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Hi, This is addressing a issue of Costco in the Calgary Beacon Hills MAll NW. I am just a frequent costco client and I buy most of my home grocery from costco. The thing that I love the best about costco is that you have a really good demonstration system where we can try out the food before making the decision of buying. However, I went there on Friday and saw something that really disturbed my mood and changed my view on costco.

A manager of the demonstration service, I believe that her name is Jeniffer( that what I heard what the others called her), shouting and screaming to a lady who is preparing the food. I do know that helping and training colleagues are necessary, but the way she was doing it clearly shows some kind of harassment. Me and several customers got really uncomfortable and scared at this situation. Please look into this, Thank you.


I have been a Costco member for many years but that ends today! To learn that you are selling meat that is Halal approved
is crazy! This is the USA! When you succumb to Muslim Sharia laws…….that is it!!!! How dare you! Wake up Costco!!!! Maybe you have been bought out by foreign interests! I am cutting up my card after I send this email and it will give me great pleasure! BTW….I plan on posting this on FB and telling everyone I know! You can bet you are going to loose many more customers! Extremely disappointed, Kathy Bird


About a week ago, before the September expiry of my 1 year Executive Membership (cost $100) at Costco here in Montreal,I went with two associates to the same store where I originally got the card, to: A. Cancel my card. (because after shopping for a year, my rebate came to $4.24 (big saving for a $100 investment). -and- B. Obtain the $10 referral rebate for a new member card for my associate. The $10 cash card was given, no problem, when he completed and paid for his regular membership card.

Then I clearly informed the lady behind the counter that I absolutely wished to NOT renew and to cancel my Executive Card immediately, before the Sept. 1 deadline. She told me, in effect, that’s nice but we ALREADY CHARGED your Costco American Express account another $100 [many weeks] ago. I don’t recall ever receiving an AMEX card, (I carry only one card, NOT American Express, to minimize credit charges and keep track) and told her so. I added that even IF I had obtained a Costco AMEX card, here I am- within any legal delay, and must cancel my membership, and IF they already made any such charge, to immediately cancel it.

She said that in effect, it was my problem, and that I should call some 800 number for Amex Customer Service, and if I can’t find my card, then they probably would send me a replacement card and account number upon which I could apply to cancel the renewal Costco membership charge adn THEN cancel that card! Talk about your needless red tape, time wasting and rigamarole!

So a few days later, I called American Express customer service and spoke with “Robb” who was situated at their call center in Ottawa and who told me the call was being recorded. He politely informed me that he has worked there for over a year, their policy had not changed with Costco and that there is no reason the Store, especially the same one I purchased the card at, as the merchant, should have NO PROBLEM cancelling the charges.

So out the revolving door, and another $30 of my time (it’ll take about an hour overall to go back) and let’s see if Costco will observe the advice I received on their policy, from the American Express point of view. Time is all we REALLY have to spend on this earth…and
what’s left of mine, is all the more precious day by day. No “Merci” to Costco, for having billed me two months before the expiry date (was it in the very fine print?) and putting me to all this trouble to “earn” $4.24 after shopping there for a year, at what are really less savings than at Zellers, Canadian Tire, Super-C and Maxi or Wal-mart stores for items on sale.

Btw, American Express’s Robb was very polite and while generally informative, he could not tell me how to obtain a copy of the recording of my conversation, nor the ‘interactive file no’ that such financial companies create with such recordings, which I will need to prove to Costco that their information was wrong.


In all our years of shopping in costco, my company, (buys dozens of oatmeal cookies and chocolate cookies per day) friends, relatives have rarely complained. Once in a while a product will be taken off the market and we live with it. This time around, for some ungodly reason, the bakery has decided to discontinue making oatmeal cookies? WHY? And surprisingly would prefer to keep other cookies and ridiculously out of control, over the top, 1000 calorie a slice chocolate cake in stock. SERIOUSLY!! We have not been able to get an explanation from anyone yet. Costco customer service were not even aware when I went up to ask why.

We are currently in the process of trying now to either find out which other food warehouse carries our favorite oatmeal cookies. It is worth the membership switch.


I’ve been a member of Costco for years and have bought the EXTRA FANCY mixed nuts. Over the years the product has decreased the quality of extra fancy. I’m greatly disappointed with the product. It should be labeled %50 almonds which is no different than %50 peanuts. I hate grabbing a handful of mixed nuts and over %50 almonds. The price goes up and the almonds increase. This is very disappointing to me. I surely hope that you relabel and lower the price or sale what you are advertizing FANCY MIXED NUTS and by the way the cashews are starting to catch up with the almonds. Very disapointed!!!!


Let me start by sayng Costco is my favorite store but I can’t help but notice that you have cut back on your supply of best seller books. I go to Costco at least once a week to check on new books and I usually buy something else as well, but now I find that you are not carrying the authors that you always did before and I have to buy from I realize you can not carry everything but you have always had a pretty good supply of books and hopefully (if more people complain) you can revisit your buying of them. Thank you.


On my resent visit to Costco, to return something, everything was fine until the employee saw it was a food stamper purchase. She was unprofessional and made me feel like a was not a valid customer. After i gave her my card, she just threw it down and walked away. Costco needs to let there employees known when a customer is using food stamps they should treat them with respect. This was uncalled for and didn’t make me as a loyal customer feel very good about my purchase at Costco. How can I make sure this doesn’t happen again? There is no reason why I should feel inferior.


Today I only purchased 6 items. Because Costco makes no provisions for customers with only a few items, I got in a line and got stuck behind 2 back to back purchases of cell phones. This process took quite awhile since the manager had to be called since of couse there was a problem. When I finally made it through the line, then there was 2 LONG LINES of people backed up waiting to get their receipts inspected. What other store does this??!! NONE. You pay for your groceries and your on your way usually.

What would they do arrest you if you refused to stop at the door? I swear next time I’m going to make them follow me out of the store. Is this legal for them to make you stop? Also there are kids running around in the store putting their hands all over the food and Costco doesn’t seem to care. I also got food poisoning from eating the Foster Farms spicy chicken. I get so fed up with them moving their groceries around. This is a trick to make you buy more groceries. I’m fed up with Costco! From now on I’m only going to buy the minimum and give someone else most of my business.


I was at costco today….and of course the checkouts were crazy busy. Anyway there were two people ahead of me after about 15 minutes. One being served and then another in front. The person in front decides to leave. So I back up and allow her ample room to turn around and leave. This woman coming out of no where—on my right side tries to slip in front of me. I said ” I think not, I have been here for 15 minutes waiting. I then pushed my cart tight into the check out counter. I guess when I am hungry I get bitchy but today it was NOT going to happen….there i said my peace about costco.


I have been an Executive Member with Costco for years, and many years ago I had an American Express account with them that I had cancelled after only two months; no yearly fees but the insurance costs for any outstanding balance was enormous. So I officially closed the American Express account (seven years ago). But recently, with my 2% rewards bonus, came a notice that said, “On March 1, Costco Wholesale will automatically renew your membership on the credit card account noted in our records.” HOLY DOO DOO !!!!

This sentence was slipped-in the middle of a paragraph thanking me etc etc; I wasn’t even going to read the note attached to my 2% reward coupon. This has to be illegal !! I phoned Costco complaints department and they informed me that I could phone back in a couple of days and cancell it then, but that there were already charges on my account for them having re-instating my American Express account. My GOD what is this world coming to????


I had been long time Costco Executive Business member, but for last three years, Costco’s 2% check never comes on time. Every time you call they give you run about on it. For the last 6 weeks I have been calling them, but no response. Went to the Costco Store and informed member services, manager on duty NO response. Bottomline, rebate check for 2% is still missing? They have no response, or remedy and expect customers to keep calling them. This is going for atleast for last three years, every year keep calling for check.

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