Comcast Corporate Office and CEO Address

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Corporate mailing address
Comcast Corporation
Comcast Center
1701 JFK Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19103

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The CEO, executives, and board of directors info is below:

Comcast executive team

  • Brian L. Roberts (Chairman and CEO)
  • Stephen B. Burke (CEO, NBCUniversal)
  • Michael J. Cavanagh (Chief Financial Officer)
  • David L. Cohen (Senior Executive Vice President)
  • Michael J. Angelakis (Senior Advisor to the Executive Management Committee)
  • Arthur R. Block, Esq. (General Counsel and Secretary)
  • Alexander D. Evans (EVP Global Corporate Development and Strategy)
  • D’Arcy F. Rudnay (Chief Communications Officer)
  • Lawrence J. Salva (Chief Accounting Officer)
  • Rebecca Arbogast (SVP Global Public Policy)
  • Jason S. Armstrong (SVP Investor Relations)

Comcast board of directors

  • Kenneth J. Bacon
  • Sheldon M. Bonovitz
  • Edward D. Breen
  • Joseph J. Collins

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We have been asking for the last 3 month to be downgraded to a basic cable package. So I decided to write a letter to the CEO, letting him know how difficult this process had been. Instead I will share my story online. I doubt the companies office in Philadelphia will ever responsd. So, here is what is happening. Our monthly bill is more than $250 dollars, and we do not want to get HBO or any othe special premium channels. How hard can it be to do this? We just payed 300 dollars last month to restore our service, and then on top of that got billed 500 dollars for this month. The service was disconnected last week, and I am outraged at these billing charges.

Everyone else I know doesn't pay half as much has new boxes (smaller), new remotes (smaller), and more Tv's in their homes. I wish to return everything I have ever bought from Comcast and will be sure to pass along the story and experiment of the poor customer service we have received the last years with this company. Guess what? We will also file a claim against the company in my state. And I am sure legal actions will follow if Comcast does not stop ripping us off. I have never ever had poor customer service like this before in my entire life.

For weeks I have been writing letters to Comcast telling them they have the wrong phone number on an account. I have been put on hold too many times, and now want to give up. Dear Comcast, I do not have Comcast! I am not a customer, and never have been. Yet, they keep calling me asking for money. I try to call back to be a decent human being, but all I get was a recording. I am waiting to talk to a real person at your headquarters. Looks like I have a better chance of hell freezing over first.

My issue with Comcast began in July 2015.  I have a bundle package with security, internet and cable.  My security became inoperable in July 2015. Comcast did send message to my Comcast email acct notifying me that my security service wasn't working properly. I called in to get a technician to come out because I was not comfortable troubleshooting the issue myself.  At the same time, I discussed current promotions etc. to see if there were any saving opportunities available for me.

From then until November of 2015, on and off, I was in contact with Comcast concerning this issue.  Each conversation it was concluded that I would only pay for the services I was benefitting from which was cable and internet.  In November, 2 technicians finally were scheduled to come to my home to repair my security system; however, they both were only cable technicians and not capable of servicing.  Another appointment was scheduled for a security technician to come out, yet again, a cable technician was sent.  This technician switched out my boxes, which I was told shouldn't have occurred by a cable tech.

Another appointment was scheduled and because of the technician running behind, had to reschedule my appointment.  Another appointment was scheduled, again the appointment had to be rescheduled because the tech was running considerably behind schedule.  Each time I have had to leave work to meet the technician(s).  I have only noticed one credit of $20 on my current bill for these missed/company rescheduled appointments.

During several conversations with Comcast representatives, I was told I should have received security camera(s) with my original order.  Before the technician, who eventually made the necessary corrections to my system came, I called to confirm that I was to receive camera(s) and was told it was in the order and they would be installed.  Needless to say, the technician arrived camera-less but did return my security system to an operative state.

Also during the last few conversations with Comcast, I was assured that once my system was operative I would be credited for the months I had no security service.  Which was the exact amount of my past due since I was only paying for the services I was receiving, cable and internet. On 1/23/16 my cable was service was suspended.  Unaware, I'd missed my 1/22/2016 due date.  I immediately paid the $190.12, the difference between the outstanding security bill and my current bill.

Because of weather conditions, I was not able to reach a live person over the weekend and called Monday morning.  No one was able to assist me and seemed not to have any notes in their system that spoke of my on-going issues.  And absolutely no notation on the credit I was to receive. I am beyond frustrated with Comcast.  The supervisor, Jose: ID LZ0, I spoke with this morning, said he would credit me only $51.55 and "give" me a couple of months of Showtime or something.  As I said to him, this was extremely insulting.

Comcast should credit my account the total past due (which is the total amount of the months of no security service), credit me the missed/rescheduled appointments, and offer me something gratuitous like months free service, HBO/Showtime free; something to show their customer appreciation. I work in sales and each time I have had to leave 3.5 hours early to be home for the missed/rescheduled appointments, it cost me.  And I still have no camera(s) and now no cable or internet.

This has been an unbelievable nightmare of dealing with customer service reps that seemed incompetent, disregarding, and poorly recorded notes.  If I could rate this company less then 1 I would.  One star is far too good.

I have service with Comcast and each month my bill shows different amounts. They say I am under contract, to my understanding my bill would stay the same unless I order additional services. I have been calling each month to get my bill straighten out, and I pay the full bill so there will be no partial month charges on the next month bill. But every month there is a reason for me to call them. And I do not receive any compensation for times my service was out.

Issues with Comcast: On December 16, 2015 we closed on home, and when we attempted to move in a telephone line and Comcast cable line for whatever reason hung very low, could only enter portion of the driveway. When making contact with the phone company they came out and removed the line, and Comcast came out and raised line. The Comcast line sagged again and our efforts to get this corrected fell on deaf ears at Comcast.

We even had the police department come out as we questioned if we could charge Comcast with trespassing they stated the line placement is wrong. The current line runs along Bowmantown Rd. to pole fronting our property it then crosses our property connecting to our neighbor. I will point out very strongly we are upset. Based on the land elevation the line crossed at the top of our driveway not only is the line hanging very low Comcast has no right of being on our property I believe they are trespassing.

The above is the issue: we are trying to move into this home, and we cannot get Comcast to move the line and or even raise it at this point.

This appears to be the drill when you contact Comcast:

1)    Make contact
2)    Finally reach agent make a ticket for the repair Latest ticket # is 033877249 they tell you someone will contact you
3)    Call for follow up give ticket number they then make you start over again and give you new ticket number
4)    Request to speak to supervisor/manager they do transfer hold on line then you are disconnected and they accused me of hanging up on them this did not happen
5)    Threatened my daughter in law if they damage there line we will pay, how can this be they are on our property they are trespassing. (we do not have account with them)
6)    Everyone is always very pleasant and they want to talk about everything but getting the problem solved
7)    No one ever calls you back
This problem is still not resolved. I don’t understand why we are being disrespected

For the past several months I have had trouble getting into my Comcast email. My password would not be accepted and sometimes my address would not be accepted. I have called for help and been given a new password which worked a couple of times and then I had the same trouble. Sometimes I had to fill in my personal info. but was told the birthdate etc. did not exist. i chose Comcast because that was the best way for me to get to my Lions club email since i take care of all the email messages. I am 84 years old and I have been without Comcast now for about a week because I am so fed up with it all.

I switched from DirecTV to Comcast approximately 1 year ago.  I am a Yankees fan and would not have switched if the YES Network weren't available.  I will cancel my service with Comcast and switch back to DirecTV unless the YES Network is reinstated. Comcast installed internet service in my home 12-28-15 while doing so installer cut cable to DirecTV spoke with 12 different personnel all I get is run around called corporate office still run around after 9 days still no one to fix problem Comcast caused.

It's like company don't care no one willing to fix problem I called DirecTV who is coming out and charging me. Comcast will not reimburse me. What a horrible company to deal with. And it's not just local offices it's the whole company. I am gonna let every one know not to deal with Comcast.

My home internet service has been down since March 17, 2017.  I have had 3 technicians to my home, 2 of which were going to put a ticket in for a Maintenance Tech.  When no one showed up both times - I called Comcast and was told the tickets were closed as the problem was resolved. 

I filed a complaint with the FCC and James G. Executive Customer Relations 1-256-922-6535 contacted me yesterday and assured me a MT would come out this morning between 8 am and 10am.  It is now 1:20 pm and no one has showed up.  James G. is not very helpful or concerned.  As I stated multiple times to your CS department, I work from home and have to be able to get on my internet.  Time is Money and I currently am loading up my computer to go other places to do my job.