Target Corporate Boycott Reaches 750,000 Customer Signatures

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Target made the decision last week to begin allowing men and women to use whatever bathroom corresponds with their gender identity. The idea started out great, as something that included everyone regardless of race or gender. But many conservatives took offense to it. Now, it's spiraling out of control.

Now, a week later, more than 750,000 Target customers have signed a petition on the AFA website boycotting Target. Some say the number will reach 1,000,000 soon. The list is growing more and more rapidly as the word spreads. Just this morning there were only 600,000 names on the petition.

The petition is here if you are interested, but more importantly, this shows why free speech and social media is so important today. Because truly, every voice in a public discussion is heard.

What do you think of Target? Will you continue to shop there?