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It is my understanding that Fox Sports Ohio is in negotiation with Dish and that if an agreement is not reached by Monday July 22 we ,Dish Customers, may loose Sports Time Ohio STO. It appears that Fox is blaming Dish for not signing an agreement but I also feel Fox is not acting in good faith and is not considering the many loyal Indian fans and listeners. Please consider your listeners in your negotiations with Dish. Thanks,


My family and friends have been long time followers of what used to be regular reporting and comentators. Somewhere , recently, President Trump haters like Shephard Smith, Wallace and a few others have taken away fox news trust. If they do not like the President at the very least they should respect the office. These so called reporters ruin fox news with their shown hatred for the President of the United States. They seem to push hard like the other bad agencies who appear to want a divided states. You will loose, I will loose but more important a country divided is in trouble. I and many, many others turn to OAN when these sad individuals come on


I have two complaints. #1 Hannity has the same news every night. Doesn't he know anything else to talk about? #2 Laura Ingraham talks over her guests which is very irritating. I would like to see Shannan Bream on at the 9 o'clock time slot as 10 o'clock is my bedtime. The nightly news has gone down hill since O'Riely left!


Interview with TRUMP

Appalling presentation, no respect for the brave soldiers whose graves were used as a backdrop for Trump and Ingraham.

Has Fox no respect or decency?

I will email the advertisers whose products I use about using this propaganda programme.

Shame on you Fox.


The world has surely changed when companies go out of their way to loose customers and can still operate. After all the years of supporting Fox I never thought in a million years you would take such a hard turn left. You are going to make it easier for the Dems to win and woe to our country if they get control.


I purchased the Choice Home Warranty on my refrigerator, and mines happen to stop working a week ago. I contacted Choice Home Warranty the next day, and was confirmed that they will arrive Thursday. They arrived like they said, but then we had to pay $45 upfront. Nothing was done and we had to throw all our food away. I've paid 1,000 for this insurance and was told if I cancelled, I would only received $300. I have been trying to cancel since August. We are living out of a cooler right now. My mother is 91 years old and some of her medicine need to be put in a refrigerator not a cooler. Before we joined, they made it seem like whenever something goes wrong They're one call away.


As long as donna brazil is on the five...I will not be watching...
she is a cheat and a liar


Dear Fox: I am a fan of Judge Jeanine. I am not a fan of Bret Baier, Meghan Kelly's defender against the President, and I am also not a fan of Shepherd Smith and his liberal proclivities. When the latter two are presenting, I turn the channel to One America News, your true competitor. The same goes for Chris Wallace, only to a lesser extent. In other words, Judge Jeanine and Tucker Carlson validate your station for myself and many others. I believe that continuation of your apparently leftward leanings will greatly benefit OAN.

Respectfully Submitted,
Dennis Case



The most disgusting vile show, so bad that I tuned in a second time to be sure I was hearing correctly. This is just a bunch of low-lifes venting without any sense of what humor is all about and with such a terrible misuse of the English language. The sooner this so-called show is pulled the better off we all will be. Shame on you for using valuable air time with such garbage.


Blocking me from posting comments only because I emailed you telling you off for suspending JUDGE JEANINE for absolutely no reason. She told the TRUTH and she said nothing wrong. Your not fair and balanced at all. Your bias against conservatives and you even block the viewers from posting for also using free speech and telling the TRUTH. SERIOUSLY!? Is this what you've become? Another CNN?! No wonder your LOSING viewers. Due to your liberal PATHETIC issues with the conservative reporters, firing them one by one. until your completely a CNN SISTER. That's okay, because the conservatives are coming together for our own network. Reporting only the WHOLE TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH. You'll go down with CNN and the rest of the loser left wing network friends. I'll finish with this; The few conservative REPORTERS that are left on your bias network and the ones who you crapped on by firing/forcing them to resign, are all TOO GOOD for your bias,liberal appeasing so called news network. SHAME ON YOU AT THE TOP. YOUR REALLY THE LOWEST OF THE LOW. No wonder so many are permanently boycotting fox. You have no credibility or integrity. SAD!


My husband and I want Judge Jeanine back on the Saturday night news. We really enjoy her. I am so sick and tired of having to be politically correct about everything said and done nowadays. We do not have freedom of speech anymore. I want it back along with Judge Jeanine. She was one of your best commentators on your channel.


I am really upset how fox is loosing their backbone and caving into the crazy left. Judge Jeanine Pirro is so much better than those traitors that you have removed her for. I love Fox news people but you leave a leftist like Shep Shepard on and remove her. Get you head out of you butt and bring her back. NOW dont make us change the channel.
Thanks for your help because I know you will. Sue


Judge J Jeanne suspended! Donna B added-really!! My husband & I were very loyal to fox. My husband stopped watching, and I am watching One American News more often. I am not a strict conservative. I understand fox wanting to keep current in news, but you will not keep the viewers. I was just listening to Trump & you cut him off-CUT fox WENT OAN


RINO Paul Ryan on the Board? Campaign cheat Donna Brazile now a contributor? Taking Jeannie off the air for stating her opinion? Limit free speech much? It's a sad day for this once Conservative media outlet. Once fair and balanced, now making a noted shift to the left. Not going to be good for ratings - CNN light.


I will stop watching Fox as of this past Saturday for the suspension of Judge Pirro! Good bye Fox!


Why are you cutting off conversations with commercials without scheduled breaks? Commercials are annoying enough, but cutting into your hosts and guests conversations is really bad.


Absolutely horrified you pulled Justice with Janine! You yanked her for expressing her opinion in a FREE country against someone who has even said worse to many important people. If she can do so should any member on your talk shows. She as others have done is expressing her opinion not fact.

I am ashamed you have stooped to the level of the other news media.


Bring Judge Jeanne back she was absolutely right. what happened to free speech


You did an article defaming John Wayne. are your writers stupid? Do you get- off on slandering celebrities for something they supposedly did years ago in a different time?
You will rep the whirlwind for this article. Fake News!


What the empire actors Jussie smallet did is a fireable offense. Why is he still employed? Killing off his character would show that you don’t condone his behavior. If you keep cutting him a check then you condone the behavior of a man who l clearly hates many Americans...many who’ve supported you for more than a decade. Do the right thing or I and many of your fans are gone, and like the nfl fans lost, yours will also be permanently lost.


Dan C


I tried today to contact Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. I have been a faithful listener and now I am reconsidering.

I wanted to leave them a message that I believe would improve their shows - and all of FOX's shows, but neither site would forward my message. On Hannity they said to try latter; on Carlson the captcha wasn't working. That's a GREAT way to ignore anyone who cares to contact one of FOX's commentators! It's also a GREAT way to loose viewers.

Here's the message I wished to send each of them. If I don't hear back from you guys - you just lost a viewer.

I signed up so I could send Tucker Carlson an email. You were supposed to send me a confirming email. You didn't.

Please, STOP using videos from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA! WHY do you want to give them face time? Personally, I believe the ONLY REASON they say such outrageous things is because they want you to give them face time on your program! Why not simply quote them, while posting a pic, which DOESN'T have to be flattering. You will save us from listening to their diatribes I signed up so I could send Tucker Carlson an email. You were supposed to send me a confirming email. You didn't.

Please, Tucker, STOP using videos from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA! WHY do you want to give them face time? Personally, I believe the ONLY REASON they say such outrageous things is because they want you to give them face time on your program! Why not simply quote them, while posting a pic, which DOESN'T have to be flattering. You will save us from listening to their diatribes and they will NOT get face time on your show. MMoreps


How about getting rid of Greg Gutfield. He is the most obnoxious person in television. He makes a mockery of everything thinking he is funny. He monopolizes the conversation and interrupts constantly. He is the same on his Sunday program. Also, Bill Henry and the other co host on Saturday always talk to each other and completely ignore the female co host. Again, the other co host (cannot remember his name but he is always drinking coffee as if to show his smukness and supposed intelligence. Surely you can find more conservative co hosts than these three individuals. Start by sacking Gutfield. So many people who had been Fox viewers have turned off the "Five" because of his behavior.


I would love to hear the announcers just announce the game and keep their stupid know it all remarks to them selves, No body gives a rats ass what you think. There is one on the TT/Bears game that is so one sided- Love to see him get fired. He is such a know it all!!!!!!


Who made the decision to televise Iowa vs northwestern instead of Rutgers vs Michigan? Seriously. I live between New Jersey and Michigan in central NY. This is foolish, considering it is on TV anyway. Fox sports app/ Big ten app should repeat same game. Absolutely ridiculous. Please do not respond with typical party line - I would to receive an answer with even a decent reason. Don’t blame anyone else either!


My husband watches Fox 24/7 but everytime Juan Williams opens his mouth, I find a very upset man in our home. Juan is so negative and disagreeable, ruins the FIve every time. Can't you ship him off to CNN so I can have more peace in my life? Love all you other staff, but Juan gets NO stars.


I am one of your best followers, I am retired and I watch Fox round the clock I love the day time shows, but my big complaint is Onew Williams on the five. I watch this every knight 5 days a week, in my opinion he takes down the entire show. If you watch it your self you will see always 4 out of five see things the same way and he never sees it there way. I thought he should be fair and balanced he is not all he is good for is to attack my president I think he brings down your show single handed.


I am sick of watching a LITTLE news with my commercials. "Fox news channel " now I've been seeing the host come back on air and they play more ads right over news then come back and miss MORE news. WHAT THE HELL


This morning Friday at 9:23 am pacific time there was the beginning of an add for Rohrabacher but it was cut off!
This seems very suspect and a deliberate attempt to push Harley Rouda. Please put Rorabackers Add back on or risk losing another family and friends and relatives from watching your news shows!


I love watching Fox. It is my only source for the news; however I am beginning to get a little disgruntled. I will start with Shepard Smith. Why would you even consider having some one who is so blatantly anti Trump as one of your news anchors. When he is on I change the channel. Even Mike Wallace is exhibiting more and more anti Trump Bias. Mike Wallace is a CNN master at asking "gotcha" questions which are aimed at putting our President in a negative light. Lastly.

WHY HAVE YOU STOPPED AIRING PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CAMPAIGN RALLIES. You used to be the only channel that showed the rallies in their entirety. I love his rallies and faithfully watch every one of them (when they are aired). THEY NEED TO BE AIRED SO HE CAN GET HIS AGENDA OUT FOR EVERYONE TO SEE. Your news anchors can still break in for breaking news.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent. Sincerely Roger D. Ellison, Lt. U.S. Navy Ret.


Why in hell do you think we want to hear the devil's son and what garbage he has to say. FOX news channel is becoming too liberal in what and how it broadcasts programs these days. I tune in to hear conservative talk NOT liberal, lying garbage. And too much advertising, 20 minutes+ for every hour. I tune to OAN more and more for the truth and no advertising. History events instead of advertising garbage. It will be on OAN until the devil's son and his garbage goes off !!!!!!!!!!

We are not a democracy we are a Republic.


This is a complaint about the Baylor vs. Oklahoma State game on Saturday November 21st. This game was on Fox CFB, and in the 3rd quarter the announcers referred to the Baylor team as "porch dogs" who were well trained and ready to go. I believe to refer to any person as an animal in 2015 is unbelievably rude and insensitive. At one point he said that the "dogs" did not need to warm up and were ready to go run after a car at any point. Fox you are a joke! I don't know who those announcers are, but your corporate office should review the game and discipline them.


One of the best sites to get latest and hands on information in and around the world. Not just this Fox News has various sections like business, politics, entertainment, Science, Health, Sports and many more. I get all what I missed out through out the week on Fox News. Fast and quick access to the latest news. They have Live News which is why I like this site as it gives immediate happenings. A great site if you want to know anything in the entertainment section. I get all that I missed out due to my busy schedule under this section. I definitely would like to suggest this site to anyone who want everything under one site.


Stay tuned to Fox channel for the latest Breaking News, Business reviews, Sports updates, Gossips, updates related to Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel and many more. I guess you have to put up with a little bias from them though, that is my only complaint!

Being a communication channel reporter, I always wants to present the right information to the people and it is only possible with this channel. I get the latest updates accurately and the online services made me to get the updates wherever i am. Thanks for almost always giving me a channel and providing me the right information, fair debates, exclusively live.

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