, he tells me that another store has it and I could go pick it up over there, of course my time and gas don’t come to play on his decision.

What I can understand is how he can let a customer leave the store upset and pissed because by this time that is exactly how I was, for 150.00 dollars difference .Not only did you loose a thousand dollar sale buy you might just have lost a loyal customer for something so stupid, that to me is not customer service.


We purchases a new TV from our Best Buy store. The contract specified that the Geek Squad would install and service our TV. The installation took hours and when the young men were finished the installation was not complete. We were told we would be called that evening and an additional service call would be made in order to complete the installation. The call never came. We called the store and each time were told they could not contact the Geek Squad when they were in the field except via email.

We asked that the store email the Geek Squad and tell them we wanted our installation to be completed. We were never contacted again by the store or the Geek Squad. After awhile we finally talked to the store manager and he arranged for a member of the Geek Squad to come and complete the installation. When the young man arrived he quickly completed one aspect of the installation and then said he did not have tome to continue with us since he had a “really busy schedule.”

I told him he needed to finish our installation and that I did not care about his busy schedule. He informed me he did not have to be here, that his presence was merely a “courtesy call and that he did not have to be here.” I became angry and told him I wanted the installation completed and if it wasn’t the TV was going back to the store. He finally finished the job. This young man has a real attitude problem.

Best Buy should be ashamed to have this type of non-service, and their employees should be trained to represent the company in a more “service oriented” manner. This will be the last time we do business with Best Buy.


My wife and I bought a 50 inch flat screen TV about three months ago and we are now having sound issues. I called Best Buy customer service and was told we only have a fifteen day warranty from Best Buy, that’s a load of crap. When we spent a thousand dollars on TV and 3d player. When we purchased these items we were told we had a one year warranty, not after fifteen days we would have to send back to the manufacture. The employee I talked to was named Chris, He was very rude and unprofessional, I asked to talk to a manager, was told he was busy at the moment and would call me back with in ten minutes. Here we are an hour and a half later with no return call. If this is the way Best Buy works I will never shop there again. I am going to tell every one I know that Best Buy are a bunch of cheets and liars. I am also going to send a complaint to the BBB.


On March 18th, 2014 my brother and I took our 87 year old mother to the only Best Buy store in Springfield, IL to purchase her a new microwave. We arrived at 9:58, got our mother out of the car and settled with her walker. It was extremely windy and our mother was quite cold. We helped her into the area between the double entryway doors in order to get her out of the cold until the inside doors were open. It was now 9:59. A store employee came to the door and said we were not allowed to be “on the premises before 10:00 AM.” I said, “Seriously?

Our mother is handicapped. We’ll wait outside, but surely you can allow her to remain in here out of the cold.” She was not inside the store at all, just between the double set of doors. He said no. I was totally shocked and so were the 15 or so other customers waiting for the store to open. We helped our mother back to the car and drove directly to Target, where we purchased the microwave, a new TV, and a cell phone. I shall never enter another Best Buy store and I am telling everyone I know about our experience. Any TV, cell phone, computer, or other electronic device of ours that needs to be replaced in the future will NOT come from Best Buy. You should be ashamed of yourselves.


This was the second time we entered into this store on Derek’s (Assistant Manager) shift and the second awful experience. The first time we wanted to buy a case for our phone. We were standing in front of the case we wanted (it was locked) for thirty minutes without any acknowledgement from the staff. Three people were working that day, Derek and another staff member were sitting behind a desk while the third employee was helping another customer that came into the store after us. Not once did any one of them acknowledge our existence until I finally got so tired of waiting I went over to the desk and told them we wanted to buy a case. I should not have had to do that, good customer service begins with acknowledging the customer as soon as they enter into the store.

The second time (today) we entered on Derek’s shift again and he refused to exchange our case we bought during our first visit one month prior to this visit. We bought the LifeProof case which has a lifetime warranty and the flap that covers the charging port broke off. We just wanted to exchange it (not return it) but he refused because it wasn’t in NEW condition. Of course it wasn’t, it was broken, that’s why we wanted to exchange it. He said we should contact LifeProof directly because it does have a lifetime warranty but he doesn’t want to deal with them.


Paid $200. to the geek squad on a new computer I bought at their location.They sent me an e-mail the following week and 5 minutes I had a virus. Had to pay them an extra $50. to come to my house for repair. They couldn’t fix the virus. Their toll free number left me on hold for 3.5 hours. NEVER picked up the phone.Called back and left a mess. Never return my call. Took computer in store, never cleared the virus, refused to refund money for computer and NO refunds on the geek squad if they can’t repair. This was a complete joke. They got me good.You have been warned.


went online to and wanted to buy (4) ipad 3rd generation 64 gb for 454.00 ea. as advertised. The ad did not mention while supplies last or anything of that nature. I was told by customer service that there is no problem with the ad since it is store only pickup and there is probably one in a store somewhere in the country it is not false advertising , I am really disappointed I have been a Best Buy customer for 25 years and am slowly going to other suppliers because of things like this. I know its a cut throat environment out there but don’t cut the throats of your loyal customers.


In December 2012 we purchased a Dell all-in-one computer from Best Buy in Bellevue, Washington. We left for Palm Springs California before connecting the computer. While in Palm Springs, we purchased a lap top and Office 2013 from Best Buy in Palm Dessert, California.

Upon our return to Redmond, Washington on or about March 11th, we connected the new Dell computer and attempted to install the Office 2013. I encountered problems with the installation and contacted Microsoft support in India (1-866-796-5818). I allowed the technician to take control of my computer. After four hours on the telephone, the technician was unable to install Office 2013 and I was forced to leave to attend a doctor appointment. I was assigned the case number 1200395648.

I again Microsoft support on April 2, 2013 for assistance with installation. Parminder Singh assisted me but was also unable to install the software. After over two hours he did have a supervisor assist him in installing a trial version of Word so that I could complete my contract work assignment. I was not able to reconnect with Microsoft Technical Support until today, April 11, 2013. I was transferred to Wilson who asked me to explain the problem I wished resolved.

I gave him the case number and was transferred to Jennifer. Jennifer took control of my computer but was also unable to install the software but informed me that my brand new computer was corrupt and she would fix it for $99.00. I informed Jennifer that it was brand new and would take it to an authorized service representative. I also asked her to e-mail me a copy of our conversation so that I would not have to fully explain my problem when contact Microsoft Technical Support again.

She refused stating that it was confidential but offered to send a Technical Work ledger and again told me she would fix the problem for $99.00. I again told Jennifer that I would take the computer to an authorized service facility and asked her to send the Technical Work Ledger. She refused stating that she is not allowed to send the work ledger if the problem was not resolved. I was in discussion with Jennifer approximately 2 hours.
I still do not have Microsoft Office 2013 installed on our new computer.

I demand a refund of the software I purchased in the amount of $120.00 plus my time in communicating with Microsoft Technical Support in the amount of $720.00 (6 hours x $120 per hour).


I bought a Toshiba laptop in Jan. 2013 at Best Buy at Maple Ave in Milton I had problems from the start with it freezing up. It was windows 7 but I had upgraded to windows 8 , I got the Norton anti virus pkg. and geek squad pkg. The agent I contacted on line for geek squad was very helpfull re the freezing He went into the computer and confirmed that it had stalled many times and recommended that because it was new I should take it back to Best Buy and have Toshiba check it out.

Best Buy called me when it came to their store The first thing I noticed was that it had windows 7 not 8 and the anti virus pkg. was void. I brought the windows 8 and Norton software back to have it reinstalled but when I spoke to the manager BRYAN and asked would it not have been easier to replace the computer at the beginning since it was new he in a sarcastic tone told me that he was doing me a FAVOUR by sending it back to Toshiba because I should have done that.

But I did’nt buy the computer from Toshiba I bought it from Best Buy Don’t you back up the products you sell. Would Toshiba have replaced it if necessary? To say I was disappointed in his attitude is puting it mildly I won’t be back there


My husband and I went to BB Willowbrook in Houston, TX on 3/9/2013 and purchased a new washer from BB in the BB store. We also purchased the protection plan. We have bought several items from BB and love the Geek Squard. We THOUGHT and were told this new washer was a BB product covered under BB. The ONLY receipt we got was from BB!

The washer was not in stock and had to be delivered. We were told it would be 5 weeks. We were fine with the wait. While our old one was not working properly, (it did not drain) it would make due.We were happily surprised when we were called on 3/20/13 and told our new washer was here! It was delivered on 3/22/2013. My husband accepted delivery.

I did not use the washer for a few days. When I did, I noticed during the spin cycle, the washer was not balanced and rocked back and forth. Our laundry room is upstairs so it is VERY loud. I thought maybe it was a fluke and tried again with another load of clothes. AGAIN the rocking and banging, but even worse.

On further inspection during the spin cycle I discovered the machine was not balanced properly DURING installation!!! I was annoyed, but figured a quick call to BB and the wonderful GS would fix this. I call BB and was informed my washer was NOT a BB purchase but a PACIFIC SALES purchase!!! I was shocked.

Not only was I not informed of that, but I had NEVER even heard of PS. I was also informed that my product was NOT covered by GS!! That was news to me. Nowhere on the ONLY receipt I got did it say this was a PS item!!! I was also informed I was suppose to receive a separate reciept from PS which we DID NOT. We were NOT informed of the return policy nor did we recieve the correct receipt. We were misled and give “bait and switch”. We are also Premier Silver” members and were told we have a 60 day return policy that is printed on our receipt. As I later found out, all LIES!!

After being informed that the washer was a PS item, I was given the number for PS. I called and explained the issue. While they admitted the item was not Installed properly, they informed me I would have to work “on their schedule” to get the problem fixed. I was shocked and angry!! I explained that since both my husband and I worked, Sat morning would be the best time. I was informed that they cannot give me a time or gaurantee that it would be Sat due to scheduling.

This is NOT acceptable! If the item had been set up properly to begin with, I would not be calling!! I asked what option would I have if I could not make the Sat time, I was told I would have to reschedule “sometime” in the future whenever PS had a time available!! This is horrible customer service!!I did not spend a large amount money to have a machine that does not work properly. I asked about the return policy and was then told to call the BB store.

I was then informed by the store that the PS return policy is different than BB policy. I am very upset. I feel we have been lied to, and misled. I will be calling the Willowbrook BB store manager today to find out why we did not get the PS receipt. Also I want someone to explain to me EXACTLY what the PS return policy is.

My husband is also calling the BB store credit card to find out what coverage is offered. We are ready to return this lemon and go to Sears and by a new washer from the store, with the Sears protection FROM Sears!!!!!!! If we had been informed the washer was not a BB item covered under BB, we would have NEVER purchased it.

1:47 PMWanted to update on the LACK of “customer service”My husband call the BB store credit card and was told there is NO consumer protection when you purchase something that is not working properly.VERY DISAPPOINTING BB!!!

We will be using Visa or MC from now om at BB.I called the Willowbrook BB and asked to speak to manager of PS. He of course was not in. I was told by assoc that I SHOULD gave gotten receipt stating purchase was PS. DID NOT!!!! No answer given why not?? Was also informed of 15 day return policy from date of delivery with 25 percent restocking fee!!! After the item is inspected by PS and THEY decide if an item can be returned!!! Hmmmmm. What do you think their response will be?

It is in their best interest to not let anything be returned!!!!!!I am VERY UPSET. I really felt lied to and given bait and switch. Washer still not leveled and possibly MAY or MAY NOT be on Sat. I will be warning everyone I know on FB and by word of mouth to not shop at BB appliances because PS is a sub standard, poor customer service, and horrible company!!!! I will be calling the store manager Jason back tomorrow for answers!!! Best Buy has lost a once loyal and valuable customer!!!!!


On 3/9/2013 I had a viper alarm with keyless entry install. This was done at Best Buy #336, Jackson Ms. 39211. The phone number is 601-977-9115. The car was taken in at 12:15 pm and it ws completed before 6:00 PM. Upon bringing the car home the trunk would not open at all using the new rempte key entry. I call Best Buy and they schedule me to bring it back.

That was corrected. Durning the week of 3/11/ thru 3/20/2012 the keyless remote would not let me enter my own car . This happends on and off. One morning I got uo to go to work and the keyless entry would not unlock the door, i tried for 10 minutes, then I had to use my regular key just to open the doors.

Again on 3/13 i went into the grocery store, when i came out i press the keylees remote to unlock the doors, they would not unlock. I stood outside for about 15 minutes panicking. After numerous trys i then use my key to get into my car. On Sunday 3/17 I was a church and upon leaving the key less remote would not unlock the doors. I then used my regular key.

On 3/20/2013 i proceeded to leave work for lunch, press the unlock and the keyless entry did not work. I stood outside for 10 minutes before using my regular key. I then sit in my car for 15 minutes before it would crank. This took 25 minutes away from my lunch hour. I am 50 years old and very disappointed. I could have been robed or kill just trying to get into my car.



I have not had this phone for over a year now .Bestbuy has been charging me the insurance for all most a year or longer I was told I had to cancelled it on my own I wass under the imperson the insurance would cancell on its own I believe Best Buy has over charge me for insurance for over a year I will make sure that I tell all my friends ,family and people I know about this matter . I can’t under stand why I’m being charge for something I do not own any more I also did not received statements I was being charged if not I would of cancelled it .I feel Best Buy has stolen my money


we have been loyal customers of tmobil for seven years and live in island park new york.Hurricane sandy hit us hard and we lost the entire bottom floor of our house our roof heat and elec on top of that our cell phone service did not work.The only way we could make a call was to leave the area and that was hard because we also lost our cars.By now im sure you have heard of hurricane sandy fema still has a tent here to help people.Because your service did not work in a disaster when you need it most i wanted to cancel the service now you send me a bill for 927.97 ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!!!you are charging me 200.00 each line to cancel your service that didnt work does that sound fair to you?until you live something like this you have no idea. kindly read through my account history and see that i have been a loyal customer and never late with any of my payments please wave the 600.00 to cancel each line there just not fair and honestly i think we have been through enough paying another 600.00 for a service that was not there for me and my two kids in an emergency situation .sincerely arnold civitello


I have to say, this has been the type of online shopping experience that people dread! I’ve been on the phone to Best Buy countless amount of times, and I still can’t get the order to go through which I needed to be delivered by 5 Jan.

I placed my order, it went through, but the expedited delivery did not go through. I called up to change that (about 10 minutes later after having been cut off) , and they said the order can not be changed and I have to cancel the order and re-order.

I asked what about the credit card which has been deducted, and I was told that no payment has been taken. But surprise, the payment was taken and my cc would not go through again.

Wasted my time again speaking to best buy. Not a happy (near) client!!!


I placed an online order with Best buy on 12/20/12, since there were not enough people working in the camera department at the Best Buy at the Columbia Heights location in Washington, DC. I ordered a olympus digital camera white and the order number is BBY01-543569001312. I received an email indicating that my order had been shipped on 12/21/12 and that it would arrive by 12/28/12.

By the 29th the order still hadn’t arrived I checked the tracking number and it indicated my package was left at the front door. I called UPS and they indicated it was delivered to a Drew Lewis in Ambler, PA which I have no idea who that person is. I called the online customer service for Best Buy and explained what happened asking if I can now have the item be picked up in the store she indicated no, since it was an home delivery order.

I can’t understand why that couldn’t be done since it was not my fault it was shipped to the wrong address. I originally wanted the camera for Christmas day but they indicated it was too late to be delivered by Christmas. I thought it should be delivered before new years day, now she indicated it won’t be delivered until the 8th of January.

If she expedited the camera it won’t get to me until January 3 which is still after the 1st. I then asked to cancel the order and I would go into the store and purchase it there. She stated that I wouldn’t get my money back for 5 days, meaning I still won’t have a camera for New Years.

I am highly upset and PISSED OFF with Best Buy online ordering system and I can’t believe I am being penalized for a mistake you made. I will never order from Best Buy again and I will inform everyone I know not to.


I purchased an LG 47″ led flat screen TV 12-16-12 delivery and set up was for 12-24-12. I left the store assured of the date of delivery.
When I arrived home I looked at my sale receipt and had a question about the bill. I called billing to check my figures with theirs. When I spoke To Billing I was asked for my Delivery Date. I gave them what I was given 12-24-12. I was told they did not show a delivery date but would schedule me for 12-27-12 I was okay with that date.
I went back to Best Buy culver city #1510 fox hill mall. I spoke to a female supervisor there. I related to her what I was told about the date and that I was given 12-27-12. She told me you are on for 12-24-12 and handed me off to another best buy person who checked his computer and gave me the same answer 12-24-12. I was concerned with two different dates in the system and asked him will this cause a problem? his reply 12-24-12 I said okay and left.
My appointment time was 0800-1200. 12-24-12 I waited until after 1200 pm it was apparent there wouldn’t be a delivery. On 12-26-12 I had an e-mail saying the TV would be delivered on 12-27-12. I went to Best Buy fox hill Canceled my delivery and picked up the TV myself. Never got an apology. Thank You Very Much.

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