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On Oct 8th I took my Rav4 to my dealership to have a leaking rear hatch seal fixed. I bought the car in March 2010 and it leaked right away but I forgot to tell the dealer about it (out of sight-out of mind). When I took my car in for the 15,000 mile checkup I told them about the leak and was told that it should be under warrenty. They called back to tell me that they were going to charge me $200 dollars to fix it because the service manager said there was some dirt around the seal and that the warrenty was void. He than told me to call the Toyota complaint number if I didn’t like his response.

That same day i did call and was told that the customer relations person at the dealership would call me in 3 business days. Well two weeks have gone by and still no call. I called your complaint dept again today (10/21) and was told that my dealership responded to them and that they agreed with my dealership. It seems that i have no arbitrary rights at all. I than called my dealer to talk to customer relations and was told to talk to the same service manager that I have the problem with because he is customer relations. I feel that I am chasing my tail. This was the same guy that told me to call customer complaints in the first place.

All he had to do was tell me that he had the final word, instead he sent me on a wild goose chase that led me right back to him. I always thought Toyota was a reputable company. This is my first Toyota and my last Toyota if this is how you run your business. I am deeply disapointed in your approach to settle a disagreement as well as your customer complaint department for giving me the run around. Is there anyone at Toyota who cares about the customer, and do I have any recourse in this matter.

Very UNHAPPY customer


The dealership says they can’t fix the problem until it happens. I said,” if I leave it here all night, unlocked in your garage, and it’s locked in the morning and doesn’t respond to the remote, what will you do?” Dealership rep told me he didn’t know. He’d probably call Toyota. Why can’t he call now and describe the problem? Do I have to wait to have it towed to the dealership and be late for work? Why can’t the problem be researched now? I would hope someone in the company may be a little smarter than he is.


I recently ran into an unexpected problem with my 2005 Toyota 4Runner. The car was pulling to the left when I stepped on the brakes. It turns out the plate that attaches the front wheel to the frame had broken off due to rust, the wheel wobbled and could have collapsed under the car if I had sharply stepped on the brakes in a left turn. Bill Walsh Toyota (Ottawa, Illinois) had the rusted frame parts cut out and replaced/re-welded. I was not happy that my frame had rusted this severely but accepted the repairs. Both Dan and Laurie in Maintenence were very helpful and kept me informed of the repairs.

About two-three weeks later I noticed a squeaking noise and a stiffness when turning the wheels, almost if it “locked-up” in the turn. Another return to the Toyota dealer… turns out the Bushings that the “Certified” mechanic at Bill Walsh Toyota(Ottawa,IL) had installed were installed UPSIDE DOWN. My car is now in the shop… again. I no longer trust my vehicle, nor do I trust the mechanical work done by the Toyota dealer. I am frustrated.


On April 11 I took my wife and I’s 2004 toyota camry to Crown Toyota dealer for a noise in the engine and to my surprise I was told that we needed new water pump. As our car a 2004 toyota with mainly in town driving I was shocked with only 55,534 miles on it was told your warranty was has exspired. We have had over years a corrola, 1983 camry, 1986 camry, 1993 camry, 1996 camry, 2004 camry. We have never had a water pump break down. All the cars I have listed except the 2004 had 90,000 miles or more 1983 camry 130,000 miles, 1986 camry had over 220,000 miles on it. It costs us over 607 dollers to replace water pump,flush and new coolant.

What is wrong with this engine? If this is the end to Toyota’s Quality then we will look at the domestic cars because we cannot depend on toyota’s any more!


I have a 2005 Toyota sienna LE with a milage of 47000 miles. This van is kept in the garage when not in use. I live here in Florence sc. About a month and a half ago I noticed a 2inches crack on the center dashboard and now it is about 12 inches. I went to toyota dealer here in florence and said there is nothing they can do about in because the warranty is over, 30000 miles is over. They said it will cost me about $700-800 labor and the dashboard is $ 800-1000. Will any dashboard should cracked easily even if it kept in the garage? Or is this sub standard material use by Toyota. I have read some forum and it looks like it is common in 2004-2005 model.

They don’t even offer me a discount or at least free labor. I’m finish paying for this van this month and planning to buy 4 runner but this incident made ma change my mind.


We have a 2004 toyota corrolla. Never had a problem with our car until we took it in for a tune up at Toyota of Scion of Lake Norman in NC. I had brought my car in for a 4 cyl tune up. I was told they changed spark plugs, with irdidium plugs, flushed powere steering, E.F. I cleaning , top engine cleaning, and was charged 391.00 on 7/24/09. When I left my car felt weird, so I called they said your just not use to it, give a week. Well in that week my car kept on sputtering like I was running out of gas, kept stalling on me. Then the car started to put out some white smoke. I brought it back to the dealer on 8/8/09 they test drove and confirmed sputter.

They confirmed they left a vacuum line loose from the service and they found some puddling of ignition chemical in the intake system which they said was causing smoke. they said they could not find any other issues wrong with the car and it was great. All working to factory specs they say. It continued to have problems the next week and I called they said it has to get the chemicals out of the system it nay take a month or so,. I was still filling the car sputter a lot like it was going to stall. and now blue smoke was coming out with start up. I brought it back to the dealer again on 9/26/09 and they confirmed smoke. At this time they said it was due to pvc value had oil on it.

They said they removed cover and found sludge. They then offered me a deal on a new engine. rebuild for 5409. or replace with a manufactured at 3800. with a 12 month warrenty. I found it odd that this would just show up, I had also just passed my inspection prior to there first tune up on my car. So I told the dealer I can ot do that give me the car. I then took the car to another garage who said it really was not bad, and he did alittle removel clean up. That was over two years ago and like 35,000 miles agao with out a single problem. On 3/31/2011 I was hit from behine. I was basically rolling 5 miles into a school drive way when a man texting hit me from behind going about 45. They angle of the drive way had my back end up so he kind of ended up underneath the car. He hit the frame so hard that even though I did not hit my head the whip lash knocked me unconcious. That was how I was found.

It has taken them 3 months to reopair my car and now they have finished the body work and frame the car wont stay on. The body shop drove it around and felt it was possibly the timing chain loose. So the body shop took it to the same dealer from before Lake Norman Toyota. They just told them oh no dont work on the car it has sludge. Called there adjuster who called me and said we arent doing anything on your car and return the rental car. I went to Toyota and asked to see a diagnostic report that gave them this conclussion and they did not have one.

They tried to get me once to buy a new engine and now they were un fair again. So I had the car towed to another garage to take a look and give there opinion. Both adjuster are to go out and look at the engine. itnt r a timingybut wont start. The garage that has my car now feels the impact of the ccident jolted it loose, when they continued to drive the car to find the issue additional proiblems maybe occuring at this point. I know alot of toyota had a sludge recal, if this is my issue as the toyota dealer says it is why is the corrolla not included. It is obvious it is an issue in touota cars.


When is Toyota going to come out with a fix for the hesitation is low speed transmission shift problem. At low speeds (when turning on taking off from a low speed coast, the engine will rev up and them the transmission will kick in after 5 or so seconds. I have driven several other Camry of this year and they have the same hesitation in shifting at low speeds….this is dangerous and Toyota needs to fix this problem. I have taken to a Toyota dealer and paid to have the computer reset. Did not fix problem at all. As far as I am concerned, this year and model is junk. My drivers side seat frame is broke.

Very poor quality. I may just sell this car and buy a Honda or other make. I have had 94-2000 year Camry and they have been great. But, this 2006 year Camry is not good! Toyota needs to take responsibility and fix this problem.


When I had my 2008 Toyota RAV in for a recall service item, Folsom Lake Toyota in Folsom, CA discovered my passenger side front window’s motor was broken. The car had 30,500 miles on it and given that the “warranty’ had expired 3 months before due to the lesser of 36 months or 36,000 warranty, Toyota kindly offered to pay for the part if I paid for the $250 in labor. Sorry, but not good enough…you don’t expect that a motor for an electric window will fail on a 3 year old Toyota. I called Toyota’s Corporate Customer service, incorrectly named, and they told me they would not override the decision of the Toyota Corporate District Manager and I would need to pay for the labor.

Did I mention the car has another “recall” on it for an airbag issue that can’t be fixed by Toyota until approx 3 months from now due to parts not being available. Funny, how Toyota thinks that as a customer it is no big deal for me to take time off work to get my car into their shop, be without a car for a day while it is being fixed for a recall item and that I should have no problem paying $250 for 2 hours of labor to replace a part that should not have failed in the first place.


This is my last Toyota product, a 2001 Highlander. WE had to replace the differential, brake calipers, mass airflow sensor, still getting check engine lights and know I find out that the rear main seal is defective, only $2000.00 to repair…and Toyota wonders why they’re sales are falling, I will never buy another Toyota product again after my experience with this 2001 Highlander.


This is our third Toyota Camary we bought new & we never had a problem with the brakes until now & with only 40000 miles on it,I had it checked by a local grauge & they had to put new pads & routers on the back. Later I called toyota & found they were having brake problems with some cars & would have helped me if I had had it fixed at a Toyota dealer. Since it was in the brakes , I didn`t want to drive all the way to the dealer,about 50 miles. I feel if you are willing to help customers if they went to a dealer for the same problem, that I should get the same condsideration even though I had it fixed locally. I have never had a complaint befor, but do feel I should get some compensation.


This was a price bait and switch. We received a trade in voucher on our car so took it in to talk with the gentlemen whom we purchased our last car with at the dealership because we liked him(Ron) and felt his word was good. We had met with the Toyota division of this dealership last fall and got the run around with them doing the switcheroo with numbers with the same out come. We left mad. Anyhow as we had the trade in voucher in which the trade in price on our car was $8750 we had Ron run all the numbers and decided to go through with the purchase of a Prius with the trade in.

Ron took our voucher and also wrote all the numbers down and we agreed. We went to pick up the Prius and somehow the Toyota Division of this dealership had no paperwork(probably got shedded by them). They first said they would only give us $6300 on it but raised it to $8000. We were not happy but wanted the car so did agree but felt totally cheated out of $750. Our mistake was not getting copies of the paperwork that was written up with Ron for proof. As we highly trusted this salesman with a previous history with him so felt a handshake was sufficient.

I still do not think Ron had anything to do with this situation. The salesmen working for the Toyota Division and well as all management (I believe we spoke with all) had the same attitude and I feel like they regularly play games like this with their customers. Anyway we were told our trade in was not even worth the $8000 they gave us but they turned around and sold it for over $12,000 a few days later. Anyway we received a feedback call from Toyota the day after the purchase and told them exactly what happened.

It seems the dealership was able to listen to the taped phone call(we did not know this) and then called us and had my partner so upset he finally had to end the phone call. This was a typical price bait and switch and I want others who purchase from this dealership to be very careful and get copies of everything. I feel the Toyota Division of this dealership is very corrupt. It takes a lot of effort on our part to post this with nothing coming out of it for us. I just hope it helps other prospective customers.

I plan to this this information on every site I can find as well as open a case with the BBB.

*I have listed the complaint but wanted to update to be fair to Fayetteville Auto Park. After listing feedback in several places and opening a case with Toyota as well as the BBB this issue became known by the manager of Fayetteville Auto Park Chris Bunch and he sent us a check for the $750.


I live in the area of Universal Toyota and decided to see about buying a toyota tacoma. I worked out a price with the sales person and a day later when I came up with the money, the manager decided that the price was to low and started to renegotiate again. The sales person was so embarrassed that he left the job to seek employment at another dealership. I was told this was this dealerships day to day tactics. I am an engineer by trade and have never experienced anything like this. I have bought toyotas in the past and have never experienced anything like this at any other dealership.

They treat people like there stupid. People, Customers are lied to and pressured just to see if they can get as much out of them. They tell you one thing, look you in the eye and lie to your face. Working people in this economy, working hard to keep there families alive and well, do not deserve to be treated like this and I am hoping corporate toyota hears of this and acts on this. STAY AWAY FROM UNIVERSAL TOYOTA IN LITTLE FALLS NJ unless you are gulable.


I am writing to tell you that I wrote and complained about my 2001 Toyota Camry. It seems the warranty should go to 100,000 miles I wrote to the motor dept about my problem. I purchased my car in 2006 and had to spend money on other things that went wrong with my car. It seems Toyota does not live up to its name. I am disabled and I brought a car that I thought I could depend on but I don’t think so I read other peoples complaints. Some of us cant afford to by another car and we depend on the one we have. Look up the history on my car and you will see. This is my vin number 4t1bg22k61u089285. Have a heart will ya Toyota.


I purchased a 2011 Toyota 4 runner limited last Nov.. The GPS system is totally useless. It does not work within five to six miles of my home. When I get within five miles it says that I am five miles from my destination and that there will be no further information. I checked the coverage of the system and it covers all of Canada, all of the Hawaiian islands and only the large cities in the USA. I checked the Internet and found that the system is made by a Japanese company named Denso which specializes in the manufacture of car parts. It would make more sense to use a company that specialize in Toyota GPS systems.

I have called Toyota with my complaint on three occasions to no avail. I have two Garmin products which work great in my area as well as anywhere in the USA and they did not cost me $40,000 dollars. This is my fifth Toyota and will be my last.


I have a 2006 Toyota Sienna. When i was about to use the heater last November 2010…it was blowing cold air instead of hot air. I have it checked at Toyota Sunnyvale, California and they told me that heater was not working anymore and the cause is mechanical problem and it will cost me $3,000+ for parts and labor. They said it is not covered by Toyota warranty anymore. The car is only 5 year old with 53,000 miles and the whole heating system is already broken?!!! Ridiculous, isn’t it?! Do they gave me a choice?! None!!! They won’t even give me a discount right there from their office.

They told me that I need to find a coupon somewhere…an excellent customer service they have. Luckily I found a 10% coupon from facebook. With the kind of customer service that I have received from Toyota and the problem I have encountered with my Sienna. I will never never never ever buy any toyota car in my entire life and i will never never never ever recommend toyota to my friends and relatives…never!


I bought a 2010 Tundra Crew Max 5.7 Limited 4×4 in March of 2010… I’ve had it about a year and it has been a nightmare. I traded in my 2006 out of anger about the US Govt and media slamming Toyota for the gas pedal farse. I spent almost $50k, putting about 30k down on my dream truck. It was awesome, ripping past people with little or no effort on the freeway. So proud of it I tinted the windows to match the black exterior (with the swirl marks). Then, about 1200 miles, I went under the truck to change the oil. It was like prom night, getting under there for the first time, looking around for stuff, excited to find the oil drain plug and filter. I am an avid AMSOIL user, so 1200 miles was good break-in.

I located the filter under the skid plate and I noticed it was damp. Further inspection revealed it was an OIL LEAK! I located the source.. It was leaking from behind the TIMING CHAIN COVER! What a let-down! I was wondering if I bought a dam Chevy! I noticed that the gasket material was squeezed out from between the block and the cover, so I figured some moron at the San Antonio plant over-torqued the bolts… You know, the same plant that had shut down for a while due to low sales of the New Tundra because gas was hitting $4 a gallon at that time.

Okay, so human error. I get that but I was pi$$ed.. I was already in hot water with the wife for getting rid of a perfectly good 2006 quad cab Tundra with low miles. I took the truck to the dealer where I bought it (Salinas Toyota, CA) and they were mystified. They had never cracked open a 5.7L… The procedure to fix would basically be a timing chain replacement process, just not changing the chain out. After about a week, I got the truck back and let it run with standard oil. I drove the truck to Yosemite in the snow.. Did great. I got home and I wanted to change the engine air/cabin air/engine oil/engine oil filter. I popped off the skid pan and AGAIN THERE WAS A LEAK!. This time there was gasket smear all over the seams where the timing chain cover meets the block..

I was upset. I decided to go to my local dealer, Gilroy Toyota (CA). I took it in and they decided to order a new timing chain cover, in case the original one was warped. SO, the truck now has 5500 miles on it and it went in. The truck came back out and it had a funny whine to the engine, increasing in pitch as the engine spun faster. The thing sounded like it had a double roller chain and blower on it. It sounded like the gear whine that you get from a drag racer.

I was okay with it but it was loud in my garage when I warmed it up. I called the dealer and asked them if they put in a roller cam gear (yeah, right) or is there something wrong. I went to start it and the battery was dead. Jumped it and took it in. They had to jump it too as the battery was bad.. They stated that it was the power steering pump. I asked them to be sure and that if they used a stethescope to isolated the noise, to be sure that the noise was not being transferred from the timing chain cover, all the way through to the surface component.

The dealer assured me that the power steering was the fix.. Well, they replaced the power steering pump and the noise is still there. They still have the truck and they are waiting on a new timing chain cover and oil pump, citing that the oil pump may be the issue. I told them that it sounded like the timing chain cover was rubbing on the new timing gear sprocket, which made it sound bad a$$ but would possibly scatter the engine soon..

I have never ever ever had this with Toyota… I had a 1983 4×4 that ran 300k miles, a 2002 Camry (160k miles), a 2000 Tundra, a 2005 Tacoma, a 2006 Tundra, still have a 2007 Camry XLE, a 2008 LE and now a 2010 Tundra in the shop getting the engine torn all the way down for the third time…

What a nightmare on a dream truck I spent $50,000.00, and added another 4k in tinted windows, trd rear sway bar, clear bra, flipbak tonneau cover, bilstein shocks, TRD dual exhaust (yes the new 900$ one that finally came out for 2008-2010), satellite radio subscription and all weather mats……

What would you do? I am so anal with my vehicles there is not a scratch on any of them… I am freaking out and my wife is “told you so” ing me to death…..
2010 Tundra CrewMax 4×4 Black Limited V8 5.7 6spAuto/moon roof/nav/etc
2007 Camry xle Aloe Green v6 3.5 6spAuto/nav/moon roof/etc
2008 Camry le magnetic gray v6 3.5 6spAuto/moon roof/etc


I ordered key shells for my 2002 Toyota Land Cruiser. The original Toyota keys, between two, lasted about eight years. The two iKeyless replacements lasted about six months. The plastic is worthless. They case just disintegrated with little or no use. When contacted, iKeyless wouldn’t do anything without a return of the keys (which were ground to fit my car). When I explained that the keys were not repairable, they said tough luck. Do yourself a favor. Buy replacement keys from someone else.


My 2008 Rav4 Sport had been making noises so we took it to our local Toyota dealer. When they were done with the repair, they told me that Toyota recommended a new transmission, but that the car was safe to drive. By the end of December, the car was not drivable at all (at least not safely). Jump ahead a month – it is now the end of January. I was told by Toyota Corp that the part should be in between Jan 11th and the 25th. Guess what, it’s not here. I am still driving the rental and can’t seem to get my contact at Toyota on the phone. I don’t even know what to do any more… all I know is I am PISSED!


I went to Toyota Stevens Creek in Santa Clara California, I spoke with Wail Said and this sales person went and talked to his manager Moris Ronen, they latter came to me and told me that they have another lot full of cars but I could not go see it if I was not going to buy anything. How did I take that? Well, I am Hispanic and I felt that when they saw me they automatically thought that I did not have the money to buy a Toyota. You can visit them here: Thanks, Anthony.


My name Denzil Crawford I purchase a 2010 Toyota Camry from Toyota place on task avenue Garden grove California. The main reason why i purchase this car for thirty three thousand dollars was because it comes equip with a GPS system i agreed to the terms and condition. however this GPS system is not from the factory is an after market system that doesn’t work i was never told at the time of sale that the Gps wasn’t a Toyota product of which i was led to believe it was. I only learn this after i move to another state and having serious problem with it and took it to another dealership who advice me and make aware that this is not a TOYOTA Product.

I have Contacted These two managers Pat Petty &Sam Chaalan who are not coperating in have this GPS system remove and replace with a Toyota product. This System have been work on three times when i was living in california not knowing what kind of a junk they sold me. i am still paying for this piece of junk and it dont work Pat & Sam email me when i tried to get to the saying i should pay to have the system remove and send back to them and they will rapair it and send it back to me. this is unacceptable. can anyone get them to mentain the good TOYOTA IMAGE by selling TOYOTA only Products and stop the scam of sell cheap no good after market parts to coutomer letting them believing that they are buying GENUINE TOYOTA Products.

Would and will never refer or return to this dealer to do any buisness I am awaiting a speedy reply


We had a RAV4 2002 Model, and early this year, problem presented itself as a transmission issue with hard shift into reverse; starting off in 2nd or 3d gear. I brought it to the local Toyota dealership and was told the next day that the transmission and the ECU need to be replaced, and cost estimated about $5000. Too expensive to afford. However, after a couple of months, we got a letter from toyota motor sales USA, inc., telling us that certain 2001 to 2003 rav4 vehicles with transmission problems and had repair before could have the expenses reimbursed. I sent all my documents and expenses receipts to Toyota, but was denied to reimburse to me, because I had my ECU rebuilt/repair, but not replaced. What a stupid policy. We are not happy with this decision and will never buy Toyota anymore.

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