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The material of the lazy boy chairs and what in it is questionable by my daughter and myself. i have acquired a cough in the last 3 years that no doctor can explain. My husband died from cancer last year of the sinus track, etc. Now that he is gone my daughter sits in his chair and has also acquired a cough as mine. Please e-mail my daughter and assure her that there is no problem with the material in the chair. We will also notify the better business office and put it on record of our concern. These 2 lazy boy chairs were purchased at least 5 years ago.


I recently purchase a $1, 200.00 La-Z-Boy recliner. When it was delivered, I didn’t even think to actually recline the chair to check it over thoroughly. Four days later when my husband was sitting in the reclined position, I noticed the leather was rubbed bare on the back of the arms. I took pictures and headed into the La-Z-Boy store. I explained that it was a brand new chair and I needed a new chair delivered. “We don’t do it that way” was what I was told. After several attempts to get a “real appointment” with them, I’m set for six (6) weeks down the road!!! You’ve got to be kidding, La-Z-Boy! I didn’t pay top-dollar for a repaired chair! It’s not a year old, nor was it a week old! Get serious and read up on CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!


I purchased a Lazy Boy Recliner Sofa approx. 2 years ago. On delivery an arm cap was missing; never rectified after complaint to retailer and Lazy Boy. Now the retractable leg support has jammed in the out position and the particle board backer on the opposite side leg support has broken. The back of the sofa on one side has fallen to the rear. What I thought was a lifetime guarantee has turned into an $80.00 per hour labor charge. I am going to fire the junk in the dumpster; never again Lazy Boy.


We ordered 2 recliners. Traded in our old ones that were very comfortable but the fabric was worn. When we received our chairs and tried them out they were nothing like the one in the store. These are very cheaply made, something hard in the seat and we are not big people but you can feel it when you push on the cushion with your hand. Sitting on it is not normal it’s like sitting on wood. The store refuses to do anything about it. However when we bought them they said “satisfaction guaranteed” Yeah, right. So, over $1, 700 for 2 chairs and they aren’t worth $25.00


We bought an expensive sectional from La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery. Since the day it was delivered it has been saggy and uncomfortable. I phoned and wrote a letter to the manager right away to complain, but received no response. Now, less than a year old, the stitching is falling apart. Here’s how it seems to work with La-Z-Boy. You go to the Furniture Gallery and choose one of the well-built, comfortable pieces they have on display there. You put a deposit on the one you select, and then wait for months. The one that’s finally delivered to you is crap compared to the one you try in the store. My advice to anyone considering a purchase from La-Z-Boy – take a good look at all the complaints on the internet about this company.

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