An Open Letter to Family Dollar Corporate Headquarters

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


I am upset with my local family dollar store. But unfortunately I can't even contact a corporate office to make a complaint. I tried to call 1 (866) 377-6420, but there was no answer. Then I wrote a letter to the CEO, Howard Levin in Charlotte, but did not find the address listed publicly. They have an "Executives Offices" PO Box at Post Office Box 1017, Charlotte, North Carolina 28201-1017. Like anyone will read that? Well, here is what happened.

I had a horrible experience today with a family dollar employee. I am tired and it seems like it would be a total waste of time to try to complain. I have spent so much money there in the past but nothing now, if we drive by and my husband or kids need or say let's go there, my response will be "No we will get the Dollar General up the street". Won't ever spend my money ever there again. 

And another thing. I was walking around looking at items the other day. The floors are dirty haven't been swept or mopped looks like a couple of weeks now. Dirt build up around the edges of the side counters. While trying to wash my hands after using the restroom. Have a bar of soup on the sink. No paper towels to dry your hands. While at the register watching as my girlfriend was checking out. The hand written name tag with a sharpie marker. Looked like a first grader had made it. Assistant Mgr. She was the cashier.

Wasn't dressed very nice as well. Looking at the wall behind her could see hand written notes hanging on the wall. As well all the paper work piled up on a little table. If I was any management staff in this store I would be embarrassed. There is nothing specific. The family dollar manager should not be there. She is rude, never smiles, yells at her employee's in front of customers, she almost reminds me of running a sweat shop. Even though my daughter works there, I have seen this myself, and one thing that really ticks me off is the fact that Gail is making her work Sat & Sun open to close.  

She told her that if she did not work Easter Day open to close she would not have a job. I told her to go and talk to the district manager but she is afraid of loosing her job as Gail uses it quite often. She has 4 children that she will not be able to spend at least part of Easter with. What kind of a manager or person would do this? I guess one without a heart or a brain. Why is she still there? My coworker goes in there a lot to get things for the business, she was so upset a few weeks ago, she told me that when she was ready to check out there was no one there, so, she rang the bell.

She came up grabbed the bell (very aggresive) tossed it in the drawer and said " We don't ring that bell and do not do that again most people just yell out you-who" the tone she said was very rude and harsh. Please check into this women, camera, seceret shopper something, so many people are getting up set with her. I have been trying to get them to send in a corporate complaint to headquarters, so maybe they have. Please try to do something with Easter, she should not have to miss all day.