Sony Customer Service Caught Cheating Customers with Big TVs

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My Sony Bravia is about 7 years old. It just began having a very light picture with dark borders. So, the repair man said it would be very expensive to repair and a new tv would be a better decision. I just lost my husband and did not need so much stress at this time. Sony was a prime name and we thought we bought (a 40") tv to hang on a wall.

Now Sony customer service has been caught cheaing me and thousands of other TV customers. Here is how I caught them...

I have called Sony corporate at 1-800-222-7669 and they say that the TVs are designed to work for 3-5 years. Wish I would have known they were cheating me earlier. This is what the rep said when I called the 1-800 number.

Mike from Sony: I'm sorry you had this problem Ma'am, but our TVs are only designed to work for about 5 years. That this their average lifespan, especially with the newer LCD and LED models. It would be much better for you to go get a new television than to try and fix this older one.

Never thought that a Sony TV would be the first to go. Others in my home are years old and are never a problem. Now I know that if you want quality then don't look here. They are literally scamming people into buying new TVs every few years.

I even tried the US corporate office address to tell the CEO of Sony America at 550 Madison Avenue #3, New York, NY 10022. No answer again!