Pizza Hut Customer Service Complaints That Will Make You Sick

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We see a lot of fast food complaints each day. In fact, it's one of the most interesting categories on our entire website. Mainly because you see some of the most awful images of food you could possibly imagine. To top it all off, fast food is incredible unhealthy! So I'm sharing this to hopefully shed some light and change some diets.

With that in mind, I'd like to dedicate this post to the good folks at Pizza Hut corporate office. Thank you for making your standards so low, and your product so cheap, customers cannot help but send us constant photos of your disgusting and unhealthy pizzas.

So, without further ado. Here are the top 8 worst Pizza Hut deliveries of 2015:

#1 -- Cold raw spinach splash (they literally tossed a pile of raw spinach on a stale pizza)

#2 -- Super doughy deal (only 50% cooked but 100% unhealthy)

#3 -- Rotten olive special (check out the 3-week old veggies on this one)

#4 -- Half-dough half-pizza (can you tell where the crust stops and the pizza begins?)

#5 -- Old and stale delight (this one looks like it's been on a shelf for years)

#6 -- Blackened tasty (how is this even edible)

#7 -- Double burnt bacon (terrible pizza idea and even worse presentation)

#8 -- Uncut cardboard (not even joking with this one)

TL;DR -- hands down #6 and #8 are the clear winners. How those pizza's ever left the store are beyond me.

Do you have a pizza horror story? Share it in the comments below.