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This will be the second time I have had a problem. This time I go in and mind you I have the same routine everyday. I go into I go right to the counter with my tickets all 5-6 of them. Then he wouldn't help me, then he talked for another worker, that guy comes in, and tells Marcus can he just finish so he can finish changing a machine. Then Marcus was up and grab the tickets and they fell he kept walking. I told him he dropped them he said oh wow one. I stated there all over. Then I walked to grab a pop. Came back and now I can read tickets and I have never had a problem till now, I was told that I only won five dollars. I know that just one of them were five dollars, anther was five and 20 and one dollars. Then he left without ringing me up. I'm really pissed right now, it was unsure if it 20 or 200 is why I ran down there. I spend about 100- 150 every two days.


I went into Circle K while travelling to get a carton of Pepsi and cokes. Get 20 points for every $1 spent. Every visit is a chance to WIN! Lots of prizes every day at Circle K which is amazing. The employees out there are friendly and help us out if we don't find any particular product. I love going to Circle K to get my things. I have been treated well there and people are polite. The cashier is quite quick in her job and is alert. Things are arranged well there and the place is kept neat and tidy. Good job done by Circle K in attracting customer by running many offers. They have some great lottery stuff running there which I may use next time on my visit.

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