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I have a gold card and applied for the platinum card. It was approved and I expected to receive a card on or about 4/24/15. My add-on cardholder received a card but I did not. I called Amex to let them know thinking the card was lost. They agreed to send out another card on or around April 30, 2015.

Again I received another card for my cardholder but I did not receive a card. I called Amex again to let them know I still did not get a card. I finally talked to a supervisor and she assured me she would send a card to my office the next day which was May 6, 2015. Today is May 7, 2015 and I just got off the phone with AX and nobody knows where my card is. I still do not have a card. Now I am told that it will take 24-48 hours for someone to trace the card. This terrible service coming from Amex. What keeps happening to the cards?


If I could rate this company zero stars, I would. They use your personal checking account information with a third party company to redeem your cash back rewards, without your consent. One of the reps slipped and informed me when I called to find out where my cash back was after waiting 3 weeks. I am reporting them and closing out my account. Not to mention, they never honor your points. It's all a scam.


System error on their side kept running a scheduled payment over and over... $1300 worth. Then customer service (India) had me on line for an hour only to not call me back. Very poor service from American Express.

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