My Complaint to the CEO of Staples Corporation

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


Today, I complainted to the CEO of Staples corporate and won. Here is what happened. Yesterday, on 7/6/16 I purchased 4 packages of SPLS 8.5X11 multi purpose printer paper #718103161039 at $7.99 each for the $5 rebate for each one. For 2 hours on 7/6/16 I tried to submit online for the rebate with no luck. It continued to say my email & password did not match. So I changed my password (just like I had to do 12/2015), got an email stating my new password had been accepted, but when I tried to enter for the rebate again, it again stated my email & password did not match. 

Talk about frustrating. Staples gave me a rebate and here I was frustrated at their customer service process.

So today, 7/7/16 I went into the store #1863 & spoke to the manager/Daniel. I provided him with screen prints of every screen in the process for the online rebate with proof it was not accepting anything. I went to his office and came back with a post-it note 877-266-6483 written on it & told me to call that number & they would help me process my online rebate. I called that number & could not speak to anyone.

Nobody would help me when I phoned Staples customer service. That's when I decided to escalate my complaint to the Chief Executive Officer of the entire company.

So I called Staples headquarters at 508-253-5000 and was transferred to Office of the President & spoke to Bruce. Then, after talking with him for several minutes I asked him to be transferred to the office of the CEO. I told him my issues and how Daniel was indifferent to me as he could have done this online for me, just like Bruce did and gave me tracking #738692208 for cash rebatse on 4 items = $20 total & to allow 4-6 weeks to receive. He said they would address the store manager/Daniel's indifference, as well as the policy problems.

After I spent almost 4 hours trying to get the rebate online, I finally had my complaint resolved and assurances that this would not happen again.