Top 11 Nationstar Mortgage Loan Modification Complaints

Author: keith
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There are a lot of Nationstar Mortgage complaints. After all, having a home loan is the largest purchase most people will make in their lifetime. But when it comes to changing your mortgage the problems with Nationstar really start to add up. Here are the top complaints again Nationstar:

1. Money taken randomly from my account
I have been with Nationstar since 2008 and have never experienced what I experienced today. I am your normal middle class customer who works hard to put food on the table for his family, which every penny counts. I looked at my account today, 2/24/2016 and noticed over $700 was taken out of my account for the line of credit. I am behind, trying to catch up. My wife is in school and I have two kids. I have also recently joined clear one advantage to help me with my debt.

They told me that they would handle the communication between you and them. I know its a third party and it doesn't really matter to you all but when I call,  I expect better customer service then what I just received. Both the specialist and the supervisor were rude and seemed to not care about my issue. I am willing to set up a payment plan, but I cant afford $700. I still have other bills to pay and food to still place on the table. I truly need this money back and willing to do whatever it takes.  

2. Strange financial advisors
Financial advisor in Dallas, Texas with Nationstar is constantly over stepping ethical boundaries. He came to a clients house on 1/21/2016 and accused me of things that was none of his business. I made a mistake by not calling the police which the DA said I should of call them. I definitely wanted to ask about the mortgage modification. But my drivers license and all my mail (and social security had that address). This advisor told me I had to leave this house immediately and I said do I need a lawyer and he said yes a criminal lawyer. I am looking into a lawyer because this man was totally out of line with no eviction notice or restraining order and wouldn't tell me what this was all about. Is this what nationstar financial are taught that this is part of there job? We are 78 years old and this was no way to treat seniors and put me out in the cold.

3. Denied loan modification due to credit score
Applied for a loan modification with Nationstar, was told that it was approved, had my credit score knocked down 60 points by them checking my credit  was told by two loan officers that the loan paperwork would be sent overnight express and the check should be sent shortly after the application was returned. When this didn't happened and I called back again I was then told I had to drive 800+ miles round trip to Connecticut to sign for the loan. This is my main complaint. I was lured into making application for this loan under the pretense it could be done through the mail, as Nationstar doesn't have an office in the State of Maine, took a major hit to my credit score and no way to get to Connecticut to sign for a loan for the car I was about to purchase. This was false and misleading and now my credit score sucks from them checking it, so I don't have a high enough score to apply for another loan.

4. Invalid forms of credit proof
Was told by a personal banker at Nationstar that my IRA distribution check would work for a loan modification. It would be there in 2 days so I could with the delivery instructions that I gave him and he copied send it off Fedex next day delivery. Now after 4 days they tell me it will take 2 weeks and they will send it regular mail. Not very secure my retirement that could get lost! The branch manager Shaun Divine would not answer my calls or answer the phone left the office instead of calling me. Complaints by phone calls or answer the phone left the office instead of calling me. Then lied to me and said he was on the phone. I will probably find another bank to do my business with already opened a business account with another bank because they would not give me free business banking I hope my complaint will help other people.

5. Bankruptcy will cause problems
I went to bank to open a checking account, and they discovered a 5 year old loan through Nationstar that they acknowledged had been cleared through bankruptcy 15 years ago, but still showed internally as owing just over $3,000, so can't open a new checking account. The bankruptcy department refused to let me speak with a supervisor, saying it was not their problem.

6. Problems with laws in Texas
My father passed away on the 23rd of May. I filled out the small claims affidavit for Colorado which is the state he and I both live in. I took the information to the Nationstar customer service rep and they called their "Attorney" I was told that the account could not be touched in the state of Colorado because it was opened in Texas. My father has never lived in Texas by the way. The support at Nationstar informed me that if his account had been opened in the state of Colorado the form I took him would have been appropriate. While the banker was talking to the attorney I looked up probate law in Texas and it stated I would need to know what county in Texas the person dies in to go through there court system.

7. Pressured into a refinance and loan modification
I was called by a Nationstar Mortgage Consultant based out of Dallas who informed me that I qualified for a loan modification and refinanace on my home. I never spoke to the guy. I work nights,  he left several messages. I left a message. He spoke to my wife, my wife told him that you must talk to my husband. This Mortgage Consultant proceeded to process the re-fi docs, without our permission,
had the re-fi pkg sent via FedEx to my home. My wife and I never agreed to any of this. He is relentless in his non stop phone calls. My wife and I feel harassed, pressured, Please leave us alone. We are not ready for a re-fi.

8. Trouble with roof replacement
Nationstar is the lien holder on our house, so I needed their signoff on an insurance check to replace the roof. (Check was made out to me, my husband, and Nationstar).  Husband signed off on check. I went to customer support to get their signature and got and incredible runaround. First they said I didn't have the proper paperwork from insurance company. Turned out that paperwork was correct, but Nationstar personnel didn't bother to read it and thought the check was for a car, not a house. Came back a few days later and was told "they were busy, please come back in 15 minutes" that is, 10 minutes before closing time.

Came back and was treated with incredible rudeness by a phone officer who was busy eating her lunch (she couldn't wait until closed?). She didn't greet me, didn't ask say a word, just stared with obvious annoyance when I told her what I needed. She ignored the paperwork and the first words out of her mouth were that she couldn't sign off without my husband present, even though he'd already endorsed check. When I objected, she THEN said she also couldn't sign off since my legal last name is different from my husbands - which is EXACTLY how it is written on our Nationstar mortgage. What is this. 1956?

9. Consumer service was very poor
I used Nationstar loan services to secure a home loan in December 2013 for land purchased in Dallas, Texas. According to the agreed loan contract the loan was a differed 0% interest loan for 12 months. 11 month installments payments of $290.00 were made on time and as scheduled according to the contract. However, upon making the 12th and final payment the Nationstar website listed a balance of $475.00. I elected to pay the normal $290.00 and assumed the remaining $185.00 could be paid on the following month. This was not correct. 

I am now being told that since the 12th installment was considered a partial payment I now owe $1384 in deferred interest over the course of the 12 month loan. The Nationstar online payment site, where we made are payment transactions, did not state provide sufficient warning that the final 12 month balance of $475.00 must be made in full to avoid the differed interest. I immediately contacted Nationstar customer service with the hopes of paying the $175.00 without being charged the $1384.00 in interest. However, according to the Nationstar corporate office we were told that the since the " Promotional loan of 0% expired in April of 2015 nothing could be done and the interest accrued would not be removed.

10. Problems with delayed qualifications
I applied for a mortgage and got preapproved a month ahead of time. We found a house and went through the contract, earnest money, inspection and appraisal costing $3,100. On day of closing Nationstar said we were not qualified. We lost 3 1/2 months of work of paperwork and looking for house. Our loan officer was incompetent and miscalculated my business taxes and did not send paperwork to underwriters till last minute. They admitted it was there mistake but we lost the house and all that time. It was the home mortgage center in Texas. This is all they do, morgages, how can they be so incompetent and irresponsible. I will never do business with Nationstar again.

11. Refusing to help me with modifications
Nationstar loan officers gave me instructions about my mortgage application that I followed to the letter. Every time they asked me for documentation, I furnished it. Nine months later, they declined my app but told me to reapply and they would approve it. Their senior loan officer told me to "put your construction costs on your credit cards and corporate will pay it off with the proceeds of the loan." They refuse to take any responsibility.