These ESPN Complaints to Corporate Are Downright Hilarious

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


We see a lot of complaints about different businesses on HissingKitty, thousands in month in fact. But none compare to the hilarious customers of ESPN television networks. For whatever reason ESPN has managed to attract a fan base that loves it TV so much that it hates any changes that are made.

People who watch ESPN networks love to gripe about anything and everything including:

  • Television coverage of games
  • Lack of television coverage of games
  • Announcers they wish were fired
  • Announcers that were fired they wish were not
  • Scheduling changes to their favorite shows
  • Shows they want cancelled and pulled from the air
  • Something someone said that offends them

I have never seen anything quite like this before. Every change to the programming lineup at ESPN, no matter how small, draws hundreds of complaints. The corporate offices in Bristol literally cannot make a move with people judging it, critisizing it, and threatening to never watch again.

That is why these reviews are so funny to me. They really are empty threats made be people without a life.

Just read a few of the comments that people will post below...