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If you need to call the Mini customer service number, dial 866-ASK-MINI or 866-275-6464 to speak to a live person. Hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 8am-6pm EST. Mini Cooper is a division of BMW and a popular brand of cars in the SUV and adventure category. Originally built in the UK, Mini gained popularity in the 1960's due to their fun design and unique look and shape.

Today, Mini Cooper is a thriving company with corporate headquarters around the world. If you have problems with Mini Cooper customer service, the best method of contact is by emailing the corporate office. Many customers have done this to voice their feedback and concerns.

Common issues with Mini Cooper include mechanical failures, safety recalls, and warranty problems. If you have opinions on Mini, please do not hesitate to tell us what happened by sharing your story with us on our website.

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I call to verify warranty on a 2018 Mini Cooper country man that I had just purchased. The information I got by phone was totally wrong, they led me believe that I had just scheduled an maintenance appointment. Come to find out I need to pay $110.00 to get the warrant transfer to my name. I have been waiting for the finance manager over 45 minutes. What a service and first impression.


For quite some time, I’ve been asking the Mini Cooper dealer in Ontario, CA to run diagnostics on my 2009 Mini Cooper S in order to replace under extended warranty, the high pressure fuel pump. I was erroneously advised that my VIN number did not qualify. It was finally admitted to me, by their general manager, Collin Benhan, that my vehicle does in fact qualify for replacement of the HPFP under the extended warranty of 10 years or 120k miles. My complaint is that I paid $168 in February 2019 to have my vehicle diagnosed for this and other repairs and they failed to run diagnostics for the HPFP at that time and now that they finally admit that my vehicle qualifies, they expect me to pay for having my vehicle diagnosed for that specific issue again when they should have done it at that rime. I shouldn’t have to pay twice for something they failed to do in the first place. It’s very disconcerting that Mini will not correct this.


We have restored 3 homes through the US! We luv our mini! She’s getting old and tired! People have taken pics across the us of us hauling stuff on our mini!!


Dear Mini Cooper,

I have been a loyal Mini Cooper driver since 2006.

Recently my second Mini Cooper was declared totaled after I drove over some rocks at the beach. After 3 1/2 weeks of trying to repair the damaged oil tray and a few other parts, it was established that the engine was dead.

Being a loyal Mini Cooper driver, I opted for another Mini Cooper, tho many friends tried to talk me into a car that didn't sit so low on the ground. Background info -- though irrelevant to my complaint.

I ended up leasing a 2019 Mini Cooper, since there were few pre-certified ones available to my liking. I was told that they would lease me a car with a monthly payment similar to where I was - $236 per month -- to a new monthly rate of $239. That was fine with me. When I was given the usual PRESSURE sale for add ons -- it was suggested with New England potholes and roads, I should purchase the Tire Insurance. I was undecided and was told I could rescind within 30 days. I originally put down $5000 -- but to offset monthly premium, I ended up putting down another $500.

After returning home, doing some research, and speaking to various car knowledgable friends, I decided I was not going to take the Tire Insurance. I am not working at this time, recently divorced and my cash flow is tight. Only a day or two passed when I went to pick up my car and told my sales person , Donna Kean, that I did not want Tire Insurance. She told me that Chaz would call me back the next day. He NEVER called me back. I called him after the July 4th weekend -- which was 5 days later. He told me he could NOT reduce my monthly payments -- which escalated to $261. Once the lease was sent in, it could NOT be changed. If Chaz had called me back immediately, perhaps it might have been reversed. What Chaz OMITTED to tell me was that if I decided against the Tire Insurance, my monthly RATE would NOT go back down to $239. IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!

As I stated, my monthly cash flow is minimal. A low monthly premium is very important to me. Another MAJOR complaint was that the Manager, Brian,at the Rhode Island location, was extremely argumentative and defensive and rude. I have owned two businesses and was in sales for over 20 years. I would NEVER speak so rudely to my customers. When I told him important information was OMITTED -- his response was "DID YOU ASK HIM THE QUESTION"? I am new to this process -- and assumed that removing the Tire Insurance would lower my premium again. Chaz should have told me this important information. I would have decided against it immediately. Though the money is being returned to me -- my monthly cash flow, as stated, is minimal and my monthly payment is NOW higher than I am comfortable with.

I am very disappointed in the way I was treated, the information that was omitted, and the entire process. It was traumatic enough that my vehicle was totaled and I did not expect to need a new car so soon (the car I was driving was 2015) -- and would expect some KINDNESS instead of HOSTILITY.

I would appreciate hearing from Mini Cooper to see if there is anything that could be done at this time to lower my monthly premium. At the least, I feel that Mini Cooper owes me an apology. I feel Mini Cooper needs to be aware how a manager treats his customers.

Very truly yours,
Stephanie Ashkenaz Isenberg
917 692-4038


This is my second MINI. I bought the first one in 2003, having been on the waiting list and ordering it the way I wanted it and waited for 9 months for it to arrive. It proved a might small for a growing family so I opted to the 2009 Clubman. This car was used, and had been in a serious wreck that was not acknowledged in the buying experience. It has over 80000 miles, but my feeling was that MINI made a very reliable and well-built car that would last a long time. Over the next 4 years I put another 40000 miles on the car with only minor repairs, THE FREAKIN COILS over and over, and 3 sets of spark plugs! Oh yes, and it needed a thermostat housing when I bought it to the tune of $700! On day in November of 2018, the Check engine light came on. I was told by a local "MINI trained" mechanic that it would be fine to drive it for a few days until they could get it in. On the morning of the appointment, it started but ran extremely rough, when I put it in gear, the engine stopped and would not restart. I had it towed in to the tune of $250, and the bill was another $2700 to replace the timing gears, chain and tensions-er as well as a whole host of tests they required. This was December. early in January the check engine light came on again. It went off and came on several times a week. I then took it to Seattle MINI because I had no trust in the local mechanics. Seattle MINI is 55 miles from my home. I agreed to leave it for several days while they worked on it and tried to find the faults. After 3 days, they called and told me they had it fixed. Halfway home the light came on again and this time would not go off. even when I cleared the Codes, it would come back on within a mile on cold start, during deceleration. Another trip to Seattle MINI and they did not work on the engine light this time but a scheduled barn door light fixture replacement. They told me they would look at it but simply did nothing. After 5 months of driving it with intermittent check engine lights, the brake light came on and a few days later the low tire light. I could not get the lights to go or stay out, but one day soon after that I saw steam rolling out of my exhaust when it was warm outside and the engine was warmed up. There was oil in the water. I sold the car 2 days later to a MINI Mechanic. I have never been more disappointed with the quality of a car! What makes it worse is the personnel at MINI basically shrugging off my concerns for a car with 130000 miles destroying itself in 5000 miles. No way should a thermostat housing be defective. No way the timing chain assembly should be so fragile. No way should there be problems that leave experienced MINI mechanics in the dealer scratching their heads with no solution but to try this or that and have them be unsuccessful! No way should anyone anywhere expect you to make 3 day long trips to fix something, THAT NEVER GOT FIXED! Their inability to fix my car left it in a condition where I had to literally give it away because there was nothing to make it run right anywhere. I lost over $4000 in 4 months and the car was a total write off. Seattle MINI could not have cared less about my plight. This treatment and the shortened life of the vehicle has made me vow I will NEVER OWN ANOTHER MINI. It took a lot of abuse to make me feel that way. I will never promote a MINI, praise MINI, or have anything good to say about MINI based on the 2nd experience with one. The cheapest throwaway cars in the world do not self-destruct in 130000 miles, when the car got everything done on schedule and religiously. What a piece of Crap MINI produced. You took them from sporty and fun, to bloated and unreliable in 2 generations. 4 door MINIs? I will take every opportunity to tell my story to anyone who will listen. MINI needs to remember its heritage and go back to it, not be baby BMWs with a price tag to prove it! You lost me as a customer forever, with your total disregard of a return customer, and a car about as reliable as a Yugo!


On Wednesday, May 22nd, I purchased a 2014 Mercedes C300 from Mini of Alexandra at 5990 Duke Street, Alexandria VA. It seemed to be a great deal. The car had less than 25k miles and was reasonably priced. I worked with Matt who came across as a great salesman and seemed to be genuine. He even mentioned they always sell great used vehicles because they want great reviews and returning customers. About 4 days after purchasing the vehicle (no warranty was included because they are not a certified Mercedes dealer), I took it to a certified Mercedes dealer who said that the car was in excellent condition overall but had a leak in the engine. A leak that was there for a while based on the residue. I immediately took the vehicle back to Mini of Alexandra to look into the concern. I was told that they would not repair it because it would not have passed inspection if it was previously damaged and they do not honor the standard 5 day return policy in VA. The Mercedes dealer service center made it clear that an engine leak would not have stopped the car from passing inspection so in my opinion Mini of Alexandra failed to effectively diagnose the car prior to its sale (or they did not reveal the repair needed). Ultimately I was stuck with a $1500 repair on a newly purchased car with no remorse from Matt or anyone else at Mini of Alexandra. They even refused to look at the car to access the damage. My advice is to stay clear of this dealer. Once they get your money they do not care about anything that follows. It was very disappointing that they did not do more to assist as it was apparent that the leak was old due to the residue. I'm thankful that it wasnt an overly expensive issue and that I can get it resolved but suppose the repair was more extensive? I plan to seek legal counsel for restitution as this entire situation is unfair. Please contact me if you are willing to assist or would like to speak further


I have a big problem! My car is a 2016 Mini Cooper, with only 22.000 miles, only driver. The clutch is not working and Mini Cooper Usa and Braman Mini service center in Miami Florida claim that I have to paid the replacement because this kind of damage is not in the warranty. And I took a lease because It suppose to cover everything. And I asked for a report where do you explain when you consider that a cluth is damage by a person and when is a manufactured problem. I’m really disappointed about what’s going on! It’s really not fair!!!


My mini Cooper has the airbag recall 2005 my family owns three mini coopers I went to a dealership in Fairfield Connecticut and I spoke with the manager Warren and right away she want to charge me $ 275 dollars for a diagnostic for something to do should be taken care of By the dealer I work in in car and since I was 11 years old that’s why people don’t want to go to a dealership for any repair the airbag still wrong and the dealership doesn’t want to take care of me if anything happened to me or my family mini Cooper BMW are responsible is very frustrating when somebody’s trying to tell you they need to do something to fix something that is wrong from the beginning I guess I won’t be buying and my family another mini Cooper in the future I shouldn’t be paying any thing out of my pocket for something is factory manufacturing problem I own a Cadillac And those guys they really really took care of me or any problem of my cars If I don’t get any response I will be looking for legal action for this matter I work for the department of motor vehicle in Connecticut and I have never heard something like this before and my 27 years of service for the department of motor vehicle I hope this matter doesn’t go to the trash and is being resolved In a very quiet nice matter ???????? My phone number is 203-4493 417


I am still awaiting a response Please help
I have never before had I had the run around from a car company to the point that I have had to write an executive at the company to get help on a customer issue that should have been simple to resolve but no seems to be in charge.
It is a long story but demonstrates how one hand does not know what the other is doing provides no positive results for the customer.
I purchased a Mini Cooper S, 2013 the third mini from this dealership my fourth mini altogether. The car was serviced by my long term mechanic of 18 years who looked after several including my Toyota Landcruiser with 200K miles on the clock. Driving to work on a rainy November 2018 after about 40 mins the engine began to chug and I looked for indicators of malfunction but saw NONE and pulled off the highway and the engine stalled and stopped I call AAA who took the mini to my mechanic One look insider and he was able to tell me what was wrong A road hazard had cracked the hard plastic coolant pipe and the coolant had leaked and had burnt out the engine. There was no indicator of malfunction and only 50k miles on the clock My mechanic suggested calling my insurance company Since my wife has just been diagnosed with and was not allowed to drive they offered a rental car They also propose to write it the car off but offered such a small amount I said it would much cheaper to repair My mechanic recommended a repair shop and they would replace the engine with an equivalent They quoted $3500 parts and labor The insurance company tower to the repair shop and I called Mini of Escondido said it was OK to have it repaired there as they had the right engine, it far away Later the service Manager at Mini of Escondido asked for the repair bill, and the last oil changes bills which I obtained and sent to Meanwhile I contacted Mini USA what a runaround there Even though we had photos , they denied the claim citing wear and tear So even though the photos show a crack, there were only 50k miles on car and I believe Mini is offering a warranty on the coolant system for 60 K I would suggest that Mini knows about the problem but won't even offer any financial assistance
Last Friday this guy called me :
Renzo G.
MINI Motoring Relations
Escalation Supervisor
He said he would talk to his field team since there was no indication giving me hope once again but alas I have no way of contacting him and I am still waiting Mini has all the photos of the damage

This has been a nightmare


Left front axel retaining clip broke within 41 days of purchase the vehicle, leaving my wife stranded in the middle of the road. It was replaced at the dealer's service department. During the car's pick up, we scheduled an appointment for my wife to learn about the vehicle's latest technology, offered by Mini. To our surprise, when she arrived at the dealer there was no record of the appointment, all this after Mini USA called acknowledging the appointment. During the call I was told that Mini USA has authorized the dealer to issue a $500 voucher for accessories for the inconvenient. To our surprise again, when we inquired about the voucher, the dealer was not aware of the authorization. We are very concerned with the experience thus far, and with the brand commitment to a good customer experience.


I owed $325.88 for wear and tear on 2016 Mini Cooper Countryman. The check was sent November 1, 2018. On November 2, 2018 I received an automated phone call and I was able to press I sent the payment. Since that time I have received a phone call everyday, including another call that I pressed the button that I sent in the payment. The receipt I was given to mail in did not have my name, only this number 4002302020. Please check for the check sent. I have a 2019 Countryman and am not happy in the manner I am being treated by the corporate financial department.


Hoy Noviembre 9 de 2018, sobre las 12 del dia , fui a la Agencia Mini Cooper de Las Vegas para cambiar la bateria de la llave de un carro que compre el 12 de Octubre y hacer unas preguntas acerca del refinanciamiento de mi carro y sobre la garantia

Un senor de nombre Jerome llamo a un vendedor llamado Jose para que me ayudara con la traduccion. Jose me dijo que mis dudas me las debia aclarar el financista llamado Martin Perez.

Fuimos a la oficina de Martin y cuando llego se sento en su silla nunva me hizo pasar a su oficina, para tratar mi problema, tuve que hacer las preguntas desde la parte de afuera de la oficina, mientras Jose hacia la funcion de mensajero

Sinceramente senti un trato racista y hostil sobre mi persona.Deseo que se tomen las medidas correspondientes con esa persona para que no le suceda a mas nadie


I had an appointment for an oil change. I was going to wait figuring it would be half hour or so, When I got to Ontario which is 40 minutes from
work. They(Oscar) said they were so busy that it would be more than 2 hours for the work. Appointment was no factor. I called and spoke to a manager(Colin) and explained the problem. He said to reschedule and he would make sure I got a loaner. So I did. I picked up the loaner another day and called the following day to see what time frame I would have before the work was done. I was told the service person(Oscar) I was working with was sick and they would have someone else call me. Nobody did. So the following day I called early morning because I was going out of town and needed to see if my car was going to be done. No one called so I called the manager(Colin) again and he did not answer so I left a message. He did not call me back so I went ahead and headed to my destination around 10am. I received a call from Marco stating if I had any questions to please call. I tried to call him and I left a message stating I needed an answer because I was getting out of range , Did not hear back. Then I heard from Alex that my car was ready. I turned around and drove an extra 40 minutes to go get my car. When I got there they said my car was not ready. I told them I spoke to Alex. He came forward and said it was ready. When the girl that goes to get the cars came back and told another person her car was outside running with the air conditioner due to it being hot outside. She came and told me my keys were in the car. I got in my car an left. They did not clean my car, reset the oil change if they changed my oil not sure. Did not check my tire pressure. Broke the head rest knob in the back seat. Never got any paperwork to see what they claim they did. This is the worse service department I have ever been involved with.


My girlfriend's car had engine code and relate to thermostat housing need to be replace. I ordered new thermostat housing and new adapter harness for engine temperature sensor. So this adapter will for the new housing but not connect to anything on this engine harness. Nobody is helping me with this. I found a technical bulletin and it said it need to replace the engine wiring harness. Well I don't think that anyone has done it to this car. And said it under warranty regardless of time and mileage. I try to talk to service department about and they don't know. They said to contact you. Please help me with this. I have pictures of vin and wiring harness for this car.
Thanks Corky

this is the bulletin


The worst customer service EVER. The only thing they care about is for you to take a survey. You tell them your problem and the answer is, can’t help you. NEVER again will I buy a Mini. If you are reading this, DON’T buy a Mini Cooper.


My mini is 2003 automatic with 60,000 miles and twice I have had the transmission replaced or fixed at a cost of 4000,00 and now I have the same problem it’s been just over 2 years warranty you provide , the car is been repaired at mini dealer the same one universal mini of north Hollywood , and now I have no idea what to do , 3 times for same problem and 4-5 thousand dollars each time , Now if it was you what would you think about the service at universal of Hollywood mini copper dealership , This place is stealing from me I have every single invoice as proof of this claim of them ripping me off , I seriously think I’ll should sue them


I'm a potential customer that has been working with Carmax of Orange Park Fl. I had a mini cooper transferred from down south on & Oct 2017, it arrived in Jacksonville, fl on 10 Oct 2017. It was immediately sent to the Mini Dealership on Atlantic Blvd, where is was due to get checked before I buy it from Carmax. It is now 20 Oct 2017 and the service manager at Mini, can't tell me a time frame of when the car will even be looked at. I keep getting the run around as to how long the car will be ready to send over to Carmax. Can someone from the corporate office please find out and let me know how can I deal with this issue. Thank you in advance.


I'm a potential customer that has been working with Carmax of Orange Park Fl. I had a mini cooper transferred from down south on & Oct 2017, it arrived in Jacksonville, fl on 10 Oct 2017. It was immediately sent to the Mini Dealership on Atlantic Blvd, where is was due to get checked before I buy it from Carmax. It is now 20 Oct 2017 and the service manager at Mini, can't tell me a time frame of when the car will even be looked at. I keep getting the run around as to how long the car will be ready to send over to Carmax. Can someone from the corporate office please find out and let me know how can I deal with this issue. Thank you in advance.


I own a 2009 mini cooper s. I've been experiencing start up trouble and occasional surge while driving. I've read where this, along with these pumps dying while at highway speeds a very dangerous situation, is an issue with the cooper s models high pressure fuel pumps. I understand that the warranty on these pumps have been extended to 120,000 miles or ten years. According to "The Haus"...they recommend taking the vehicle to an authorized mini dealer asap so that possible warranty coverage may be verified. I went to my local mini dealership explaining of these same symptoms. I presented them with a video of me starting my car several times before it would run. You would think i had a diesel engine under the hood. The dealer said that issue is carbon build up inside the engine and that I needed spark plugs. Well...I just changed my plugs 2 weeks ago and have always used premium gas going so far as to add a cleaning agent every several fill ups. I've used seafoam at oil change intervals to aid vs carbon build up. I am fully aware of how direction injection works and how deposits form. I have been steadfast in my maintenance regiment. I just don't understand why they just didn't replace the pump given all the evidence. I travel on average 120 miles a day and truly love my mini one of three that I have owned. Even if the pump being the reason for my problem is uncertain given their investigation...wouldn't it make sense to replace it and avoid a potential incident going forward. I'm not upset with the dealership. They seemed concerned. I'm upset with the result given the potential dangerous and unsafe situation I might find myself in. Your input regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated.


I purchased the no longer made paceman based on the salespersons assurances that there could be a "computer chip" placed easily in the car as when I drove it I noticed it had not much pick up. I have since found out this can not be done. I spoke with the manager at Dublin Ohio Mini Mag who said he would research that and would find a way to help my car have some pick up so I don't get hit while trying to pass a car and can't do it because it won't move. I never heard back from him.

I have asked repeatedly at the dealership where I purchased it and they suggest that I trade it in for another of their cars, an "s" version. Why in the world would I want to buy another car from a dealership that has lied to me not once but on several occasions and does nothing about it. The car is a dog. It is heavy and can't move but at a snails pace. When anyone asks me how much I like it I am quite vocal about it. It's too bad, it's a cute car but I got a lemon and they won't do anything about it. They close ranks and start double talking. They know it's a badly made car, it's not made anymore for a reason. It's dangerous and I'm just waiting for the day I get I to an accident because of it.


I am so not pleased with the service at Mini Cooper in St. Louis that I was getting ready to purchase a new car. Then my headlight on the drivers side went out and it cost me 421 dollars to replace. I'm sorry but I'm a widow and on a tight budget. I feel that cost for a burned out bulb is ridiculous.


I purchase a pre owned mini cooper three years ago from Irvine Mini in Irvine California. for the last three years the engine light and constant stopping of the vehicle is the norm. The vehicle# BT253588. I am at a cross road with this vehicle I feel its a Lemon and I am looking forward hearing from you. Should I complain directly to Mini HQ or should I try to call customer care directly?


Dear Ms. Mariella Kapsaskis, I have been a Mini enthusiast for years and a Mini owner for 4 years. My first Mini was a 2010 Cooper S Convertible. My second a 2013 Mini S Hardtop. In the process of trading in my 2010, I gave Mini of Tucson an opportunity to make me an offer. The Salesman, Marvin Batts, came back with an offer of $3000.00. They offered me $5000.00 then deducted $2000.00 for “reconditioning”. I very calmly told Marvin that he should be embarrassed with this offer. I told him that I will never buy a vehicle from Mini of Tucson and that if I had another option for service, I would use that as well.

I drove 120 miles North to Mini of Tempe and was given a fair offer on my 2010 and I purchased my 2013 in Tempe. The experience at Mini of Tempe was a true Mini experience. The people at Mini of Tempe “speak” Mini and truly love the vehicles. Right before the Mini takes the States even, I took my “new” 2013 to Mini of Tucson to have a few accessories installed. I was very excited about the event, as this was the first time I had participated. Mini of Tucson was not even aware of the event. They had no idea what I was taking about.

Another interesting side note was that they new manager of Mini of Tucson, not sure of his name, didn’t even bother to introduce himself to me when I was there in the shop for about two hours. I was speaking with an employee, at the service department, and I asked who the gentleman whom I did not recognize was. I was told me that was the new manager. The shop was empty, except for me, and he must have walked past me 20 times without a hello. I told the employee I thought that was rude and poor business, and she replied that “you are not an 18-year-old college girl.” Really professional.

So this week I contacted Mini of Tucson, Ali Naim, Business Office Consultant, for information in extending my maintenance plan. I had gone to Mini of Tucson on the 16th of September because I had an engine light on, and Angela Horne, a service advisor there, printed out a list of maintenance programs that my vehicle is eligible for. The prices for the warranties offered were: Program Code 0000000160 MP 60MO/75k MLS EXT MRSP $1670.00. Program Code 0000000146 MP 72M/100K EXT ELIG $1995.00. Program Code 0000000342 NEXT WRAP UP 7/100 MSRP $1995 W/ $50.00 Deductible.

When I contacted Mr. Naim, the prices he offered me were. From: [] 
Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2016 10:46 AM
To: Webb, Stacey <>
Subject: RE: Warranty Information. Good morning Stacey I hope you are having a great start to your day. The Maintenance extension is $2555. However, the service department is currently running a special on MPU's or maintenance upgrades. Anyone wanting to extend maintenance on their current MINI can get a $250 discount from the MPU. So it would be $2305 and there is no tax so that would be total cost. Regarding financing options unfortunately financing the MPU is only available at the time of the purchase. Let me know if there is any other questions I can assist you with, or if you would like to extend you current Maintenance.

When I questioned Mr. Naim about the differences in the prices, this was his response. Good morning Stacey the information that Angela provided did not show the $250 surcharge the MINI the manufacturer charges for any vehicle the is beyond the manufacturers warranty. Your vehicle is currently out of factory warranty. Also these numbers are what the upgrade cost us the dealer. I would not be able to sell this warranty at our cost and an additional $250. However being that the mistake was on our end I will honor the quote Angela gave you for the service upgrades, but I am unable to discount them as well.

So I contacted Tom Lobenstein at Mini of Tempe, whom I have dealt with in the past and asked him about the Mini “surcharge”. Tom told me that, “Don’t know anything about the surcharge --- they do charge $200 more for maintenance if the maintenance is expired; however, if the warranty is expired (it is not – you have a CPO) they will only sell you a powertrain warranty”. I then asked Tom for the prices for the available warranties for my 2013 and was given these.


My 2007 Mini Cooper had a major engine breakdown. I am formally requesting a refund with corporate.


We have had nothing but problems with the Mini Cooper. We bought it with 30,000 miles and it now has 50,000 and had broke down multiple times. I wool continually steer people away from mini and BMW as that's my other car which is broke down too. They are expensive cars that are built very poorly and are bucket of problems. Please help us force mini to make this right and either replace or fix my Mini as its breaking me.


Terrible service! My wife has this Mini Cooper convertible with a yellow led on and off since three months; they've told her it's a thermostat or something; they are in back-order, but it's three months my wife is going around with this light that goes on and off on her dashboard, without having any written warranty this is not causing any damage to the car and that in one year nothing will be broken. No replacement car, no assistance. We cannot sell the car, of course, we are stuck with it, we are not getting any assistance; these guys in the Mini service department are so friendly ("Oh, we apologize", "Sorry, it's not our fault", etc.), but they are not offering any real solution to the problem. I'm very pissed off with them; they've completely lost their reputation; I'll never buy a Mini anymore.


Purchased my 2012 Base model Mini, manual transmission Aug. 2015, 31000 miles. Been mechanic my adult life. Started getting the timing chain death rattle soon there after. Took it to Seattle Mini told noise from bad clutch, tried to sell me a warranty for 1800.00 plus to fix it refused. Next day after cold start they replaced timing chain under warranty. Now has 44,000 miles, took it back at 41,000, death rattle returned. Seattle Mini claims not the chain, says normal. Trying to stall me until it is out of warranty at 50,000 miles. Scum bags.


First of all I'm from Kissimmee Florida purchased a mini Cooper clubman S 2011. Beautiful car but notice I had a slight rattle prior to buying I was insured by the mechanic that that's the mini cooper sound. When I purchase the car it only had 58,000 Miles. Took the car to Orlando mini USA Told by technician that my car was fine but at the role testing it he said I needed a timing chain. I asked him about the recall he said I had the N 14 engine which was not included in the recall. Gave me an estimate of $1800 I was under the impression a timing chain glasses well over 100,000 miles in a timing belt around 75,000. My car hasn't even reached that. Hoping I can get some answers what to do I know it's easy to pay for if you have that kind of money when you're ready still owe car.


I own a 2011 Mini, Cooper clubman S R 55 n14 engine. I purchased it with 58,000 miles It herd a little rattle the mechanic from the dealership said that's the mini cooper sound. I took it to Orlando MINI USA. They asked me for $1.800. To replace chain help me please I still 5 years on this car.


I have made several wholehearted attempts to validate the account, contractual obligation and debt BMW/Mini alleges I owe. BMW/Mini failed to comply with my request for complete and full documentation supporting the debt within 30 days as required by Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, 1: USC 1692g §809 (b). To date I have only received a one page letter saying "sorry you owe the debt".

That is it nothing further. My calls and correspondence are being purposefully disregarded. BMW/Mini has refused all my letters and calls. They refuse to provide me with complete documentation of account info, contractual agreements or debt owed. Their false and inaccurate reporting has destroyed my credit and recently caused me to be denied for a mortgage. It is unbelievable that a corporation can do this to someone.


I am writing this letter to inform you of the fraud, forgery and extortion that has occurred to me when leasing an auto from Mini Cooper located in 280 Sunrise Hwy, Freeport, NY 11520. I leased a 2013 Mini cooper at the above dealership and have returned the car to Herb Chambers BMW/ Mini Dealer in Boston with 29,054 miles of usage. I currently reside in MA but lived in NY when I signed my lease.

When I originally obtained the car, the lease terms specified 30,000 miles for 36 months. Unfortunately, I have been surprised by Mini financial Services headquarters at the end of my lease that the lease contract they have on file does not specify that information, rather they have a lease contract that is signed showing I was only allowed 22,500 miles for 36 months. For three years as long as I kept my contract, in good faith have made a conscious effort not to go above the 30,000 miles so that I wouldn’t pay the overage per mile at 0.20 cents per mile. The contract they have on file cannot be my signature or what I agreed to because I have kept my original signed and dated. To my disbelief I suspect a contract was forged on my behalf at Mini Cooper of Freeport and subsequently forwarded to Mini financial services.

I have made numerous attempts to contact the original salesman names Steve Jawvorski at this dealership which I believe is responsible for forwarding a contract I never signed and only spoken to various sales managers who will only agree to help me if I decide to re-lease a car from them. They have also disclosed to me that they cannot find a copy of my lease which is alarming. I feel this is also a form of extortion and it is very upsetting to walk into a business to sign a contract in good faith not having anyone honor it.

I have forwarded this letter to the Attorney General's Office and hope this issue is resolved as soon as possible. More importantly, I hope that this never happens again to any consumer moving forward. I will never do business at this dealership again.


Only 40,000 miles on the clock and have been asked by the dealer to spend close to $4,000 in repairs:

1. Bad thermostat
2. Alignment
3. Bad Air bag sensor
4. Leaking water pump

Terrible customer service from Mini Cooper!


Dear Mini Cooper customer service department. I am writing today with concern about an issue. I recently took my 2004 mini in to the local dealer for my power steering recall. They took care of the problem but I was also informed that the 02 sensor was under warranty for 10 years or 100 thousand miles. I talk to Thomas the manager at the Buford dealership and he told me to give him my invoice which I did. He later informs me that he didn’t see anything on my invoice mentioning that the 02 sensor were faulty. He asks me to show him any documentation saying that it was faulty and he could resolve the matter. After looking through my paper work, I found my emissions letter which states that the 02 sensor was faulty. I called Thomas back numerous of times to let him know that I had the emissions letter and he never responded. Here is the invoice and my emissions test I hope someone can resolve this matter without having to take my complaint to the Mini Cooper corporate offices.


We noted loss of power steering on our 2004 Mini S (with 88k miles) beginning about 3 months ago and have tried unsuccessfully to verify that our vehicle should be included under the mystical extended warranty program. We are simply told that our VIN is not included, and no one can provide specifics about the warranty extension. We find it very hard to believe that our vehicle manufactured during the warranty window could somehow have developed the same problem due to some other non-warranty associated defect.


Stylish, affordable, sophistication, fun to drive is what defines Mini Cooper. I went in for a Mini Cooper and I love the 6 speed automatic transmission system which gives a smooth drive. I choose the Hardtop 2 door mini cooper. I am totally impressed with it for every option that it has in it. The colors Mini Cooper has to offer is amazing. The engineering and technology they have used in it amazing. Performance unmatched with any other car of this kind. You can enhance your drive with just a push button. The drive is fun, convenient and smooth. I love this feature the most: MINI Connected system allows you to get connected to your Facebook and Twitter status, or just play your favorite tunes, web radio, and Pandora stations through a gorgeous, silky smooth interface. Highly recommended to those who look for style, value for money and performance in a car.

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