What’s the Best Foldable Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion?

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Back pain is a huge issue for many people. Whether the cause is aging, injury, or just sitting behind a desk for hours each day, dealing with back pain is a daily reality for many people. Since back pain is a broad topic, we shall focus on pain from the coccyx- the tailbone.

The coccyx is a small, beak-shaped bone attached to the sacrum at the lowest part of the axial skeleton. It forms part of the bony pelvis. Several muscles that form part of the floor of the pelvis are attached to it. More importantly, it’s occasionally the recipient of enormous pressure from inappropriate sitting positions or poorly constructed seats. Due to the muscle attachments and the curvature of the coccyx, the pressure exerted on the bone is high. Pain is a common symptom that is elicited by pressures to the bone.

Why a Cushion for Tailbone Pain is Necessary

Possible causes of pain in the tailbone include trauma (such as a fall or a hit), sitting for long hours, especially on hard surfaces, and poor posture while sitting. Whereas falls and hits are not a universal burden, sitting postures and sitting surfaces are unavoidable in most of our day to day lives. Fortunately, there are affordable and convenient solutions to help relieve tailbone pain while sitting.

The Foldable Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion

The latest advancement in the quest to relieve coccyx pain is developing the foldable coccyx seat cushion. Its development was inspired by the notion that the victims of chronic tailbone pain are primarily people who spent a better part of their day sitting. The cushion has been specifically designed to reduce the pressure exerted on the coccyx, thereby preventing continuous pain, while also being easy to transport between work and home, or while traveling.

Here are its two major plus sides;

The Tailbone Pain Relief Cushion Soft Covering

The cover of this cushion is designed to be soft to the touch. This reduces its friction with fabric as you sit on it, making it easy to adjust yourself on the seat anytime. The covering of this coccyx seat cushion is also removable, meaning that you can always unzip it and take it for cleaning once you feel it is dirty.

The Coccyx Seat Cushion Design

This cushion comes with a unique design. It has a groove on the rear part. That groove is meant to allow the coccyx to fit there, meaning that it will be suspended and under no direct pressure from your body or the seat. On the surface, it has two grooves where your thighs lie, bearing the maximum pressure. The thighs have muscular compartments around the thigh bone that cushion them. In addition, the cushion has high-density foam that further adds protection to the thighs. There is no denying that this is the best cushion for tailbone pain developed so far.


The cushion for tailbone pain relief is an easily, affordable solution to help relieve coccyx pain. Cushy Tushy’s foldable tailbone pain relief seat cushion is the best option we found. To learn more about this option, click here. It is helpful for the prevention of coccyx pain and the relief of already existing pain. The pros of using this cushion are beyond measure, especially if you know the suffering that is tailbone pain.