The Woolworths Customer Service Number is Really Really Bad

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The contact phone number for Woolworths customer services will make you angry with frustration. After callling 1800 000 610 many times Monday-Friday, I finally gave up. Here is what happened eventualy. My order was cancelled (worth $52), but I just got $15 back to my bank account. After that in total I have called to online customer services many times, the problem still unsolved.

As a foreigner and a loyal Woolworth customer, I want to say my first Woolworth online shopping experience is really bad.

Finally, I received an email from Woolworth, “you will receive $15 off when you spend $75 on your first shop. But that is no help now. The problem? I paid for my first order online and I paid total $141 with by my master card, however some of items was cancelled, the money of the cancelled items which was not directly return to my bank account, it was changed to be a Woolworth coupon credit.  I also checked my order history, showed the uncancelled items cost me $104, and it wasnt paid by my bank account but a woolworlth coupon.

Because my English is limited, I chose to accept the coupon credit, then my husband use my left woolworth coupon $37 credit for the online shop, but his order was cancelled 23/12/2015, but the coupon credit shows 0. I called customer service 3 times, they gave me three different response. The first lady said she will return 37 + 15 dollars to my bank account. The second lady said she will give me $37 coupon credit and a promote code.

The third lady said will give me $37 e-gift card and let me call again to talk about the promote code, then she hangs up the phone.

The problem still unsolved! What should I do?