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We were charged for gas after we had filled the car up. Then couldn't get them on the phone after many attempts.


I had made a reservation at the Tamarindo office March 5th until March 6th over a week in advance. My email confirmation said the pick up time was 6:00. I arrived at 6:00pm and the office was closed. I called the office in Liberia, Costa Rica (which is a little over an hour away). When I spoke to them, they said the office closed at 5pm. How was I suppose to know this when my confirmation said to pick up at 6:00 and the office house were from 7:30 am - 6:00pm. The guy in Liberia said he would try and call the manager to see if he would come in. Ha also said the guy waited for 30 minutes for me. And THEN his story changed and said he waited an hour for me to come. Impossible.

The man in Liberia said he was calling the manager in Tamarindo to come in and that he would call me back with an answer. After waiting about 30 minutes, I finally called him back. He said that he "tried" to call back, which is a lie, and then said the manager in Tamarindo was not going to come in to rent me the car. However, he said that if I drove to Liberia, there was a car available for me to rent. So I went to Liberia to the office, over an hour away, and by this time it was about 8 pm. After I filled out the paperwork, they charged my card, gave me the keys, they realized that I had a one day rental. As I am about to drive away, they realized this and said that they would not rent to me. So here is a quick recap....

I showed up ON TIME to pick up a car...The office closed at a different time that was given to me AND I had reservation with the times on it ... Waiting around for over an hour for an answer from the manger in Tamarindo ... I had to call them back in Liberia and wait for an answer ... I drove to Liberia, over an hour away, to get a car they said was available ... They charge me and I fill out the paper work ...They give me the keys ... The car turns out is not available .... I left without a car ....

Not only were the managers super rude about it, they did nothing but give me other numbers of places of other places to rent. Also, by the time it was all said and done, it was about 10:00 pm. I needed this car to drive to my Immigration appointment to have my visa renewed. I had a reservation so this really messed up my plans. I was so upset and angry. Thanks to Thrifty, I got to my appointment on time. I will NEVER use Thrifty and I will not recommend them to anyone. Things you can improve on...

Check your website to have the hours match up. Make sure you know if a car is actually available.


I had a reservation with a confirmation which hertz refuse to honor.i was forced into a little bigger vehicle which was 3 times the price of my reservation.i cannot find a mananger or no one in athority to talk to.i tried to call n speak to someone n was just told that there is nothing they could do for me. I am very very very disappointed.i rent a lot of vehicle from hertz before but again .i will post my complaint on every site i can possible.very much hurt about the situation.these people r unprofessional in every aspect.#1they dont understand customer satisfaction.from a score from 1 to 10 they r -1.its sad to say .


Rented a car at the Denver Airport online via Priceline. Sales rep at the counter immediately developed a bad attitude when I declined insurance. Tried three times to upsell me to a larger vehicle from the compact I booked. Said "You're getting the smallest compact we rent." She ended up putting me in a Mazda 2. I was behind schedule for an appointment so didn't have time to go back and change it but the Mazda 2 is a SUBCOMPACT, tiny,tiny vehicle. Felt like I was driving a roller skate for the three days that I drove it, never felt safe.

I rent cars four weeks a month. I don't think Hertz will be at the top of my list nor will it be for my fellow employees.
RR # 597388245
Location: Denver Intl. Airport
Dates: 4/29/13 - 5/2/13


If you do not stop sending me these e-mails I will be forced to take some form of legal action , now I have asked nicely in the past , alas no response from you , so once again please take me off your mailing list , I have never applied for a job with you , nor do I ever intend to at any future time , I also would never rent from you , nor after this e-mail campaign will I ever give you any form of an endorsement as to your service...


you applied for a job with us earlier but it was filled. We would like to let you know that Hertz is now looking for a Branch manager-in-training for our new office that will be opening soon in your city.

Hertz Equipment Corporation is a fully diversified subsidiary of the Hertz Corporation specializing in rentals, sales, and service of the very best construction equipment available today. Hertz has a staff of approximately 5000 employees and maintains 287 offices in 47 states in the U.S. and Canada.

We offer a unique position requiring flexibility, adaptability, and leadership.

Responsibilities for this position include, but are not limited to:
- serves as the overall business manager;
- sssists in opening a new branch;
- hires, fires, sets expectations for employees;
- monitors the work of all employees;
- manages accounts receivable and accounts payable;
- purchases inventory and equipment from vendors;
- manages all dealer to dealer transfers and equipment sales/rentals;
- adheres to corporate budget.

Hertz offers an onsite 3-month training program, competitive salary, comprehensive benefits package (including 401K), discounts on vehicle purchases, generous vacation program, and excellent advancement opportunities.

Please respond with a personalized cover letter to proceed with the application process.


HR Department
HEC Division
Hertz Corporation


I recently rented a vehicle from Hertz at the Salt lake City Airport on October 3, 2012. Our plane arrived at 9pm and we were at the Hertz rental spot by 9:30pm. There were only 5 people ahead of us and we waited 45 min to be helped. There was 1 man manning the desk and I don't know if he was a new employee or not but he obviously didn't know what he was doing. Finally a lady showed up and we gpt waited on. Should be end of story, right? OhNo!!! The lady then proceeded to send us to the wrong level and we spent another 20 min trying to find the vehicle. We had to finally go back to the counter and this time we asked the man where our vehicle was and he gave us different directions entirely. So by the time we finally found the vehicle we had wasted 75 min. I have rented vehicles before and have never had this much of a hassle before. I most definately NEVER rent from Hertz again!!!!!!!!


On Feb 26 I rented a car from the Reagan National Airport, The original booking was through Hotwire.. Originally I was to return it in 7 days. However, do to a tremendous job opportunity the car was driven to a different location. What I have asked no less the 5 people to do is allow me to continue the rental but I wanted to book at a lower and better rate through the company. after peaking with a customer rep that wanted to extort 1300 from for a drop off fee and dropping the car off was not what i wanted, she then offered to let me continue to rent the car at a ridiculous rate of 66 dollars a day. I have every intention of returning this car to the original location however i just wanted to extend the rental a t a reasonable rate. Two of the reps I spoke with one from the Seattle Airport and one from Reagan both claimed to have sent emails to the managers bu no and I mean not even a automated voice has responded to help me. As it stands at this point I could not return the car due to the extreme weather conditions from super storm Saturn if I had too. I am looking for some assistance in solving to me what seems to be simple issue. additionally member of the company I work for have attempted to address this issue with no results at all. I amd my team have been good customers to your company however that is going to stop. 5715771769


To whom may concern,

We have been renting from Hertz for more than 5 years now and for the past 2 we have been Gold members. We live near La Guardia Airport in NYC, we could have rented from the more than 30 rental places at La Guardia and JFK, which its just a bit further away. But we kept on going to Hertz because their enthusiastic, agreeable and amicable staff members.

We rent almost every weekend for business purposes and on the Gold counter theres always friendly and ready to help staff that keep us coming back every time, because of this reason alone, we are loyal to Hertz. A few weeks ago we encountered problems with the manager of La Guardia Airport Hertz, "a computer issue" made our invoice more expensive than what was supposed to be, unexplained "extra charges" were added and because we were in a rush to get to work, we decided to let it go that time.

Sadly today we had another incident, we needed an upgrade from a full size to an SUV. Our representative, at the counter, was again really nice and tried to make the the upgrade, she asked the manager for help with the computer, he came to the counter and without manners he completely discarded our reservation, canceled what the representative had on the screen making her start from scratch again and on the top of that he told her we couldn't upgrade to anything on the entire lot! A full lot and we couldn't upgrade? He didn't looked at us at any moment, he simply walked away and ignored the entire transaction, he didn't apologized for any inconvenient, he didn't even said good afternoon, as any educated human would do, mostly A MANAGER of a prestigious establishment. What a shame, for one sole person to make Hertz a shameful experience! Our amazing representative talked to him to try to make the upgrade, he didn't even had the manners to fix the transaction that he already ruined, finally our representative found the way to go ahead with the upgrade and fixed out issue.

We asked for his last name but he refused to give it, for what I saw on his name plate , his name is "Nana", manager of Hertz La Guardia. On top of not getting his last name, he stared at us while on the counter. I felt intimidated and scared he was going to take retribution against our representative. Because of today's terrible and disgraced experience we are putting in doubt if we should go back to Hertz. As I said at the beginning, there are plenty of other car rentals, mostly in NYC. We DO NOT depend on Hertz for renting cars, they all offer exactly the same and have the same car fleet. We loyally stayed with Hertz because the amazing staff, BUT the fact of having one unique disturbing member that completely puts in shame the entire Hertz business, provoke us to never want to go back or recommend you.

I have written many great reviews for the staff at La Guardia Airpot before, I thought this needed a bit more of attention than a simple review on your website. I really hope the Human Resources office receive this letter so they can be aware of not hiring poor quality people with the ability of putting in disgrace an entire corporation.

Paloma Campo
Senior Designer / Interactive Media
Ivillage NBCUniversal
75 9th ave.
New York, NY


Your JFK are manager Chris is by the far the most pleasant, personable employee I have ever spoken to, and I have spoken to at least 20 in the past 6 months. He handled the situation with grace and did not just pass me off to some other employee or transfer me to a different number like everyone else normally does. He did not cut me off and made me feel heard. He was so kind and easy to talk to. Chris really made me feel 100% better about choosing Hertz, because honeslty I was starting to question if that was actually a good choice. Chris was awesome and should be acknowledged.


I rented a Ford Focus or equivalent to be picked up in Munich on March 6, 2013. This was through Auto Europe Kemwel. The car was reserved and paid in full prior to arriving. According to Kemwell there would be no GPS with this model, consequently I had to pay $40 for a GPS which Kemwel sent me and I had to take with me on my trip.
When I arrived at Hertz at the Munich Airport I was told that they wanted to upgrade my car to a very large Mercedes. I did not want the Mercedes as it would not be very economical. I was told that they didn't have another car for me even though I reserved one. After complaining about this they suddenly found a Ford Focus that had a GPS built into it. Upon returning back I called Kemwel on March 22 and asked about how I could get a refund on the $40 unnecessarily spent on a GPS. They said they could not refund my money. Consequently as a customer I am out that amount. I am dissatisfied with both Hertz and Kemwel.


Hi Mark, Good Morning. How are you. Hope this email finds you in good health & happiness. Sorry to disturb you, as I know that you will be busy with lot of important works. I am approaching you as a last resort, as I am fed up with following it up ( since more than 2 months) with the Hertz Customer relations team & the Hertz saginaw location manager regarding my issue. I am a President Circle Gold Plus member bearing no. 58452376.

I have been renting almost continuously from Hertz, every month from May, 2012 (i.e. since one year & four months till date). I have sent email yesterday i.e. 15th Aug, 2013 to Monica Leonard Customer Service Team Performance Leader requesting her to address my issue. The email sent to monica leonard is forwarded for your ready reference. I humbly request you to Kindly look into this issue & do the needful asap. I never expected that this type of treatment/service/hospitality will be offered to the Hertz President circle Gold Plus members, leave aside the service offered to the ordinary customers/members.

I thought Hertz is ahead of other car rental companies, but to my complete and utter surprise, now I may have to believe that, what ever I thought earlier doesn't seem to be correct. Inspite of the above, I am willing to continue with Hertz but it seems it is getting tougher for me day by day. I want to maintain a cordial relationship thereby enabling both the parties to benefit from this relationship. Hope you understand and do the needful with a fair view of judgement.I beg you to treat this as most urgent, as I need to return the car today before 5 PM & pick up a car by entering into a new rental contract with hertz. Your help in this regard will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. 


State Farm Insurance paid for a car rental from Hertz on 2/25/2013. I was told to turn the car in across the freeway from the Hertz locacation where I had picked up the car. I turned it in the same day I rented it. About 2 miles from I stopped and filled up the gas tank. The next day I discovered I had left something in the car.

I called the location where I had rented the car and was told it had been picked up and taken to a different Hertz location about 10 miles away. I went there and got my belongings. The next day I was charged $25.58 for gasoline. I called Hertz and was told since they'd driven to another location the Hertz employees at that location had assumed I had turned the car in without a full tank. He told me he would credit my account. I waited a week and called again. The man asked me to email him a copy of the gas receipt to katyfreeway-txhelsor@hertz.com. I did so and waited another week.

I called again and asked to speak to the manager. I was told he wasn't in so I asked for his name and left a message. Another week went by and I called again and was told he was with a client. I told the person on the phone to tell that if he did not return my call that day I would file a complaint with higher-ups. This is my complaint. I've been lied to and ignored and dodged. I demand a credit to my account in the amount of $25.58 immediately.


I was the innocent party in a collision on a roundabout and because the other driver would not accept culpability I have ended up paying Hertz 767 euros /£500 because they have accepted her version of the story after I supplied photos and diagrams of the accident, it was even passed on to Eversheds solicitors for them to fight in court but I suspect they didn't even defend me in court as I was living in Spain at the time. After well over 10 years regular use of Hertz for long term monthly and fortnightly rentals I have now given up on the company altogether & would not recommend them to anyone as their claims department is a joke.


I rented a full size car from Alamo Car rental for two days from April 5 to April 7 2013. I was given a top of the line Chrysler 300 with leather seats, XM radio, power locks doors, and premium amenities .... total cost $71.24. I rented a car from Port Canaveral Hertz after our Bahamas Cruise for 1.5 hours to go to the Hertz rental at Orlando International Airport. I was given a Chevy Mini SUV (basic model). I drove 46 miles and paid $89.53 ( I used approximately 1/8 of a tank of gas and was charged $32.09 Fuel and Service Charge). I can fill up my Cadillac STS, V-6, 305 hp (lot bigger car) with premium fuel for $50.00. I had a prepaid car rental for a full size car that I picked up at the airport from Hertz. I was given a basic model Nissan Altima. I asked for another appropriate full size car but was told that I would have to upgrade to a premium vehicle paying over $20.00 more per day. I just kept the Nissan Altima. Needless to say ... My spouse and I are very displeased with Hertz Car Rental and will not be using your company again in the future when we have experienced excellent customer service from numerous other rental car companies who charge ... surprisingly at a considerably cheaper rate. I will not recommend Hertz to anyone of my companions or family members. I can see why there are longer lines at the other car rental companies at every airport that I have visited (and I travel frequently). Apparently they learned early what have experienced during these two rental agreements today. I will be turning in my car on April 15th 2013 at the Orlando Airport.

Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

Sincerely Kevin Wise
SFC Retired US Army
Killeen, TX


I prepaid for a rental car in Dec. for a trip to ATL 1/12/2013. When I got there being a #1 Gold member I went to the reserve board for the space location of my car and it was blank. I went to the service desk and they said my debit card declined the $200. deposit that I knew nothing about. I called the bank and found out I was $13.00 shorts from having enough. I offered them the difference in cash and they told me the couldn't receive cash. I then offered a credit card to pay the total and they said the payment had to be paid as the same card on file. "Stalemate" After talking to 3 different service reps for Hertz and hour later I gave up and got a number to ask for a refund. I them went across the isle and rented a car from Avis for $100. less and no deposit was requird. They had me in a car in 15 minutes. When I got to my hotel I called that Hertz number to request a refund and explained why. I made a mistake by not getting that persons name but he ask me if I was still at the airport. I told I left two hours ago after renting a car from Avis. He said normally there is a cancellation charge but he would waive that charge due to the fact the airport Hertz service people did not make an effort to fix the problem by calling him as he could have fixed it. Today is the 23rd of Jan. and I'm back in Wichita, Ks. I called to ask why the refund on my prepaid od 210.37 was not processed. They checked and said it should show up any time now minus the $60. cancellation fee. I'm not sure who in charge but someone better look at this. After 20 years of being a loyal Hertz member I will never use your rental cars again. Enjoy the $60. you stoled from me. My next step is to cut and paste this to all of my social media account about " The Hertz Rip Off ".


Never in my professional life have I experienced such a low level of professionalism and customer service than that shown by your staff at 11:00am on Feb 23. I arrived and rented a midsized car at a ridiculous rate of 160.00 for ONE DAY. The money was not the issue. Once rented the rep asked me to walk over the door and someone would direct me to my car. I did just that but there was no one to be found.

I returned to the counter where an older woman with glasses brushed me off and said "go outside and find someone in a orange vest" I stated that I did look but no one was present. She then stated to "walk around the back of the building" WHAT??? Is this some third world mentality? It was 24 degrees out and I am being ask to go hunt down one of her fellow workers so that I can beg someone to help me get my car I just paid 160.00 for.

Why coudln't she use the radio she had next to her and call for someone? the answer is..SHE COULD HAVE. Pure lazy and disregard for the customer. The attendent I finaly found said to go and pick any car in the line and take it, the "keys are in it" SO...I began to look for keys.. FOR 10 MINUTES in the 24 degree weather. I finally found the attendant and ask for assistants. He looked in the car and surprise..NO KEYS! so he said "just take another" The lack of customer service that your company shows is appalling!

I will be returning to Denver 5 more times over the next 4 months and I will NEVER rent from your company again! I have status at National and Hertz and Thrifty was the only cars available due to demand. This was a chance for you as a company to gain a new LOYAL customer and you failed. Obviously there are no superiors that manage this location that feel customer service is important because it shows all the way down to everyone I dealt with. You should be ashamed at how your company is being run at the Denver office.

Clearly, the focus is on sticking me and my colleges for high rates and completely disregarding any type of customer service. NEVER AGAIN!


My company had arranged for me to pick up a rental car on 03Sep13 at 12:00PM in Orland Park, IL (confirmaiton # F8881718418CNTR); fortunately I called the day before which is when I learned that that location was no longer open and I should go to a location in Mokena, IL. It is unfathomable to me why such critical informaiton was not conveyed to me by Hertz. When I arrived at the site at 12:45 on the 3rd the car was not there and neither was the site manager, Kyla. The man who was there told me that he had no idea when the car would be delivered or any way to find out. He stated that he had no way to contact the manager or anyone else who could assist me. He expected the manager back within 15 minutes from lunch but she did not arrive. I had been dropped off expecting the car to be there so had to call someone to come back for me. I left my telephone number and asked for her to call me upon her arrival. She never had the courtesy to do so. I called back at about 2:00 and was told they did have a car there now and it was being cleaned and would be ready in 20 minutes. When I arrived the manager was there and basically told me that the car was not ready at 12:00 because when I had called the day before I had stated that I was not sure exactly what time I would arrive. At no pont in our conversation on the 2nd had I stated or implied that I was changing the pick up time. Kyla was completely unprofessional and is not a credit to the Hertz organization. I'm a Hertz Gold member and feel quite let down by the level of service I received.

Disclaimer: This complaint was submitted by Jennifer Worrell on 09/09/2013 at IP address using our Hertz complaint form. This opinions contained in this Hertz customer review titled, "Hertz location had moved and I was not notified" do not reflect the opinions of this website.


I rented a car for three days in Myrtle Beach, it was the most expensive car I've ever rented as I usually rent my cars through Zipcar.

Zip car pays for gas, 180 miles per rental and covers you for anything that happens to he car while you are driving for a one time fee of 75.00/year the most I've paid to rent a car for three days is 242.00.

When I got my car at Myrtle Beach airport Hertz, I had to pay almost 50.00 per day for insurance because I don't have a car at home so therefore no car insurance.

What a ripoff also had to pay 12.00/per day for the GPS which was well worth it. By the time I brought the car back I had paid another 40 bucks for more gas so the rental cost me 425.00, ridiculous!


RR 165112194. I was returning my rental car at Denver Intl Airport (DIA) last night about 5 pm. There was a big line and only two check in agents. I got all my stuff out the car and was waiting for an agent. About 5 minutes later a car pulls up two lanes over to my right, cutting in front of about 12 other cars, an agent walks right over and checks them in right away. When I asked her why they got special treatment, she said they were "platnium." I had never heard of that level and said "I am President's Circle and I though that was the highest level". She looked at my contract and said you are "just gold." She then sarcastically asked if I had ever rented here (Denver) before. Then asked if I knew that I could take the shuttle over to the airport from the car rental drop off. I explained that I rent probably 35-40 times a year in Denver alone. She then sarcastically said "well then you know to leave, Bye." Her name is Tammy and she was extremely rude. If that is how you train your employees and you condone their attitude, I can always change car rental companies. Let me know. Hertz Gold #52636120


I recently hired a car at Arlanda. The airbag was not working. The bonnet was not closed and not noticed until it sprung up. I was charged 10 days congestion charge for a trip that covered 2 weekends where the charge is nil. That is tantamount to fraud and I wonder how much money Hertz is making from this. To top it all Ii am being charged 1000kr for a dent smaller than a ten pence piece. I am told that the money will be taken from my account tomorrow unless I can call Sweden from the uk and speak to the manager. Chances of success? Not likely I imagine. Yours in disgust, C.Law


If a negative rating was possible, this place deserves it. When picking up my rental car at 7:30AM (I called the day before to make sure one was available,) they proceeded to tell me to take the car to get an oil change on my way to work. "No worries," Jeremy said; "it'll only take 10 minutes." EXCUSE ME? You want me to take a car that I am renting to go get serviced? Absolutely not. I refused and was put in a pickup truck instead. Wow thanks. So then two days later, I check my bank account. A $362 charge was taken by Hertz for the rental car. I am stunned. Not only is my account now in the negative, my blood pressure is now getting higher. I call the Royal Oak location and they inform me they have lost my insurance claim number; which I verbally gave to them two days prior; hence getting in a pickup truck.

I inform them this is not my fault and I need the funds released immediately. They connect me to billing; a whole new fresh hell. The woman in billing informs me that since I had no claim number; Hertz charged me the normal amount for the vehicle. Whatever-just GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK. After two days of phone tag, they tell me to turn in my lovely pickup and rent another car and open a whole new rental so the old money can be released. Needless to say, I turned in my redneck mobile and went across the street to Enterprise where they were AMAZING. No issues, no hassles and no STEALING MONEY. Oh, and after I turned the car in and called a few days later when my money had not yet been returned, Hertz Royal Oak told me to turn the truck in and start a new rental....even though I already did days ago. Days have now passed and still no sign of my money.

I WILL NEVER USE HERTZ EVER AGAIN. They cannot find their asses with both hands. This has been the worst experience of my life and such a headache. Oh, and my account is still in the negative.


I rented a 2014 Dodge caravan from the Hertz office in Bunnell Florida. I had the truck for 4 days and wanted to keep it longer its return was set for 12/30/2014 I called the office on 12/29/2014 told them that I would need it for another 3 days they said that it was fine.I drove the truck to my sisters house in woodhaven Florida where the brakes failed I was lucky that I was able to use the curb to help stop me or myself and my Grandchildren could have been killed. I called the Hertz number for road service and told the lady what has transpired she was very nice and sent a tow truck to my sisters home to pick up the Hertz rental SUV. The keys were left with the truck as I was told to do and that was the end of it I thought.

After 2 weeks went by I noticed a large charge on my credit card from Hertz, I contacted the office in Bunnell and spoke with the manager. He informed me that the truck was missing and that I was the last one to have it and that I was being charged everyday until I brought back the truck. I then explained exactly what happened he said that he had no record of the truck being towed. I told him that I called Hertz and that they sent the tow truck and that I had no Idea where it was and that it was not my responsibility anyway he claimed that I was the last one to have the truck and that he was charging me daily until I found the btruck then hung up on me. I spent hours tracking down the truck by calling the Hertz customer service department who informed me that they picked up the truck and that it was in the storage yard at the wrecker company in tamps because they were closed and the tow truck driver did not know what to do with the truck so he took it to their storage yard.

I then called the manager at the Bunnell office gave him all of this information and I again thought that the matter was over but the manager at the Bunnell kept charging my creit card for the truck I called him again and he claimed that he still had no idea where his SUV was I asked him if he called the wrecker yard that I gave him the number for that I had to track down doing Hertz job and the managers job too I called him again and asked him if he spoke with the storage yard he said yes but the idiot did not ask them any questions about how the truck was delivered there and to this day 01/21/2015 is still charging my credit card so with all of this information I am contacting a attorney and filing charges against Hertz We will see what happens when you eople hire dumb people to handle important jobs that are thieves. See you in court.

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