T-Mobile Customer Service Reviews from Angry Users

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Are you upset with T-Mobile for ripping you off? You are not alone. In 2016, more than 1,000 T-Mobile customer service complaints were filed on our website. And countless more dialed 1-800 numbers, sent emails, and wrote personal letters to the CEO. If you need help, use 611 from your mobile phone or call their support number at 1-877-746-0909.

Here are the best 11 examples of T-Mobile customer service reviews on our website (and how they got satisfaction online):

1. Rude customer service employees
I walked into the 307 Madison avenue store on 5/4/16 at about 9am-all the employees were gossiping about personal stuff so I had to wait until they were done and then some dirty looking girl that had not brushed her hair just looked at me without asking if she could help me. I told her the problem with my phone and she accused me of dropping it. I asked the manager (Tania) if I could please use a phone and she sucked her teeth as if I was bothering her and said the phones are down.

The dirty girl rebooted my phone. I proceeded to leave and the dirty girl said "Have a nice day B****" right in front of the manager so I said "what did you say?" and she said :I said have a nice day! I have been a loyal customer for over 10 years but due to this experience I am switching to Verizon. Where do you hire your employees? I am guessing it is straight from shelters or right out of jail cause they had no professionalism whatsoever.

2. Problems with wireless service
Purchased a phone and a monthly service, was told they have service in my area. Once I tried to use the phone, I could only get service about 5% of the time, 95% of the time I got the message no service available. I am returning the phone but because I did get about 2 phone calls out they are charging me the full months service and refuse to refund me. I was promised service I did not get and still have to pay.

3. Long hold times on the phone
The landlines link did not work for me. It took several days and countless hours on the phone with consumer service to find out. There consumer service is pass you around to 5 people. And explaining the situation over and over with no solution. I hate their customer service to say the less.

4. Problems cancelling my account
Last year around March or April I ordered 2 phones with plans from Tmobile. Before phones arrived I called and cancelled acct and order. Well, the phones arrived anyway because they never cancelled order. I called and they said "sorry, just refuse delivery and we will cancel it. Then I got a bill for first month! I ignored it because I didn't have an account. Then I got a second bill saying service was cancelled due to non payment ! So I called and told them it can't be cancelled because I never activated it.

They said sorry we will take care of it. Last I heard of it. So, now I decided to switch from Sprint to tmobile. I went to store today to get a quote and see about pay to switch program. Now they told me I need a $400 deposit per line (3) because my credit is bad with them. So, I left and said I have to call them and fix this mess. So I want to switch because it's cheaper but refuse to give them deposit when I have good credit and it's their screw up!

5. Jump switch program is a scam
Customer service has a really bad services with the customers, they doesn't know about theirs job because every time i call the representative hang up,  that was like with 2 or 3 different times. They cancel an order (galaxy S7 Edge)  with out my permission, they told me that i have to wait 10 days for a response about the 60 dollars that i paid for the order and when i call after the 10 business days they told me that i have to wait 30 days and i don't get that i think its not fair.

I used the Jump program for a phone in September. I lost the device and could not return it within the 14 day time period. Once I found the device, I called and spoke to a representative and she told me to return the device using the return label she provided and a credit would be issued. I received a notice today that my device was valued at $0 and no credit would be applied and the phone would not be returned.  Now I'm being charged for a phone I returned and no longer own. I need the future charges to be removed.

6. More problems switching over accounts
I was misinformed by the employee at the store when switching over and now stuck with no other options but just losing money and staying or deactivating and starting all over at another carrier. When I first switched over  a few months ago, I was told a few things which I thought was too good to be true which initially made me switch to T-Mobile, but now I found out the hard way that some things are too good to be true. 

The support phone representative had told me if I had enrolled into the insurance program (Jump) I would be be able to basically change my phone or upgrade up to 3 times within a 18 month span as long as there was nothing wrong with the phone and all I would have to do is pay the differencial of the phone if more expensive. Thinking that I would be able to do so I called them today to see what the necessary steps would be but I was told a totally different story. They said I would have to pay another down payment for the upgraded phone I wanted and they would pay off the remaining balance I had for the 1st phone. I payed a down for over $400 for my first phone and to upgrade I would have to pay another down payment for over $500 for the upgraded phone. That means I would be paying more than $900 plus remaining installments for the new phone. Who in the right mind would do this?

f I had known this fact, I wouldn't have enrolled in the insurance plan or even switched over in the first place. Customer service said they cannot do anything and now Im just stuck in the middle. Being lied to does not feel good and paying a lot of $$ adds to the pain. They wont even refund the months I paid for insurance if I decide to cancel it.  I've been lied to and robbed by false advertising by tmobile employees and the only response I get is take it or leave it. 

7. Discrimination for certain customer types
I went into the t-mobile store on Madision and date avenue address 4701 Madision Ave Ste 102, Sacramento, CA 95841. I bought my my Iphone6 phone from this store.   I was having problems with My I phone and this very rude clerk  which had attitude and was very rude said that I had more problems than I was talking about and made me feeling like I was lying. I asked for the manage more than three times and she would not let me talk to the manager and the manager was standing no more than three feet away from our conversation.

The clerk said that I could upgrade my phone for $175.00 and she took  a look at my account number and said that I could not upgrade my phone for $175.00 because I paid cash for my phone and if I wanted to buy a new phone it would cost me $550.00. I do realize that you get interest from someone financing a phone and no profit from someone that pays cash.
I pay cash for everything my cars, homes and cell phone, because I can afford it. I feel that I am being discriminated against because I pay cash for cell phone etc. I feel that you should check into this t-mobile store because of the bad customer services, I receive. I feel everyone should be able to upgrade to a newer phone regardless of how they pay for the phone

8. T-Mobile took money without my permission
T-Mobile took money out of my bank count without permission I am in a contract with them I pay approximately $147 a month for two phones for unlimited text talk and Internet. I've had nothing but harassments since I've been with him the last six months they keep asking for more money like I said they went and took money out of my bank account and I took it back they want to $177 for the second phone and I ordered online which originally said would be no down payment.

I've already had established credit with them they turned around and took the money out anyway as a down payment so they say they keep apologizing they put the money back one time. And turn around and use the other excuses for so much money and I over them they'll think of anything a sort of numerous things. Why I should pay more money $30 here $110 they're $150 here now it's 300 and something dollars kindly put it on my phone or my son phone and pay them money or they will turn me off. I'm on disability this harassment is getting ready to give me a total breakdown I'm nervous breakdown.

I can't take it anymore it's made me sick to my stomach I've gotten headaches I'm ready to call her lawyer and see if Dr. overall this needs to stop. I told him repeatedly to stop harassing me for different monies a make up that I/O them now it's over $300 and they want the money immediately threatened to turn me off. I have a recording I saved on my phone I have several text messages I've saved my son saved and it needs to stop.

I just spoke with someone yesterday that would be April 21, 2016 for them to stop they apologized said it won't be any more problems they tell me the same thing every single time and the very next day to hit me up for three times the amount of money that I was disputing why they turned off my phone on the 21st. It doesn't stop I'm going to totally drop everything I've taken pictures from off my phone I got all kind of proof. I will use in court I will drop T-Mobile and go with another company very fast so I better stop does not just my threat this my promise and they will get absolutely nothing.

9. Problems closing my wireless account
I opened an account with T Mobile for about a year. The phone was a gift for my son. I paid faithfully until I voluntarily closed the account..  Once the account was closed there was a remaining balance which I made monthly payments on until paid in full. T Mobile sent the account to their internal financial care dept. Its my understanding financial care then reported the account to the credit bureau.

It wasn't until inquiring about my current credit score I learned that the T Mobile account had been reported. I've tried calling T Mobile customer service disputing this since I voluntarily asked to have the account closed, I made continuous monthly payments and the account is paid in full. Because T Mobile decided that the account should have been paid(in full) sooner rather than later they chose to ruin my credit rating. Although the account on my Equifax file show $0 balance it still has a negative impact. I've asked T Mobile to contact the credit bureau to have it taken off but they refused. As a consumer who could have went to any of your competitors for my business I chose T Mobile.

I tried to do right by paying the bills and requested the services be discontinued as opposed to being suspended. I feel I'm being penalized for the next six years because I no longer wished to business with that company.   

10. Cell phone disconnected for non-payment
I recently had my cell service interrupted for non payment of past due in error.  I thought I had set up an alert on my phone to provide a warning when my phone was overdue.  A simple oversight which I take responsibility for and have so in the past as this has happened previously.  Regardless, I do make an honest effort to keep up with service and fees and have no problem paying reconnection fees and late service fees when applicable.  I recently had to set up a payment arrangement that was provided on the phone by the automated service and thought that the dates 6th and 20th were on Thursdays when I get paid.  

Recognizing the error today, I tried to be proactive and ask for the dates to be moved to this Thursday the 9th vs the 6th and 23 vs the 20th.  I don't think that was too much to ask simply trying to be realistic and coordinate these payment dates on my pay day.  The representatives were not rude in any manner, however, it seems ridiculous that they cannot extend 3 days and willing to let me go as a customer who while maybe late a few times, have been consistently keeping up with my bill as much as possible.  I don't understand why when someone is trying to be more proactive, you representatives are dead in the water in terms of being able to adjust a payment term. 

11. Rude employees on the 1-800 phone number
My wife and I have your phones and service and to tell you the truth we have had nothing put problems with them. Phone call don't go through and to send a text message is a joke. We had better service with Tracphone, our text messages went through right away and we did not have to wait for a text to go through, if they ever go through. I will never recommend your service or phones. My wife has medical problem and we need to be able to contact each other right away. So just to let you know I will be looking for a company that con do a better job at reliable service than you can or will ever supply. as stated before I will not recommend T-Mobile to any one in fact I will do just the opposite.

I am so happy that your company is so reliable. I am not sure who you have soliciting your phones but on 4 different occasions the most aggressive, pushy, rude people have come into my business.  They will not leave when asked.  On more than one of these occasions I have asked them to leave and they will not and keep questioning me. They do not have ID, or business cards but yet are pedaling T-Mobile products and promotions. I am a business in Torrance, California.