Samsung Head Office Phone Numbers to Get Satisfaction

Author: keith
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Upset with Samsung? If you have a customer service complaint with your Samsung device please call the Samsung head office phone number at 1-800-SAMSUNG (1-800-726-7864). The 1-800 number hours of operation are 6 days a week between 8am-6pm, USA. 

Want to complaint in a formal letter? Mail can be sent to their international or USA corporate headquarters. International mail should be sent to You may address international postal mail to 129 Samsung-ro, Suwon-Si, Gveonggi-D, 443-742, South Korea, while USA mail can be sent to 05 Challenger Road, Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660, United States.

As a last resort, live chat and email are both avialable on their support website. Live chat has worked the best for me historically, rather than waiting on hold with the head office waiting to speak with a live person.

I have bought many products over the years form Samsung, but recently find myself with more complaints. Here are a few examples. First, I purchased a Samsung microwave oven less than two years ago. This evening I went to use the microwave and the bottom part of the door handle became disengaged from the door. I called Samsung customer support and they told me that's normal wear and I should pay for the repair. I have used various brands microwave ovens for years and never had the handle disengaged before or requiring any type of service within 2 years.

Second, I have had problems with other Samsung prodcuts beyond that. And I need to say that I am loyal customer of Samsung. I have been buying Samsung products for more than 16 years. The products I have at home range from AC, TV to mobile phones. I have been quite happy to own such products until last May when I bought a Samsung J1. The phone had many problems. Communications cut very often, and Internet applications together with Facebook and mail freeze too often. Since then I have taken my phone four times to the after sales service. The defect persists. I asked for a new phone in vain. The call center did not believe the fact that I repaired the phone four tiles in vain.

They told me to fax the maintenance tickets to them. I said it was not my responsibility to do this. They insisted and said that it was the only way to track the maintenance frequency. I went once again to the after sales service to ask them for the maintenance tickets, they said they don't give this, and the call centre can track this thanks to the history. I called back the call centre, and I was angry  et them for making me endure all this. They hanged the phone. I am very disappointed about Samsung. I don't think I'll remain so loyal. 

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