Ashley Furniture Complaints Continued... (Page 2)

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I have purchased several chairs and sofas from Ashley furniture over the years. The only corporate complaint I have about Ashley so far is really their sales process. It's exhausting to go into a store and have a sales person give you their phone number, email address, and try to hard sell you on something. I really just want to shop at my own pace without the added pressure.


Ashely Furniture has a good collection of furniture and I must say they understand the exact needs of a home. Keeping in mind about my requirement for a good dining table set and something that suits my home, AF was able to show me a variety of collection. I had made my purchase after going through their collection and received many complements for such classy furniture. Thanks to AF for this. The executives who work at AF also are quite friendly and patient enough to guide us giving options to choose from their collection.

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