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This happened at the Aberdeen, NC Game stop store on 04/13/2020 @ approximately 06:30 pm.

Went to pick up a pre-order at curbside, the associate who took care of us was unprofessional. Do not recall her name, but descriptors are purple hair and glasses in her mid 20's. She also had a very aggressive demeanor/patronizing attitude.

We had already called earlier about the game and was told to pick up at curbside with proper ID, however, this aggressive associate would not give it to me because of a $5 fee and would not accept either a debit card or cash money saying it was illegal for her to use it but she could use a credit card, which I do not have, so instructed to go to Walgreens and get a gift card. Is this proper? It does not make sense. Cash is legal tender. Why weren't we informed when we first called about needing a gift card to pick up an already paid for game?


I tried to purchase two gift cards at the Gamestop in the Viewmont Mall in Dickson City PA using a Rewards Card that is like cash. The Manager, Ash gave me a hard time and wouldn't allow the purchase because it wasn't a cash transaction. She was very rude, impolite and immature.
I asked if we can try the transaction because I have made the same purchase in the past at another Gamestop near me but she wouldn't even try. I don't believe she is a good fit as a manager in retail.
In the future I will be purchasing all my kid's games and consoles elsewhere.


Tried to trade in some games using my Permanent Resident Card and was told it’s not a form of valid Identification, when I’ve been told by Government Agencies that it is valid everywhere. Can you offer any help with this?


I have recently through Gamestop's online store tried to purchase items. The order would never go through despite all the information being correct, on my account or otherwise. Their call number is a joke as they must share it with another company for one, do not recall the said company, and two leave you on the line for well over an hour. When I finally did get a human, they tried to tell me their system had my account on hold for some bizarre reason. Not my credit card or gift card, but my actual account information. It was insinuated that something had gone wrong on my end to have it wind up on this list. Which I called them on, and they could not provide a good enough reason as to why. I would not give them one star per this rating, complete garbage company.


My son had saved up his money and wanted to get a certain 3DS, a new one. For some reason, they would not sell it to him. They keep on and on until he finally got a used one that he didn’t want. The next day we have to drive out of town to go to another GameStop and get what he wanted.

He gets another PS4 a while back. We get it home, and it is nasty, it stinks, and it is as loud as a vacuum cleaner. Guess what we have to do.. go out of town to a different GameStop so that we can get a different one. They even have the nerve to tell me that if I give them $10 more dollars, I can get a better one.

My son decides he wants an Alienware which is advertised on the website and says pick up in store. He goes to the store to trade in probably $150 worth of stuff. He then says he wants to get the alienware steam machine. They say that they don’t sale those. I call customer service to let them know that it should be taken down if they don’t sale them. I look back a few days later, and what do ya know, it is still on there. Not only that, but they are also advertising another Alienware for cheaper.

After my membership runs out, I’m done. At the moment, I can’t even pull up my points and get my coupon. What is up? Also, GameStop in my town desperately needs some help with their phone because they NEVER answer it.


The store leader Melany was beyond rude and provided zero customer service or help.


I had an exchange that involved 2 different prices and I feel I should've been offered to keep the difference in cash form.


I preordered Mortal Kombat for my son a few days ago, with the advertisement that he would be getting access to the beta version and a character...3 days later, still nothing in my email...I called the 1800 number and spoke to a nice lady, who was very nice, but had a hard time communicating in English. I spent over 30 min on the phone with her trying to locate my order (even thought I have an email with the number and confirmation), then was told even if she found it that there was no way we could get the beta version, I explained that it was still on your website advertising it. Which is the only reason I Pre-ordered the game, she stated she had to be honest that no matter what she couldn't give me a code and sorry. I asked her to cancel everything if she found it, I will NEVER purchase from gamestop again, my son and husband both are gamers, and we have been loyal customers. I will be buying all games from a different location. I would imagine you do not care much, based on you just posting false advertising to lure in customers and then don't honor those deals. BTW, as of today 4/8 your promotion is still on your page...smdh.


hi i been stalked by enplane hiding at home i rent room in my moms house he was trying to force me not to see i don't know why please tell him not to come to are home bald glasses works at 436 Westlake Center Daly City,CA 94015 game stop


While in the store on Brown Deer Rd in Milwaukee,WI. I saw a employee a women named Ashley stealing socks. I could not believe my eyes. She was really rude to me and other costumers. Also she did not know about games at all. I have shopped at this store before and the employee that helped me was Travis. He was great. He knew about what he was talking about. I have seen him calm down costumers when the costumers where about to act a fool in the store. Why are there not more employees like him in your stores?


I have been a pro member for years, and at the time of the purchase I am referring to I was an Elite Pro Member.

The Service I got purchasing the 6 items (5 Nintendo Switch Games and 1 Pro Controller) Wasn't Great. I was paying with hundred dollar bills and they were scrutinized for maybe 5 minutes, which was a little strange, but I accepted this, because I was only picking up an online order and I was in a hurry.
After a few days I came back to return ONE item the Pro Controller, and I did not have a receipt.

To be sure, I wasn't particularly worried as I can see the transaction in my online account AND the cashier could see it too. I was told that He couldn't see how I paid for it, and therefore I couldn't get a refund only store credit. These people were rude on both occasions. One of the benefits of being a pro member was that my transactions were stored and would replace the need to have a receipt. Certainly this has been the case in the past, though not at this store location. I asked for a refund and when I complained to the store manager they cashier and the manager laughed at me. I didn't like that at all.


I went to my local gamestop @ 4340 Leavitt Rd, Lorain, OH 44053
and Im a elite pro member and I never ever have bad service at this store but today the salesman was really rude
I tried to purchase come clearance item for the winter sale and the salesman was really rude

the funko pops that were on clearance and under the sign buy 1 get one free he would not allow me to purchase them on bogo. then when I asked well online allows u to do it he replied "we are not online" I didn't wanna order it online and wait 1-5 days for funko pop when I could get it in the store

I was really disappointed in my service and I always come there cause I don't wanna drive 20-30mins away to a gamestop when I can go 5mins up the road


I purchased 3 used PS3 games at your Salisbury, MD store and sent them to my kids in Oklahoma. Much to my surprise is one box was empty and one did not work making their Dad look and feel like an idiot. I do not want a refund, I do not want a replacement. I am simply done with this company. I will Never shop at this store again. The games in question were Big Little Planet 2, and Lego Harry Potter years1-4. Thank you for your time and you have lost a customer


Kevin R Endres


I had ordered the Super Smash Brothers Ultimate game for the Switch as a xmas gift. When I got home Wednesday evening, I had 2 messages at the I played them. One was gamestop about my pre-order!!! Now my child knows he is getting the game for xmas...along with the Switch...because I got a voice mail that I never knew I was going to get! I didn't want a reminder..I am fully aware of this.

Now Gamestop just ruined my son's Christmas! I am unsatisfied with this, and I will NEVER pre-order. I called this morning and talked to the manger of the stop. He is taking 5.00 off the game....5.00 for RUINING CHRISTMAS FOR MY CHILD!!!!

I am so dissatisfied with gamestop.

Least give customers an option when pre-ordering something if they want this type of phone call or not. MOST parents do not at Christmas time!!



Placed an order for pick up on 11/26 for a vr bundle priced at $199.99 went to pick it up when it was ready on 11/27 and the price was $299.99.
Why cant they honor the price as I placed it when the sale was active?
Salesperson even said it was un eligible for a layaway and gave me an attitude that "layaway ends in two weeks anyway"


I went in the store to purchase consoles for my grandkids and left after I witnessed numerous roaches in the store.


I went to Gamestop on Fowler ave, Tampa Florida ( USF location) on 10/12/18. I went there with the intent to buy a used Nintendo switch, Mario kart and to pre-order,Lets go Pikachu. when I go there, I looked around then go it line after about 10 minutes. as I was in line, the gentleman working the front desk was having a conversation with at the counter that made me uncomfortable. They were talking about Nintendo and how the switch was a "gay" system and how its the "faggots console" I took out my phone and recorded it all. I obviously left after that because how could I buy a console after I hearing that, it was embarrassing and un professional. Im beyond upset because my brother is gay and no one should ever speak like that especially a gaming store next to a college campus. Im at the point to where I want to post it all over facebook, and release it to my local news station. How are we going to rectify this situation?
If you would like to see the video then we will have to get lawyers involved and your lawyer will see it when the rest of the world sees it because ill release it. You can think I'm bluffing, or lying, either way I can careless because im video recording me as I type this because i want the world to know exactly what i sent you IF you don't fi the problem. Bottom line, I'm not happy and ill make sure the world sees the type of people you hire. Ill delete the video if you can find away to fix this problem, you have my world.


Sam behind the counter ruined the PS4 Spiderman game for not only the person who was newly buying it but also myself and my 8 year old son. When I asked him to stop he didn't see the problem and kept going.... the game hasn't even been out two weeks...


I ordered 5 games. I received shipping confirmation that only 4 games are being shipped. I would like another game or my money back. I tried to call customer service been on hold for 1 hr. I'm still on hold as I write this complaint. I'll never purchase from gamestop ever again.


Hi my name is brad brueggeman. And I would like to file s complaint at the game store located at 3030 little rd E4 New Port Richey. The reason being I went in to trade in old iPhones that are registered to me and when I went in there I returned one with no problem. Then I came back the same day to return more and the worker says we can only return two a day it’s our policy. So then I waited until the next day and he says we can’t accept anymore from you and I said thought the policy was two devices a day. It was a new day then he says I can say whatever I want. I never felt more disrespected in my life. Had he told me no more trade ins I wouldn’t have went there wasting time and gas. If I wanted to drop a grand in the that wouldn’t be an issue. I think he’s making up the policy as he goes. Would like to see the return policy in an email. Feel like he was bullying me and desecrating my character. You lost a customer at that store.


I went into GameStop store #4830 on December 9th, 2016 to buy an Xbox, games and accessories for my children's Christmas presents. The worker that I received was named Stephen. He had zero knowledge of what was in the store. He didn't know where to find the things I wanted and had to ask the manager and other employees every step of the way. The manager was slow in speech, had blood shot eyes and seemed lazy and crabby.

Which is the same way she appears every time I go in there! After getting all the games and accessories I proceed to the checkout and ask Stephen about my pro member offers I needed to apply to my transaction. He instantly becomes anxious, irritated and impatient. I simply asked for clarification on my $80.00 off an Xbox coupon. He once again didn't know what anything meant and said things like " I think it means this....?" And "I don't know man... You want to just get the other stuff" so I say "no I need the Xbox before it expires and if you don't know get the manager" he refused and started to become very rude and insulted me by telling me I wasn't listening.

I asked for the manager again and he told me no and that he was done helping me. He then said that he did not want to make the sale and why would he want to make the sale. I then asked for his name because he wasn't wearing a name tag and he refused to tell me. I then told him I was calling corporate to report his behavior and he became very angry and stormed off. At this point the manager finally comes over after hearing him yelling at me and slowly asked what was wrong. She looked high or drunk.

I try to inform her of the situation and his behavior and he kept interrupting me then she immediately dismisses his behavior and actions as miscommunication? It was clearly way more than that. He was incompetent and unprofessional to say the very least! And now seeing how she walked in and "handled" the situation she is just as terrible of a GameStop representative as he is. I proceed to tell the manager I was notifying corporate. Stephen said "really man... Are you serious" and starts storming around the store with all my items I was planning on buying and proceeds to put them all back on the shelves! Then the manager hands me a sheet of paper with the name Stephen on it! I said "what is his last name."

She said "it doesn't matter.... Here take it" I am a regular customer, I save all my points for hopes of special items, I just spent money on Black Friday, I have always bought all my gaming needs for myself and the whole family at game stop and after this experience I never want to return to gamestop again. The arrogance, ignorant, impatient, childish behavior that your employee Stephen displayed as well as his insulting remarks was very disturbing. This is my formal written complaint. If I do not hear from someone within 24-48 hours I will be contacting my consumer protection agency, the Better Business Bureau, and the FTC. If necessary I will contact the state attorney general and consumer protection office!

Now because of your employees my children won't be getting Christmas! The Xbox offer expired today Saturday December 10th that was the whole reason I went in to game stop yesterday! He is the most terrible representative of a company worker you can have. And the manager was as worthless as it gets. Stephen needs to be fired and that "manager" needs to be reprimanded if not also fired for lack of assistance and customer service.


My son waited in line for an hour to get NES that was released 11/11/16. He was second in line and they had 2. Sales clerk allowed someone to go ahead of him, stating their place had been held by the first lady in line. That person had not been in line at all for the hour he was waiting. I feel he was mistreated because he was a child, though he had the money to pay for it. I am disgusted by this behavior and now I have a very disappointed child. We took him to Walmart to buy the other items he wanted even though they were available there in the store. You lost a few hundred dollars today due to this employee and I doubt you will get anymore of our money in the future.


I bought a PS4 like 2 weeks ago and I brought it back to the store for exchange cause it wasn't loading my games & as I do so the employee there told me that the game she's giving me now is good and she tested it in the store but when I got home the game will not come on. But before I took it home the employee told me that I have to pay for warranty and it would be a lot so I didn't bother with the warranty. So my idea is that she talk me out of getting the warranty knowing that she's getting me a bad system. And I'm very upset knowing that I paid so much $ for me system and I didn't get to enjoy it one bit. And I will continuously to write complaints until something will be done about it.


I pre-ordered destiny rise of iron at Gamestop. They wanted to charge me extra even after it was paid full. So now I had get my money back cause I had to pay more.


I brought my xbox one in for trade in and it would not work on the Gamestop tv. Brought my xbox home, tried 3 different tvs and worked on every one of them without failure. I even took video of the xbox working. Tried to tell employees on shift that maybe their tv was broke, they both argued with me. I just want corporate to know that this is costing you customers.


I accidentally purchased a digital gift certificate online, when I meant to select a physical gift certificate. Seconds after a realized that I selected the incorrect option, I tried to search for an option to cancel the order but did not find one available. I also tried to send an email directly from GameStop's website several times but the server did not work. I wanted to simply cancel the order and receive a refund. Additionally, I tried calling the customer service number numerous times and at different times with no success to speak to someone. I was on hold for over 40 minutes the second or third time I called. I was able to send out an email through google search to find some sort of contact information.

Days later I received an email from customer service, I was going back and forth with different reps with no solution to a simple request. I only asked for a refund to an accidental online purchase the same day I made it. I was informed that GameStop does not accept exchanges nor offer refunds. This is the first time I have ever heard of this. There has to be a better policy offered to customers or at least a credit. I am very unsatisfied with Gamestop and will not make any future purchases nor recommend anyone to purchase from GameStop. Sincerely An Unsatisfied Customer.


I went into the Gamestop in Lockport NY on Transit Road on 11/22/15. When I arrived there the store was not really busy. When I selected my game to purchase I got into a line which had approximately 7 people. I noticed that there were 4 people behind the customer service desk. One guy was sitting on the floor. One guy was working the register and the other 3 were laughing and joking while I stood in line for approximately 22 minutes and the line not moving at all I put my game back and left the store. None of the other three people were helping customers or even attempting too. I have been a paying customer in Gamestop for quite a while but experiences like this is going to persuade me to get my games elsewhere. Poor customer service from Gamestop corporate office.


I have been told, that I cannot trade "ANY" more items, due to reaching the trade in limit. I am a "10 year?" customer. I have not seen any written statement, in regards to trade in limits. on 10/1/2015 I bought a 360 controller for use on my PS3, however, it would not work with the adaptor. I then returned with that controller, traded it in for a game stop by PDP controller, which went through, I also attempted to trade in a few games/accessories, which I was told I could not do. I did trade in a PS4, for a pre-owned PS3, which went through about 2-3 months ago, at that time, I tried to trade in some games for the 360, I was told I could not do this, I had reached a trade limit. I would like to know how this happens".

I am very upset, I have bought/traded all of my games, and consoles from you and, the store sales person sent an e-mail to customer service,2-3 months ago, to which there was no reply. There was a phone call to customer service 10/1, I don't feel that it will be responded to either. Game stop is now very close to losing a loyal customer, PERIOD! The lack of response to this situation, not once, but twice clear, now deserves a clear, no bull, or run-around customer service answer. I hope this will be done soon, I am running out of chill pills, very quickly!!!. "WHAT TRADE LIMIT?


The worst customer service ever!!!! and I AM talking about 1-800 number!!! almost 1,5 on hold so the guy can pick up and put me back on hold!!!! The representatives have no knowledge about products as well as no knowledge about handling customers needs!!! They are like monkeys in the zoo!!! I will forward this complaint to every possible place!!! I always had great experience with Game Stop stores but not that joke customer service!!! I hope they don't make more then minimum wage because they don't even deserve a penny more!!! A guy named "Peter" just decided to treat me like garbage and because he didn't know how to help me, he decided to hang up!!!. I spend a lot of money in Game Stop stores not to be treated that way! And all I needed was help with activating my power rewards card!....thank you Game Stop for nothing!!!!


I pre-ordered MKX back in late March. I did all my research on the available content from each (special edition, collector's edition, etc). At one point, I pre-ordered the $150 special edition from Gamestop, but realizing I could receive all that and more with the Collectors Edition on Ebay, I cancelled my Gamestop order and reverted it to the GAMESTOP EXCLUSIVE for $100, wherin I put $25 on it. This morning, I went into the JBLM Gamestop and was told my order was a Standard Edition and due to the demand of the Gamestop Exclusive, it was unavailable, which I figured was going to be the case - which is why I pre-ordered it back in March. Now, out of luck, I'm humbly requesting a code for the Gamestop Exclusive ONLY content in the hopes that I can enjoy a game I have waited months for - I don't need the Kombat Pack, or Goro - I have all that covered on a version of the game received on Ebay.


My son wanted a playstation for his birthday and I wanted to surprise him. At Gamestop I found the exact piece of what he wanted. I must say Gamestop has various options and products to choose from. I have received the order within a week and it was well packaged. During this, I was also notified about the status of the order which I think is a good practice by the company in letting us know about the status. It reached us on time and I had decide to buy more stuff from Gamestop. Gamestop has some great deals on the play stations. I have purchased ps4 with nearly $20 lesser than the actual rate. Great stuff on Gamestop.

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