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On the evening of May 17, 2019, I stopped, along with my daughter and a female friend, at the Days Inn Motel, 32171 Lancaster Highway, Richburg, SC, shortly before midnight. Our experience was a nightmare of safety and sanitation issues: (room 227)
1) We were assigned to a room at the rear of the motel, second floor, in an area where there was no light to show the room number--3 women searching in the dark, to find a room number
2) the room was absolutely filthy--I took photos of the following: a chair in which there were signs of animal bite marks, torn fabric and exposed dirty foam filling
Hair on the sheets of one bed
long dark hairs in the bathroom, on the rear of the toilet area
broken drain--my photos show the drain plug on top of the soap rack--the tub was filthy--the neatly folded towel decoration added a nice touch
Zip ties lying in a corner--the TV and mirror had been swiped with a dirty cloth
The light system included a sensor, which went on lighting the entire room, when a person got up in the night to use the bathroom
The pillows smelled of rancid foam

I am a home economist by profession--I do not expect perfection in a room which cost only $77 for three people. I'm not a neat-nik, but I expect a safe and sanitary environment at any price...we got away from the motel as soon as it became light.

The 4 pictures we took of this place will be attached to a letter to your corporate office--and a copy sent to the SC department of public health and safety--hard copy photos, of the chair, bathroom, zip ties (?) and filthy glass surfaces of the TV and mirror. A copy of that letter will be sent to the specific motel--I certainly hope action will be taken


Our whole weekend was planned to spend it with our grandchildren around the pool which we were not informed was closed until we arrived. The beds were horrible no comforters just sheets covering the beds.
We were not informed there was no elevator...I have copd 69yrs. old and had to drag my luggage up the stairs. The whole weekend was a mess. The motel was Days Inn Osage Beach,Mo. I thought Wyandham was a good motel chain of which I have now changed my mind


I have stayed at Wyndham on several occasions and have been very pleased. However, this last time put me into a state of shock. I stayed in room # 104 at the Baymont by Wyndham in Helen Ga. Just checking in was an experience. The manager reeked of Marijuana. He kept repeating himself and I had to make him understand I already signed the documents he just gave me. He was like "oh that's right lol". Finally made it into our room and there was makeup smeared on the mirror and the coverlet, hair in the bathroom tub, showing they did not clean it; cigarette burns on the carpet in a non-smoking room. stains on the backsplash of the sink. The next day, we came into the room and noticed that the bedspread was just thrown over our bed covers. When we pulled back our covers the sheets were stilled crumbled. The makeup was still on the mirror.; the coverlet was not picked up to be cleaned and the tub was still dirty. I had enough! I complained and asked for another room, which I did not get and I asked for the maid to come back to our rooms. They did not send the maid but a different girl that helps out and she explained that a prostitute had the room before us and they had some trouble from her! OMG!!! Also she told us for an extra fee they will let people smoke in the non-smoking rooms. I am so disappointed and upset. I am adding pictures also. It will only let me send one photo. Please contact me via e-mail and maybe I can send all the pics.


I I stayed at the Baymont by Wyndham Ardmore Oklahoma. I went to bed at 10 o’clock at night and was bothered by slamming doors and music. I complained at 2 AM. Nothing was done about it. I finally had to turn the air conditioning down very low so it would run continuously and drowned out the other sounds. I also had to get up to go to work at 5 AM. So as you can see I was not rested what so ever. And the breakfast there wasn’t worth a damn.


My complaint is not about rentals but about mortgage # 00074-1003016. I have recieved a letter dated April 17, 2019. This letter indicates that my balance is $ 1021.. but I do not know if this a final balance or what? Please clarify.
Steve Fejer


Las Vegas Travelodge, pics speak for themselves, not to mention the stench in our room, and charhe over $100 night for this dump. Wyndham Brand should no way be associated with this dump!!
Very disappointed.


I am a Teamster out of Local 916 in Illinois currently stationed in Alton Illinois since January 14, 2019 working on a pipeline crew in Alton, Illinois We contacted the Wyndham Super 8 in Alton for rooms to stay Monday through Friday they gave all the Pipeliners a special room rate. Myself and my roommate were the 1st two pipeliners to stay at the Super 8 Hotel - we mentioned to our fellow pipeliners who were looking for a extended place to stay that the Hotel was giving us a good rate - soon the hotel was full of pipeliners. Wednesday April 3, 2019 corporate sent someone down to Alton to change the rate to actually raise the rate on all us pipeliners. We will call this person Mrs. B, she refused to negotiate in good faith was a downright rude individual declaring an increase to all pipeliners rooms. My roommate had fallen down the stairs in the hotel and did not contact a lawyer, just worked with management on staff which worked out until Mrs. B showed up yesterday and was calous and rude to declaring none of the previously agreed upon negotiations were going to stand. Which was agreed upon for $50.00 per night with taxes included this agreement was agreed upon. We are letting are saftey committeeman know today so he can declare the Wyndham Super 8 of Alton Illinois unsuitable for pipeliners in our next Saftey meeting which is a mandatory meeting that all workers have to attend I hope by next Wednesday April 10, 2019 all Pipeliners and other related workers have checked out of this disgraceful Hotel Management - the on staff workers were all so kind and friendly. This Mrs. B from corporate is out of her living mind treating us paying customers so disgracefully. Wyndham Management needs to get Mrs. B undercontrol or maybe this is standard practice for Wyndham Corporation get the hotel packed for extended stay customers and then throw the boot at them. Pipeliners travel all over the continental United States working, Wyndham Hotels could be black balled by all Pipeliners wonder if that would affect the bottom dollar. We have all our receipts of paying $250.00 week but not anymore - we our looking for a new extended place to stay. Very unsatisfied customers.


The room was really dirty! We as customers had to change our own sheet the first night we got there it was late and the sheets were dirty! Every day we had trouble getting into our room, we had to go to the office so we could fix the key card. The bathroom toilet leaked, bathtub was dirty, floors were dirty...overall the stay was horrible! I've stayed at the Wyndham hotels before and never experienced anything like this, they are usually so clean and nice. You need to get some new housekeeping in there!


I was talked into a time share option of not an owner but to be a part of the timeshare ownership for a 2 year trial! It cost me 2000.00 and I have yet to benefit from it or understand how it works. I would like my money back because I was told that it would be easy to use! I would like someone to help me and walk me through the process, but I dont know who to talk too, about this! If someone could help me or give me back my moneyI would greatly apreciate it!
Joanie Locke
925 219 5544


I purchased a vacation on 5/11/15 for 4days 3 nights for $249 I was going through hard times it expired an when I called customer service I was blown off and directed to the solicitation line to make another purchase I trusted Wyndham with my vacationing and I regret it // I feel like Wyndham stole from me i didn’t have the money I purchased it on a credit card and slowly paid it back my children was really looking forward to this besides that’s who I did it for MY KIDS an now I’m disappointed with my decision to trust anyone /// I been getting nothing but a run around

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