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Davenport Iowa dominos general manager was just arrested Thursday charged with 2 felonies one of which was identity theft. So how long has people in davenport been giving this guy their credit card and other info so he can steal their identity? He is also being deported so dominos supports employing illegal aliens? In the past 5 years he has employed at least 2 convicted child molesters. So customers should have been made awhere that the person delivering their food to maybe their children or around their children is a convicted child molester. That’s just a community danger right there but dominos seems not to care. Is this really the image dominos wants to put off. Great owner u got in Scott ocel


We ordered 2 large pizza’s from your store #4931 on 2/23/2014. They arrived burnt. I called to complain and request a credit back to my credit card. The manager on duty said that they could not credit my card back, that they could only give me a credit for another pizza,and that I should call the next day. When I called the next day the manager ( Allen) was not in. The manager on duty said he would give Allen the mesage and that he would get back to me. I have not heard from anyone. I have just gotten my credit card statement and I did not get any credit I would appreciate your looking into this situation and credit my account back for the 2 pizza’s. I don’t think that Ishould have to pay for such awlfull pizza. I also think that you should look into the fact that these pizza’s should have gone out the way they did. What happened to quality control?


We have ordered several times from Dominoes at 1230 Rose St, #a, Elgin, SC. All orders were delivery and all were terribly slow, but the last one took over 1 and1/2 hours to get to us. Guess what? By then it was so cold it was ridiculous. If that’s the way you operate your business we can just switch pizza stores. Maybe you should look into the management?


When I first moved to Leeds, Al, I wasn’t disappointed that there were very limited pizza delivery options because I have always been a Dominos customer. After a trip to San Francisco I learned that I could re-create the best pizza I had ever had through Your build-a-pizza option. Time before last that I ordered, my pizza arrived completely smashed up and when calling the location, they informed me that it wasn’t their fault. If it’s the driver’s fault, then it’s their fault because he represents your company.

Almost 2 hours later, I received a replacement pizza from a driver with a bad attitude. The last time I called to order, I was at work one block away from my house and I was placing two separate orders. One to be delivered to my home for my daughter and her sitter and one to be delivered to my place of employment. I was going to be paying for both purchases. After confirming my order and hanging up, I immediately received a call back to tell me that the they told them not to complete the order because “they were too busy to do two deliveries.”

Needless to say, I didn’t have good come from Dominos that night. Then, today, I ordered online. 45 minutes later, my order arrived and it was wrong. So I called. The guy informed me that I hadn’t placed my order right and they fixed it exactly as they had received it. I had the confirmation though stating what I had ordered and his response was “well, what do you want me to do about it?” ….. “Um, I want you to fix it.” Very disappointed and at the point of writing off your company altogether if this is the service I will continue to receiver. Your local offices are the representatives of your company and if they won’t take pride in their job, then who will?

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