Rude Employees at Dollar Tree Spark Consumer Complaints

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


The Dollar Tree manager, well I think he is a manager. But anyway, I call him a creepy old man. He is just rude and his staff is just as bad as he is. They does not smile or greets anyone I made a complaint about them before about their rudeness towards people. He will only talk and make conversation with you if you are half naked or pretty.

He is so disrespectful. Today I went in there to purchase some things I needed for baking and this lady walks in and asks him if she can use the restroom her 5 year old needed to use it he told her no that the whole city's plumbing is out and that the toilets aren't flushing I was like.

The little boy was dancing from holding it in I felt so bad for him. The lady was like what the hell. He just didn't want to go open the restrooms. What's funny is that I live around the corner which I live in the same city. I did not have any plumbing problems our toilets were flushing fine. He told her that all the city's water was off too.

He is so rude and also disrespectful, and this is the second time I complain about him. If they don't like to work around the public why work at Dollar tree. I love Dollar Tree but I hate going into that one. 

I hope they get rid of these people please look into getting these jerks out of there. I hear about so many people that are rude and they need to go.