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I booked a room in Harriman Tn and it was $100 dollars and that was with a soldiers discount the people next door to me paid $70 with no discount for the same room.We went down to eat breakfast and was told there was no breakfast except coffee and a bun but we where told there would be breakfast with almost any thing we wanted I will never stay at another Quality Inn anywhere I will sleep in my car first...


Want to know where to stay and how to book the best hotels? Well, check out Quality Inn. One of the best websites I came across that gives you various options to choose from based on your budget. I am very choosy about the hotel I get into. At Quality Inn, pictures are uploaded to show us the room, hotel etc. so that we can decide to got for it or not. They are doing a good job in showing reviews about the hotel as well on customers who have already been there. This is important so that we actually know where we are getting into. The price is mentioned so that it makes easy for us to decided. I recommend Quality Inn to anyone who wants to stay at a good hotel without compromising on the quality.

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