Pizza Hut Employee Complaints Reveals Terrible Management

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On a daily basis at HissingKitty we see Pizza Hut complaints from across the country. While most of them are from customers, we do see the occassional employee complaint. In fact, lately we have been seeing more and more staff members are Pizza Hut locations nationwide complaining about poor managment, corporate policy, and general working conditions.

You might thing that this is expected given such a large fast food organization. But I can tell you that the number of employee complaints we see each week are more than McDonald's, KFC, and Taco Bell combined. There is definitely something going on here, and I suggest the Pizza Hut corporate office investigate all negative feedback immediately.

Here is one example from a employee who will remain anonymous:

I used to work for Pizza Hut. I still order from there, but there was a problem between me and a manager there recently. It was so bad that I complained to our corporate office that she did not work, steal money and time, and smokes weed on the premises. They would not believe me. Everyone there knew I was right but I was the only one to step up.  So because of that I transferred to another location!

Now every time I order there I always have to put a fake name cause I am afraid they might do something disgusting to our food. And yes employees regularly mess up food from people who complain. I live in fear each day that they will do something terrible to what we eat. The employees there are always very rude. This is it not going to fly anymore. I hate that Pizza Hut accepts workers to talk to customers like this and they do nothing to there employees accept promote them.

Do you have any poor customer service experiences to share about Pizza Hut?

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