The T-Mobile Black Friday Sale is a Scam

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


I am greatly disappointed in the recent T-Mobile Black Friday Weekend "Deal." I have been a T-Mobile customer for over 6 years, plus a previous T-Mobile customer for over 10 years. On 11/23/16 I intentionally contacted your customer service department to specify the details of the Black Friday deal. I verified which phones were eligible and the cost associated with the phones on my current T-Mobile Simple Choice plan to upgrade to a iPhone 7plus and Samsung Galaxy S7. I also verified if my plan qualified for the deal. 

The agent, whom did a perfect job with her customer service in regards to tone, politeness, patience, etc. told me that my Simple Choice plan was eligible for this Black Friday deal and that I would not have to change my plan to the T-Mobile One plan. 

She also reminded me that if I go online as opposed to calling to upgrade I would save $20. I thank her for all her assistance and knowledge and planned on upgrading my phones today, 11/24/16. Later that night when I left work I received texts requesting to rate my experience with my recent contact of T-Mobile's Customer Service department. I rated T-Mobile very well as I was pleased with the experience and the representative. 

Today when I went online to upgrade my phones I was expecting to pay $200 plus taxes and sim card upgrade. When I arrived at the checkout page it did not show the $100 cost for upgrading my Samsung Galaxy S5 to a Samsung Galaxy S7. I went back to the T-Mobile Black Friday page and clicked on the "Here's how to get this deal" link. That link stated that a customer would have to, "Add the T-Mobile One Plan." 

I then proceeded to contact T-Mobile's Customer Service Department. Once I was able to speak to a representative and voice my question about the plan change he politely asked to place me on hold. When he returned to my call he stated that the site is correct and that I would have to change my plan to the T-Mobile One plan. 

I then explained my previous conversation with the customer service representative on Wednesday and he told me that she was misinformed. I quite emphatically explained that this is unacceptable and customers should not be punished for an employees misinformation. The representative apologized and stayed mostly calm as I was upset and very displeased with this information. The representative did not offer me to speak to his supervisor or any way of compensation for his company's mishandling of a loyal customer.

I have attached the T-Mobile Black Friday Sneak Peak advertisement from Wednesday, 11/23/16. This advertisement does not state anywhere that a qualified plan does not include the Simple Choice plan nor does it state the T-Mobile One plan is required. 

Again I am greatly disappointed in this entire process and will not be recommending T-Mobile to any potential customers if asked. As I am a very loyal person in general I have avoided switching to another carrier even with the lack of cell coverage in my office at work and knowing the Verizon's cell reception is nearly perfect in my office. However, I will be considering a switch in the very near future unless I am compensated for this horrible experience.