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We bought our 2016 ultra limited low brand new off the show room floor. We took a trip for honeymoon, from Wisconsin to South Dakota. At 8,800 miles the check engine light and temperature light came on. The engine was overheating. We needed to call a tow truck to come get up and bring us to the nearest dealer 39 miles away. On arrival, the service guy says your overheating? We say yes. He says, “your check engine light come on? We say yes again. He says let me guess you got just over 8,500 miles on your bike. We are impressed and say yes again. Then he says it’s your water pump. Apparently it’s common knowledge that at 8,500 miles the water pump goes out and it’s an $800 fix! If it is such common knowledge why isn’t Harley doing something to fix the problem?!? If this is how they treat people leaving them stranded without warning they are going to lose a ton of customers!


Dear HD,
I just traded in my old bike for a new one a week ago. I have already confirmed with the loan company, put my down payment down, and they took my old bike. Meanwhile I’ve been left without transportation for the week and nobody at Jet City Harley seems to be able to tell me what the hold up is. I am beyond dissatisfied because I was not informed of any such delays and now I am out on money and transportation! This is the worst customer service and business practices I have ever experienced during my time riding!


Jeffrey Kretschmer
1105 Doubletree Ln
Mansfield, TX 76063

Harley Davidson
3700 W Juneau Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Dear Customer Care/Complaint Department:

This letter is to complain about service I recently received from Texas Harley Davidson in Bedford TX. I purchased a bike in January 2018 and traded it in for a new bike in January 2019. One of which wasn’t my choice of a bike but they talked me into buying this one as they said, “Could make it work.” However, the monthly payment of $600 is not going to work and need to trade it in. I went in on Saturday, June 8th, 2019 with the bike and checked in with my salesperson. He then proceeded to get finance (Jerry Moore) to get with me so they could print bank statements. Then said, “they would be working with bank and needed to work on getting payoff.” Additional finance gentlemen Ty came out at 4:30 and said, “Can’t do anything till Monday as was not yet able to get payoff.” Monday I spoke to Kevin, my Account Manager at HDFS and he said that he shows no one ever called Saturday as it would have been transferred to him and noted in system that they were trying to get.

Then at 7:30p.m. another finance guy Dustin Gatten came out and very unprofessionally and very rude proceeded to tell me that there wasn’t a thing they could do as bike was in repo status and that I had not made a single payment. Untrue! I had missed a payment as I was in the hospital with pneumonia and not working for two weeks. I had worked with Kevin at HDFS and he said if you are going in to trade in bike don’t make the payment. And when I spoke again to him on Monday he said that the bike was never in repo status. Dustin also said that there was not a single bike that I could purchase with a $300 payment. However the first bike that I had was $13,000 and payment was $257. Bike I was looking at Saturday was also $13,000 so how can them tell me so rudely nothing I could buy.

Kevin, our Account Manager also told me to get them to cancel the Extended Service Plan for $2219 that they insisted I purchase on a 2019 bike. So that it can be refunded and put as a credit on my principal balance. I completed form to cancel on Saturday and gave to them at that time. I then frustrated left with my bike since they insisted couldn’t get payoff and now nothing they could even do.

My fiancé texted the salesperson on Monday at 9:00a.m. to see if he was working that day which he was and said she was gonna come down and see if can be worked up under her name only. Said be there 10:30. He said she should wait to come here and he called the bank and their saying need money down. 10:30 she texted him again if should come work with finance but still said would like to have everything done and resolved before still trying to work things out to make it make sense because as of know they want $9000 down for both of us. I told him again if they can just try and work paperwork with just me. She texted him again and 11:00 and 11:57 and didn’t hear back so tried to reach him by phone but did not answer. At 12:21 called main number and got Travis in finance and he mentioned still working on it. We keep hearing that same response, however I feel they were putting this in any type of priority. Called again hr n half and still same response. All day no response.

Frustrated and I had to work she went down to the dealership at 10:00 and asked for Jerry Moore/Mgr. Only then in front of them in person did they work on anything. In the end said would not be able to do just her name due to unverifiable income. So for a brand new 2019 bike that just purchased in January payoff $26,133.38, not yet taking off the $2219 for ESP only giving $17,000 for trade-in and they needed $13,000 down. I’m finding it ridiculous will only give $17,000 when I paid $24939.

I expect a much higher level of service from your company, and quite disappointed. Having a customer sit for over 6hours keep telling them working on it and can’t get payoff, no responses next day and again had to go in to get any type of answers. I feel they were not wanting to even sell me this bike and work with me on the trade-in. Terrible service and experience. I will be forwarding a copy of this letter to Texas Harley, the Better Business Bureau and additional agencies, and owner as completely unacceptable.


Jeffrey Kretschmer


hello harley Davidson
i live in Israel and purchased a 2015 streetbob which I love I bought the bike brand new from your harley shop here in Israel in the first week it was opened
For no reason of you company nearly 3 weeks ago a screew managed to loosen its self from a vance and hince filter that a had installed also not your companies fault
my problem is the service of the company here
A screw managed to get sucked into the engine through the air intake and destroyed one side of the engine
i had the bike towed there 3 weeks ago and from this time I have called them many times only to be told that who is in charge is not there and they will get back to me which most of the time they havnt
They asked me to give them a deposit for the work
i borrowed a car to drive there to do this. And when I got there with 3.000 dollars they said they where busy and had no time
Ive been there in person 2 times i have had friends go there who also ride your bikes
yesterday i was there to find out what was going on
they don't know if the parts have been ordered or not
my bike has been sitting there all this time and i cant get around without it
a price they told me was from 17.000 to 22.000 shekels which is around 5.000 to 6.500 which is no small amount
just over 2months ago i went to talk to them about trading my streetbob for a 2019 deluxe which I dreamed of for many years
they gave me a price of 186.000 shekels on the deluxe
100.000 on my bike in trade in which as you can see is a difference of 86.000 shekels
now after this disaster i spoke to one of them about the same deal
They said they would take my bike and i would need to pay them 115.000 instead
which is a difference now of 29.000 shekels which is crazy the repairs are from 17.000 to 22.000 ??
the point is the service is not what i think your company would like it to be they seem to do what ever they want
I hope very much you can help me with this problem
i await a reply from you on this mater
a proud harley rider
Thank you
john morris
kibutz tel itshak doar 45805
tel 972 526833301


2018 Trike bought july of 2018 at Abernathy's in Union City Tenn. Rear rim metal is pitted. Harley is telling me it is corrosion by the enviroment. Have sent pictures myself dealership has not been helpfur at all. The bike is less than a year old. We should not be having this problem.


Well this may sound silly to all of you , however I have a 2019 1200 Iron I have had it for 3 week it has 300 miles on and the left driving light went out so I went to my dealer Pensacola Harley , and first of all had to pay almost $5 for this little light they had none in stock this place has 250 bikes and no light in stock ? but 3 weeks old and I had to pay , I will go to ever site I can and tell people do not buy HARLEYS go with HONDA that is what I should have stayed with getting rid of this bike asap!!! never again will I think about a HARLEY


Today 5-28-19 I drove 2 1/2 hrs to Stinger HD in Medina OH. I was pre-approved for a 2008 FLSTC Fireman/Shrine less than 6k miles being sold for $7,999. While on my way I was contacted at 10:49 AM by Dave who said financing is done and the bike is mine with 10% down. I informed him I was only 20 minutes away from the dealership and wanted the bike. When I arrived I went to the front of the dealership where the bikes were displayed. A man came out and asked what I was looking for. I explained I was already approved and was contacted by the dealership about this bike and pointed to the FLSTC. The man identified himself as Dave and stated he did call me however he had good news and bad news. The good news was he got to meet me. The bad news was the bike had just sold if the other purchaser got financed. About 10 min later Dave introduced me to Christian who showed me around to look at other bikes. Finally after wasting enough time I asked to see ANY 2008 heritage with less than 6k miles for $7,999. Guess what. There were none. I do not have an issue with Christian at all. After driving 2 hrs home and still being mad about what happened I called the dealership and asked for the head sales manager Todd Stitt. I explained who I was and he already knew why I was calling. Apparently Todd was the one who sold the bike before I got there. Todd did say that usually the first person with financing gets the bike. Well I was financed a day before? Then Todd stayed it was a lack of communication that lead to this. In the end I was screwed out of 5 hours of my time and tank of gas and a great deal in a motorcycle. After hanging up I drove the next 30 minutes even more upset.

Is this common practice? A person is financed. Contacted by a dealership and told the bike is theirs and then it’s sold 20 minutes later? If so something needs to change. Why in the world would Anyone find a bike to buy get financed travel a few hours to be kicked in the teeth when I get there? This experience has left a very bad taste in my mouth. This would of been my 3rd Harley. Very disappointed

Attached are the pic of the advertisement
Phone call from the dealership at 10:49 and me letting my wife (baby) know I made it to the dealership. My timeline is correct. I feel like the statement “the bike is yours” is a contract. This contract was broken by Stinger HD


A year and a half ago I purchased a used 2006 V-Rod from the HD store in Little Rock Arkansas it was in January when i had delivered to my house *very cold the year* did not get a chance to ride until late spring *but always making sure to start it every day as well as keeping it on a charger. So when it came time to ride it worked fine for about 2 weeks issue is temp light was coming on with in about 5 to 8 minutes of riding as well as coolant running out of the over flow reservoir and radiator. I took it back to the dealership and explained the issue I was having, first oft they told me that's unheard off couldn't be right are you sure that's whats wrong YES* (other things were said not important) left the bike there about 3 weeks later they said it done nothing wrong with it told me I let it run out of fluid which was a lie on there part because I told them the issue they told they topped off the fluid and I'm good to go payed around $300.00 for what because I got it home took it out to ride and the something happened again I called them they told me to bring it back in and they would look at again but would most likely cost the same or even more **a young guy that works there made a comment that if you can't afford to fix it you should have bought it. just a note I can ride it around town but the moment I get on the highway it starts doing it again (i spent about 125 on coolant so far). the bike now is at another shop for the 2nd time they told me they fixed the first time (bad Fuse) took it out half a day Saturday and all of Sunday this past weekend nothing happened it was great thought all was good. Was going to ride to work on Monday morning about 4:20 am on the highway it done it again this time got under rear tire almost wrecked the bike **I very pissed at this point** for what I can tell is there are a lot of people having the same issues I'm have **does anyone know anything about this model bike, for what it's worth I love Harley's I would NOT buy anything else never have and never will *****what happened to Harley's Integrity Can you please HELP me I want to keep the bike! I have more to say but I would really like to talk to someone not write! 1-501-800-2043 Rick


Misleading sales Managers/team and defective unit unsafe motorcycle, not honouring stated trade-in agreement on Sportster model as told.
Mr Graniela Purchased a defective unit and is trying to remedy the issue with no help from Orlando Harley Davidson, Florida, his intelligence was tested and insulted. this is a serious safety issue that OHD is aware of, If Mr Graniela is harmed or injured due to this equipment failure and it is verified, this will serve as a testimonial that Mr Graniela tried to solve this without litigation, your response will be noted and we look forward to hearing from you.


I bought a 1998 HD from Treasure Coast Harley Davison I finance the motorcycle motorcycle came from Canada I live in the USA the motorcycle odometer is in kilometers which is fine five years later the title comes and it is in miles I called up treasure Coast Harley Davison and explain the situation and they told me there’s nothing they could do when I have all the records from the bike being originally in Ontario Canada so instead of having 65384 kilometers it’s saying miles
How do I get this corrected


2012 tri glide started last summer the no throttle response stranded on interstate 70, 60 miles west st louis had towed in Ted HD alton,ill got it home Sullivan ill took to Legacy HD Effingham,ill they replace all parts they can think of ,think it fix, next day took for a ride not even three mile from my house went down same thing ,the bike been down there four times still not solve , Cozhiar HD in Decatur ill work on it change throttle body pins though maybe fix it,, TODAY 4-8-19 didn't get 3.5 mile from my house quit on me on highway took me 5 times to get it home,Cozhiar coming tomarrow pick it up 4-9-19 this is getting old paid all them deductibles for nothing , this needs something done about this issues im not paying no more deductible , this needs to look in to it by HD Rep, would you call Cozhiar HD to get this resolve they have all work orders from Legacy HD what been done to it, Please help get this done Thanks Herschel Weaver


On 6/2/62017 I bought a 2006 FLHRI from Gowanda (NY) Harley Davidson. I was told that since the dealership had to put so much work into it to get it ready, they would not come down on the price. I paid what they wanted and was happy as hell. Then I found out they lied to me...a lot.

1. On 7/17/17 I went back and told them my handlebars kept vibrating down. They moved them back up, but never checked to see if there was a problem. Turns out there was no knurling on the bars. I later had to pay to have the bars re-knurled.
2. They told me they installed a Power Vision tuner. I took the bike to Jamestown HD for service and asked about the tuner. They had two techs check and both said there was no tuner to be found. I could have a one time flash...again, at my expense.
3. They installed a new clutch cable, but the way they installed it the coating got torn up. Again, to be replaced at my expense.

After all this I sent them a letter telling them how pissed I was. But I told them NOT to contact me...I understand I got screwed, but I would pay to fix the problems. Bur,

4. Today, I took my bike to Jamestown HD to possibly trade it on a newer model. They checked HD records and found that the cam chain tensioners had never been checked. Never. This is something I specifically asked before I bought the bike...are the tensioners OK? I was told that they were checked and were OK.

I don't know where to turn. I got an absolute screw job from Gowanda HD...at my expense.

I bought this bike with 36,805 miles on it. I now have 43,000. And a lot of bills.

I know there is no warranty. What, if anything, can be done?

If HD wants to keep the reputation they always had, this kind of practice has to change.

Thank you for your time.

Ed Kemick


I was told by the parts manager Larry to drop my bike off and because they were busy they would get at it in two weeks, it’s going on seven weeks now. It’s one bullshit excuse after another. They looked at it at week 3, parts were ordered and I was told when the parts arrived the bike would be fixed the next day. The next excuse was all the parts didn’t arrive at one time. When all the parts were there then it would be a day or two for the bike to be fixed. Then when they got to fixing the bike something else was wrong and they had to order more parts. After six weeks of waiting I’m sick of this shit. I’m being treated like crap and what can I do. My next choice is I’m getting a lawyer and suing them. This is Kauai Harley Davidson.


I have been a Harley Owner for over 30 years. I took my 2016 to Wildcat Harley in London Ky for service over $300 for just oil change that said my front tire was bad which on had 3100 hundred miles on your Harley Dunlop tires another $300 and then they want to up sale me to flush my brake fluid for another $170. If I have moisture in my brake fluid then your motorcycles have a problem, I paid top dollar for one of your bikes and then too much for your extended warranty and then when you go to your dealerships you want more. ( and you wonder why your stocks are down) I have owned many Harleys in my time but it is over. I'll buy a metric bike I will get rid of Harley and I will do whatever I can to advise anyone I know to buy anything other than your over priced motorcycles!!


I bought a bike at Central Texas Harley Davidson on February 18, when we bought the bike we told the dealership that Mississippi requires that we buy the tags within 7 days of purchase. Well, today is March 11 and we still have not received anything to buy tags. There is a penalty after the 7 days and only gets larger the longer it takes to buy the tags. We have called the dealership but no one will tell us anything about where the information is so we can get the tags. We were told over a week ago that it had been sent overnight. Then we tried to find out where they sent it but could not get an answer. What is going on? This has been the worst experience I have ever had buying a motorcycle from an HD dealer, and we have bought several. I am even wondering if I should pay the 1st payment since I don't have anything on the bike.
My husband's number is 901-355-6075 Tom, and mine is 901-340-2597 Shelli


Dealerships approve you for new bike pricing @3.99% but want to finance you at 17% on a 2016 Road King and not offer the Harley promotion of 4.99% on the used bike …. or something close - MAKES NO SENSE!

Matt Ruzicka


My complaint is with the company Harley Davidson. I cannot believe HD would built a Road Glide Special 2019 with an all blacked out engine and exhaust etc... What would posses HD to not at least offer a chrome counterpart? What is HD thinking??????
Further, the color options are horrible. I am sick and tired of black bikes and red bikes. Why doesn't HD introduce some eye catching colors like Moroccan Gold offered in 2015. The Flat colors are horrible as well. Why doesn't HD offer colors that buyers want? Do a survey. Some of the CVOs and one Street Glide had a nice color scheme but I ride ROAD GLIDE SPECIALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep it up HD. I am 59 years old and make 6 figures a year. I can afford to buy your bikes. Not the millennial's that work at McDonald's. Go ahead, move all your production over to Thailand and India and continue to make terrible products for rice rocket competition. Forget about us old bastards that have been riding HD since the 70s. I will switch to Indian so fast your eyes will fall out. But I understand HD could careless about some old geezer like me. I am sure HD has millions lining up to buy overpriced bikes. HD better pay attention to the remarks from this years Sturgis reviews.
Just saying. If something does not change in 2020, i will be an Indian provided they offer better colors (other than red or black).


I bought a new free wheeler 6 weeks ago. 1 week after I got a recall for faulty clutch. it said ride at own risk but be ready to hit kill switch. still waiting for a call to fix it. $41-000 ornament'. laughing stock Harley. still waiting to ride at your convience'


As a Marine Corp veteran with 2 combat tours and service connected disability I have been supporting the Toys for Tots charity (Marine charity) for about 20 years. As a Harley rider its been part of life as long as I can remember to include my 1st ride in 1973 on a Harley 50cc mini bike. My father rode a 48 Harley in the 50's and I have his actually leather jacket from that time frame which is cool! All of my fathers and brothers hot rods (which was about 30ish over the years) they all had Harley stickers or items attached to rigs. Oldest daughter was raided in a 52 Harley sidecar, a lot of great memories. I currently have 8 motorcycles with my pride being a shovel springer. Summary is its always been part of my life, always!

What occurred this past Saturday was disgusting and the fact that this appears to be acceptable is troubling to me as I have spent my whole life around and involved with your company. At a Toys for Tots run this past Saturday at the Myrtle Beach Harley Davidson dealership I started my 4th year giving back and enjoying with my large group of fellow Harley owners. I dressed completely as Santa Clause as I did last year and brought my 1960 Corvette as I have for the past 3 years. With my 13 year old daughter I spoke with the security guard and told him I would park against the stone wall and he indicated "Cool, no problem". As I entered the small crowd (Rain on the way, so thinner than norm) was cheering, I parked where I stated prior. I went to turn the ignition off (Again, fully dressed as Santa with 13 year old in car) and I heard a loud whistle. I looked to my right and a M.B. Harley employee was aggressively (stomping) coming across the parking lot. Who was identified later as the "Business Manager", the employee yelled at me and said I can't park there. He stated that for motorcycles only. I informed him that I have been bringing this car and a 34 hot rod over the past 3 years and received permission from the owners and Managers in past as I would take up the tail on the charity run as we made the local news in 2016 that was covering the run. (channel 13 I think) He stated he has worked there for 5 years and that never happened. I asked him what he wanted me to do and he said "I don't care what you do". As the conversation was getting little uncomfortable I asked if I could leave the car for a couple minutes so I could I could speak to the owner Sherrie. Then in front of my 13 year old daughter he turned his back and yelled loud enough so the complete parking lot could hear "Get the Fuck out of here". The look on my daughters face was heart breaking and my urge to do something irresponsible was trumped by the 3 Horry County Sheriff SUV's and my mortified daughters face. I pulled out of parking lot, parked in front, took my daughter and our un wrapped toys and gave them to the employees and my daughter and I received our shirts. I asked respectfully to speak with Sherrie (owner) and she stated "There's no way an employee did that, are you sure one of our people" Within 2 minutes the "Business Manager" arrived and she brought him about 15 feet from myself and my friends whos attend every year as well.
I wrote a message on Facebook to her and I have not received reply in 4 days. I would never do this but if there's any question to my honestly I have a 13 year old girl that was crying in the car. I mean, Santa (Dad) was yelled and cursed at and she's an emotional young lady with diagnosed special needs.

My message to owner was not as detailed but I'm taking the time now as I have received NO REPONSE about my concerns. What's a little scary in todays world is I can't believe that employees/leaders of a major company are indicating from there actions and response that this conduct is acceptable. I don't want anyone to get in trouble but my GOD what's the matter with people? Thinking its acceptable to conduct themselves that way with customers that I don't even want to think of the money I have spent with your company over last 30 years and even my family in years past?

I will no longer attend these events with M.B. Harley and I can at 100% state my friends and their family I ride Harleys with are disgusted with this as they are protective over my daughter as well! I will support Toys for Tots of course in a different way as it would be terrible to penalize the children.

Below is photos from the 2016 and 2017 event with the cars that never had permission and attended at event in same exact spot I was parked this past Sat. I have a plan of action to address this if I do not receive contact from Harley corporate in customer service as I cannot let this go as it occurred in front of my special needs daughter.

A loyal Harley owner rider, Aaron Potter
843 450 5850


HD Pamona charged me almost $3000 for labor for 2hours and 45 minutes and added on over $1200 in parts I did not order, HORRIBLE SERVICE do not go to Pamona HD for anything.


I just purchased a 2019 Street Glide Special from Harley Davidson World in Oklahoma City. The original one that I wanted was the 2 tone Orange and Black Street Glide Special. The salesman knew what I was will to pay monthly and came back at nearly 750.00 per month on this bike compared to a payment of nearly 550 a month for the Street Glide Special I purchased! He told me he couldn't sell me the Harley I wanted at the original price because it is a limited paint scheme and it draws customers in. So you mean to tell me that the difference in the base price for the Street Glide Special I purchased and the one I wanted would come out to a 200. Per month excess payment? Do the math! I was straight out schemed out of the original Harley I wanted and made to take something that wasn't exactly what I wanted. He had me settle on the Denim Red Street Glide Special! That was my second choice and not my first! Your salesmen are crooks! I work hard for my money and have not missed a payment or have been late financing through you guys for two years! As a matter of fact, I was a head on my payments! So to get fucked over by your team has extremely pissed me off! I'm sure all I'll get from you is that we are so sorry sir! If I would've got the same exact one I wanted, there is no way my payments would have been over 600.00 per month! Oh yeah, thanks for giving a loyal customer like me a break on my APR! Like I said, 2 years never a late payment and actually was over 2 months a head! If I don't get any satisfaction from this I will seek further help. Is all I want is the original Harley i wanted at a fair price!


2012 switchback Brought it to Manatee Harley Davidson because the red light was coming on and they said it was the front brake assembly and it's been on order for at least a month and they said it won't come in until November I just want to know what's going on


I want to know who to contact in reference to a service done at my local dealership , That I am More Then Unhappy With , No answers from the Manager of the service department. So Many Discrepany's in the readings of tire tread and Many more items. If these are Harley Davidson Trained Mechanics and they are using the Proper machines and Tools ?? How and why am I having a Problem getting any Answers ?? This is one of many bikes I have bought and had Serviced Regularly ..I Need to Speak to Someone and When I call I am On Hold way too long. Please Advise me of a contact Name and Number. Disapointed and Disgusted


My bike is a matte black 2017 and pain on it is horrible it has faded badly and is all scratched up I have never dropped my bike and I keep it in a garage


Just bought my new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softhtail Deluxe.(Did'nt come with a passenger pad,or rack and pegs for a passenger.This is my 6th Harley-Davidson,that I bought with Harley Corporation.(John James Breslin-text me 727-241-3018) I bought my H.D at Newport Richey Harley Davidson.Florida.There the best H.D guys.(Help me to get pagger pegs,or Minnie floorboards)


I own a 2015 roadglide ultra cvo. Purchase at bowling green Kentucky Harley feb 2018. Assured it had had all service performed at this dealer. Little issues like vent not closing, radio sound not working but during our ride out west, specifically Colorado, i had the clutch stop workin on independence pass and pikes peak. Both times i was on switchbacks with traffic around me and no where to go but about 10000 feet straight down. Pikes peak Harley said it happens to the hydraulic clutches in newer bikes and had a recall. Took bike down to Harley was informed my bike not in recall!!! They can’t duplicate problem there( duh) so not worried about it. Spoke with Harley customer service and they said the factory techs make that decision... can’t trust bike to ride anywhere at altitude...I’ve owned 10 Harley’s bought three at this dealer but if they do not rebuild the master cylinder at their cost i this bike will be gone and next bike will be another brand.


I took my Harley to black bear Norwich because it had a rattle in the lower engine , it was heard by a member of staff who said he would book it in to be looked at , in a couple of weeks. (due to being busy and all morning was needed to pull it apart) meantime he said it was still rideable . when it went in to be looked at , it was only put on a computer , which doesn't cover engine faults . at this time a mini service was suggested which I agreed to , when I got my bike back the noise that I can only describe as tappety was less but still there . I was told no fault was found and I wasn't charged for the two or three hours that was spent trying to find what caused the initial rattle . having a building project at home meant I haven't put many miles on the clock since mini service , so when I did take bike out for a run it was cut short because the noise increased . I contacted black bear who told me they wouldn't have time to look at it again before I went on holiday which was due to be in a couple of weeks , I was then given another company who build custom Harleys , he (brit custom choppers ) listened to the engine and said there was a major problem . resulting in him taking the engine apart where the noise was coming from and finding oil pump , cam lifters and pistons were now beyond saving . a replacement engine is now the cheapest option . I contacted black bear again because I was told if oil pump was looked at , when it was initially taken in to black bear it may not have caused the further damage resulting in another engine being needed , they would only tell me the computer read-out didn't indicate there was any problem and it was ok to ride. as a result of the computer read-out they are not liable , nor did they cause any further damage to occur. the cost to myself as a result has been more substantial than if they had done what the bike initially went in for .
I don't know what happens from here , but would like to warn you and others that have had their bikes for 10 plus years and have looked after them not to trust in black bear , their mechanics who I have been told have 15 Harley years experience cannot fault find , what brit chopper customs can find in 5 mins


I have a 2008 Screaming Eagle 110 Springer Softail with 17,000 miles. Motor died. Got it restarted and it was knocking on top end. Took it to Tripp's Harley Davidson in Amarillo, Texas. This is the 2nd time I've had problems with this engine. They had to rebuild the engine shortly after I bought it. All the work has been done by Harley Davidson. I bought this bike brand new in Liberal, Ks. This dealership went out of business several years ago. I can't seem to get any help or any answers to satisfy me and would appreciate your help in this matter. Right now I have a $30,000.00 bike in the shop and no answers. Please call me at 580-461-2084 or email me at Sharonpatick2112@gmail.com. Thank you for your attention to this matter.


I visited Red Rock Harley-Davidson located at 2270 S. Rainbow Blvd in Las Vegas Nevada. Walking through the showroom I noticed bikes on one isle with pricing information. I saw a bike on another isle that caught my eye. An employee walked up and I asked why there were no price tags with listed options. The individual explained that new motor cycles no longer come with price and options listing. So I asked what the price and options were for the bike I was looking at. The individual would NOT tell me. I asked him 5 times. First answer - I can work up something for you. Second answer - Its in the 20s. Third answer - Upper 20s. Forth answer - 28ish. Fifth answer - Closer to 29. Is it the policy of Harley-Davidson NOT to provide pricing an options information for the new motor cycles. If this is the new selling mantra WWWHHHYYY!!! I finally realized I was the customer and that the salesperson shouldn't be acting as though he was doing me a favor by NOT providing the information I requested. Does this policy really help sell motor cycles? Why should I have to ask a salesperson the price of a vehicle I'm just look at or seriously considering purchasing? I don't understand. Please explain your policy change.


I’ve own Harley’s for 20 years bought two brand new and Finance them through your company and never had a problem until now your company lost my title in the mail and now they’re telling me that I am responsible to pay for a duplicate title because I didn’t receive it in the mail I would appreciate it if you would contact me back I don’t think I should be responsible to pay $60 for a duplicate title thank you


I backed into my harley in june.causing damage to the rear finder and saddlebags so i took it to perry hd to have it fixed on july 5th. I have been told that the saddlebags we're out of stock I have been told that the paint job was taking this long not quite sure how long it takes to paint a fender and get a saddle bag but it seems like an awful long time where in September 20th I haven't heard from them I have called every time I call something's on backorder and they are extremely rude


We bought a VIP service plan at Yankee Harley. We were told by Pete that we could use it anywhere just like the pamplet says. Pete knew we were moving to Florida. We went to use it at Gator Harley and Yankee Harley owner Erin said we can not use it anywhere except for Yankee. The policy cost 1999 dollars and its useless now. This is false advertisement and we would like to use what we paid for. Please call back at 8602056240 or email us so we can rectify this situation.


I live in Australia and am the owner of a 2010 FXDC model Harley Davidson (HD). I purchased it used in July 2014 with 3,669 kms (2,779 miles). The vehicle identification number is 5HD1GV4G1AC322044. After the purchase, I was given an Australia wide warranty (non-HD) which requires the bike to be serviced every 6 months or 6,000 kms, which I have been doing. During the last service, the technician removed the primary case cover and the primary chain compensator is damaged with gouges and there is scoring of the inner primary case apparently caused by the primary chain. This work was completed because he suspected a problem as the primary chain is making excessive noise.

The bike now has 12,066 kms (7,497 miles) accumulated. The warranty company will not cover the investigation/repair. The local Harley Davidson dealer will not cover the investigation/repair. The Wide Glide model motorcycles had history of a similar problem in 2006-2007 related to poor heat treatment of the inner primary bearing and repairs were covered by HD. I am asking for the same courtesy as (1) the failure of the item is at a very low mileage, (2) this motorcycle has been well maintained and (3) the fault would appear to be previously noted and addressed by Harley Davidson.

Your consideration is very much appreciated.


I have a 2016 Softail Slim. There are 746 miles on the bike. It is in the shop for the third time. Twice it's left me on the side of the road. The dealership I am dealing with wants to "diagnose" it every time. At this point I have no need want or desire to keep this bike for the fear of what's going to go wrong next.


From day one of purchase bike came with bent handle cross forks. Then there was problems with the idle air controller and now the spark plug fail. All of these problems with my Harley in one and half years. I am very dissapointed and ashamed to have bought this bike.


My motorcycle has had two problem this season, will not start and lose RPM and stalls out. I have lost the motorcycle so far over 9 weeks, they have replace crank sensor, starting sensor and ignition switch housing kit, replace recall parts, yet not running. Engine light coming on loss RPM stalling out, back at The Rock Harley Davidson again, have being charged over thousand dollars and still not repair. Considering calling a lawyer about being charged and motorcycle not repaired.


I own a 2003 road King classic and I am currently on tour of Europe (now on public transport might I add!) the back wheel spokes snapped and nearly spat me off. I had the bike recovered to la rachelle harly Davidson by my insurance company, to be told it couldn't be repaired for two months because we can't get a wheel sent out until the 28th of October which I find completely unacceptable. As if nowadays with all the next day delivery services globally, it would take that long to rectify seemingly a pretty simple repair.

I'm an now carrying on my trip to southern Spain on trains and planes at great expense to myself. This trip not only frightened me at the time,but has put me off touring, and certainly put me off Harley Davidson as the back up is shocking the bike is now left in France and being repatriated back to England. I have no idea when I will see it again nor what condition my pride and joy will be in when I do. Gutted to say the least. I was going to replace the bike in the new year with a new road King but this has made me question that decision, lovely machines but if you can't repair them what's the point.

I have to ask would I have this problem with Indian a European or a jap bike. I don't think so.


My complaint relates not to Harley Davidson superb motorcycles but to one of their dealers. Stonewall Harley in Orange VA recently purchased Waugh Harley Davidson. Ken Barner, the new owner was preceded by a very bad reputation from his dealings at Quantico HD in VA. (ranked in the bottom 10% of all Harley dealerships). Since he took over, the reputation of this once great dealership has tumbled. Mr Barner is flat out rude to people, has lied to me, and has absolutely no clue as to customer relations. He recently sent a letter to our HOG group that has caused several people to quit Orange HOG, me included, with more to follow.

Not only did he fire our HOG director, but fired him without telling him. The reason for this was that our Director's wife had her Harley serviced at another location, even though she bought it at his location, and Mr Barner saw it. He immediately wrote a letter to our HOG group announcing a new Director, and demanding that all of us get services and parts through him. My wife and I have spent approximately $70K at this location in the past few years, and I will not be 'bullied' or pushed around, let alone being told where to by parts and get services done. Is this a new corporate Law?

Mr Barner also visited a nearby 'one man' mechanic who works on Harley's, and told him he was going to put him out of business. Can you imagine being threatened at your own place of work? How terrible. Is this the normal behavior of a rational Harley Davidson dealership owner? I think not!

Mr Barner's concern is money in his pocket no matter what. It is a shame the Orange HOG group is slowly dissolving. Does Harley Davidson not offer a program to coach their dealers in customer relations, and how to access the benefits of having a HOG chapter without bullying its members? If not, it might be something worth considering. I will never spend a single cent at his dealerships again.


Harley Davidson is the master of all things motorcycle. I bought my last three bikes from Harley Davidson and have loved all three purchases. The staff are always friendly and professional, helping me in whatever needs or questions I might have. My road king is my best friend and I recently took it through a tour of Japan.


My Fat Boy from Harley Davidson needed a customization and I was absolutely amazed by the way they professionally took up the task. They are true to the brand name they carry. Harley Davidson is an experience one can never get with other bikes. They may be many in the market but the kind of ride one experiences with Harley is simply amazing. They perfection is what drives people like me to like such bikes. You know for sure that your money isn't going wasted. Price and Value for money is worth the experience.

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