How to Cancel Dish Network Without Penalty

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


I’m done. Finished. I quit.

Dish Network has lost my business for good. Here’s how I cancelled my services without penalty.

If dish was more worried about making money by happy costumers than locking them in a contract they’re mad about they would have a lot more long term costumers. I want to add another tv but to do that I have to renew my contract? I keep seeing these same upset reviews everywhere.

I pray they will do better with their services and prices. Some of their customer service people are nice and willing to help. They are kept in the background and we the customer reps that actually could care less. What are we as consumers do? Complain and complain until something is done. Another dissatisfied customer.

So, I sent the image above to Dish corporate offices at the email address:

I told them in the email I figured I’d rather not have another tv than renew a contract with dish. When my contract is over I was never going to get dish again. And if they keep sending $107 bills for 4 days of service when it hasn’t even been installed yet after I un-paused my contract then I’ll change my credit card number and Dish can add that to my already crappy credit.

But to my surprise the email worked and I was able to completely get out of my contract. I guess they were worried about the social media backlash?

I am very upset at the fact that I had to speak to 3 people and still did not get the point across to Dish customer service center there’s an error screen message that I took a picture of an attached to it this is the error message that I received after I went to go pay my bill and when I went to the screen it hit submit and said thank you for your payment.

Here is why I cancelled Dish Network:

  • Terrible signal
  • Rude customer support
  • Expensive fees
  • Unexpected charges
  • Incompetent technicians
  • Outsourced customer services

I’m like wait a minute I did not hit the button to confirm there was no confirmed and went right to an error message so I called customer service to let them know what Dish billing charge me $300 and I’m trying to pay the past due amount 3 people say the same thing of the past due amount we needed to be paid but I understand about the past due balance is the past due balance but you don’t give customers an option to pay past due amount only to penalize them I get that there’s a problem with the fact my credit card information is on this TV and its authorized payment.

That is my concern it’s technical but not one person said anything about technical issues that man we can’t refund the money is the focus here we spent 25 minutes talking to 3 people.

One of the supervisor and she wants to just be argumentative about it. Well ma’am that you know the payment was past due and. So she had her mind made up already before the conversation that she doesn’t she’s not getting her money back that’s not the point it’s a problem on my screen.

Dish should take a look at customer service, this is very horrible that how I feel as a customer no one has confirmed that a customer’s credit card PHA information is on there TV in the system authorizes payment that’s the problem.

They could not give me a number to transfer me or transfer me to corporate so I can speak to somebody above the other person that I spoke to besides Jessica and no one saw it.

This is the customer service I know Dish corporate guys want to be the number one supplier reading their quotes that you want to be number one. Well, they finally proved it.

System but also customer service’s number one too and we have a customer with credit card information on their TV then that is alarming and I’m sure other consumers would find that alarming to specially when there are people that don’t have a lot of money in their account and they live paycheck-to-paycheck and then Dish allows them to pay the past due amount to get automatically charged a past due balance can be very hurtful to other customers and that is my point. 158.00 monthly to be treated with no concern for the customer.

My complaint is that my bill is too high to have dish and the internet. Dish falsely send out emails that are not true. Once called customer service tells you something different.

When I first started dish I was excited even though I had been warned about dish. Dish has become unworthy, untruthful and can’t explain why paying hundreds of dollars for cable and internet. Dish starts off good but they end up bad.