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aol posts a computer checkup free then 4.95 per month. this always comes on just after I lose the connect to aol. I have had att out numerous times and they say it is in aol software. It is odd that for 4.95 per month more you can fix the problem. I know that the problem is on your end, and that you want to charge for a problem that aol has created. Quit or you go to court…


I get daily emails that are unsolicited advertising i feel harassed. Please stop! these are some of the addresses. I don’t want anymore of these emails and have tried to opt out with AOL and unsubscribe to their list, still nothing works!



AOL has been sent repeated notices about an email address being used for a scam over a 3 month period. Complaints have been sent to abuse at aol and abuse at aim. Googling the subject shows 6, 400 results for the scam. Why would a company like AOL not terminate the account? If customers are complaining about something, isn’t it their job to take action to protect us? There are also many complaints and instances of virus problems being associated with opening these emails.

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