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Never have I ever!!! My son and I drove from Mount Dora to the office in Orange City. He had a 12:45 appointment. At @ 1:15, we heard a customer complaining about the doctor. Evidently, he left the building at 1:00 to serve his patients at the Winter Park office!!! The customer was irate, of course, and was told the optometrist is an independent employee with no connection to 20/20. I questioned why the doctor wasn't concerned about his last two patients HERE and why we weren't notified sooner. I just got the rolling eyes from the office manager. I presume. Somebody higher up on the chain needs to resolve this.


I purchased on April or may at the Orange City 20/20 Eyeglass store. They cost me more than 600.00 dollars.They broke and when i took them back. One of the employee said what happened. I said they fell down when i looked down. Then she said what happened before that? That was rude because nothing happened before that. She wad trying to blame me of something that i just told her happened (they felt down).

They replaced them after I hear all of their mean theories and make me feel guilty. I went back because they broke again. This time because they adjusted so much that when i close thew the middle part broke.

One more time i have to go there to listen to "i don't think these glasses are for you because you can not handle it). Now one more time. They broke and I not going to go there anymore. I need help on this issue and don't think 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore will survive if they don't handle your customers well.


I am both shocked and completely dismayed by my experience with the “medical professionals,” at the 20/20 Eyeglass Superstore facility located at 1270 Saxon Blvd., Orange City, FL 32763. About a month and a half ago, my father, Russell DeFazio, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, began complaining that he was going blind in his left eye. He moved in with me and my husband last year, and I am also his legal guardian.

Concerned, I immediately made him appointment with the previously stated facility since that is where our family has been going for the last few years. I took him to the appointment on 6/8/2016, and explained to the staff that my father has Alzheimer’s. I also explained that he was hit by a car in September of last year, and stated that I was concerned about possible trauma. I requested that my father be given a complete exam.

The outcome of the exam provided by the doctor was that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my father’s eyes, and that he didn’t even need a new prescription. Because of this, I dismissed my father’s sight issues, believing that this was merely another symptom of his Alzheimer’s. Over the last few weeks, my father continued to complain, adding that he was actually having issues with both eyes, though his left eye was worse than the right. He also began demanding that I take him to his eye doctor which is about an hour drive away. This continued over about a month until I finally broke down, and decided to try to provide my father with a little peace of mind by taking him to the other doctor who he was more familiar with.

I was both shocked and dumbfounded to find that my father has cataracts so badly in both of his eyes that he needs to have surgery. When I think about how many times over the last month I told my father that he can see just fine and that he just has Alzheimer’s, I am sickened. Then, when I think about what could have happened if I didn’t take my father to a more competent physician, I am completely upset and even horrified. What if my father had gone blind from not having this treated? Not only would my father’s Alzheimer’s condition become worsened from the added stress of not being able to see, but I may have been held accountable because I am his legal guardian and sole care taker.

It is my suggestion that they make a formal inquiry regarding the competence of their staff, and I can only hope that the company begins to use better judgment when employing people who hold the health of other’s in their hands.


Good experiences so far with 20/20 Eyeglasses superstore. All the reviews I have read online are good.


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