The Official Autozone Corporate Headquarters Address

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


I got tired of complaining to my local Autozone manager, so I researched the corporate headquarters address. I found it was located at 123 South Front Street, Memphis, TN 38103.

Here is what happened to me. I was stopped at a red light in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and was hit on the driver's side of my van by an Autozone delivery van. The Autozone driver decided too late to get into the left-turn lane (he changed his mind about going straight on Mason Street because there was "too much traffic"), was speeding and didn't have enough room to get around me. The police were called, and Matthew Roediger (Auto Zone employee) got a citation for speeding.  

My insurance carrier, State Farm, has been unable to speak with anyone from Autozone's corporate insurance carrier (Gallagher-Bassett). This entire situation has shown me how terrible this company is. Then, I tried to go back in to the store. I needed Rotors and Break Pads for my 94 Toyota Camry. The Store Manager is the one I approached for assistance. He tried selling me One Rotor and a box of break pads.

I have two tires in the back so I insisted on two rotors. I asked for a new Autozone Rewards Card so that I could get points for my sale and transfer my old points to this new card. I asked Anthony to ring me up separately, since each item would be over $20. Anthony stated, he couldn't ring me up separately and I would only be able to get One point for the day. I told him to ring me up separately and asked if I should go to another company for my brakes? He smirked.

My complaint is because he wasn't interested in selling me what I asked for. I am all for up sales if it's at all possible. Knowing my brakes were bad in the rear. He still wanted to just sell me. I have two tires in the back, if you change one, you change the other. My rewards card is another complaint. If you as a manager have Rewards Cards in your store, then you know exactly how they work. He still wanted me to believe that I would only get ONE point for three items all worth over $20 each.

And, coming from a Store Manager that says a lot about the company headquarters and their culture. I feel I was treated this way because I am a nice human being.

So what if I forget from time to time and need to be reminded about how the warranty works. This is exactly why I drove 45 minutes away. If I am paying then I get what I asked for. I corrected him and said, it's one point if my items were rung up together like you wish.

Instead, I will be rung up separately, so that I could have three transactions for three points. He smirked again, because he new I was right. So, he rung one item and gave the rest to the cashier so that he could ring up the rest. This is what I call Sloppy Customer Service. I had to go from one register to another register just to purchase three items. Why? What's so important where you can ring up one of my items and not the other two.

Either way, I contacted Autozone Rewards Dept at their official address in Memphis to make sure my points were there and they were aware of this.

I now have a total of four points on my card. One more will get me 5 points so that I can get $20 towards my next purchase. This is what this manager was trying to keep me away from. I am use to a Helpful AutoZone's and "Anthony" is a Poor excuse of a manager. I have purchased plenty at Autozone and I am sure I will need plenty more items for my car. But, I refuse to ever giver Anthony's store any more of my business. I much rather go to Advanced Auto!

He pulled up my information at the Memphis, TN corporate headquarters address, by asking for my name and phone number. So because I failed to mention my warranty he decided to say nothing. He was suppose to inform me "the Customer" to bring back the old brake pads due to my warranty still being active. I had to call two days later and inquire about my old brake pads and a woman mentioned that I will get a refund if the old ones are turned in.

My rotors were Duralast about $26 each. My break pads were close to the same price. I went back today to turn in my Brake Pads and he had someone else ring me up once again. He even had the nerves to take a Sprite out of the cooler and placed it on the counter in front of me and asked me to buy him a soda. I will never go back to Autozone.

He was so unprofessional he tried including us "customers" in his dispute with the new cashier. Anthony stated to us, that he will not say anything to help this cashier anymore because all he does is get upset. "This is poor management, when you are willing to watch your team fail". The cashier turned and said, I do not get upset. It's how you say things to me, that I have a problem with.

I am all for being helped, just don't talk down to me Autozone.