More DirecTV Complaints about Special Promotion Scam

Author: keith
Category: Business Blog


It's 2017 and more customers are complaining about DirecTV. I have even had my own issues that I thought I would share today. I have called and called trying to get someone to listen to me.  I have been scammed by a telephone person saying they are from DirecTV with a special promotion.  The number was 1-888-407-6562 which sounds like DirecTV line.  I was told if I paid 5 months up front with a Amazon prepaid gift card $300 I would pay 59.99 for 24 months and get the prime package.  

I was told I had 24 hrs to do this and I would also receive a $100 visa gift card by mail and a call back from DirecTV and 2 emails which none have happened.  Someone is using your company name along with Amazon and no one seems to care.  Please tell me what I can do or I will go to TV stations with complaint.  My number is there and you can look at your records to see how many times I have called the last two days with the last one hanging up after I wanted 15 minutes.  I am very upset.

I called to sign up and switch from Dish Network. Signed up online and received confirmation. Called to set up installation and twice appointments have been cancelled. No explanation, I'm frustrated and wondering why I decided to switch or if my services will ever be installed. They came out and installed my direct TV first they said they couldn't do my daughter's room cause it was to dirty under my house my house sits 4 feet off the ground. I had to pay $100 for wireless so my daughter could have no big deal but then someone took 300 dollars out of my account, not cool.

I've, we have been with DirecTV for many years but this last deal of dropping local Fox4 station was the last straw. Not only did we get screwed on our bundle deal and our losing TV every time it rains but now we lost one of our favorite stations. I promise when our contract runs out, we will go to cable as I never had problems with, even through Hurricane Rita.

Also, we have a telephone landline with AT&T, your sister company, which is useless and I have to pay for each month! We are seniors on a limited income, worked all our lives, never wanted handouts and we just wanted fairness.One last thing, we have never made any complaints about anything before. We also know its not personal, its business!

I have been a customer of direct t.v. for over 15 years. and i have been charged different charges for the last three or four years now that i seen that your company has been wrongfully billing it's customers for years. I have looked on my bills i have for the last six years and the bills i have been getting are different every month. and been charged for HD on my programming and noticed i am still getting billed for it when i called years ago to cancel it and they still haven't taken it off my bill and also getting charged for equipment fee's and i only have two satellite boxes in my possession.

I am tired of this company taking advantage of me over the last ten years, over charging and then not canceling things that i have told the customer service tech. to cancel. and this has went on long enough. If i don't get some kind of call or email regarding this situation, real soon i am getting a hold of my lawyer and let them deal with it. 

Every four days I receive mail at my residence to come back to Directv. I already have a Directv account an I'm getting tired of receiving their junk mail. I've called 10 times, been hung up on once, promised that someone would call me back to discuss the issue and no one ever did. Terrible customer service.