Veteran Files Customer Service Complaint Against FedEx

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Jeff from Newbury Park, CA is a disabled veteran in a wheelchair. So, you can understand that he was pretty upset when this FedEx driver parked across not one, but two handicapped stops during his route. He filed his complaint against FedEx on HissingKitty this morning. One of the FedEx delivery persons came in here with 5 or so cartons of product. It did not belong here but we were actively trying to find out where it belong.

Myself and another co worker was calling different depts. trying to find where it went. The delivery man had been here maybe 3 or 4 minutes and started saying are you going to decline the delivery. I said no we want to find where it goes in the hospital.  He just kept saying I have to go, I am leaving now. I said please we would just like to find where it goes. My co-worker was on the phone with one of the other depts. and he started out the door saying I have other customers to deliver to. I am leaving and just left with us trying to locate the correct corporate department number.

To us this was so rude and extremely unprofessional to walk out on us actively trying to find the correct location. Now you have the delivery to bring back. We don't know where it goes but I guess that is your problem now to find out where the delivery goes since the FedEx employee would not let us help. He went got in his truck and left.

FedEx supposed to have delivered a package to my house, they said they delivered it, but I did not received a package at my house.  So now the package is missing. FedEx, has given me a run around and nobody still don't know where the package is.  

FedEx worker has lied saying they call and spoke with me and nothing has done that.  I told them I can get a print out from my phone company showing know one has call or anything. Do not recommend shipping anything with FedEx, and customer service need to have training.

Have you experienced a problem with a FedEx driving in your area? Let us know!