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I am writing concerning the poor management with regard to staffing at Bank of America at the address listed above. For the last four months there have been long lines on the first of the month. I have witnessed older customers standing in this long line on walking canes. I have brought this to the attention of bank employees on several occasions. Each time I am told that somebody called in sick or somebody quit a few days earlier. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Other than the long lines at the first of the month I have no complaints about Bank of America. I feel that elderly walk in customers deserve better treatment.


On March 8, 2014, a opened a joint account with my aunt. In a phone call to the branch bank (Sun City, AZ), I was told that they had no record of my name or that I had a checking account with this bank, despite the fact that I received a box of checks for the new account one week ago. I tried to reach the person who worked with me in opening the new account on March 17th, but was told that she was unavailable. I left my phone number for a call-back, but my call was not returned.

I then sent this person and the branch bank’s manager an e-mail message describing my dilema, but there was no response. Today, March 18th, I again tried to reach the person who worked with me to open a new account as well as this bank’s branch manager. Again, I was unable to reach these individuals, and I was put on hold on the customer service for over 20 minutes (long-distance) with no response. Based on my experiences, this bank should be renamed “Worst Bank in America.”


Bank of America and Total Protect Home Warranty failed to pay claim on furnace without properly investigating the claim. The claim was flatly denied by Total Protect Home Warranty whom we contracted through Bank of America. Neither Bank of America or Total Protect Home Warranty would send a representative to inspect the furnace. We have retain the furnace to prove the malfunctioning due to the age and normal wear and tear of the unit. Our utility company PSE&G examined the furnace and concluded there was no way we could have prevented the demise of the furnace due to age of the furnace, which is approximately 35 – 40 years old. Total Protect Home Warranty policy clearly states “it does not matter how old or how new a system or appliance is – something could go wrong at ay any moment.”


I have been harassed by Bank of Amerca for the last year and I need this to stop. Each month I call over the same mistake, putting my money in the wrong account. Both the home loan and equity loan payment were put in the small account, equity, making it appear that I had not paid my house loan. On the 16th of each month, some nasty individual called and told me my payment hadn’t been paid. I immediately called the bank and they informed me that it had been paid and Bank of America had deposited the check. I would call the company back and tell them what had happened. They looked in the equity acct. and found two payments made. The bank always identified the checks by putting the loan number on the check. One was $50.00 and the other was about $516.00. Not even close for a typing mistake. There seems to be a problem between Bank of America, accounting department, and collection department.


I had my debit card stolen by my ex friend, who eventually over time found out my pin number, I never once told any one my pin. He took all the money I had from my bank. I filed a police report and also I submitted a ticket to BOA about my account be compromised. They denied my claim and told me that if I wanted my money back I need to ask my friend for it back it is not there problem. Great way to treat your long term customers I am never going to bank with them ever again.


My ex wife and i currently have a home mortgage through bank of america. I have my personal checking and savings account with bank of america for over 10 years. My wife and i recently divored, and in the divore i was take ownership of the home through an assumption with bank of america. (she was on the note, and i was on just the deed along with her). After calling about 25 times i got a different answer from each person i talked to within the assumptions department.

So i went to a local branch, had a branch manager call them and she wrote down everyhing that i needed. I called the following day to tell them that i have all my docs in place and they said they had no record of yesterdays phone conversations. So once again i was getting the run around. Again i went back to a local branch to hopefully get someone within the bank of america employee pool to help me out. Not only did they not help me out, they insulted me by trying to charge close to 7ooo in closing costs, after already holding my mortage note. I decided at that point, to completly withtdraw my savings, and checking account along with my 401k, close to $12,000.

I will never return to bank of amercica, and i will advise all 102 of my employees to leave BOA. OHh and about that mortgage, i decided to refinance my remaining 27 years with a credit union. So you do the math, you lost a customer, lost all of his money that you were gaining interest on, lost a 200k mortgage for 27rs @ 4.5% All because your assumptions department couldnt give me a straight answer. At the end of the day all i wanted to do was talk to one representative , but they said ” no its a call center, who ever picks up can help you”.

Ryan Clark


I didn’t think I could be insulted by a bank, but today I am proved wrong.  I got a letter in the mail from Bank of America a few days ago that basically said I was going to be relieved from our mortgage debt, which you would think would be good news, but my wife and I filed bankruptcy 2 years ago…we don’t owe Bank of America anything!! We are not sure why we received this letter and are pretty disturbed about it.

What is worse is that we now have a bigger problem with how we file our taxes because, as our accountant told us, the IRS looks at “forgiven debt” as taxable income.  Great! Our mortgage was for $187,000 and they are trying to tell us that it’s TAXABLE INCOME?? Ridiculous!

I have looked around the internet to find out that I am not the only one dealing with these absurd mortgage letters from Bank of America.  This makes me very suspicious as to why Bank of America, and apparently other banks as well, are sending out these letters.  What kind of kickback are they getting for wiping out mortgages that don’t actually exist?

What is more upsetting is that 3 years ago, when we were in financial trouble, I spent so much time trying to get Bank of America to reduce or modify our mortgage so we COULD make the payments.  I had lost my job and we had some unexpected family health issues come up around the same time, so it wasn’t like we were being negligent or lazy altogether.

My wife picked up a second job, but it wasn’t going to be enough to keep us and our 4 kids going.  I spoke with multiple bank reps and finally wrote a letter stating my job status and our family’s medical situation (my sister had been diagnosed with cancer and had no financial support).  They said they would try to adjust our mortgage rates, but nothing ever changed on paper.

We filed for bankruptcy later that year, which seemed to be a simple matter of paperwork to Bank of America.  So for me to get this mortgage letter over a year and a half later that they would dismiss our debt…it feels insulting and taints that year of hardship for our family.

(My sister is in complete remission now, thankfully, and is doing well overall).  I am really upset and disappointed in this bank.  I am trying to move on, but felt other people should know about these letters.


When I look at the mortgage I have gotten from BofA, I think of many things. That is why I have decided to write a complaint mortgage letter from bank of america, about the problems I have with the company in general. First let me tell you about the high interest rates I’ve seen with them. I bought my house back in 2005, using a 30 year mortgage with Bank of America. I felt like the revolving or adjustable rate was the best bet at the time, because interest rates were so low. I need to warn others that is not the way it should happen, especially with larger banks like B of A.

Once you are locked in to your mortgage their is no way out. You can beg and plead all you want, and right a million letters to customer service, but you are their, and they only way they will work with you is for your house to go under and go into foreclosure. Then the banks will gladly take your home, the equity you’ve put into it, and kick you to the curb. Who will stand up for us in this country, who can help??? I am less than 90 days away from losing my home, and continue to get phone calls and mortgage letters from bank of america asking when I will have the money. It’s not my fault I lost my job, honest isn’t it their fault anyway!

The banks caused this mortgage crisis, and now they want us to fix it. It’s a joke in my opinion, and don’t fall into the same traps that I have here today.




My Name is Miss YUk Ping Lau, I’m your PLATINUM account holder. I want to complaint your Bank of America the banking center manager ,she call Chanthu Thach. She works in the 1515 Broadway, Sacramento, CA95818.

I call her for complaint one staff today, Chanthu is very impatient listen to me , she didn’t let me talk finish and always disturb me. She didn’t allow me talk finish she hang up the phone ready. She is too bad attitude , very unrespect to customer .

I ‘m incredibale your Bank of Amrica is the greater bank in California , But Why your stuff treat customer so bad service?

I have other bank account, like Chase, their customer service very good. I write this complaint letter, I hope you concern my feeling and improve your customer service. Thank you for your kindly attention.


On 02/02/2012 I received the notice that I did not pay my January payment for my mortgage account with Bank of America. The payment is setup online with my Citibank account. I called my Citibank and they confirmed that check was sent to Bank of America for that account on 01/09 and cleared by Bank of America on 01/11.

I called to Bank of America back payment research department on 02/07 and opened the ticket.

After several days I got another letter from them that my February payment now is missing. Again, I called my Citibank and they confirmed that February payment was cleared by Bank of America. I called the customer service again and asked what is going on . They told me that they received February payment but January is still missing.

I told them that I ordered check image from my Citibank and will fax it as soon as i will receive it.

I spoke to Cindy Pritcherd and she told me to call her before I will send the fax. Next day I tried to call her and she never called me back. I faxed all proofs that Bank of America cleared my January payment and called to customer service again asking where Cindy is. Some guy named Gabe told me that Cindy is too busy to respond to me. TOO BUSY? They lost my 2000 dollars and did not do any research for couple of weeks until I filed complain with BBB. Only after that they started to do something.

At the end of February nothing was resolved, Bank of America still responded that they are investigating. They screwed MY credit history when THEY lost my payment.

I was really frustrated and finally went to the Bank of America branch to show to the real person my proofs. They were really nice to me inside the branch and called mortgage department. The customer service from mortgage department told that they applied my February payment to January and now claiming that February is missing. I could not believe it how they play with their customer money.

I told them that I will get image check for my January AND February payment with Bank of America stamp that they cashed both my checks and I will go to small claims court because I am tired to be ignored by customer service of Bank of America even when I faxed them all proofs that they lost my payment. The representative told me that she is going to handle this issue and she did.

After three days she called me back and told me that the issue was resolved and all late fees they tried to charge me when THEY lost my payment were waved. They admitted that they lost my payment.

But after they screwed my credit history, they send me a lot of letters threatening with foreclosure – they NEVER DID send any letters with apologies. No calls with apologies either. They do not care about their customers at all. They admitted that they lost my payment but did not even apologies for that. It looks like they do not even have templates for letters with apologies.

They do not care about their customers and that is why I will never be their customer anymore. Whenever I have opportunity I will refinance with better bank. Of course I will tell this story how Bank of America treat their customers anyone I can.


My business is slow in winter and I sometimes have to pay the late penalty by not getting my mortgage payment in by the 16th of the month. I always get it paid by the end of the month which ends of costing me another 75 bucks but that’s just the way it must be. This month I ran past the 16th deadline and the next day I told the Bank of America caller I was a little short but was sure I would have it paid before the end of the month. The caller said he would document that. The next day another BOA rep called, and I patiently told them the same thing.

Within 8 hours another rep called, I went through the routine again, all those damn questions. Then came the next call, the next morning on a Saturday. I’d had it and told them to document when I would have it paid and quit harrassing me. The reps are insistent that I must again answer all the damn questions. I’ve had it with Bank of America and plan on changing my mortgage to a different company. Is anyone else having this same problem with BOA?


I was approved for a trial modifcation in Sept 2010 and made my payments on time – for Sept 2010 thru Dec 2010 – and in Jan received a letter stating we were denied because no payments were received. Finally got a appeal granted and was approved in April 2011 – said they were sending the paperwork – never received anyting. Still making the trial pymts – went to make Oct payment and was told i was denied in May for the modification and they refused to take my payment. Finally after letting them know i was consulting with a lawyer did someone start calling me – and they did take a payment in November.

Then i was told they would modify the modification for the remainder of the loan that i would not have to go thru the trail again WRONG – received the paper work and it was the TRIAL ALL OVER AGAIN AND THEY INCREASED MY PAYMENTS TO THE POINT I CAN NOT AFFORD TO STAY IN MY HOUSE. I have called Luis Mejia {one handling my account supposely} and he will not return my calls. Be careful these people are nothing but liers. They only tell you what you want to hear. All the while getting your money and NOT doing what they say they are. CONSULT WITH A LAWYER

trail payments were made fr Sept 2010 til Oct 2010


I have had a mortgage with Bank of America (13 years now)and recently had to get a loan modification to make our payments more affordable. I have not worked in 2 years and my daughter is supporting our home on a housekeepers salary. I sent them pay stubs for months and they took the largest $$$ ones from way back in June, July and August (which is a hospitality housekeepers high season) instead of the most recent ones from August 15th to current which are considerably lower. They also included an outrageous amount of food stamps as monthly income.

I called them at least once a week when the process started back in July 2011 and faxed them every 2 weeks with pay stubs (that were getting smaller and smaller) and documentation to prove we were not getting $447 of food stamps every month. I also asked several times if food stamps would be counted as income, if so we would drop them. I can go to a food bank to get food, but can’t go anywhere and get a roof over our heads. They never answered the question even though I asked repeatedly.

So instead of lowering the payment to “Make Homes Affordable” as they say in writing that they will do, they raised the payment and I was told to take it or leave it.They only lowered my interest rate by 1.25%, from 7.75% to 6.50%. Then they told me there was NO ONE in the entire company between my account manager and the underwriters that could answer any of my questions or help me. They called me continuously until I finally signed the papers, I didn’t have a choice. After I signed them, the BAC (Bank of America and Country Wide merged) “HOPE” department called me and said I should have been offered a negotiator, but now it was too late.

Just received a notice for a class action suit against Bank of America on my property. They would not let me make payments at a branch, over the phone, by internet – nothing. Every time I called all I got was voice mail – branch said they could not accept a “land payment” at a branch, if I mailed a check it was returned. They said they needed verified funds – but it was from BOA account. Got a certified check from BOA and mailed it back – returned saying not “verified” funds. Their own certified check. Anyway – land went to foreclosure – they never sent me final notice – nothing – county is still charging me taxes $5900 a year, but BOA won’t respond to even the county to verify it is in foreclosure.

Don’t pay any payments in ADVANCE – that sends you to automatic foreclosure if you pay even a week early. There has got to be something we can do. And guess who underwrote the loans! FANNIE MAE and FREDDIE MAC!!!!!


I have been trying to complete a short sale with Bank of America department since April 2011 and as of November 2011, my realtor is running out of time and money. Everytime I start talking with one person and the next day your file will be sent over to someone else and you have to start all over with faxing and trying to get your property sold. I have had four buyers for my home, but because of the run around with Bank of America three buyers have walked away because Bank of America taken so long with responding to the offers, by the time they do respond to the offer, the buyer has to go back to the bank to request several more updated letters to show the funds are still available for the sale.

Then Bank of America will assign another person to the account and all paper work has to start over. With all the time wasted, I can not afford the high monthly payments, so I am guessing to get this house sold Bank of America is waiting on Jesus himself to come down and give The Last Supper AGAIN to get this house sold. God Please, bless this message and get this over and done with.


Bank of America is getting a way with stringing home owners a long!! I have been in the home modification maze for one yr and 7 months. I have had 6 foreclosure dates and have at last min. stopped them because I did not give up. I have been told by Debbie, paul, mark, Mike,Sean, barb,Linda,Kamin,Shanica, on and on a list of hundreds of names( you get my drift?) and “case reps” misleading info. I AM THE WORKING POOR I WORK FULL TIME PLUS AND SO DOES MY HUSBAND ALL WE WANT TO DO IS pay FOR THE ROOF OVER OUR CHILDREN’S HEADS!! We are not expecting or asking for anything handed to us. BANK OF AMERICA YOU RECIEVED BILLIONS IN TAX PAYERS BAIL OUT TO HELP MY FAMILY!!




I have a Washington State BOA account. My stmt just changed to Florida – Tampa. I hate this stmt format. Get rid of it before I decide to leave the bank altogether. I have been a good customer for over 21 years. Why get rid of something when it works. It does not show my linked savings or credit card accounts. Instead, it lists a money market account that I had closed a long time ago. Now the stmt shows Tamnpa as my main banking ceter. I don’t want to be in Tampa. I hated dealing with BOA in Floria and that’s why I nver switched over. I HATE the new stmt format. It lists a daily balance summary that I don’t care about.

It lists my checks by number which is fine. I HATE how it lists all those checks again plus the deposits and any auto drafts/withdrawls in the “Interest Checking Additions & Subtractions”. It should have one column for depists, one for checks and one for auto drafts. It wastes a tone of paper an confuses the customer royally.


I called Bank of America at the end of 2010 to ask if they would consider a reduction in principal on my home loan because I was living in an empty building, there were barely any reserve funds because no one was paying condo fees but me. I was told that I could not get help because I was current on my mortgagge and I would have to be at least three payments behind because they have other customers who are in default and they need help more than me. So unfortunately, I skipped three payments and then they were ready to talk. So filed out the loan modification packet three times and every time they claimed I didn’t qualify because they didn’t receive the documents in the time frame allowed.

I told that is not true. I went through this for months. I started making payments again after I realized they weren’t going to help me. They would call me at work and I would tell them call me on my cell after business hours to discuss my loan. In 2011 I made 7 plus payments to them and because I would not talk to them at work, so sent me a letter and said since they had not heard from me, they have referred my loan to the foreclosure department. They are no offering a repayment plan but everytime I call Bank of America, their customer service representatives have no clue what’s going on.

I repeat dates and times that I had the conversation and they say ok let me check. Then I ask when will the paperwork be mailed out and they say I’m not sure but they’re working on it. I would rather for them to say I’m not going to help instead of playing these games. I would think they would rather work with the $4,000 I owe them rather than to take a $175,000 lost because my property is worthless.


My mortgage payment was due on the 1st and I began receiving collection calls 2 days later. I answered their call and provided answers to their questions and told them I would make the payment on the 14th, well within the grace period. Since this call, I have received numerous calls each day, many of which I have answered and given the very same information. In my opinion, BofA is simply harrassing even on a payment paid before the grace period has lapsed. I am currently looking for a refinance just to move away from BofA. I have already moved my checking and savings, and now with this harassment, I feel their business methods are quite unethical.


B of A They’re doing forclosure processing without reviewing my loan modification application packet. That modification called “Nationwide Homeowners Retention Program” and they recommended me after checked my financial status over the phone. They send a application packet as date of 6/29/2011, I sent them back before the due date. They sent a confirmation letter that they got my packet as date of 7/29/2011. After that I checked with them several times, they said they’re reviewing. on 9/16/2011 I called them again to check the status, one of the representative said it was approved on 9/15/2011, so my status is in work out status, so they’ll contact me within 30 days. \

However, they filed my case to a trust company for forclosure action as date of 9/16/2011 which day is same day that I got the answer of APPROVED. I called B of A to find out that, I found out they never review my packt yet. They never send me a denial letter. I just waited because they said it was approved. I comlained them about 6 hours with many phone call transffered to several different dept., they said they’ll review it but they can not stop the forclosure action right now. They told me I have to call them after 7-10 business day if they review it again.

They now knew they made a serious mistake, and need to change my status if they need to review my case again. However, they just said I have to check it by myself, that means I am wasting my days until forclosure. I think their Modification dept. dosen’t work for the modification for the homeowners. I need their help, I need to get the modification to save my first home.


I am writing this letter to explain my set of circumstances that have caused us to become delinquent on our mortgage. We have done everything in our power to make ends meet but unfortunately we have fallen short and would like you to consider working with us to modify our loan. Our number one goal is to keep our home and we would really appreciate the opportunity to do that.

The main reason that caused us to be late is we were making 2 payments per month instead of making 1 monthly payment.. We were not aware that partial payments were incorrectly being applied to our mortgage and therefore fell behind. Soon after being notified that we needed to be making one monthly payment, we complied but that put us in a delinquent situation. We had fallen further and further behind, not being aware of the jeopardy being created.. Now, it’s to the point where we cannot afford to pay what is owed to Bank of America because partial payments were not accepted nor returned to us. It is our full intention to pay what we owe. But at this time we have exhausted all of our income and resources so we are turning to you for help.

Currently, I was laid off from my job because my job moved out of state, and I was still able to make the required monthly payments until Bank of America returned the last 2 payments. I feel that a loan modification would be most benefitial and keep us from going into foreclosure. We would appreciate if you can work with us to lower our delinquent amount owed and or payment so we can keep our home and also afford to make amends with your firm. I truly hope that you will consider working with us and we are anxious to get this settled so we all can move on.


Anyone thinking about starting a mortgage with Bank Of America may want to reconsider. With all the reorganization, lay offs, and government involvement Bank of America is going through, you may find the over worked mortgage specialist at Bank of America making a lot of mistakes and not making deadlines as promised on your closing costing you more money than you expected.. I just completed the loan process with Bank of America and some of the problems I faced were, No communication with me or ability for the loan specialist at Bank Of America to take messages.,

loan information going to an email address I never provided or used costing valuable time, not making the closing date on time, costing me the seller paid escrow fee of 1500 dollars, the whole process was horrible and this was a little mortgage for under 50K. Bank of America had me down for five and one half percent interest, most lenders are going for four and one half percent or under Its is more involved, what happens after your loan is approved, more than likely there will be more mistakes long term, you may have to deal with, lost payments, Bank of America changing addresses without notification, poor customer communication and many more variables.

I pulled out of the loan the same day the documents were ready to sign and close, remember this was after the closing deadline, Bank of America offered me 1000 dollars to change my mine, I explained all the problems I had with this loan and no employee at this branch including the manager seemed to care.. They proved how fast they could work when they were loosing my account. Do yourself a favor, the odds are against you. After all I was a 25 year customer, that doesn’t mean much these days.

Remember, you have to live with a mortgage for a very long time so do yourself a favor, shop around for the best, most honest deal you can find.


Why is the government protecting the banks, bailing them out and allowing them to harass and mistreat people? Banks get compensated for the shortages, so it is more profitable for the bank to foreclose- they get the losses covered by the government- our tax money. The banks got money- too big to fail, we the people paid for it, but no one helped us. BOA is horrible, they have lost truckloads of documents we provided, call non-stop and if I answer, they read me a script! Same with Provident bank. Most representatives are rude and unprofessional, they are not interested in working with anyone.

The modification program is a joke and the government is pretending that everything is fine while people are loosing homes to foreclosure. There is a real estate crisis, twisting the numbers and pretending that the worse is over insults people’s intelligence. BOA knows that no one will stop them so the just play the modification game, harass people for a while and then throw them on the street.
Is anyone out there that would look out for the little guy? I am a little guy but I could also use some help, where is my bailout?


I called Bank of America in May of 2010 to let them know we were having trouble paying our mortgage. I asked for options. The customer service rep was very understanding and told me they had a home retention department. I was told that due to medical bills I might qualifty even though my gross income exceeded 33% of my mortgage. I submitted paperwork in July. I was contacted a month later for more info and told the process could take up to 2 months. EIGHT MONTHS later I was told I did not qualify. In the meantime we fell behind on our mortgage and received threatening phone calls and letters.

My credit was ruined. We finally caught up by ignoring all other bills. In May 2011 I was contacted and told I might qualify for other programs. I had two days to resend all financial information. I re-submitted all the info. I heard nothing for months except a letter offering a short sale. Yesterday I called. After being sent to four different people, I got someone who told me I did not qualify for any other programs because I was HNO LONGER BEHIND on my mortgage. I was also told that because my credit was so bad I could not refinance at a lower rate.

Then I was told I was four days late with my current months payment and was grilled as to when and how I would pay that amount. I have been treated like an idiot, been hung up on, been transferred to limbo and wasted HOURS on hold. I have contacted a lawyer for bankruptcy filing. If BofA had reduced my interest rate 2-3% we could have avoided everything. Instead all they offered was a short sale. In the end, the last person I spoke with said, and I quote, “it sounds like bankruptcy is your only option.

Call us when you file because you’ll be dealing with a different department.” iaksed why and she said, “To make sure you are serviced correctly after bankruptcy.” That’s all she would say. If you have a mortgage with BofA and you fall behind, be very afraid. They are aggressive about repossesion and even a two month delay in payments will trigger their foreclosure process.

Once you are behind, they will not accept partial payments and fees will be considered necessary for payments to be considered full payments. I would never have anything to do with Bof A again by choice. This is a nightmare.


Bank Of America has screwed up our account by putting our June payment in other places; due to Escrow mishap which they have been informed of several times; which in turn has made our monthly payments go up, every month. Have been to BOA office to get this issue resolved and basically been giving the run-around about getting this issue resolved; but so far we are still back where we begun. P.S> We never intended to do business with Bank Of America but they bought out our Mortgage company, which gave us no choice. And so far they have been unreliable and a irresponsible Company to do business with.


BAC apparently obtained my loan when Taylor, Bean and Whittaker went under in 2009. I made my August 2009 payment as usual to TB&W to only start receiving emails from BAC saying my payment had not been received. I ignored the emails since I did not have an account with BAC. They then began calling my home, which I also ignored because they never asked for me, they only left messages to call in reference to a past due account and I thought they had the wrong phone number. BAC finally sent a nasty letter addressed to me saying my payment was past due. I now had a phone number to call, which I did. I was then informed that they had not received my August payment and also the Sept payment.

I explained that I did not know what they were talking about because my Mortgage was with TB&W and then I was informed that they now have my loan. I explained that I had not received anything stating to whom or an account number I was to make my payments to. I received a statement 5 days later and I setup the payment to be paid through my bill pay from my bank. From this point forward BAC has shown and reported that my loan is 30 days past due. I had to contact BAC corporate office and spoke to a MR Ellis whom checked my account and got everything corrected, but the collection side kept calling and reporting past due.

I also have found out from customer service that BAC practice is that if they have not received your payment by the 1st of the month even though you have till the 15th before pastdue fees apply they show you 30 days past due. I also made arrangement that since I had gotten divorced that I would make 1/2 a payment everypay day. This was also noted but the collection side does not read notes, so again I contacted the customer service department and got it taken care of 5 months later. Because of there posting to my credit I have been unable to trade my vehicles. I have also tried to obtain a loan modification because of the divorce to remove my EX-husband from the loan and they will not cooperate, they state that he has to remain on the loan and they DO NOT care what has been ordered by the courts.

I did get behind in the loan because of the divorce but the account was brought up to date and extra has been paid. I now received a letter dated June 27,2011 stating my account is 2809.00 behind and at this point only 1/2 a payment needed to be paid. I am so fed up with this company..I also had a male show up on my property to take photos for the bank. I would really like to know how I can be held liable for a loan with BAC when I have never signed any papers with them. What legal rights do I have against them. I have been repeatedly been harrassed with the phone calls to my home and my cell phone and work.

I instructed them when they called my work and I just happened to be working the front window and informed them that by law they cannot make any calls to my place of business and as far as I know they have not called anymore. The calls to my home have been placed after 9pm. What rights do we have. They have also continually raised my payment. The payments have gone from 1200 and change with TB&W to 1459 with BAC. I would love to sue them and save my home and gain a settlement for the harrassment, but I feel that the little people have lost all rights against the big corporations.

My mortgage had never been listed as late until BAC acquired the account, CAN SOMBEBODY PLEASE HELP, because I will be loosing my job with the City in 3 months after 24 years and have no idea how I will make the payments with only an 850.00 a month income.


I urge everyone having an issue with Bank of America Loan Modifications to contact the OCC. Go to the website and be precise and detail (provide names of people you talked to) about the what has happened. Stay within the word count limit. Maybe if enough people file complaints something will happen. You will receive a response from the bank directly, not the Loan Modification department. The OCC examines national banks to ensure their safe and sound financial condition and ensures compliance with applicable banking laws, rules and regulations. The CAG was established to assist customers who have questions or complaints involving national banks. For additional information on the OCC and CAG please visit our internet site.


In 2009 I wanted to buy a home from beazer I toured the homes went thru the stuff your suppoed to go thru when buying a house, I had a contract I had a lender in place but bank of america offered so much more with their incentives that I went with them..well needless to say that was a bad move,I had some problem with old stuff on my credit report and they told me if I cleaned up all those things I would get the mortage. well I spent thousands of dollors getting these things done only to have bank of america turn around and deny me for the very same things they knew were already on there..they told me how to do it for heavens sake ,my heart was broken I had my settlement date boxes were packed and everything.

Now my credit is a-1 and I would’nt buy anything with bank of america if I never bought a house, I would live in the street first, those people are just liars and they play with your feelings, and thats not a company I want to do busness with. they should change the name to bank of liars. I waited a long time to say this thanks for the outlet.


In order to qualify for the home modification our loan had to be current and we must show a hardship. We were current and we submitted a hardship letter which they claimed they did not receive. We then sent a second hardship letter. We were then found not eligible for the loan because our payments were current. On appeal all documents required were faxed or sent in the fed ex envelope BOA sent us. We were then pre-approved and made payments of $688.90 from February 2011 to June 2011. More documents were requested and they were faxed to them. June 10th I received a letter requesting the last 2 months of bank statements showing my social security deposit.

Also to explain why my social security deposit is different from my award letter from social security. I mailed the original bank statements this time (as they claimed the first ones I sent were not legible although I could read them). I also enclosed Form SSA 1099 from social security showing the difference in the deposit and the statement were because taxes were taken out. These items were returned in the fed ex envelope sent to us with the letter requesting them from BOA. June 14th I received a letter that we are not eligible for the home modification with no explanation.

June15th I received a letter saying we were denied for non compliance. I called to ask exactly what did I not comply with. I was told I did not submit the required bank statements and social security discrepancy. I told him I sent them in in the fed ex envelope they sent us. When I told him that was a lie I was told they were not legible. I then asked how were the original documents not legible? I received no response. I was also told I am 4 months behind on my mortgage. Now I am $6200 behind on the mortgage and am being charged late fees for those month. This is also going to affect our credit rating.

All four of my children were diagnosed with Huntington’s disease in their mid 30’s.One daughter passed away two years, another daughter 6 months ago, another daughter 4 months ago and we have just been told my son has six months to live. All three girls were in their early forties and my son is 44. Only one had life insurance as once they were diagnosed they were unable to obtain it. My husband and I kept them home and took care of them 24/7. Bank of America has added to our emotional stress and also placed a financial burden on us by falsifying their home modification procedures and statements. We were constantly lied to and deceived and jerked around.

This has gone on for 6 months and I researched Bank of America Fraud and found the same policies and procedures are being carried out by Bank of America in many other states. Many are put in more debt forcing them to claim bankruptcy or foreclosure. I think it is a disgrace that a bank is doing this to customers who come to them for help. I am asking the attorney general to file a lawsuit against BOA. I have tried to be patient and I have done all that was asked of us and required to no avail. I have no other option but to make sure this is brought to the attention of other customers treated this way and to the Attorney General’s attention.

I have done all BOA has asked for, I have called 2-3 times a week and most of my calls were not returned. Now not only am I watching my son die but I have to worry about losing our house because BOA jerked us around for 6 months and put us behind on our mortgage which was current prior to applying for the modification. I am also going to obtain legal representation to file a lawsuit for the emotional stress and added financial burden Bank of America has caused us. I am sure there are a lot of others that will come forward with more similar stories once this is out in the open about the horror or their home loan modification with BOA. I have also contacted the Attorney General.

I have every single correspondence from BOA. I have receipts from every fax and #’s from the fed ex envelopes which documents were sent in. I also have copies of every single item sent to Bank of America. I documented dates, phone calls, phone numbers, names and conversations from the beginning of this ordeal. It is an absolute disgrace for a bank to do this to their customers and to us who have watched three of their children die in two and a half years and am now watching my last child die.


I called Bank of America home mortgage and specifically asked them for instruction for getting a pre-approval letter in April. They told me to go to one of the Local Bank Branch (emeryville) and the Associate there will guide me through it. So I brought W2 form, paycheck stubs..and financial documents (I did research on the internet). The associate there just made phone call to the home loan officers, and let me talk with them on the phone. They only pulled out my credit score, asked about my income, but didnt ask for any other documents such as w2 form or past 3 month pay checks(maybe he saw the direct deposit when they pulled out my bank of america account profile.)

I was confused at this point, and double chekced if he really didnt need to see my w2 forms or other document to issue the preapproval letter. Then I got a prequalification letter, which wasnt strong enough to when I tried to make an offer. I called few days ago, the person who issue me the letter never pick up the phone(he never did after that day), and replied email slowly, and no direct answer to questions or ignored my request without giving reasons. Finally he got back to me yesterday on Email. He said that prequalification letter is the Bank of America preapproval letter. They call it differently. However, on the letter, it clearly stated it’s a prequalification letter.

I checked with him and my agent back and forth (since he replied so slowly) and found out it really isnt a preapproval letter until someone showed me a real preapproval letter. And I sent it to him, ask him if he can reissue one for me without checking my credit score again. I was thinking if it necessary, I dont mind to email him other documents that he didnt used in April. But he said he couldnt make one and suggest me to contact the loan officer in the Email this morning. So..who is he? Why did he even answer the phone and take my case if he cant issue a Bank of America preapproval letter when I said that’s what I needed.

It really wasted me a lot of time, gas, energy, and some good opportunities to buy a house in the past two months.


hi everybody i think all the people that have been lied to by bank of america and strung along and have been told to stop making our loan modification payments i think we should all get togather and start a class action law suit against them if your interested heres my e-mail address parrotheadkid1 [at] im going to see my atty tommorrow to see what i can do because im tired of getting lied too so lets all sign up and do something togather we should all put our e mail addresses down and contact each other about this problem with loan modifications at bank of america.


I applied for loan modification Oct., 2009. It took until April,2010 for Bank of America to give me my 3 trial payment amounts which I gladly paid for April, May and June of 2010. Months went by with no communication from the bank so I made a few more trial payments. I received a letter stating my final payment amount for my mortgage was going to be at least $500 or more than the original trial payment amount. If I couldn’t afford to pay my original amount, how do they expect me to pay something even higher? In January, 2011, I was sent a letter outlining my options as to what could be done.

I was asked to contact them and discuss the options so I could make my choice. I spoke with a representative at length. At the end of the conversation she informed me I would be hearing from a “negotiator” within 10 business days to discuss my choice. It is now April 27, 2011, 4 months since I spoke with Bank of America and was told I would hear from someone within 10 business days. All I’ve received in the mail have been monthly statements, a letter saying you’ve been unable to reach me and to fill out a form with my phone number (Seriously? You have every available way of contacting me that I have).

Be that as it may, I filled in my home phone number and, as instructed, faxed it back to Bank of America. I have now received a threatening letter demanding the money due. I originally began inquiring about loan modification after my husband passed away 1 1/2 years ago. This is where I am today, even after this much time as gone by. Your company has given me nothing but more heartbreak from the very beginning. Since my husband’s death I now have less income (no longer have his social security) and my hours have been reduced here where I’ve been employed for 22 years.

I was dealing with someone I thought was quite helpful back in October, 2009. I was then given to a young man who, I was told, was no longer was with the company. The last person who handled my calls was probably the worst. I have the names of everyone I’ve spoken with and can verify any allegations I am making. I hope someone out there will be helped by reading every complaint that exists against Bank of America. I feel, just from reading the newspapers, listening to the television news and reading the internet complaints, that this bank has caused middle-class Americans to suffer great hardship and have no concern whatsoever for helping us keep our heads above water.

I was very disappointed when our mortgage was taken from Countrywide and passed on to a corporation without a hear.


I have been trying to get a loan modification with bank of america, because recently I lost my husband and with him his income. They had been requesting the same documents over and over again, and when finally they acknowledge the receiving of the documents, more are needed. This has been going on for more that 4 months, and still need more papers. I searching for someone to respond or help to canalize this abuse against the unrepresented person.

Who do we call? – Who can help? We don’t have the millions that the bankers have, we don’t get bail outs, we don’t get millionaire bonuses. We just ask for an option to stay in our house with Bank of America.


I’d like to resolve a complaint that occured today April19, 2011 at 3:20 pm. I needed to make a CD transaction at Bank of America, MD 3488 Emmorton RD, Abingdon MD 21009. I was seen by Ms Elizabeth A. Brown. She tried to question me about my life and interrigate me because my picture ID’s did not look like the same person. I handed her my two Bank of America debit and credit card, my MD driver’s license with picture ID, then she made me go outside to get my government picture ID. After all of this she stated it was not good enough. She then proceeded to ask about all transactions I made this month.

She got very insulting when I expressed to her that I can’t remember all transactions I made with all three Bank of America accounts. She then wanted a lot of my personal information email, job phone number, social security number, home address, etc. I felt as if I was a criminal. She then proceeded to take me to a teller to enter my pin to my debit card and I was so upset about the whole situation, I could not remember my pin number. She then proceeded to go to her superior. I wanted to speak to the superior but she closed the door. She allowed all the Bank of America customers to hear what she had to say to me and did not respect my privacy, but she went to talk about my transaction behind closed doors with two superiors in front of me.

She came out and stated she can not make my transaction because I can’t remember any transactions I made this month. When in fact I told her several. It was after 5:00 pm at this time.Can you help me make some sense out of this matter. I don’t think that this woman should be allowed to relate to customers. Can you direct my concern to the corporate point of contact for Bank of America? I would like to complete my personal transaction tommorrow. It took one and a half hours at the Bank today to not have this transaction denied by her. I told her I wanted to speak to the supervisor and she said she is a supervisor.


Had a small business account with bank of america which I now closed. started getting 14.95 service fee every month for online banking, when called their cust. service dept they said I signed up for something called business suite account management I never did I was told it was free for three months and then if I became an advantage customer it would only cost 0.05 more a month, now I’m recieving 29.95 monthly maintenace fee even though I used their business debit card when asked to cancel it they did but no refunds or apologies the customer service rep was very ignorant and proceeded to tell me to pay attention to my accounts with online banking.

Bank of America should give courtesy lessons to their service reps in Florida and have consideration for those customers who don’t have a computer or want to do online banking. All Bank of America wants to do IMO is nickle and dime their customers I’ve had an account with them for close to 10 years, now I will stick with my local bank at least their customer service and practices spend time explaing not just adding products without the customers knowledge. Shame on BoA for “ripping off” customers that had trust in your bank.



Had a closing today with Bank of America. Was poorly conducted!!!! we had been trying. To get a negate through BOA since November. Had a pre approved load. In first week of January our first closing was canceled because the pre approved mortgage was disapproved. the second thine the mortgage was approved and the closing was scheduled for last Wednesday. We got a call the same morning informing us that the load underwriter had called in sick and the paperwork was not complete. Rescheduled for today 11:00am. When we got to the Title company at 11:00am we where told that Bank of America just called and they want to change the paperwork.

We all waited 11/2 hours before we got the new paperwork. The title company was efficient an all paperwork was processed in less than 30 minutes. Shortly after Bank of America received the load documents the called to inform us that the are going into a 11/2 hour meeting and we will not get the wire transfer until after their meeting! 2 hours later we started calling to find the status. Found out that only one of the wire transfers has been summited ($400). The primary load wire was not submitted. The FED closes at 5:00pm eastern time.

Wire transfer never came!!! We can’t get keys to our new house until the wire transfer is received!! Hope to get access to our new home tomorrow!! There is NO accountability for Bank of America! Had we known all the issues that BOA is directly responsible for we would never have gotten the loan from them! I will tell everyone I what we have gone though! Recommend any other bank but don’t use Bank of America!


Don’t even think of using Bank of America for your home mortgage, worst choice we could have made when buying a second home out of state! They have no ethics when it comes to business: would not return our emails or calls as we awaited closure, never contacted the seller, Realtor or escrow company regarding our loan approval, demanded documentation repeatedly and then went two weeks over our closing date! The Bank of America supervisor was as bad or worse than the loan agents, still not returning our calls and then ignoring us throughout the process.

Yes, we finally did get the loan but plan to drop them as soon as we can. Never again using Bank of America, and we sincerely hope no one goes through what we did for so long. Try anyone else!


Due to financial hardship i had filed loan modification a year ago with Bank of America. With many attempts and phone calls i did not get any help but instead they have increased my monthly payment instead of reducing. The monthly increase are include property tax and insurance. I had informed the bank that i will paid the property tax direct to L.A County tax and I also purchased home insurance. Bank of America keeps sending me letters said that my account is default but I paid my monthly mortgage payment on time. I have also paid the 1st installment of property tax this year which the bank claims they paid as well. I called the BOA and a representative told me to call county tax for a refund, but county tax informed me that they had been credited to the bank.


If you are looking for a business bank, stay AWAY from Bank of America. There is no such thing as free banking, after 2 years they started charging me for the account, $17.00 a month, not a whole lot of money, but it’s the principle of keeping your word that counts. I had a business line of credit, paid religiously on time and payments were always higher than minimum due, 2 years ago they decided to lower my credit limit in the middle of a business transaction, then 6 months later they closed the account for no reason. I paid the line of credit off and closed the account. I curse the day I left Bank Atlantic and switched to Bank of America.


My name is Jermaine Murphy-Turner and my complaint is on Bank of America alleging that I didn’t make my payments. My bank told me in writing that Bank of America changed the way they do E-bill pay. I made my payments and on time, however when I went into the store my purchase was stopped due to an underpayment of $14.00 due to this process. I made that payment to you right then. Bank of America then proceeded to solicit my business with another card application which affected my credit with ‘inquiries’. GE Money Bank, Creditor turned down my credit for the following reasons.

Please review your records: equifax uses BEACON scoring model. My account with you was open singlularly. No one else is on that account therefore no one else’s credit with you should affect mine. Their disclosure and general information about what affects my over-all score is proof that the calculations is not completely arbitrary. The point is my name is Jermaine Murphy-Turner and I have no adverse public records. These records are/would be as follows:

My husband however has just finished with Bank of America on a Home Modification that has been in the system since July 2009, and which BofA just finalized 02.05.2011. However, my name is not and never has been on the mortgage!!!! So I have to conclude that this is a violation of the Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act. Your associates, GE Money Bank, Creditor (GE Capital Corporation) all have violated this in the sales approach/manner/letter.

Please do not bother to direct me to do any correspondence with any credit bureau. If not satisfied I will start letting my ‘family, close relatives, distant relatives, friends, church members, and fellow employees’ know how I was handled. I am only one (pissed-off) customer , but look around at the corporations that forgot that. Bank of America lost sight of the most important thing. I hope my JCPenny’s is not following the same direction.


Were I a stockholder in Bank of America I would be very concerned. We recently tried to buy a foreclosure owned by Bank of America. The house needed some repair (and will need substantially more if B of A doesn’t put a tarp on the roof), and including the retail price of the needed repairs our Bank of America approval was still 20% more than what the house would need. Even having taken Trillions in TARP funds, with irrational management how do they expect to stay in business and compete?  If I were a stockholder, I would be very concerned about the banks ability to maximize my value. Do they need to be broken up, so that somebody accountable actually runs the operation?


I started to refinance my home mortgage, which was held by Bank of America, last June. My credit rating is 800+, I have not missed or was late for a payment over the last 20 years, the finance amount is less than 1/3 the amount of the home value. Last Aug. 4 they withdrew $400 from my account for the “fee”. They still haven’t closed this deal. They have bounced me from loan processor to loan processor. I’m on my 5th person now. Each time they switch it seems they start over again. They originally started with a %5.25 rate. When I complained once they lowered it to %4.975. Bank of America has an advertisement in the local paper that their 30 year rate is %4.0?. I just don’t get it. They don’t seem to want my money?


Back in September I went to Bank of America to request a loan modification, but I was declined. I had lost my job and just got a new one, still I was declined because I made all of my payments on time. I was told by the agent to stop making my payments and I would receive help. Sure enough, I decided to do this after I depleted my savings. 3 months after missing payments I get an envelope from Bank of America saying I may qualify for a modification. So they are teaching people to miss payments in order to get help from the system? I really don’t understand this banking policy, you can’t help me when I’m honest, but when I’m deceptive you come running!

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