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I am paying $54.98 a month for your live TV and unlimited screens service. None of your services ever work! All of the other apps on my smart TV work just fine, I watch Netflix all the time. Every time I pull up your app I receive a playback failure message or I get a couple of minutes into the show, it stops and I get the playback failure message. I am very unhappy with the lack of service I have been receiving and if it is not corrected I will cancel my subscription with your company. I will not pay $54.98 a month for a product that does not work and neither would you. If you're able to fix the problem I will be happy to keep the service, if not I will be cancelling. Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to give me regarding this matter.

Bonnie MacLellan


hulu illegally billed me for 16 months. i complained and they said bank is responsible. bank says hulu is responsible. i want my money!


U can't complain it's always an error this is bullshit corporate America At it's best screw the people around until they get tired of complaining.


Your knee jerk reaction to Laura Ingram is so typical of all left leaning company's. Hope you get lots of sales from your teenage patrons, bye bye.


my complaint is i am paying you money once a month and my laptop will not play any of your movies or television shows. it is saying i have to enable ads whatever that means. now you either fix this problem right now or i am going to cancel my service in 1 hour and then i am going to report your crappy service to the better business bureau. signed a very pissed off customer marie robbins


We purchased Hulu to watch Michigan State Mens Basketball. When Penn State played Michigan State we got to watch the first half TWICE but never did get to see the second half!! Tonight Michigan State/Indiana it gets down to the last 3 minutes and an error message comes on! The picture and sound becomes frozen about every 5 minutes. You can NOT get through to Customer Service via phone or chat - thus there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! This is absurd especially for what you charge monthly!! How about a monthly refund!!!!!!!!!


The worst customer service have experienced with any pay tv service. I was on he for over 30 minutes. Then no help was given at all. He couldn't find my account information. Then he lied and said my a had been cancelled. When I went online I could clearly see my account s till open. I called originally for billing information. Again no help was given. I had to call Amazon to help. I was able to cancel thru Amazon. I was considering the Hulu TV live. But after that terrible experience, I decided against it.


OK I like to watch anime but for some reason all of the good ones are sub and I know for a fact that alot of them are dubbed so why don't Hulu get the dubbed ones to people pay good money for Hulu I know I do Hulu already lost doctor who and changed Hulu up now it takes longer just to find something to watch and another thing Donnie yen movies should be in English to because he has really good movies what I am trying to say please try to get more dubbed anime


Movies and TV shows after midnight won't load. It stops every few minutes. Fix the problem! Please. We're paying for something that doesn't work.


We signed up for trial subscription. Never cancelled / never new about it. 16 months.
Complained to their support. Dude could only offer 3 months comp and suggested i contact my bank and claim fraud. No supervisor available. Poor outcome. Very unhappy.


I was double billed on November 11th, according to representative an internal error occurred and they were in the process of correcting. I have been in contact via Telephone, Email and live chat. I always get redirected, placed on long holds, apologies, etc.for a resolution not taking place. I continue to ask for the transaction Id# from Hulu that was made to my bank, they place me on hold...never a resolution. They took 2 payments, justified the internal error with Hulu, yet they don't want to credit me back my error. They told me to speak with my bank. Ridiculous the incompetency of so called "Resolution Specialist" and frustration on my part for a small amount of money, the time alone is horrible.


I heard that this is the last season for Grimm. Why would you do that to us who like this show. I hope you have the common sense to give this show to Hulu. ABC did the same thing with Nashville and now we get to see one of our favorite show. Hulu corporate would at least have the common sense not to cancel a great show!


I had problems signing up so I gave up. Called Hulu customer service and I was told the only way to fix is to cancel my account, no recommendations on a fix. I restated that I wanted to be a customer but I cannot be helped so I was being told to just cancel it, yep. If Hulu wants to have customers you actually have to put a little I would have been a longtime customer with rave reviews!


Hulu billing keeps charging me for something that's defected. I work to hard for my money to just give it away. Soon as a movie starts the streaming message pops up. Last month I didn't watch much Hulu because it wasn't working and I want a refund for last month and this month. I was given a free month but that's absolutely worthless to me because I can't watch anything.


I have decided that for every Spanish language commercial I am forced to listen to, I will ad that company's name to a list of places NEVER to frequent or recommend.


I have been with Hulu for 3 years now and have enjoyed the service the company has provided. There have many versions of shows, Movies, TV etc in many different languages. My complaint is that if I am watching an English speaking show. I expect English speaking advertisements. If I am watching a Latino show Then I expect the advertisements to be in Spanish. It is enough to have advertisements, but do I have to sit through an advertisement in a language I don't understand? Next there will be Japanese advertisements and so on. Lets stick with the language the show is primarily being spoken in.


Instead of being offered a choice of English or Spanish commercials, I am being inundated with Spanish commercials. I live in the U.S.A. My account is in the U.S.A. I have no desire to speak or listen to Spanish! Why can't I get English? This is America.


My account has been showing errors on my account and not been able to watch netfix at all i paid for it did not get moneys worth and now i see that my account is on hold now how is that possible it's been showing errors or just can't get into my account at all. Either you fix this problem now or i go to hulu and then after this i will filing another formal complaint. That's why hulu going to be buying you all out anyways so maybe i should just now. So somebody needs to get back with me ASAP like right now.


i have been a Comcast customer forever but now I'm switching to Hulu and here is why. I always had service problems with signals in and out but seems to be worse now that i have X1 triple play. please check my account and see how often I have called last year (2014) and also this year already. Either TV, Phone, Or wifi goes off the grid and i have to take off work for a tech to come.I pay a lot of money for this X1, $2400.00 a year! i received a $12.00 discount once and recently i was given 6 months of cinemax free. I can see Free movies online on hulu, moviebox, filmbox, etc.

I don't think the Olney MD area or my condo development is getting a strong enough signal. I had a online chat with Angelica today(01-11-16) and her answer was a $20.00 credit! Really?! $2400.00 a year and she offered $20.00! X1 is a two year contract and it's quit a bit of cash a month not to work properly. what i want? I would feel like a appreciated customer with a fair reduction in price monthly, or offered Pay-Per-View movies free or maybe free movie purchases or something to help with my disappointment until this contract is up! So so many problems. And the robots at customer service are nice, but sometime you need to advance multiple complaints to a supervisor.


I use Redbox quite a bit. I recently compared to Hulu and have to tell you Redbox won hands down. I have no specific complaints against Hulu, only that I will probably not ever become a paying customer. I only need one streaming service in my house.


I have seen many sites which airs movies, TV serials etc. but nothing like One of the best sites that have various genres like adventure, cartoons, arts & culture, food family etc. A good collection of movies, documentaries which I could not find in any other website. Hulu is the best TV internet site that covers all your favorite shows and serials if you have missed out. The best way to watch internet TV and the monthly subscriptions are also very pocket friendly.

I suggest to anyone who missed watching shows and want to watch a variety of shows without having to search and waste time. My kids also enjoy the kids section category on that gives them some good collection of cartoons. Highly recommended and A+ rating to

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