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This is not a complaint but merely a suggestion. I was thinking about frag-trap in the pre sequal and i think it would be awsome if clap trap in the main borderlands 2 story runs the frag trap sequence for defensive or offensive purposes. Also i have a question if the pre sequal happens before the events of borderlands 2 then why is sanctuary floating when the vault hunters are questioning Athena in the first cutscene of the pre sequal.


Cant make online matches in borderlands pre sequel for xbox one i really want them to fix this!


Ordered "We Happy Few Soundtrack and Digital Goods Bundle" Order #1402 from the online shop and have still not received the download code. When I email them, I receive a message stating email was undelivered cannot connect to Gearbox.


If you have had problems with Gearbox, how did you resolve them? I am curious if anyone has had success taking their complaints directly to the corporate office, or if calling customer service was enough to get a refund.


I pre purchased the game Borderlands the handsome collection for the Xbox one, understanding I could transfer all my saves from the Xbox 360 and continue playing on the new console. Upon release, all of the promised functions did not work, so I posted on their forum about it. I asked for well over an hour for information about being able to play it, if a fix was in the works, and I was met with silence.

Further to the silence, my posts began disappearing shortly after I typed them in, and the moderator doing the deleting was snide and extremely disrespectful. I got angry and returned the lacking respect, the next day I was banned from the forum with no warning or explanation until an administrator emailed me. The administrator allowed for no dialogue between us, giving me no information, and proceeded to block my email from the entire gearbox system.

So now I am left with a game that doesn't work, no ability to contact or get any information from Gearbox, and I'm out the money for the product. The real kicker is I've been a loyal fan and customer since the very beginning of the franchise. I love the game, I just can't play it, and I cannot abide the poor treatment from this company to a loyal customer who is now in the dark and out $70.

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