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They I've had four open dispute with them they are finally credited my account from one of them but right before that they closed my online account the stop the card which cannot be reinstated which means I have no access to my money after months and months of dealing with this they have no customer service phone number to talk to the people in charge of the disputes can't talk to the corporate office you can't talk to his supervisor every representative you talk to is overseas when are their main offices in San Ramon California but you can't get ahold of anybody it is a big run around they could not even give me a specific reason why they closed my account and I still have not received my money but it says when I call the card number that it's on there because they take their monthly charges but I have no way to access it. This business needs to be closed down!


Paid 41 dollars for gas at a gas station did not pay at the pump and put 166 dollars of mine on hold and I have to wait till 4/17/18 for my money no I’m not waiting and I went in the gas station to im pissed


we used acountnow for our direct deposit from social security sorry i did they are holding my money waiting for proof who i am i sent dl ss card and proff of address they want more we need that money to buy food only income sp please help card number 4226760204427099 sent a letter from social security we still waiting


On 11/16 account now restricted my card over a $32 charge that I did not dispute, they decided to dispute it without even discussing it with me first. My SSI was deposited then they froze my account,I found out when I went to get groceries and propane so we could have heat for our trailer. They told me they need some documents so I uploaded them and they got them.But still hasn't released my funds it is 32 degrees at nite and we have no heat in our trailer.Can't. Find anyone there who will help me....they are rude..put me on hold from 3:30 last Friday till 6:30 Saturday morning. I have been on the phone with them every day since this happened for up to 5 hours each time..i have been put on eternal hold.and hung up on, and told that they can't do anything to help me and there is no one they can send me to who can. I find that to be a excuse and a they say they are sending me a check that will take them 5 weeks to get here, so I filed a complaint with consumer affairs and it's already posted on their website.also been in contact with federal trade commissioner..department of justice..the office of the inspector general...the attorney general in Washington ..and the consumer protection office in Washington DC.and better business bureau. Also met about 40 other people online who has had similar problems with this company,and has a attorney willing to file a class action suite against them and I joined the law suite soon you will be seeing a ad on tv about it and online I suggested the tv commercial the more people the bigger the pay out you know. Now I am almost positive I won't. Hear anything back from anyone at account now, but had better get my money in the next week,too bad I am going to have to have them investigated as embezzlers and money laundering. Hey they could be using our money to back the Taliban. maybe I could do to them what they have done to me turn their world upside down and great turmoil for them. Well you have my money I want it and need it to live in the morning am calling social security and report them for stealing my money from the government and filing a complaint and telling them about all the other people they have done this to and email a request and have asked any of those hundreds of others to do the same ask the social security to not direct deposit any checks to account now or green dot accounts. Until I have my money in my hands I will post on each and every website I can find and tell everyone how you treat your customers..oh your welcome to call me if your not afraid to face someone you are unable to push around.
The name is Pamela voelker last four on card is 2508 you have my numbers my email is.. ahold of me dare you to if your not chicken shilt..i will be waiting to hear from you but won't hold my breath.


My name is Frances Anderson & I was on the phone twice with your so call repetitive. I asked to speak to a supervisor & they hung up on me .


My my name is Maya Pennington and my complaint on the company account now is as follows, so September 22nd 2017 I received a deposit of $612 onto my prepaid account now debit card ending in 42264 at 3:51 p.m. and since the 22nd I have had to fight and battle with the company because the employee who put a block on my account blocked my account only because I was at work and my card was at home and I did not have my card on my body yes I was not very polite I was extremely rude and they keep hanging up on me and they will not give me my money back I've done nothing I did not call to shut off my card they did it on their own


on June 19, 2017 my card ending in 1141 was flagged as compromised, account cancel the card without letting me know. it was not until i tried to use my card and it kept getting declined. I was then informed that a new card that was a new card was mailed to an old address that i live years a go and updated my address with them almost two years ago. so i don 't know why they sent a new card out without confirming the address??? when i asked about the policy they i was then told that when the get notified a compromised the cancel the card without notifing the customer. this is an account that i use on a weekly basic. my direct deposit got into this account. i fell like its not right that this company would be able to do this to me and i pay a monthly charge to just use there services. I'm not askig anything more then release my funds to me and to pay and fees that i have to pay because of their run around. thank you,


My complaint is about an ongoing problem with my gold Visa. I should not have to send a copy of my drivers license and social security card to this company every time I have an issue with my card. I feel I have money missing out of my account at AccountNow. I requested a transaction history be mail to me because I can't access my account on line. But they already have all my history online. I will eventually in the very near future take my business somewhere else. Almost makes me think AccountNow is actually an account scam!


The account dispute department is not capable of doing their job. For whatever reason after my complaints I still cannot get a response as to what is going on. Stated they did everything to find out where my money is and they are very incompetent. The money was stolen at a casino but they say they cant find the error. How hard is it to view video tapes to see a persons withdrawing your funds? Avoid this bank for the fraud that they really are.


I had a dispute that someone had taken my card to pay a bill. I filed a dispute, someone canceled my card. I talk with someone that the card was canceled and dispute was approved. Called the card that was suppose to be cancelled and they say the correct money is on the card I have. Your employee told me that this card was no good and another card would be sent to me with the corrected dispute and the balance original on card. He said 3 to 5 business days for the car to arrive. The dispute was approved and notification forms were completed and has arrived to the dispute department, I have been waiting on the new card to arrive for over a week. I need the money. Can you please tell me if could use the card I have that says the balance in on this card or tell me where this supposedly my new card is.


Do not use accountnow. It is a terrible service and a bad idea for anyone who doesn't have money. They offer a prepaid Visa credit card, but you have to loaded with money on the website every day in order to use it. I don't know about you, but I would rather pay cash for anything I can. The idea of putting money onto card, just so I can later spend it, Does not make sense. After reading complaints online about accountnow, I can see why they are struggling to stay in business.


Want something better than a credit card? Well Account Now prepaid cards are the best replacement. A great alternative to a checking account, saves lot of your money and its safer than cash. I have taken this service and actually benefited out of it. I now don't have to worry about over drafting and I enjoy the same benefits of credit card. I can use it the same way to do online shopping, make payments etc. with low and affordable competitive rates. Account Now gives peace of mind and one doesn't have to worry about late payment charges. I recommend this to those who want a hassle free prepaid card and yet enjoy the benefits like a credit card.

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