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I've been unable to log in and play pogo for over a week now. I'm a paying customer. I need to talk to a human being but the only phone # I have for you will not work as it says it's invalid. You automatically renew my account every year. I think my accounts been hacked or something.


I have had ea sports for years. as of late the quality of its game play has suffered greatly. im currently unable to log on to the ea servers and its been this way for 2 days. I don't play that often but when I finally have a little time to play on a service I buy, then I would like to use it. I want a refund of this months service to ea games.


1. Ufc 3 created fighters shouldn't be used on online fights
2 fifa 19 is an absolute joke if you got the same people making it I'm not going to buy it again not got a clue about the beautiful game going to play PES from now on shame you can't rate ea sports as a zero star should be ashamed of yourselfs




The servers are terrible. I have lost about 75,000 and 3,500 Fifa points from being disconnected. Ive lost packs, lost matches i was winning and been disconnected which forfeits the gameJust now I started a single player trade and it was the best team i ever got, and I didn't even play a game. It couldn't find an opponent so I played a squad battle then return to find I need to start again. This tournament is not cheap 15000 or 300 fifa points. Too many the server has cut me off, I deserve compensation.I cant let it go after the last time i had a brilliant team and not 1 game CMON EA!!!!


Told them to cancel Pogo account in March, 2019. They renewed the account in April. We tried to contact EA tfund renewal money, but customer service was the worst ever!!! This needs to be reported to someone who has
the power to make this right. We will everything in our power to alert others about this corrupt company!


Electronic Arts is hacking into my computer everyday, cant even play free games on pogo since EA has taken over, games go blank, games are interrupted, get message of technical errors, game freezing, have to have my security on at all times, they have blocked thousands of attacks from EA, I cant even rate EA experience, there are some evil people doing such awlful things.


I bought a new game it automatically put in an email address i have not had in years. when i contact them they say sorry thats just the was it is and there is nothing we can do. so i gusess you can never login to an ea sports game again. serously?


Getting quite sick of your stupid game, spent about 200 quid & no received one walkout, it's a fucking joke! Yous always give me fuck all, sort me out with a decent walkout n al think about accepting u back into ma life


First, I love Madden 19. I have easily spent over $1500 on upgrading my team, through EA Access and yes, I have purchased coins from other sources. I love the Legends and memories of players I have grown up with. Last week I received one letter saying my account was to be suspended for one week. I understood, after a long holiday I didn't play Madden and I love Walter Payton so I purchased a bunch from EA Access as well coins when I got back home, so when flagged I understood the reason. The next day I received notification that I am permanently banned from the auctions and trades.

Second, not all encounters with customer service have been bad. Some are very helpful and some, especially when you ask for a supervisor, become extremely petty. I was banned last year, primarily because I had asked about the Madden Loyalty reward program and when I asked for a phone call, the person did call and state that he was reporting me to his supervisor.

Third, this is a game that is to be used for enjoyment, not for ways of overly sensitive individuals with a bit of power within customer service as well as no avenue to talk to someone in a leadership position. Right now the culture seems to be highlighted when you complete a weekly reward. You do not get the prize as they want to audit to see if there are cheaters and swindlers. Very sad. I don't like playing against others and to be honest, I suck at the game but still enjoy it. Being permanently banned is excessive. Yes, I have appealed it and they basically told me not to file a complaint as the issue is resolved and they have ruled in favor of the decision to ban me. I somehow guess that this group is part of the customer service team from India and that such complaints never escalate to a manager level.

I would very much like my side of the story told to the Corporate Offices of EA and not to the online support that is in India. Thank you for your time and consideration.


I paid for gems in EA/Pogo. Using those paid-for gems, I purchased challenges in three games. I had planned to complete my challenges at a later time. Without warning, EA/Pogo removed those three games, along with others, from their site. I went to EA Help to request a refund on what I had paid for, which was no longer available. After over an hour, with three different agents (Abhishek, Vinod, and Varsha) I was told that I would not be receiving a refund. As there was no advance warning that these games would be removed, EA/Pogo has taken money from me, with no intention of returning it. In other words, they stole money. I'm sure there are others with the same complaint.


ALL of my sims 3 expansion and stuff packs disappeared from my game. had to state this 3 different time....it seems like half the tech support staff cannot understand English..I asked to speak to a supervisor and was repeatedly refused...even so far as to be told there was no supervisor of any sort on duty...it seems like evey time I try to play SIMS 3 there is a problem...I am getting very frustrated and angry..especially when I have to do more than 5 chats to get an issue taken care of..


I received 1 unreadable player in a tradeable pack


I purchased FIFA 19 in great excitement for a great game and was sorely dissapointed. The lack of effort you put into your games is astounding. I was appalled at the fact that absolutely nothing was done to improve the gameplay. In fact somehow the gameplay has gotten worse. What's more you have completely ignored any part of the game that will not make you more money in the form of micro-transactions. The amount of work that has been put into this game is not that of a year long effort. You have very obviously put as little effort into this game as possible to get it to sell. I have played for many hours and feel I have been cheated a large portion of my time to shoddy work and predatory practices to get players addicted, much like gambling. The standards of this company are clear and after many years of supporting your franchises I am sorry to discontinue my support. Until you show me you are worthy of my time I am not going to give it to you. Please evaluate the state of your company and the integrity with which you operate as it is very dissapointing top see this level of negligence. Take some pride in your work and stop being an embarassment to humanity.


Our ultimate got deleted today and we contacted EA Help, who were pathetically useless. They said we deleted the account even though we not even know how to do this. They made it out like it was our fault, but we are certain it wasnt. They must have deleted or disabled the accoun themselves even though my brother forked out £35 to make his team half decent. WE ordered the Ronaldo Edition and pre ordered that. S o in total he spent a bit of money on that mode, fo them to say oh well we cant do anything or grant you any points because we deletde the account. Im sorry but that is unacceptable. EA SPORTS ARE MONEY GRABBING COWS WHO TAKE YOUR MONEY AND SUSPEND YOUR TEAMS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE INNOCENT. Even 1000 points would have been nice. EA read this i want action now


Ok EA, the matchmaking in UFC 2 NEEDS to be fixed, if not for this game, at least for UFC 3. I started this game about a week ago, my buddy whom got me into this game is a division 4 fighter (could be higher) and I can almost beat him head to head and other division 4 fighters online or at least stay in the octagon and last every round making some connections (hits) on them. OK, so I get the game, make an account, and I try division 1 fighters online after practicing for a while, and so far it seems like I'm fighting people from like division 4, 5 or 6. I have currently won once out of 10 times, and it was by decision and at the time I think I got so frustrated at the game that I let my division 4 friend try to beat someone on my account, he lost fights, and he's a division 4 fighter!!! PLEASE FIX! I am ready to stop playing any EA games ever again!

P.S. very angry about this issue.


As a company of which EA games make millions on these games you have not helped the gamer of which enjoys playing games. So me and ten of my online players have decided to cancel our yearly subscription to playstation. We told them why we are not renewing it because you cant even help us sort out the cheats and the abusive language that we get playing on line in battlefield 1 and star wars battlefront. You as a company don't listen to the people that have to save and save to buy these games the enjoyment has gone with the online cheats.


Can anybody tell me how the hell I can report people for cheating on battlefield 1. There doesn't seem to be a form or anywhere in the game to report people for cheating and ruining my game I'm getting fed up with it EA. You need to do something about it on Monte grappa they sit and surround the church so soon as you come out you get killed same as the forest. As soon as your dead they are waiting for you to rejoin and in streets its all the same again it took me 12 attempts to rejoin. I'm really getting fed up and wished I never brought it for the family to play me and my daughter and son play it and we are all fed up so please can you tell me how to report people please


Why hello Ea Sports fifa group, I'm Ntokozo Mazibuko, I'm from South Africa and I'm a huge Fifa fan, and I love all the things you've done on the Fifa games, like the graphics and players, but I here by write this note, not knowing wether it's a complaint or a solution.

I've played a lot of Fifa games in my life, excluding Fifa street, but mainly Fifa 06,07,08,09,10,12,14,15, but don't mind the old Fifa games like Fifa 10 and downwards, cause I understand that the game was like 2D, but now the game is more realistic and enjoyable, and I'm taking about Fifa 16 for ps4, now that's boss, but I feel like the game needs some more entertainment and competition, more on the career side, mainly the manager career, don't get me wrong your manager careers a good, but the only thing is that they don't dig in deep of what it really takes to be a manager, meaning I understand the the transfer budget that you start as a manager, but a manager must also deal with the Market budget, stadium budget and all the other budgets they deal with, also with your team management, a manager must train his team, you can make it possible for the manager to train his team and be able to see your team in training, and have some reporters and some few fans watching their favorite team train.

And the reporters asking the manager some questions and the manager must be able to answer, meaning like "like the question that the reporter is asking, to be shown on the screen and set up some answers that the manager must answer, and I'll myself choose what I want the manager to say, and like hold a press conference with the reporters and sometimes with the new players that you've brought into your club, and be able to see the press conference in action and again be able to select answers of what the manager must say.

And to the gameplay as a manager you must be able to see your team play on the field and you as a manager seated down or standing outside the lines and be able to make changes from there and when doing so the game must'd be paused, be able to make any changes of the gameplay, formation and substitution, be able to see your manager doing the changes with you setting/changing them, that's all I'd like you graciously add to the future coming fifa manager careers, and for the player career.

Why must the player be unable to buy their own togs/soccer boots with the money they earn with the team they've signed, the team pays you, but you can't use it, I mean like, why receive money that you can't use, all I have to say is that you must take a look at the NBA 2K 15, the rising star career or something, the player that you play with can buy fancy and casual clothes the money they earn, they can go to practice outside in the hood with some players, the have their on apartment that they live in and your own agent that tells which team wants to buy you and which sponsors want to sign you up, and give you a pair of free sneakers.

That's all I'd like to say on the player career, just play the NBA 2K 15 raising star career and you'll see great it is, I know that you guys can do it and you can make it more extraordinary then with what I've mentioned, you guys a true hardcore, you bring happiness to the people who a disabled and can't play soccer, I'm mean like Ea Sports group, you guys are the best, you can bring happiness to a billion people worldwide, by just experiencing behind the scenes of being a manager which is tough and being a player which is nice and luxurious, but also which is hard work and rough.


Why did EA games spoilt a another game like battlefield 1. It has cost me over £100 to play and enjoy with my friends at to what cost there are cheats to ruin the whole experience. I emptied a whole machine gun into a player and he just stood there and shot me. And why is there players lower than me and have unlocked everything? I am very disappointed with the cheaters and the cheats I thought customer support would have done something about it.


Why is it that in EA Sports, FIFA 2017 that absolutely nothing has been done about the amount of fouls the opposing teams get away with:

1. Hand balls to stop you scoring
2. Being one on one and fouled in the penalty area by the keeper and you get a penalty but they never receive a card and there still there to save the penalty
3. The amount of cards your team receive but they get away with not getting any when they foul
4. When they do a pass back the keeper picks up the ball
5. Hardly any free kicks to your team but the opposing team get one nearly every challenge
6. What has EA sports done to the free kicks — its ruined it


I was 91 rated on FIFA now I'm 88. Please how can I contact EA sports so can I have my rating back. It's unfair to force us to worry about things like this. And when I went on Facebook they did not respond to my complaint.


Where do I start Star Wars Battlefront why are there so many cheaters on-line playing your game. I brought it for the whole family. But with so many cheaters its impossible to get anywhere in the game like for instance.

I have seen people with lower rank than me that have everything unlocked 2, and people that can not be killed. I watched my son play a game at the complex and there were 2 players that got over 100 kills and were not killed. The whole family get so stressed out that this game and FIFA17 have cost me a lot of money in ps4s and replacing the TVs now for FIFA 17. Why have the pass backs by the other team still being picked up and they never receive any cards and why is it when my son was plying a game he was one on one with the keeper, and the keeper fouled him and got a penalty the keeper never received a card. He was still there to save the penalty and so many handballs stoping the ball going in the net.

Finally, what's going on with the free kicks me and my son and my daughter cant even get one right absolutely ruined it for the whole game.


Why do you insist on making the in-game mechanics (CPU-controlled DB's, specifically) so unrealistic that they border on telekinetic? Also, how does the CPU-controlled QB always know when I'm blitzing even when it's disguised? Do you sell these psychic pills, because if so, please send me some ordering instructions. Sincerely, a pissed off customer who also thinks this company message up the whole NCAA negotiation.


EA corporate, I have a complaint to tell you guys. Never mind 2 complaints. My first one is my lagging experience. Every time I play NHL LEGACY on HUT it lags ALL THE TIME. I need it to stop know so I don't have to keep quitting all of my games. My other one is a question. Why am I not getting the Holiday Packs for NHL LEGACY. I don't know if its that I have a Xbox 360 and it only works for the ps. I want to know so I wont ever say this question again and ever get confused. Please tell me back as soon as possible so I know. I'm sick of the lag to cause I paid $60 for the xbox live for a year and I don't want it expire like this. I really need to know as soon as possible.


I have 1 million FIFA 2016 futbol coins and then I lost them I got hacked or a glitch happened please give back my coins. I got my coins from FIFA points so please help me.


Hey Ea, just had the absolutely worst customer service experience of my life with your help line. "Supervisor" talked over me, treated me like I was dumb, refused to give me the email address of someone higher up to voice my concerns, and was no help in repairing a damaged consumer relationship. I have spent $1287.13 to date on MUT points. I have had a constant freezing issue and have been calling since December to get an answer/resolution.

Finally provided an answer today, but have been told to basically beg Microsoft for another copy as it was their fault (turns out it wasn't, so not great advice), been told that I would be contacted by Supervisors and after 2+ weeks of no contact I again had to call. I have been refused a Supervisor every call except for today, so 4 months to speak with a Supervisor and after it was all said and done was offered 2 free pro packs. Mind you $1200+ on a game that I can't hardly play because of an unknown issue until today.

I feel as though the issue was drug out and I was bilked out of my hard earned money. I would not have continued to invest my money in a game (MUT) that I cannot play. I don't want an arm and a leg, but I feel as though EA Sports can do better than 2 free pro packs. I have been a loyal customer since 2002 and the PS2 Launch Day. I have bought every Single Dead Space to date. Someone make this right so I do not have to give up a game that I LOVE!!! Thank youWhen will Snap chat and MLB be available for my windows 8 phone?


I am sick of playing my EA Sports games on online dynasty and it freezing during the game. not only do i lose the time spent playing it but i have to replay it all over again! especially when it freezes in the 4th quarter!

You spend 45 minutes playing it only to have to replay it all over again! stop wasting my time! When it freezes during an offline game in dynasty it takes you right back to the spot it froze in the game. so you don't have to replay it. If it freezes with 33 seconds left in the 4th quarter you reset it and start the game again and it takes you right back to 33 seconds left in the 4th quarter and you finish where you left off.

But in online mode you have to replay the entire game over! Why can you not put in an auto save during the game so if it does freeze or you get kicked off ea servers you can pick up right where you left off instead of wasting our time replaying the entire game. I will be sharing my complaint directly with EA corporate offices and emailing customer service to let them know my feedback.


I'm so furious with madden 16 and its XP sliders.. But anyway im reframing from using curse words. It makes no sense to have XP sliders on online play rather then offline because u can make your team so OP (over powered) its retarded. It also makes offline play so damn stupid because you can hardly upgrade your team when its offline and it limits how I would like my team in my fantasy of connected franchise. Just because of that I very much dislike your game. Thanks for reading if you guys even do that. - Sincerely One Pissed Off EA Sports Gamer


I made a purchase of $4.99 on my PS3 in FIFA 16 and when I exited the FIFA Store there was no FIFA points in my account but a $4.99 deduction from my bank account. I'm so upset that I want to phone EA Sports with my complaint.


Dont like how people can play nhl 15 on phone against people on xbox 360 or xbox one, phone is more faster and scores more. I spend good money on player cards trying to get the best team possible, but people on the phone could play with kiddie nhl ers and still win, I am irate and will not spend another dollar on hut pucks or nhl 16 until situation is corrected. people on phone should play other people on phone.


EA sports is something I love for the kind of graphics they used to make us interested in the game. I can pick any fighter and play the game. The controls of the game are easy to use and once you get used to it, the game is so much fun. EA sports have NBA, FIFA, NHL and many more games. The overall look and feel is simply brilliant. It is like a treat to your eyes. Worth playing these games. The interface, the music, the look and feel are simply right and they made these extremely with lot of detail.

Would definelty purchase some of EA Sports. The only complaint I have about EA is the curse of Madden, I believe that is their best selling game right? Why don't they remove a single player so they stop getting injured!


Although you could say they responded relatively fast, this is the worst customer service I have ever experienced. I email origin with details of what has happened to my FIFA account. someone has hacked in and taken most players from my british league squad. So I complain to EA with a list of players that were taken ASSUMING THEY WOULD HAVE MY ACCOUNT INFORMATION AS THEY CAN LOOK INTO MY PROFILE AS THEY OWN IT. They respond with a email that says the following:

Thank you for your patience during our investigation of your FIFA Ultimate Team account inquiry. Unfortunately, we are unable to verify any lost in-game assets and cannot grant you any compensation. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause

That is it. No help on what I can include to improve the case, just 'sorry we cant do anything'. I have the right to compensation and EA is denying this, and wasting my money.

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