Taco Bell Customer Service Covers Up Dog Food Meat

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


I called Taco Bell customer service number at 949-863-4500, but I guess they want me to share my photo online instead.

Here is my problem, and I will be brief...

Taco Bell looks more and more like dog food every day. Just look at some of the pictures and complaints people have filed in the past few months about the national Yum! chain. The one in particular (shown above) is of a grilled stuff burrito, supposedly with beef. Maybe if the corporate office hired people to take orders that gave a care, instead of prancing around, maybe they would hear what you order. No wonder we do not eat there. 

Last time I went it took 25 minutes to take my order in drive thru. Then waited 15 minutes to get to the window. Waited another 5 minutes to get acknowledged by someone and get my food. This restaurant chain is in need of a clean up. And giving away free tacos during the NBA finals is not the answer!