Netflix Customer Service Department is Afraid of Hackers

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I caught Netflix customer service on the phone in a bold faced lie trying to scare me into thinking hackers would take over my computer. And chances are they are doing this to plenty of other customers as well. Here is what happened.

Had my Netflix free trial, that was great, when payment time came up they failed to process my payment despite funds being available. All information was properly entered. So I called their service department who instead of fixing the problem attempted to sell me a $300 error restore service (thanks but it can do that itself endlessly reinstalling windows is pretty easy) and went as far as to tell me that without this service I would not be able to use Netflix at all and this cant be fixed otherwise and its going to cost thousands of dollars for hacker protection. Which was all a flat out lie.

I have 4 different brands of security software installed on my computers just to keep things interesting and not one of them is going to be easily accessible to hackers. This particular computer is less than a month old and it functions like a dream and is in no need of service which he adamantly proclaimed he would do for me failing to mention the $300 price tag. After I called the Netflix employee out on the phone and had him out 10 minutes in (these slimeballs are sneaky) I asked to be transferred to billing where someone could let me know why the payment couldn't be processed, and help me resolve the actual issue. He told me it was not going to be possible... so I went on to my paypal account and added another method of payment and logged in without any issues.

For whatever reason the prepaid visa I had attached to my paypal account was causing an error on processing which was easily solved, in two minutes, free of charge, and without the help of the outsourced scam artists that Netflix calls their support center.

This is absolutely despicable business practice by Netflix and something should be done immediately. I was lied to repeatedly and treated poorly and given no actual service for a simple issue. Hey Netflix do you think anyone ever has these sorts of nightmares when they call apple or Microsoft? McDonalds or Starbucks? How about Amazon, or AVG. Even Bell has better customer service than you and they are notoriously bad. At least after my 3 hour wait and 4 transfers with bell they manage to get something resolved.

Truthfully all said and done the service is still worth my $12 a month for a little actual HD programming. And the streaming has been incredibly reliable...but its still not enough to push it up even a single good review for me after my experience today. If I have another issue to this effect I will most definitely be permanently cancelling my service and I expect to receive just as much trouble doing that as I had today.