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I went to the dollar store around the 19th of Sept.. I evenly exchanged some items, but instead of doing it the correct way, they did it in a way that I did not have a receipt. I arrived back at the store 15 minutes later. A female that said she was the manager told me to come back the next day and make sure I talked to her. Several other clerks were standing around too. It was near closing so I guess that is why she told me to come back. I called for a couple days and they gave me different times that the manager would be in, I finally went today 9/21 at 5:30. I told them the story several times until they finally were able to understand. One told me to tell them exactly what day and we will look up the receipt.

I explained that it was never rung up so their was no receipt and that is why I was there. And the manager? that was standing next to Marsy thought the whole thing was so funny, and they all acted like I was just making it all up in my head. Finally they rang everything up and gave me my receipt, They never said I am sorry you had to go through all this trouble, I'm sorry the whole thing was so funny, or anything. They will remember who I am if you talk to them, because I was not happy about being laughed at, and never have been given a receipt in the first place.


I live in southern Utah and frequently shop at your store #2681. I have noticed in the last several months that this store if filthy and not adequately stocked. Do you have district managers who spend time visiting their region stores to assess how they are presented to the public? Doesn't look that way. I am very appalled. I did have a chance to shop in other stores in the upper U.S.Northwest region this summer and found their stores to be inadequate as well. You need to look at the 99 Cents stores ( located in the western U.S.) and find out why they have been so successful.


There was only on associate on a register with 15 in the line during lunch rush. When she called for help, the manager hollered from the office that she was on break. Once I finished my transaction, I knocked on the door and asked her to help with the line, or I will call cooperate. Her reply was, "call corporate, I don't care, and don't be rushing me". This was a manager, and I am very upset with how I was spoken to. I won't be returning. Store #528 on 4/28/15 at 12:30


I visit it your store today at this location Store# 931, 662 Cuthbert Blvd, Westmont, NJ, after I finish buying the Easter Card and decoration, I walk toward the cash register line, got myself in line behind my daughter, she was shopping too, the other cashier lady said: who Next, so my daughter walk toward her, I stay behind the lady in front of me with she was black, am Puerto Rican, went it was my turn, I ask the the cashier if she could she to see if the Easter Card where 2 for a Dollar, she said she could not do it, I said ok, I still want this, plus put them in separate bags, the Lady she stated troing my stuff in the bag, the plastics bag broke, I told her that it was not nice to trow things, plus she didn't care, the sales associated her name is: Catherine, next I would not visit your store anymore and I would make sure I would let people know that those people that work there are Races they don't want Hispanic people buying at your store# 931. Am going to make sure I will post the Receipt/store # in facebook!


I've shopped at DT on Neider at Hwy 95 a few times and as I lived nearby and wanted a possibly fun part time job I thought to print out an app over the company's general website and do as they directed, simply bring it in to the desired store. It sounds commonplace and so what of it, but I left there very discouraged after a cold reception. I as dressed nicely and was dignified, friendly and presentable. Elaine...I don't know if she was the manager but she sure seemed as one, coming out of the office and no smile, no appreciation of my having trekked in there, "a manager will call you." I'm so glad none did! Not that I knew any would. A couple weeks later I went back in there with a friend who had coincidentally asked her an inventory question and there was a patent lack of warmth or any indication she was happy to serve customers in the slightest. My experience that day between me, my application and that associate is a dismal one I'd rather forget. They have had a persistent Help Wanted sign in the window...since last Summer actually. I guess they're picky about who is hired much less interviewed.


I have a few younger children in the family that I want to spoil rotten so this is store allows me to do it!  You can't expect too much because after all it's only a dollar, but they don't pretend like they are anything different.  They have a great selection of items and most of the stuff doesn’t look cheap like most dollar store items.  Great store to get things on the cheap and I give it 4/5 stars.

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