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Fujitsu is Japans largest and the world’s fifth largest IT services provider and supports customers in over 100 countries. Founded in 1935 it  holds 97,000 patents worldwide, employs over 150,000 and in 2016 reported over JPY4 billion (Japanese Yen).

With worldwide headquarters in Minato, Tokyo, Japan, the United States contact is US CEO Rod Vawdrey. He can be reached at Republic Place, 1776 Eye Street, NW, Suite 880, Washington DC 20006 USA. The technical Customer Support number is 1-888-FUJITSU (1-888-385-4878). You may also find contact information here.

Unique products include PRIMEFLEX, Millimeter Wave CMOS for Automotive Radar, Smart Cities R&D research and Learning Algorithms in neuroscience, called Human Centric innovations. Social media presence may be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

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My particulars:Model:
Serial # FRN011999
Installed on – 9/23/2016

Case# 68418/77368

Returned to have Compressor and 2 boards replaced
We returned on 1/31/2018.

I have now been without heat for this house for over two months. And your company has been simply awful and rude. You did not give proper support to the repairmen from Haynes heating here in Cedartown and after a week of trying to help they had to take away the compressor unit in its entirety and send it back to you. I was told to expect the unit back in a week or so.

That was over six weeks ago. Since then you have been incredibly slow to repair the unit and even told Haynes that you were 'backlogged". That is such a joke. I was in equipment sales all of my life and if any of my firms could not repair and ship out a troublesome unit in 48 hours we always immediately shipped a new unit out to replace the faulty one. You cannot just rob a customer of their machine until it fits into your schedule. Especially a heater in the middle of winter! Sure, that one transaction may become a money-loser but the customer service and company reputation should be much more important to you.

We kept a diary of the entire experience and will now be posting the ordeal online via facebook and every review site we can find. We will be buying another mini-split for another house this year, but you will not be the supplier. Had you treated us right you would have gotten that business. But now I am on a mission to let every potential customer know exactly what they can expect from you. I will cost you a lot more than a replacement unit would have. I will hold off until the repaired unit is in place so I have all the dates I need to be accurate.

I am sorry you chose this poor path, but I am going to let you walk it alone. Your attitude has been unbelievably bad. I want no one else to ever have to deal with you.

Jerry Forsyth
210 Tate Road,
Cedartown, GA, 30125


I was purchased Fujitsu laptop on snap deal last year November, it has a warranty. While I am using since last 6 months if I try to close the laptop it is very hard so one side corner back side it is started fractures. I was busy with my laptop there is no service centre in my city so I did not complain. But now the problem is very high so I complained but they are saying it was my fault but I have not done anything. It is manufacture problem so please solve my problem here. I am sending complaint ref no and laptop condition video file link and images also.


I have bought the Fujitsu Laptop for $899 and it is totall worthy the cost. It has a very fast main processor and an anti-glare display. It is designed for business use. Comes pre-installed with Windows software. Best laptop I have every had so far. The battery life is amazing. I am very impresssed with the overall performance of my Fujitsu Laptop. With 2GB ram, it is more than adequate for my requirement. I would recommend Fujitsu laptops to anyone looking for something decent to work on regular basis. Hardware is of high quality and comes with Windows software. Good product overall.

As a follow up question, has anyone had an issue with Fujitsu customer service? I was curious, especially for American customers, if they had ever had to complain to the corporate offices in Tokyo, Japan.

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